Roger Federer: “I Just Didn’t Come Up With The Goods Tonight, It Was Unfortunate” [Video]
by Tom Gainey | September 6th, 2012, 1:14 am

World No. 1 Roger Federer suffered his earliest exit tonight at the US Open or a hardcourt Slam since 2003, the year before he first won in Flushing. Federer was stunned in four sets by big-serving Tomas Berdych who bested the Swiss 76, 64, 36 63 to reach the semifinals at the US Open.

Because of Mardy Fish’s withdrawl on Monday, Federer didn’t play a match since Saturday. But the 31-year-old said the layoff wasn’t a factor.

“I don’t think the schedule was a problem for me,” Federer said. “I should come in here with tons of energy and ready to go. Who knows, you know, if you get that day, that match in with Fish, come through with more confidence, maybe the first three matches didn’t quite give me that. Who knows? I don’t put that down as a negative, really.

“I just didn’t come up with the goods tonight. It was unfortunate.”

Federer had led Berdych 11-4 in their career head-to-head, but had split their most recent six meetings. Berdych, though nearly beat the Swiss at Madrid earlier this year and did pull the upset in their last meeting at Slam at Wimbledon in 2010.

The loss was Federer’s first at night (23-1) at the US Open and he becomes the first top seed seed at the tournament to fall before the semifinals since 2001.

“I’m disappointed,” Federer added. “I really expect myself to play better tonight. Especially at night I have had such a great record. I don’t know. I felt good, you know. Such an amazing summer I had. I really thought I was going to come out and play a solid match. I didn’t do that tonight. Obviously there is a bit of a letdown now.”

The 31-year-old will remain ranked No. 1 in the 52 week system but will likely lose ground in the 2012 points race to Novak Djokovic who is in the quarterfinals tomorrow night against Juan Martin Del Potro.

“I’ve got to go back to the drawing board from here and see what’s really the priority, if that’s a priority for the end of the year,” Federer said of the No. 1 ranking. “So I don’t know right now. The goal has been achieved, but now this is disappointing for me. We’ll see where I go from now and if I go to Davis Cup or not, about what’s to come for the remainder for the season.

“No. 1 has another a role to play, but this obviously is a setback,” he said. “But again, season is not over. I hope to finish strong at the end, and particularly in the indoor season then.”



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89 Comments for Roger Federer: “I Just Didn’t Come Up With The Goods Tonight, It Was Unfortunate” [Video]

skeezer Says:

“I just didn’t come up with the goods tonight. It was unfortunate.”

Way to own up to it Maestro. and Birdsh!t had a Sh!tBird moment, so credit there.

So where does Fed go from here? What does he play for the remaining year? No more Slams and #1 has been achieved.


Motivation here is paramount, and don’t see it from here on out. Things may drop off here on out for Fed, hope not.

Michael Says:

Roger has been quite candid about his play tonight. He just wasn’t good enough to beat his opponent and he didn’t deserve to win. That is quite a honest assessment. But I think this loss of Roger will have a bearing on his being No.1 especially if Novak defends his US Open successfully. Roger has number of points to defend towards the end of the year and a US Open triumph would have made things little easy. With that not being the case, Roger will find the going tough to retain his No.1 status. Nevertheless, he cares little for it, since he has already reached his goal to surpass Sampras record.

Sienna Says:

Does he play daviscup?

Wog boy Says:

I guees this is not complete interview, did Federer give any credit to Berdych? It would be said if he didn’t.

Adam Says:

roger seems pissed

madmax Says:

Wog boy, stop trying to make out that federer never gives any credit please. Its comments like this that start wars, unnecessary ones. It was not so long ago that you went crazy about berdych and his reactions to others players, so please. if you are that interested, go find the full interview. Roger is amazing at giving full credit to his opponents. He isn’t perfect, but then who is?

Skeezer, here is a preview of what Roger said about playing for another 5 years. It’s worth the read. The link was broken, reason why I couldn’t put that here instead.

Roger Federer, the world’s No. 1 tennis player, spoke with The Wall Street Journal on Saturday before the start of the U.S. Open.

All great players seem to have this period in their careers where they hate tennis, or struggle with being No. 1. You always seem happy. How is this?

For me, it was always exciting being around the top. It doesn’t matter if it was top 10, or five or three or one. For me, the fact never changed that I love being in that position.

For me, the hard part I guess is why I embrace No. 1 so much. It’s because I had a hard time in the beginning. I remember, I almost have to apologize for this: I won the Orange Bowl back in 1998, came to Miami and got the wild card into the Masters 1000, the Super 9 back then. I got on court and I was like, ‘I hate this sport, I cannot play.’ And I lost like 7-5, 7-6, and I was not even trying. And I would go through such fluctuations of emotions. I hated practice, couldn’t stand some matches: ‘Oh my god, look at this guy, he only rolls the ball into play, or he only goes for broke, I can’t stand this, today I’m not in the mood.’ So I think I went through all of that so much early on. That I think this is why I’m happy.

I was talented. People were going to say I was going to be world No. 1 and a Grand Slam champion or a future Sampras — fine. But having to deal with all of it and actually crumbling under the pressure was good for me. That’s why I’m so impressed by the Novaks and the Murrays and the Nadals. I don’t really remember any long letdowns. Maybe they had them when they were younger — I don’t remember them that much — but they were such great teenagers. I did [well] too, but either I was great, or I was awful. So for me, being No. 1 is like, how can you not enjoy this?

Was that just being young and immature?

Maybe I also had an ideal of, it’s always going to be center court, it’s always going to be 50,000 people and you’re always going to win.

So you expected things to come easily…

And they don’t at all. There’s a lot of hard work behind that.

You’ve had some tough losses in the last few years: two against Djokovic here with match points, another at Wimbledon against Tsonga when you were up two sets. You seem to put those behind you pretty easily. How?

For me, the last thing I want to happen is that it drains me. Today, someone asked me, ‘Do you have to win the U.S. Open to put the Olympic disappointment behind you?’ I was like, ‘Are you for real?’ The Olympic disappointment? I’m so happy I got the medal. I genuinely believe it was the best result I could have done, Murray was better than me, that’s it, boom, I go on vacation, take a few days off, pack for another few months on tour and it’s behind me. And I look back with incredible pride having gotten the medal for Switzerland and an amazing summer.

Let’s not kid ourselves: I’m doing just fine. I’m doing great right now. Let’s not go into the whole negative part. I’m a very positive thinker, and I think that is what helps me the most in those difficult moments.

Is that something you’ve had to learn to do, or have you always been that way?

I think it comes naturally, but it’s important also to be realistic at times — not just say everything is great. Not everything is great always, I’m aware of that. And that’s why I have to question myself at the best of times. I question myself when things are not going so great. I question myself: ‘How could we do better planning, practice, vacationing, organization? What can be improved?’ Without being nuts about it, but there’s always little things you can improve. In some ways, you have to be almost a perfectionist a little bit, and I try to be that, but in a natural way and not a crazy, thought-through way.

Your health has been incredible over the years. You hear some players say it’s a gift, just how you are, graceful and all. How much is that and how much is hard work?

That’s just not true. No doubt about it, maybe a little luck in the beginning of a career. I saw a girl today, her foot buckled, and just like that you might have to have reconstruction and who knows how your career’s going to end up then. I think you need a little bit of luck when you’re an amateur and still unprofessional, really, or just trying to do it, because maybe that can lead to more injuries later on in your life. But I think 80% of the guys don’t have that happening to them.

And then it’s about dealing with how much energy do you have, how do you practice, who do you surround yourself with — all these things come into play. How much you listen to your body, can you say no to certain money offers that are going to carry you throughout the world to make you go I-don’t-know-where to play, which you shouldn’t be doing. I’ve never had a problem saying no. I’ve left so much stuff on the table, it’s mind boggling. But I just said, ‘I am looking at the long term.’ If you look at the short term, you will make mistakes. I said, ‘I have to have short-term goals, but I’m looking at the long-term plan, and that has served me really well over the years.’

How did you come to manage playing and doing what it takes to be you while having twin daughters?

Learn by doing, great wife, great set up — just trying to deal with it as well as you can, seeing if you can combine the two together. Is it better for Mirka to stay home or not? That was a big question for a long period of time. The moment they don’t feel well, you think you’ve done something awfully wrong, but it’s normal for kids to get sick. But we blame it maybe on other things: ‘How could that happen? We tried everything to not make it happen.’ But it’s just normal, and of course you panic, of course you try to manage it.

Of course it’s cost me a lot of sleep, and maybe because of those times, maybe I did lose the occasional match more. But who cares? Who cares? I tried, and I’m still playing great. I’m playing much better than I thought I would — other guys are in their prime right now, and I’m world No. 1, so I guess I did some things right.

Now here I am. I have two wonderful kids, an incredible wife and it’s just great. I feel very fortunate that I’m going through this part of my life now, that I can enjoy it so much more. It’s not just only about hitting forehands and backhands.

Would you and Mirka like to have more kids?

I was so happy when we had two right at once. I couldn’t believe it that it was twins. I guess it was a shock, but it was a positive one. I was like, ‘Wow, I don’t know much about twins, honestly,’ so you’re like, what does that mean? How are they going to be? And now I see how they play together, it’s just the best. So now we’ll see how it goes. Probably talk about it again next year, see how things are. We wanted to get them out of the nappies. Now finally it’s calming down, it seems like.

Have they picked up rackets yet?

Yeah, but nothing significant. I just hope they get into sports eventually. I think that’d be great. It’s a great lifestyle — a good learning process.

How much does Mirka sacrifice to make all this happen?

It’s all me for her. I admire her every day that she is willing to do this. I tell her, ‘I think you should take a week here or a week there, take care of yourself a bit more, because you are putting in an incredible amount of work here.’ But she says, ‘Look, I’m not happy when you’re not around.’ And that’s as good as it gets for me, and I’m obviously also not the same person when she and the kids are not around. So we try to manage it. It’s good to have a balance. We try to make it work that we have time by ourselves, time with the family, time with our friends in this busy, busy life that we live.

How much have you been apart?

The last three years, maybe three weeks, maybe four? Really not much, so I consider myself so, so fortunate that that’s the case. And of course that we have the means to make it work with the girls, so I’m happy and feel fortunate.

What goals are left for you?

In tennis there’s many things you want to do again and achieve, and play for as long as you can. Maybe do something you’ve never done before. I don’t know what that could be right now, but maybe there’s things like that.

And then as excited as I am about what’s to come in the next five years, say, of tennis, I’m just as excited about what’s to come afterward. I think the mix is really a good one for me right now. I’m not worried to stop, but I don’t want to stop. I really want to push forward and play more, keep on playing, not play more than the 21 tournaments that I’m already doing, just maintaining it and enjoying it, doing the utmost I can. It’s a really good time in my life right now.

And it feels like also the media room has calmed down a little bit where it’s not like, ‘When are you going to leave? You’ve achieved everything, get out,’ that kind of thing. I feel like many people now want to see me. I always knew it would kind of come around, and I think actually maybe the next few years are going to be more enjoyable than the last couple.

What is the plan after this? Are you going to, say, play doubles until age 39?

No, no, no, no. I guess, when you’re done, you’re done.

I think it’s nice that we have a senior tour in place, not that I want to play that, but I think it’s nice for the afterlife to have a little slight option if you want to do that a little bit from time to time to see your old buddies that you saw on tour so often — that’s nice.

But I’ve always been interested in some sort of a business. I signed many long-term deals as well with my great partners I have, so that’s going to continue. I’ll have more time for my foundation, and the kids are going to go to school eventually. It depends on how flexible we are for the traveling part still. I can never sit still with my wife and my kids, but it’s nice also to settle a little bit eventually. So I’m definitely looking forward to that, growing up in Switzerland, having a really nice time over there.

What advice would you give to someone who is trying to be you? A 15- or 16-year-old, coming up in tennis?

Hard work will be rewarded, number one. Number two, you’re going to have your ups and downs, like I explained. Learn from those. Number three, love what you’re doing, feel fortunate that you actually do have the opportunity to do what you’re doing, because many other players, people, kids would like to be in your situation. Don’t forget how fortunate you really are. And then just really enjoy, go out there and have fun. Have a blast.

Gannu Says:

thanks madmax..but feddy bear seems to be feels he is damn disappointed with this loss (which is good) but the bad part is he doesnt know what is next and for first time he is even dounting whether being YE No 1 is reqd or not…I have book tkts for O2 to c u feddy bear ;-(( I want to c u..

madmax Says:

I think what is sad, is that people say Roger looks/sounds p##sed, when clearly he doesn’t. He is as disappointed as hell in not coming through the match. Oh, and Wog boy, look at the first video will you, which Gainey posted, you will hear Roge crediting Tomas. Clearly you haven’t watched it. Makes me sad and mad that something is always made out of nothing. How about the terrible behaviour of Tomas against Almagro, Rafa, Novak and Roger in the earlier tournaments, not necessarily this year, but the last 3-4 years. Conveniently forgotten.

Roger lost and I am sad about that, but he will go on. Rafa has a lucky escape right now being out of the limelight, whereby the haters cant hurt him. Everyone decent will wish him a good recovery. Roger plays, loses and already the demise of him starts again. It’s become so boring. So boring. So outdated.

He is prepared to “go back to the drawing board”, and not to retire, or bow out. He has been playing great this year. How many finals and tournaments has tournaments made and won so far this year?


madmax Says:

meant to say…how many tournaments has Tomas reached and won this year?


On the positive side, it’s great that he has the ability to beat Roger, but to me, Tomas is a power shot player, relies on his strength and power to win, he does not have the finesse on court, but today it worked for him.

He should go on to win the tournament, but he won’t. It will be Andy Murray who creams him tomorrow and I expect Novak to win the tournament, but would love to see someone new do this.

It’s Andy’s time to win.


get over the loss quickly here. It will affect your enjoyment of the maestro, and it shouldn’t. he cannot win everything. Look at his wins this year and the finals he has made. It’s not over yet, disappointing yes, but not over, so don’t go down that road.

Wog boy Says:


What is the problem. I am talking about players when they do something so I said about Berdych what I thought when he didn’t give hand to Almagro. That has nothing to do with today’s Federer interview, I saw video and he didn’t give any credit to Berdych. He was asked in second question if Berdych outlplyaed him (listen to the video) and instead of answering that part of the question he was pitying himself.
He didn’t any credit to Nole last year nor year before OK !

And you are not going to tell me when and what to post OK, if you need a hug or any fedfan need one I will give you one, it is said day for you so take it on the chin like we do.
Was I clear ?

madmax Says:

Adam Says:
roger seems pissed

September 6th, 2012 at 2:29 am

Just disappointed Adam. Hardly the same thing. Which vid were you watching?

madmax Says:

No you are not wogboy. You talked about fed not paying berdych credit, trying to start something. You have always made me laugh and I have always enjoyed your posts. But not this one. It drives me nuts when people say that he doesnt give his opponents credit. you got busted, so just accept it. He did actually give credit to berdych, he said he played well, served well. May be your ears were blocked?

Thanks for the offer of a hug, but from you? I will give it a miss.

My number 2, novak is still in, so I am not as depressed as you think.

Colin Says:

madmax, have you stayed up too late? I can’t make sense of that last sentence.

madmax Says:

I didnt tell you what to post, like you wont tell me what to post either. Subtle deflection spotted.

Enjoy your day and the rest of the tournament.

Colin Says:

sorry, madmax, some more postings arrived while I was typing. The last sentence I referred to, was in your posting of 3.48 AM

madmax Says:

Wogboy, I could spend all morning showing you interviews of federer crediting novak, but there are too many to do that and it would be wasted on you.

You, on the other hand, live in the past. You should read his absolute admiration of novak and what he achieved last year, he was blown away by the way he played. But it would be lost on you, as you are showing your feelings towards Federer. Again, you want to make something out of nothing. That he doesnt like or credit novak. That’s bull and we know it.

Rather than concentrating on the negatives in life, look at all the positives. you might feel better rather than relying on old statements.

I love novak the way he is, for all his anger at smashing racquets, he is a star to me on the court, it’s a pity that some of his fans choose to degrade roger in the process.

Wog boy Says:


Nothing is “wasted” or “lost on me” and your judgment about me is vvery wrong but I can live with that and I will not lose any sleep because of that. If you judge the people that way just because they say what they think and what they believe is right and that is not what you think is sad, but that is your choice and I guess you will not lose any sleep because of that either.
It is very hard to make friends and very easy to lose them.

Thanks, I will enjoy tournament it would be nice if Nole wins but if better player on the day wins it is OK, though it is very hard to say “he was better today than me” Nole does
that when he loses.
If Nole loses and you offer hug to me I will accept it, just to let you know in a case you change your mind.

madmax Says:

Wogboy, you are sweet for the hug…thanks.

You understand though, it’s really not something that is going to make me happy when people say roger doesn’t credit others, when he does. I guess I didn’t expect it from you.

And I have said in the past, Novak is the best at crediting others, as he has a natural charm. he loves the camera and he loves to be cheeky with it. With Fed, because he gives so many interviews, and more than 3 hours of them in swiss-german, german, english, French…its hardly surprising he gets tired of saying too many positives…he does say a lot of positive things about so many of the players..but that is for another thread.

I just love the man and I accept that not everyone likes him, just a bit fed up with the same old repetitive crap that goes around about him.

No hard feelings. Mean it.

You won’t need a hug because Novak will win :)

jamie Says:

Good to see the Argie guys were wrong.

Nole for the win.

jamie Says:

I expect Djokovic to beat Murray in the final.

Murray will be 0-5 in slam finals. *ouch*

Wog boy Says:


There were never hard feelings overhere.

I am a hug person, there is always reason for hug:)

Wog boy Says:


You are better off not turning up on the site for a while:)

jamie Says:

Fedtards are sore.

I’m glad the Argie psychics have lost their mojo.

I have always predicted Nole to win the USO for a reason.

Anything other than predicting a Nole win is delusional.

He’s the best HC player on tour and has won the last 3 HC slams. Period.

alison Says:

Sorry to Fed fans,Dave,Skeezer,Madmax,Ajet,Swiss Maestro,Huh etc etc,i know its dissapointing but Roger will bounce back no doubt,hes had an amazing year re claiming wimbledon and the no 1 ranking so no disgrace to loose in the semis hear,just sorry he had to loose of all people.

alison Says:

^Berdych of all people.^

Polo Says:

Berdych forgot to choke!

jamie Says:

Prime Federer always beat the ballbashers. Since late 2009 he has been very vulnerable to them…

Wog boy Says:



Polo Says:

The semifinals will be very interesting. My order of like for the win is: Murray>del Potro>Berdych>Djokovic.

Emphasis on like and not what I think will happen. Djokovic remains the most realistic pick. Murray should have a major for poetic justice. del Potro should win another because he was already on his way to greatness when it was derailed by the wrist problem. Berdych as a reward for beating Federer. Djokovic already has 5 majors and will have better chances of winning more in the coming years.

madmax Says:


You are pathetic. Fed fans are not sore. Please read the blog if you can be bothered to before you make such ill informed comments. I shouldn’t really spend time writing to losers like you. Your predictions are a laughing stock here and what is it with people like you that want to mock when a player losers? Grow up.

Go join an astrology club. You’re just not funny.

Alison. No apologies. Fed lost, plain and simple. I am more than proud to be a federer fan, he wins most of the time, and fact is fact, Tomas played better, stronger, harder. Fed just wasn’t on today. Another fact is that he has won 6 tournaments this year, made a shed load of points, is world no. 1, got an olympic medal, won wimbledon, reached 2 semi finals, 1 final and won it, and a quarter final…what is there to be sad about? Only sad that Jamie and the like crawl out when they are bored. Nature of blogs I guess.

It will be interesting to watch the final and weird at the same time.

alison Says:

Madmax great post, what is it people turn up to mock when one of their favorites rivals looses,yet dissapear like a rat up a drainpipe when their own favorite looses,very well said.

Rick Says:

Where is the roof? TOLD YA! Federina could only wins indoor! Unlike Wimble, which he was lucky this year. LOL

Polo Says:

I would have been elated to high heavens if Roger won the US Open this year. But he did not. But I remember I was already so happy when he won Wimbledon and got those records he and his fans had wished so much he’d have: be number one again, equal Sampras for most Wimbledon wins, surpass Sampras for most weeks at number one.

It has not been a bad year for Roger. It was a great year. There is no bitter taste at all from the Berdych loss.

Rick Says:

Fed is GOAT? Rafa never has trouble with Berdych unlike the old lady! LOL

xmike Says:

hey Sean Randall, did you let jamie out of his cage already?

has the minimum IQ level around here been dropped again to allow for idiocracy level comments (that movie could have been called jamieocracy, the brain level is the same)?

the air is getting foul around here again with the stench from his (if you can call them that) writings; maybe jane can help with his grammer, but i’m afraid that nothing can be done for content after you have sunk so low…

Polo Says:

Rick, Nadal never even entered the US Open, in case you forgot. He was a non-factor there. As far as this US Open is concerned, Nadal was non-existent.

madmax Says:


yeah, you’re right, he’s never had problems with Berdych, just players who are ranked 100.

If you want a positive tennis discussion, then cut out the school yard games, because I can come right back at you, which is what you want. People like you are not tennis fans, just trolls.

It’s been a great year for Roger. The old man beat players back to back, one after the other and yet as I write this I think it doesn’t have any effect on people who don’t have a brain.

jane Says:

Polo, I laughed at your “forgot to choke” post. But there is some truth there, because in the past Berd has always been a bit iffy on the big points. I guess last night he was in the zone, or focused or whatever – I didn’t see it all, but from 3-3 in the 4th set I was surprised at how calm he was, even serving it out. It sounds like you’re not too down about the loss, either, which is good.

That interview madmax posted was interesting; I was wondering about a couple of things which were answered there: one was whether or not Fed would take up doubles later on maybe. I had thought he might, like Martina or J-Mac, but he says no. Also was curious if they’d have more children soon, but his answer makes it sound like they’re unsure, or at least not for a while.

Humble Rafa Says:

My mission is accomplished. I only have few granslams to catch up to 17.

metan Says:

Humble Rafa , Lol, ,,,,, see you in 2013.

metan Says:

Hi jamie, you are still alive,,,, wk wk

Rick Says:

Birdshit on Federina. Who is the smart guy giving Berdych that name? LOL

RZ Says:

For me, the sad part is no Fed-Murray part 3 this summer. The good news is that now I won’t be conflicted about whom I’ll be rooting for. Murray all the way to the title (though he’ll have to play better than he has been if he’s going to get by Berdych and then Nole/DelPo/Ferru/Tipsy)

Giles Says:

I personally think the Rosol joke is a bit repetitive and stale now!! Move on!

rogerafa Says:

jamie has, after a long time, actually posted some sensible comments. I agree with his 9:03 am post. I also agree that Novak has been the best HC player on tour for quite some time and the logical pick for the US open. After all he has won the last 3 HC majors and has been in brilliant form.

rogerafa Says:

@ HR

That was not a very humble comment :-)

jamie Says:


No roof, no slam for ROOFERER!


jamie Says:

Wimbledon 2012 was ROOFERER’s last slam. His swan song. Full circle. Wimbledon 2003-Wimbledon 2012.He will never win another slam.

jamie Says:

Rooferer got lucky at Wimbledon. Nole had the flu and Murray was nervous as usual.

No more slams for Rooferer.

He used up all the luck possible this year.

jamie Says:


It was hilarious watching Berdych spanking Rooferer. He was laughing every time Shankerer would make an UE.

Polo Says:

Even if Federer does not win another slam, or any other event for that matter, he remains more accomplished than most, if not all, who have played or are still playing the game. I and many of his fans can live with that. Others who try to insult him, can only dream about what their favorites can do.

Brando Says:

JUST saw the video interview of fed… feel sorry for him.

I think the walkover kind of screwed him over here, as he was making some very wild misses- out of prone considering his recent, clinical play.

Add to that difficult opponent generally for him (at least in recent terms), Berdych, who was playing red hot tennis- then unfortunately live would be tough for ANY top player.

Had picked fed for the tourny win, and was ROOTING HARD for him last night- but i guess it wasn’t meant to be.

Brando Says:


shut your trap, will ya?

It’s just such a PETTY MOVE to see haters trash a great player when he is down and out!


Rarely, if ever, does it say anything about the player themselves- it just clearly exposes the HATEFUL NATURE of the poster.

Rafa got his share post wimby loss, and now unfortunately fed is getting his.

Pretty sad really that we have to go through this inane process each and every time a big name losses early or suffers a tough loss.

Practise that old saying- which has stood the test of time- ‘if you don’t have anything good to say- DON’T SAY ANYTHING THEN’!!

Giles Says:

Some Rafa fans here are being extremely generous towards the fed fans. I wonder if any of the fed fans ever root for Rafa.

juljo724 Says:

madmax posted:
“Roger lost and I am sad about that, but he will go on. Rafa has a lucky escape right now being out of the limelight, whereby the haters cant hurt him. Everyone decent will wish him a good recovery. Roger plays, loses and already the demise of him starts again. It’s become so boring. So boring. So outdated.”

Much like many of the fedfans talking about Rafa in a wheelchair and being a cripple? Never playing tennis again, etc……. We found it boring too, but no one listened to us Rafa fans.
Sorry your guy lost but as many players have said over the years, sometimes someone is just better than the other on that day. It happens!

Skeezer Says:

How has Fed’s loss have anything to do with Rafa ?

Oh wait, Rafa fanatics will be sitting with there thumb up there arse until 2013 so it’s “Hey, fellow RafaButts, I have an idea, let’s piss on Fed in the meantime”. LOL.

juljo724 Says:

I have never been a fan of Berdych, but you had to admire how he moved fed around the court and dictated play and served so well. He choked that 3rd set but he collected himself and did what we expect out of tennis players. He played all out and won and was gracious in his speech on-court.

juljo724 Says:

skeezer, you can piss on Rafa all you want and when someone says the slightest derogatory thing about fed, you go ballistic. I wasn’t pissing on fed. Even fed admits he didn’t play good. Was just pointing out the difference in how fed is treated versus Rafa on this site. With your 12:42 post, you showed your colors.

skeezer Says:


WTF? Rafa is out, you guys brought him up here, not me. You started bring up “Rafa fan” sh!t.”
Read the posts by you types on this thread. Get a life and keep dreamin the #17.

goat galz Says:

My number 2, novak is still in,>>

I feel the same way. My number 2 is still in. I’d like him to win this one over any of the others.

juljo724 Says:

Look at my post, it clearly says “madmax posted” and if you look at this thread, you will clearly see that madmax is the first to bring up Rafa.

Quit talking crap until you read first!

juljo724 Says:

My post was for skeezer. Madmax , I have no problem with you posting that interview since the link was broken. It was in a later post of yours that I referred to you as first referring of Rafa.

jamie Says:

Rooferer went full FH-Shankerer mode for the entire match.

Huh Says:

jamie finally got a break from sniffing at the backside of menteperfecta and other of his astrologers.

Huh Says:

Rick needs a roof too from the shower of happiness he gets on seeing fed beaten.

Alok Says:

@jamie: Be thankful Fed lost, or else you and the other djokovic fans will be biting your nails had both Fed and djokovic played in the finals. Be Thankful.

Huh Says:

I mean Rick needs a roof too against the shower of happiness he’s gettin right now on seeing fed beaten, he gotta be prepared for the fed sun shining soon! a roof will help in this regard getting used to the sunshine that’s gonna spoil the rain of his happiness soon.

Polo Says:

jane Says: “…It sounds like you’re not too down about the loss, either, which is good.”

We are only fans of these guys. We have no control over what they do. If they win, we cheer. If they lose, we feel bad. Either way, we should not be overly affected by it that we lose our perspective. Sports is a form or entertainment for me. It should make me feel good, not bad. It is a way to make friends, not enemies.

Adam Says:

See Sean Randall is playing his old tricks. Just like at Olympics – even after his Federer (lover-boy) has been knocked out – he keeps him at the top of the funk, or close, and say this is a great chance for him. Sean managers a very biased site. Think is a lot fairer

jane Says:

Exactly, Polo.

Margot Says:

Well said Polo *clapping*

Alok Says:

@Polo, Good answer, but it doesn’t work that way for a lot of fans of other players. They try to put down Fed’s win if he beats their player. I’m sure you read the digs they come out with when that happens.

madmax Says:

juljo724 Says:
madmax posted:
“Roger lost and I am sad about that, but he will go on. Rafa has a lucky escape right now being out of the limelight, whereby the haters cant hurt him. Everyone decent will wish him a good recovery. Roger plays, loses and already the demise of him starts again. It’s become so boring. So boring. So outdated.”

Much like many of the fedfans talking about Rafa in a wheelchair and being a cripple? Never playing tennis again, etc……. We found it boring too, but no one listened to us Rafa fans.
Sorry your guy lost but as many players have said over the years, sometimes someone is just better than the other on that day. It happens!

September 6th, 2012 at 12:29 pm

Wait a second will you Juljo. You will never see me saying anything which against Rafa and his injuries. Whoever talked about him and the wheelchair, is just sick.

So honestly, you look for trouble. Too many trolls around as soon as Roger loses.

You should be following your favourite, not your least favourite. Why do you do that? On second thoughts, don’t bother answering. You come across as incoherent and consumed with bitterness.

Who are you going to pick apart when federer says bye? You will be lost for words.

No one is perfect, but this ridiculous, round and round argument about roger/roger is caused by nerds like you who, rather than celebrating this era, want to tarnish it with critical crap that makes no sense.

Rarely to do I say anything at all about Rafa which isn’t factual. I don’t degrade myself the way your contemporaries do. You enjoy reading crap like that, that’s your right and your problem.

dari Says:

Wow, novak was an absolute wall on tjat point, delpo could not hit past him!
Sorry to miss the rest of this match, hope delpo finds a way

dari Says:

Whoops that belongs on other page!

Tz Says:

Here are some guys insulting federer and his game. Giving him rooferer, federina, old lady and many more names. Why don’t those guys sign up to the ATP, play the grandslams, win them one after one and prove that they are much better tennis player than the ROOFERER/FEDERINA!

rave Says:

The trolls are back and meaner than ever. Feel sorry for the poor souls. They are so lost.

Feel sad that Fed lost But, hey that is life. He knows it and his fans know it. Only fools like the fed haters that come out when he loses to make absolotely hateful and nasty comments.

Sienna Says:

Well I am disappointed but there were signals Fed was getting somewhat complacent.
He absolutely needs to put in everything he has in order to win a slam. he is not going to win halfheartedly.

SO there were just to many destractions that took his mind of the holy grail . Hopefully he learnt (again) his lesson.

juljo724 Says:

Sometimes I wonder if fed fans have ever learned to read!

madmax, I NEVER accused you of saying those things about rafa, dave & sienna are the headcases that are doing that. I only brought up your name because you were the first to bring up rafa and skeezer couldn’t read the thread correctly, saw I was a rafa fan and started in on me about bringing up rafa on this thread!

Seems to me the fedfans are the ones causing all the trouble and name calling instead of just READING so you can post a correct answer!

Dave Says:

juljo724: You’re idiotically spewing nonsense without thinking before you spew.

juljo724: “Much like many of the fedfans talking about Rafa in a wheelchair and being a cripple? Never playing tennis again, etc…….”

juljo724: “Sometimes I wonder if fed fans have ever learned to read! madmax, I NEVER accused you of saying those things about rafa, DAVE & sienna are the headcases that are doing that… Seems to me the fedfans are the ones causing all the trouble and name calling instead of just reading so you can post a correct answer!”

Time for you to put your money where your big mouth is and prove your ludicrous claim that I said Rafa would be a cripple in a wheelchair and never play tennis again.

What I said was that Nadal’s knees are probably fine right now given that last week Nadal competed in a golf competition (he came in 13th, see link). Given that Nadal plays golf right-handed, his golf swings will put stress and strain on his supposedly ‘injured’ left knee. Knee injuries are the second most common golf injury, so if Nadal’s left knee is seriously injured he wouldn’t be able to play golf.

SG1 Says:

Fed lost because he took this slam “half-heartedly”? Who writes this stuff? Fed lost because he had his butt handed to him. Yes, Fed did miss more forehands than is normal for him. But, I distinctly remember Fed framing a lot of balls in the 5th set of his loss to DelPO at the 2009 USO final. He doesn’t miss more because he’s “half-hearted”. He misses more when he feels the pressure. I guess that just makes him human. Berdych is a ferocious hitter of the tennis ball. Berdych and DelPo are quite similar in this way. I wasn’t the least surprised to see Roger lose this one. I expected it to be a tough match. Roger didn’t play his best and he lost. Roger has beaten many a guy who didn’t bring their ‘A’ game. How come these guy’s didn’t lose because they were “half-hearted”?

Cruise Says:

Rafa fans are just miserable aren’t they. They need to up their meds till rafa gets back to playing. [most probably indian wells/miami or maybe even monte carlo]

skeezer Says:


Re: Julio
Same Here!


“………but no one listened to US Rafa fans.”

You made your line in the sand.

And there ya go….

You “spewed” first dude, remember that! Don”t want a reaction? Don’t create one to make.

Agree the half hearted comment was ….1/4 hearted comment at least.

SG1 Says:

Skeezer…LOL :)

Huh Says:

”juljo724 Says:
Look at my post, it clearly says “madmax posted” and if you look at this thread, you will clearly see that madmax is the first to bring up Rafa.”

CORRECT, but neither madmax was vicious in her post nor you were too disrespectful in your response. so keep postin. sooner or later others’ll realise that.

Sienna Says:

Fed lost this slam because he was not as focused as he was at wimbly
but to be in that kind of zone is maybe not possible for a 31yearold player. so he needs to find that innerstrength time and time again.
FED definite made mistakes this tourney hsaid he did and Isaw them. When Fed is focused like the summerstretch he would have dealt with the kids inthis US Open.

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