Confirmed! Rafael Nadal Will Play The Abu Dhabi Exhibition In 17 Days!
by Tom Gainey | December 11th, 2012, 12:48 pm

To the joy of many long suffering Rafael Nadal fans and the tennis community, the Spaniard has confirmed that he will return to tennis later this month for the Abu Dhabi exhibition event.

“Can’t wait to get back on court in Abu Dhabi at the end of the month. I won the Mubadala World Tennis Championship in 2010 and 2011 – would love to get my hands on the trophy again this year!” Nadal wrote on his Facebook page earlier today.

In his much-anticipated return, Nadal will join Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray and countryman David Ferrer at the event which begins in just over two weeks on December 27 in the UAE. Rafa has already been awarded a bye into the semifinals so he’ll play his first match since Wimbledon on Friday, December 28.

After rehabbing his left knee for months due to Hoffa’s Syndrome, Rafa only began practicing late in November.

Nadal is scheduled to play Doha and then the Australian Open.

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43 Comments for Confirmed! Rafael Nadal Will Play The Abu Dhabi Exhibition In 17 Days!

alison Says:

Oh joy this has made my xmas,i knew it was happening,but to hear it as confirmation has made my day,i dont know what will happen upon his return,but ill just be delighted to see him back playing again,vamos Rafa,from your no1 fan,the gal from Yorkshire,A.L.I.S.O.N.H.O.D,G.E,yipee welcome back Rafa,happy new year tennis x posters,its gonna be a great 2013, yes bring it on ha ha.

Giles Says:

At last the great news all Rafa fans have been waiting for. Rafa fans all over the globe will be celebrating and rightly so. #WelcomeBackRafa

Brando Says:


alison Says:

Rafa said on facebook,i cant wait to get back on court at the end of the month,proof if ever it were needed,that Rafa still loves tennis.

Thangs Says:


I dont know why his spanish interviews are fabricated in wrong way. I read exactly ‘Rafa withdraws from Abu Dhabi’…and after few hours, it was changed ‘Rafa is unsure about Abu Dhabi or Melbourne’..I think rafa is aware of this and confirmed on facebook. I am still feeling nervous…Until he appears on the court, I wouldn’t be confident.

No matter what,Vamos!

Giles Says:

Just read a tweet which was posted 4 hrs ago quoting Toni “If Rafa doesn’t feel he is at 100% we won’t go. We won’t risk ruining everything for just one week”. So, let’s just wait and see.

Daniel Says:

Was about time!!

madmax Says:

To the joy of many long suffering Rafael Nadal fans and the tennis community, the Spaniard has confirmed that he will return to tennis later this month for the Abu Dhabi exhibition event.

alison, so very pleased for you!

Am so pleased now that both Roy and Giles have found a proper home!

Yet, I don’t see Roy here yet? Giles, send a post card to Roy won’t you?

Roy, here is your dream, you can post away now and leave Federer fans to continue with their responses.

For my part, will be great to see Rafa playing on court again after so long. It’s been so weird with him not being around.

Good luck to the great rafa fans on this site, NOT the false ones who pretend to enjoy tennis.

Giles Says:

Roy. Keep posting. Love your posts. Maybe you can put Madmax in his place!! #Assylum

Everyone is entitled to my opinion Says:

I think the position for Rafa’s #1 fan is hotly contested. He is not short of fans who would do anything just to see him with a racquet in his hand in a competitive match.

Roll on Mubadala. Can’t wait to see the King of Tennis in action!!!!!

subo Says:

nadal back he must be off the juice he is a fraud and cheat big time he was given a silent doping banned by the itf where is that story vermin in the press

Ben Pronin Says:

I would not mind being the guy to bust a big time athlete for doping, but I’m gonna need more proof than “I don’t like Nadal so he’s doping, write about it.”

Brando Says:



Quite literally there is no other label suitable for the crap you post about rafa.

Just where is the EVIDENCE other than strictly in the confines of your prejudiced, hate filled mind against rafa?

You make such a disgusting SLUR against a players WITHOUT ANY shred of credible evidence?

Actually I apologise: forget credible WITHOUT ANY EVIDENCE!

Rafa, fed, nole, rochus or the marx brothers: IF you accuse a player or anyone of committing a wron then AT LEAST do so with the ability to back it up with some form of evidence!


Brando Says:

Excuse me:



alison Says:

Subo exactly the same post each and everytime(YAWN),Ben yeah spot on,Brando great post (DITTO),and Madmax thankyou.

alison Says:

E.I.E.T.M.O @December 12th 8.39am,my apologies for getting carried away,i got a bit excited im just delighted to have Rafa back thats all.

bstevens Says:

I am not a fan of his, but I hope that Nadal stays healthy for as long as possible. He is very important to the game and I hope that for his sake and for his fans sake that he is able to play the way he is known for.

Everyone is entitled to my opinion Says:

It’s about international internet was subject to legal controls to shut up cowards like subo. In the UK ‘it’ would have been carted off to the courts long ago for defaming someone’s character without justification.

Nims Says:

It may be ok to miss Nadal in the second half of the season, but missing him in the first half would be like a crisis for a tennis fan. I just wish Nadal a healthy tennis season. If he is healthy, still I cannot see many guys outside Novak to beat him.

jane Says:

Welcome back to Rafa: here’s a funny thread of tennis players reactions to Rafa’s return ;)

alison Says:

Jane lol love it hilarious,welcome back Rafa indeed.

alison Says:

BTW i dont know if its super imposed but Rafa looks cute in that santa claus hat yummy.

Giles Says: Alison. This Xmas was made last year by one of Rafa’s fans. Enjoy.

Giles Says:

^ meant to say Xmas video

alison Says:

Giles lol looove it thankyou hilarious.

skeezer Says:


Thanks for that, ROTFL!

jamie Says:

Nadal won’t win another hard-court grand slam

Interview with Henri Leconte. The Frenchman doubts whether Rafa Nadal will ever win another hard-court grand slam title, suggesting that the Spaniard is only playing next month’s Australian Open to test that he will be fit for the French Open.

Leconte on Nadal: “Nadal is playing the Australian Open just to be sure that he’s fit enough to win the French Open for the eighth time. That’s all he wants. I don’t think he will go there to win the grand slam, but just to test himself for the French Open. Wimbledon will also be a goal for him, as the surface is okay on his knee, but winning a hard-court grand slam again in his career, that will be tough. I doubt he will. It will take him a long time to get back to where he is. If the ball doesn’t come out of the racket as fast as it did before, it will be complicated for him. Players will be able to beat him. And you need some rhythm. And you need to play some matches.”

Leconte on Murray: “I hope that Murray will be more relaxed now, that his victory will give him more energy, and that he will be more positive. Andy has improved his game a lot. He’s a fantastic player. He can do almost anything. I think his goal will be Wimbledon. The Australian Open is a great surface for his game, but he has to be fit physically, that’s the key.”

Leconte on Federer: “Federer is very smart and very organised. He’s not playing that much. He plays well when he has to play well. He knows that he can win another grand slam. Wimbledon is going to be the best surface for him. The US and Australian Opens are possible too, but you have to be more organised about your schedule. And that’s what he’s doing.”

Brando Says:


ROFL, that was awesome! :-)

jane Says:

Glad you guys liked it; I thought it was a sweet little satire about why all the players want (and don’t want) Rafa back. Almagro’s comment on the golden swing, lol! ;) I love how it spoofs a bunch of the other goings on of the year, like Simon and Staks on female tennis players. It even gets the GOAT discussion and Sampras/Agassi rivalry in there, not to mention Roddick’s retirement (he’s “attending” MacDonalds). HA HA HA, lol. Pretty funny stuff.

alison Says:

Giles link is also quite funny too.

Michael Says:

Every Tennis enthusiast is eagerly awaiting Nadal’s return. His mere presence will be electrifying and will add lustre to the creamy top. That being said, he needs some time to settle himself considering his long lay off. But, he has already done that once in his career when he came back after a layoff and regained the top spot in 2010. May be history will repeat itself. But Nadal has a mountain to climb especially with the likes of Novak, Andy and not to forget Roger are playing some fabulous Tennis.

alison Says:

Michael given how many reminders us Rafa fans get about how crap and one dimensional our favorite is,and how lucky he is to have what he has,lucky in this match lucky in that match as if hes the only one,and how he hasnt won a title off clay since 2010,and given that hes had a crap couple of years,and how fantastic Federer,Djokovic,and Murray are playing,and what fantastic all surface players that they actually are,i think us Rafa fans already know he has a mountain to climb,believe you me this Rafa fans expectations are not that high,its merely enough for now that hes actually playing,i wont be setting myself up for a fall that way,its the only way to exist peacefully on this forum,otherwise your on a hiding to nothing.

Queen Says:

Finally watching tennis will be a pleasure again. That was a long six months of boring tennis well except Murray winning US Open. Nadal bring the spark with you. I do not care if you win another slam. But I hope you will!

alison Says:

Rafa return to tennis in a few days time which is terrific as a fan,he returns as the underdog,i have no unrealistic expectations,he sounds pretty motivated which is great to here,so it will be interesting to see what happens upon his return,hes already cemented his legacy,as one of the greats of the game,the only thing he has left to prove is to himself,vamos Rafa welcome back.

Giles Says: Rafa fans. Great gesture from Kia. Vamos Rafa! #WelcomeBackKing

alison Says:

Giles thanks for that link.

Everyone is entitled to my opinion Says:

Tennis without Rafa is like watching a film on low battery. He is the spark of tennis and I hope he gets right back to the top asap.

skeezer Says:

“Tennis without Rafa is like watching a film on low battery”

Wow, guess you have a high value of the game of tennis, NOT! No worries, when your loves tennis career is over, I am sure you will get your thrills in the Armani underwear career that will follow. I mean, do you really care about tennis? Pffft!

Yawn. Somehow I think tennis will survive without the tic picker and water bottle straightener…

Giles Says:

Can’t wait for THE KING to get fit and start kicking the Sui’s butt again and again!! #VamosKing

Giles Says:

Check out this video on YouTube:
Rafa fans. Enjoy! Our King will be back soon! Merry Christmas.

alison Says:

Skeezer you are right theres more to watching tennis than Rafa,dont get me wrong it will be great as a fan to have him back playing,but no player is bigger than the game itself.

alison Says:

BTW Giles nice video thanks,even though i cannot stand Maria Carrey or her singing,most deffinetly not in any way, shape or form is this woman the GOAT of music,as she sounds more like a cat been strangled.

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