While Husband Sleeps, Brooklyn Decker Says 2013 Might Be Andy Roddick’s Last Year On Tennis Tour
by Tom Gainey | February 16th, 2012, 12:37 pm

Speaking to the Dan Patrick Show on the radio this morning, former SI swimsuit covergirl and model Brooklyn Decker revealed that husband Andy Roddick might retire after the 2013 tennis season to concentrate on his burgeoning radio/media career.

“You never know what can happen in the world of tennis with injuries and all that kind of stuff,” Decker said. “But his timeline is hopefully full-time radio in about two years or so.”

Roddick has been on Fox Sports Radio this year on weekends with co-host and friend Bobby Bones and according to Decker, the duo hope to go daily once Andy retires.

Decker, who does not appear in the latest swimsuit issue, was calling from Roddick’s room in San Jose where Andy won a late match last night and was still asleep in the other room.

“He is sleeping,” Decker said. “That’s why I called you guys I didn’t want the phone to wake anybody up.

“I find it a bit weird that we are sneaking in a phone call around his schedule,” she added. “I’m like whispering in the back corner.”

Patrick also joked that if he had been invited to the Roddick-Decker wedding he would have brought a Roger Federer Wimbledon trophy as a gift.

Roddick, 29, injured his ankle yesterday but is hopeful to play Friday in the quarterfinals.

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14 Comments for While Husband Sleeps, Brooklyn Decker Says 2013 Might Be Andy Roddick’s Last Year On Tennis Tour

Anna Says:

I think Andy would be great on radio, and not only that, I think he’d be a darn good tennis broadcaster as well. Hope this works out.

Remi Says:

Andy will be the one to decide on that matter.

singularity87 Says:

Whilst as a Brit, I will root for Murray first and foremost, it would be fantastic to see Roddick pull off an Ivanisevic and take a Wimbledon title!!

Alas he has the misfortune that even if he were to get fit and play two weeks in perfect form, he is playing at exactly the wrong time in terms of those above him.

richard pomerleau Says:

I totaly agree with you Remi…hope his body will be ok before he take his own decision

Wheeler Says:

Too bad he could never play decent tennis except his serve which was awesome but even the serve can be returned by today’s great returners like Djokovic. Andy never made any efforts to improve his game beyond his serve while he was in his prime. His best efforts to improve his game were in 2009 where we could see his volleying skills. I will always remember him as the tennis player who started the all-serve-and-no-shotmaking skills type of game that is shown by almost all American men’s tennis players today.

Remi Says:

What a way to announce a retirement! Over the telephone while the concerned individual in deep sleep! Wonder how Roddick reacted when he wake up and learned about his wife’s declaration.

Steve 27 Says:

I’m not surprised, it will be 10 years of his only major at the U.S. Open and he will have 31 years, a good time to say goodbye. Good luck, Andy.

Nick Says:

Why wait till 2013 ?

it is time for him to retire now.

His play has been getting progressively worse as his is crankiness over the past few years

Hearing about his retirement plans from his better half figures, she is more famous now than him, since marriage his career has steadily gone south and her’s north.

George K Says:

Andy will be good in any job around tennis or sports he is doing. I am going to miss him on tennis but he is young and must concetrate on his future. <>.

alison hodge Says:

i think its for andy himself to decide if and when he wants to retire,not because people are pushing him into it,after all its his decision and nobody elses,ok hes a million miles away from been the player he was,but from what i can gather the frustration and the racket smashing proves he still cares,if it didnt then thats the time he should stop,personally i love the passion he still shows sorry jmo.

Kimberly Says:

Roddick is a former number one and a top ten player for ten plus years, always the top American til recent etc. the question is, is he willing to accept not being the player he was. Of the answer is no, then he has two options. One is retire and two is to change his game. Unfortunately he seems to be getting injured and sick a lot. I think he should probably sack stefanki and focus on more of a pure power game.

dari Says:

Wheeler- Andy R had a forehand, too, not just the serve!
It’s been a rough ride lately for him, and this timeline seems reasonable. I hope he can have a big run or two before he is done

Kauai Bill Says:

Wheeler, you definitely are showing signs of oxygen deprivation from having your head shoved way too deep up your backside!To suggest that Andy could NEVER play descent tennis and NEVER made any efforts to improve his game is not only disrespectful but displays a serious lack of understanding of the game of tennis and not qualified to make intelligent comments on the committment of a still world ranked tennis professional. Other than that,who knows…you still may be a nice guy :)

Wheeler Says:

@Kauai Bill, everyone has his opinion on x player’s *GAME*, it’s not as if I am making personal comments on Roddick’s life. Anyone can think the No.100th ranked player in the world plays “real high quality tennis”, for me, just being in the top 10 is not good enough. You have to win the Slams and the tournaments that matter. Andy Roddick’s shotmaking skills are really average because he cannot hit through his opponents. He can’t hit winners. His only winner shot is his serve. When he served and volleyed, he could make some in-roads in 2009 up to the Wimbledon final.

You seem to be a Roddick fan but a rather clueless and impolite fan.

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