Andy Roddick, Wife Brooklyn Decker at “Just Go With It” Premiere [Video]
by Tom Gainey | February 9th, 2011, 2:59 pm

Andy Roddick was in New York last night for the opening his his wife Brooklyn Decker’s latest film, “Just Go Wit It”. The movie, which opens Friday and stars Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston, Nicole Kidman, Dave Matthews and of course Mrs. Roddick, held it’s premier screening at the at the Ziegfeld Theatre Tuesday in New York City.

In the movie, Sandler plays a plastic surgeon who tries to get the ladies by appearing to be an unhappily married man. He then meets his dream girl Decker and who calls him on the lie. Sandler then convinces his assistant, Aniston, to play his fake wife and things unravel from there.

It sounds like it could be funny.

Here’s behind some scenes footage of Roddick and Decker on the red carpet (seems like quite a zoo). It looks like Andy is speaking to sports personality Dan Patrick.

And here’s that Super Bowl trailer for “Just Go With It”. Memorable for very obvious reasons. Bikini!

And the lovable side of Brooklyn Decker:

Roddick, who missed San Jose this year to partake in Brooklyn’s premiere week, is schedule to play his first round match in Memphis on Tuesday.

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14 Comments for Andy Roddick, Wife Brooklyn Decker at “Just Go With It” Premiere [Video]

dAri Says:

I will see that movie at some point! Brooklyn looks… wow.
Lucky AndyR.

Kimmi Says:

me too dari. wantt to see that movie plus i love jennifer aniston

jane Says:

Don’t know if you guys care, but early reviews are bad. One critic at Rotten Tomatoes says “Ever been so starved of entertainment you’ve tried to see how far you can push a pencil into your ear before hitting your eardrum?”

I used to like Sandler, but don’t much anymore, and have never been much of an Aniston (though she was good in “The Good Girl” as it’s one of the few roles that she didn’t play essentially the same character she plays on “Friends”) fan so will likely skip it.

Gregoire Gentil Says:

Tennis-X, ehhh, do you know that interesting things are happening in the Open de France in Paris? It’s women tennis.

I’m not saying that I dislike Brooklyn Decker in bikini, but am I on Tennis-X or

pfff, I will have to make a summary of what’s going on in France then…

Gregoire Gentil Says:

BTW, super important decision coming on Sunday about Roland Garros. Will it stay in Paris or will it be relocated outside Paris? A Tennis-X article on the process would be very much interesting. I can translate French website if needed.

Gregoire Gentil Says:

Another very interesting article about women tennis: an interview of Aravane Rezai.

Aravane has the potential to be in the top ten without any problem. Unfortunately, she has huge family problems. After a “supposedly” fight in Melbourne with Aravane’s boyfriend, her father has been excluded ad vitam aeternam from going with her on WTA tours. It’s not the first time that there have been problems with him as he has threatened some opponents in the past.

Aravane has given an interview to one of the main French newspapers. Link is here:

The interview is a little bit mild. She is acknowledging the problem while trying to minimize it. She explains that she was really in shock. The good part is that she wants to have her future in her hands.

Let’s hope that she can find some peace around her. She has really the potential to upset top players.

Translation of the article in coming post.

Gregoire Gentil Says:

Translation of the link in the previous post. This is the interview of Aravane Rezai. I did the translation with Google and I slightly edited it to be more accurate.

Journalist: Aravane, what happened in Australia and why did you withdrew from the Fed Cup and the Open GDF-Suez?

Aravane Rezai: In Australia, I had some problems with my family. These are problems that happen in all families. I decided to take a break after this little family problem. For me it was a big earthquake in the head. So I decided not to play Fed Cup and the Open GDF-Suez. I want to apologize to the girls of the France team for not having been with them. They know what situation I’m dealing with. I really enjoyed representing my country, but being only 20% was impossible. I thank the captain (Editor’s note: Nicolas Escude) have respected my choice. My apologies also to GDF-SUEZ, which has always supported me as a partner. But this break was important to me, and it will allow me to come back stronger. I intend to return to the tournament in Monterrey, Mexico, if I have a wild card, or otherwise in Indian Wells.

Journalist: Why do you not you expressed earlier?

Aravane Rezai: I wanted rather to speak earlier, in Australia, but the WTA, my managers and the organization advised me not to do so because they thought I was not ready psychologically. I feel better today. I took a little rest and a lot of things fall into place. I am in the healing phase.

Journalist: What was the exact nature of the clash between you and your father? We talked about a serious altercation because of your boyfriend …

Aravane Rezai: What has been said in the press is not true, there was nothing all that. There was just a little problem between me and my father, something personal. I asked the respect of my private life but the press wants to know what happened, which I understand. It is true that there was tension with my father in Australia, but nothing special, it happens in all families.

Journalist: Let us insist on the events because a police investigation in Australia has been opened, and your father has been temporarily banned to follow you on all WTA tournaments.

Aravane Rezai: I am not aware of an investigation by Australian police in progress on this. As for the WTA’s decision to ban my father, it’s up to them to explain. What I know is that now I’m 23 and I want to make choices and take control of my life – my father agreed. I need his advice and I need support of my family – they support me and they are behind me. But taking my own decisions is something important for me. I want to advance in my career, being part of the best and everything that happened around, I do not want to hear about it even if I assume it. Time will help us, my family and me to make the right choices.

Journalist: Exactly, what are those choices?

Aravane Rezai: I work on my tennis project, I want to determine where and with whom I work. I know I can trust my club (Editor’s note: Levallois, chaired by Henri Leconte, which is ready to put a temporary structure at his disposal) and my sponsors. They will allow me to take my own career while remaining close to my family and start on new foot. I have discussed with my parents and in a few weeks, everything should be put in place.

Lulu Iberica Says:

Gregoire, thank you for your updates on the women’s tour. That is such an unfortunate situation w/ Rezai. I hope she is able to get this drama out of her life and concentrate on her tennis. Goodness knows we need more consistently good female players!

Regarding the movie, it’s not really my type of flick. I wish Aniston didn’t make so many crap movies, but she’s certainly made a lot of dough, so good for her I guess. As for Roddick and Decker, it’s a wonder he chooses to go to work at all!

Skeezerweezer Says:


Exactly what I was thinkin.

margot Says:

Gregoire G. Such a shame if they moved RG. I’ve been there and it’s iconic and so handy for underground etc :( I much prefer it to Wimbledon, the only other slam based place I’ve been to. Wimbles is full of nobs drinking their champers and chatting about race horses….yes of course I exaggerate, but still ;) I suppose they want more space at RG.
Oh female tennis players and their awful fathers..Djokic is exactly same scenario. She’s such a lovely, talented tennis player and totally ruined. And Bartoli’s gives me the creeps…
jane, kimmi now rumours going round about Andy’s wrist, just thought “not again” but if he is injured why doesn’t he withdraw, much better for all his fans to have a reason for attitude/play :(

Sean Randall Says:

Andy “went with it”. Can’t blame him!

jane Says:

margot, i know, what a strange phenomenon with female tennis players and their fathers: Sharapova’s dad and the Williams father also seem a little overbearing at times.

GG, thanks for the updates and translations. I have not been to RG but it has always looked lije a fabulous place. Although I do notice that as for attendance, the AO and Wimbledon seem to get the most fans out.

margot I read that comment about Andy’s wrist, but he said it wasn’t much, that the court plays really fast, and something about that change and the balls might have made his left wrist (I think?) a little sore. Hope it is nothing. If he plays doubles it must be okay. Fingers crossed.

dari Says:

GG, thanks for the heads up, i will be looking out for their decision. it is sad that they can’t expand at the original site, so much of these majors is the history of the place. growth is good, though

jack Says:


Top story: Kyrgios Conquers Medvedev In Montreal, Alcaraz Can't Handle Paul