Funny: Watch Novak Djokovic Imitate Serena Williams Yesterday! [Video]

by Tom Gainey | November 15th, 2012, 11:12 am

Novak Djokovic is all smiles this week and rightfully so after capturing his second ATP Finals crown on Monday. Djokovic followed up the big victory by taking part in the fifth “Tennis Classic” exhibition in Bratislava against ATP Newcomer of the Year Martin Klizan yesterday.

During the light-hearted match, Djokovic broke out one of his many imitations, this one of Serena Williams was caught on video. Funny stuff.

“Thank you all for coming. We wanted to play quality tennis, to entertain crowd, came up with some good shots, good impersonations. I hope you liked it,” Novak said afterward in an on-court interview.

The event raised €25,800 toward the Novak Djokovic Foundation to help pre-school education programs in Serbia.

Novak’s week isn’t done yet. The World No. 1 is en route to Rio de Janeiro where he’ll play an exhibition match against Brazilian great Gustavo Kuerten on Saturday.

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13 Comments for Funny: Watch Novak Djokovic Imitate Serena Williams Yesterday! [Video]

jamie Says:

Nole is prettier though….

Michael Says:

I like this other side of Novak – his sense of humour.

tennishere Says:

haha, I love how Nole imitates players :D He’s the funniest player on tour to me ;)

alison Says:

I like Nole and the impressions,it eases some of the pressures of the tour,a good way of relaxing,however i wouldnt have known it was Serenna if not for the heading at the top of the thread.

Giles Says:

I personally think he goes too far sometimes. He’s lucky Serena wasn’t around. Did he forget she is bigger than him?? Lol. #SquashHim

mary Says:

seriously? no one else thinks this is absolutely stupid? funny how the other women just stand by and don’t show any disgust at a grown man shoving towels in his shirt as if they’re breasts.

skeezer Says:


uh, no.

No different than a grown woman shoving towel bunches in there pants as if they had a big Johnson.

Frankly, me thinks Serena is very proud of her “shapes”.

It’s all in fun. So I guess your not a Halloween/Costume kinda person?

One thing about Nole, he likes playing the clown and he is hilariously good at it. Hilarious or stupid? To each there own.

Alok Says:

I didn’t watch the video, because I’m not in favor of players doing such stuff for amusement. Woziacki also did one of Serena using towels at both front and back. In her case, she’d better watch out the next time she faces Serena as she’ll get a sound unmerciful whooping, which would be well-deserved IMO.

Sylvia Says:

He’s ignorant and this is organized bullying. Serena should be encouraged and just continue to be the best and she’ll always get the last laugh.

Dwight Mann Says:

Novak has the would be hard for Serena to copy a skinny, pale ,hook nosed, ignorant Caucasian boy. She has more talent and skill in her pinky that his whole family. What Caucasian can’t copy or steal they ridicule. If he woke looking like and playing like Ms. Williams he’d be happier and richer than he’d ever could as his sorry self.

Marc Says:

After reading through these comments, I’ve come to the conclusion that tennis fans are the most snobby, stuck up fans of any sport ever. Wow.

Robert Says:

Dwight Mann,

I’m not going to defend Novak’s behavior here, but your RACIST comments were FAR WORSE. And last I checked, Novak was #1 in the world…how about YOU?

Ben Pronin Says:

Marc – “After reading through these comments, I’ve come to the conclusion that tennis fans are the most snobby, stuck up fans of any sport ever. Wow.”

Dude, it’s just crazy. Maybe it’s a century of pent up frustration since tennis is a “gentleman’s sport” and everyone always has to be quiet and respectful. I don’t know. They’re the worst.

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