Roddick’s Wife Brooklyn Decker Graces Cover of SI Swimsuit Issue
by Staff | February 9th, 2010, 8:58 am

Andy Roddick’s wife, Brooklyn Decker, is featured on the popular and often controversial cover of Sport Illustrated’s Swimsuit issue which hits store shelves this week.

“THANK YOU EVERYONE!!! I Wish I could respond to every single one of you but thank you so much for your AMAZINGLY sweet tweets!” Decker wrote on twitter.

Said Roddick last night via twitter, “@brooklynddecker so happy/proud of my wife… the new cover for sports illustrated swimsuit issue!!!! unreal… so excited!!!!!!!!!!”

This morning he tweeted, “still kind of flipping out about @brooklynddecker and the SI cover..anyone see the today show this morning? and check out letterman tonight”

The 22-year-old Decker and Roddick were married on April 17 last year in Austin. The couple first met in 2007 after Roddick took an eye to Decker while flipping through an earlier SI Swimsuit issue.

Decker follows in the footsteps of past cover models including Kathy Ireland, Cheryl Tiegs, Hiedi Klum, Elle MacPherson, Tyra Banks and Petra Nemcova.

Decker made her SI Swimsuit debut in 2006. Her all-American looks earned a recurring spot in the 2007, 2008 and 2009 issues where she was shot in Tucson, Israel and Canouan Island in the Grenadines, respectively.

Roddick is the top seed at the SAP Open in San Jose this week. Wednesday night he’ll play Ryler Deheart in the first round.

Serb Ana Ivanovic is also pictured in the magazine wearing a bikini on a bed of tennis balls!

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34 Comments for Roddick’s Wife Brooklyn Decker Graces Cover of SI Swimsuit Issue

lex Says:

What a beautiful woman. Congrats Brooklyn, and damn, congrats Andy! Hope he knows what a lucky SOB he is.

Skorocel Says:

Any PDFs?

TennisFan Says:

Time for a Roddick family “Battle of the abs”.

Andy’s a great tennis player, but sometimes slips into the “body by pillsbury” routine. Yes he’s been fitter these days, but maybe an ongoing Andy-Brooklyn abs contest would keep him in shape….:)

ThyGodisTennis Says:

This is Andy’s last trophy.

Joe Says:

so proud of my wife for winning the genetic lottery…

contador Says:

all i can say is WOW.

I like tennis bullies Says:

roddick is one lucky basturd

Elwin Says:

“Her all-American looks”

Haha, hahaha…

She doesn’t look indian to me.

stlc_8tr Says:

“Her all-American looks”

Well, “all-American” is code for “white”. 60 Minutes did an expose on hiring a few years back and the firm being investigated used “all-American” to indicate white candidates.

Kimmi Says:

Congratulation Roddick!

Joel Says:

Where’s this picture of Ana Ivanovic? :D

Skorocel Says:

Still no PDFs depicting this supernatural event? Damn! Certainly not bad, this Decker & Ivanovic combination…

Polo Says:

Who cares if Roddick has only 1 major. He has Brooklyn.

Chi Chi Says:

I wonder how long this marriage will last!! Don’t want to be negative but she is so young and so successful. Can A-rod hold her attention forever?? I hope so but I fear for him.

Skorocel Says:

Thanks for the links, Kimmi!

contador Says:

HILARIOUS! ty for that Fedster!

“i would let federer marry one of my wives but he has other wives!”

i don’t understand arabic but….the captioning….gut-buster funny!

Polo Says:

I watched Brooklyn at Letterman’s show last night. It is interesting how she and Roddick got connected. Roddick looked at pictures and pointed at her and told her manager to contact her manager. The managers talked. Then they met. Then they got married. Just like that. It reminds me of those pre-arranged marriages in some Asian countries like India. And I have seen and know a lot of couples in India who got married that way. And they have ramained to have long and wonderful lives together. I hope the same happens to Roddick and Brooklyn.

Polo Says:

Fedster, thank you for that hilarious Federer-Murray video. I laughed non-stop for almost 11 minutes.

contador Says:

Pollo: missed the letterman show last night but yeah, their story? how they got together? i am no one to judge, hope it works out.

will admit going here thoug…:

…curious to compare ivanovic to decker in the swimsiut contest. my opinion:
ivanovic wins.

but, going to the gototennis blog to look at latest vids or pics of ana & brooklyn, found this one of fed in st moritz. apparently the swiss have a competition on snow called SKIJORING.

very funny. but Jane, if you read this, tell me, don’t you think SKIJORING should be a winter olympic sport? lol…olympics start firday, right?

jane Says:

I doubt that translation is real but it’s funny. contador – yep the Olympics are right around the corner: the torch is beening moved all over the place, anti-Olympics protestors are getting out their blow horns, police and security are beefed up everywhere, there are Canadian flags on every car, and Go Canada signs in every window; flag sales are through the roof.

Definitely Olympic fever building.

Polo Says:

Brooklyn and Ana are both beautiful. They are both winners in my eyes.

Kimmi Says:

Fedster: HILLARIOUS! Is that for real! These guys are praising federer too much, I would like to hear Federer vs Delpo or Federer vs Davydenko commentary..fed lost those two matches right? LOL

Hope Ivanovic can get her confidence back. Does she know, she could be earning big bucks if she can play tennis as well..right now it looks like she heading Kornikova way!

Jane, OLYMPICS, Yay! I am excited too..i can’t wait. Must be great to see all that fever building! Lucky you!

contador Says:

Kimmi / Jane

both of you are canadians but i thought kimmi was the one of you in British Columbia.

oh, to be at blackcomb/whistler right now and for the next weeks!! it’s not THAT far from idaho.
i tried in vain to get the time off last year to at least go there and sorta ‘camp-out’ to watch something, anything!

at least i can count on watching many of the events live, and televised. only one hour behind me.

as to ivanovic, i think it must be difficult when you are that gorgeous to pass on the lucrative commercial offers.

brooklyn is right where she should be. hopefully andy treats her right. tiger’s wife is gorgeous too. i don’t get it.

*big sigh*

contador Says:

anti-olympic protestors?

i’m getting a little slow tonight, Jane.

all the world news i’ve read lately is local. have to look up that problem; find out what’s going on.

yeah, i know, the captioning is too ‘funny’ to be real. but i have now watched it several times for another good laugh.

no offense intended; not laughing mock the muzza, guys. it’s just a very funny scripting.

contador Says:

oh brother, i gotta get off this laptop.

what i meant is: i watch the local news lately and the teensy blurbs of world news have not mentioned anti-olympic protesters.

i’ll catch on, Jane. i think.

was a great to have a day to read tennis-x and tennis news, though.

later, tennis world. thanks for the fun youtube link, Fedster.

Kimmi Says:

“no offense intended; not laughing mock the muzza, guys. it’s just a very funny scripting.”

Contador, I know what you mean..its funny and the
guys don’t like Muzza, do they? they were even sure Muzza could not do a “pistol pete” one more time lol!

I am from the east (Ontario) and jane is in the west. Gotta rememebr that..3 hrs difference.

R U following tennis this week Contador? I read on the “Federer is GOAT or NOT” thread that you are..if you have anything to cooment about the matches, please join us in this thread.

Some great and poor tennis going on this week..C’mon!

jane Says:

Nothing major Contador: just the people who opposed the bid in the first place are still taking issue with the amount of money being spent on Olympics infrastructure while people are homeless. So they have a point. But that said, it’s hard not to feel exciting about having “all the world” in Vancouver, Whistler, Blackcomb on the local mountains for snowboarding, all the rinks buzzing with activity. It’s kind of exciting to be sure.

sar Says:

Who will win Novak or Chiudinelli? Bryans out of San Jose and DeHeart about to take a set off Roddick?

sar Says:

Roddick woke up.

Clare Says:

Wooo, you go girl.

sar Says:

Roddick looked at pictures and pointed at her and told her manager to contact her manager. The managers talked. Then they met

Polo, I think Sampras met his wife the same way. She was in a movie and he asked his manager to contact her. They met, etc.

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