Grigor Dimitrov: It Was A Great Win Beating Novak, But It Was Only 2nd RD; I Need To Find A Solution For My Cramping
by Tom Gainey | May 8th, 2013, 10:33 am

Maybe the impressive takeaway from Grigor Dimitrov stunning 76, 67, 63 win over Novak Djokovic yesterday at the Mutua Madrid Masters is the 21-year-old’s understanding that there’s still more work to do. Dimitrov acknowledged that earning the biggest win of his young career was a fantastic moment, but the tournament is still ongoing.

“Of course it’s always great to win a match like that,” Dimitrov said after just his third Top 10 win against 19 losses. “Of course he’s the No. 1. Of course it’s a great feeling. But it’s just the beginning of the tournament. It was just second round if you think about it, so just got to get ready for the next matches and make sure that you can do that again.”

Dimitrov also talked about the drama that engulfed that Magic Box late in the second set as he neared the end of the match but was battling cramps.

“He played a great tiebreak, so I couldn’t ‑‑ I mean, I couldn’t do much,” he said. “Obviously I was struggling a bit with cramping here and there. Of course I tried to stay really positive. I believed in myself. I think that was the big sparkle coming into the third set. Well, I had an early break, so I was just trying to hang out there and keep it.”

While Djokovic question the crowds behavior, Dimitrov used it to his advantage.

“Well, I seriously didn’t expect that,” he said the crowd turning his favor. “That was the one thing that of course cheered me up a lot. It was definitely new experience for me, because usually you get that sort of a crowd when you’re playing Davis Cup or something like that. But I guess tonight was also one of these nights that kind of things are going your way and they’re there with you.”

Dimitrov, who also cramped in his tight loss to Rafael Nadal last month in Monte Carlo, also spoke about his physical issues saying they are getting better.

“Today I was better,” he said. “I was not crawling. I mean, let’s face it, it’s getting better. I don’t know. I must say I feel quite good. I was just talking to my team and I said, I feel good. It’s just a few muscles here and there not functioning the right way. Got to find a solution. Stress, I don’t know if it’s stress. I don’t believe in that too much. Maybe. Maybe. Could be.”

Dimitrov will play the winner of Stanislas Wawrinka or Santiago Giraldo tomorrow. The Bulgarian who also has been dating Maria Sharapova turns 22 a week from tomorrow.

Highlights from his big win:

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15 Comments for Grigor Dimitrov: It Was A Great Win Beating Novak, But It Was Only 2nd RD; I Need To Find A Solution For My Cramping

Thomas Says:

Yes Grigor, you DO need a solution to the cramping-and fast. However, based on this match, he has a well rounded game with no major holes. Once he sorts out his cramps and fitness, I think we will see a BIG improvement in his results.

Margot Says:

^ Yes, but as Ben has pointed out, he’s just won a 3 hour tennis match against one of the fittest guys on the tour, can’t be THAT unfit.
Pretty amazing really, because dunno about you, but if I get cramp I have to sit down and cry for a bit…..;)

nadalista Says:

“It’s just a few muscles here and there not functioning the right way. Got to find a solution”

About bloody time too…………


Ben Pronin Says:

^Says the couch potato.

nadalista Says:

@Ben Pronin, seriously bro……are you stalking me? Mmmmmmm, I guess I should be flattered, but……


Wog boy Says:

To have a cramps and then to play third set the way he played … hmmmm? I tend to agree with Ben and Margot.

Wog boy Says:

To add, if you have a cramp, pshysio can make you feel temporary better but only for a short time not for another 45 minutes. The cramp will come back since your body is not resting but working hard. It is enough to watch football (Euoropean one) and after big games if they go to extra time they. start to fall like somebody is shooting them. Body is giving up and there is no help but rest.

skeezer Says:

You can tell the posters that are actual athletes here and the ones that are not. Does it matter to be a fan? No, but it matters If you want to talk cramps! ( unless your talking about the monthly kind ).

Steve 27 Says:

He is only 22, come on, if he want to win great tournaments he has to get used to the suffering, the Americans say: Not pain, no gain.

M Says:

Sometimes if things are out of alignment muscles don’t necessarily fire the right way. I hope he has someone on his team that can help him work that out.

Also, his nutritionist should make sure he’s getting enough magnesium and potassium in case it is down to dehydration. Minerals and electrolytes go out with the sweat, and if he’s going to be taking on the big boys he has to know he’s going to be sweating at this level because as he’s still young & learning, it will take this long to take them out (and less time as he learns to strategize better).

Welcome to the big time, Dimi. Level up.

nadalista Says:

You can tell the posters that have class here and the ones that do not. Does it matter to be a fan? No, but it matters if you have an actual argument to put forward and defend in a civilised manner!

Otherwise you revert to type and throw misogynistic stink bombs in the hope of bullying the “weaker sex” (in your small mind) off the site!

Not happening, hehehehe!

@skeezer, you would really stoop so low as to throw put downs involving women’s menstruation??? My God………..who are you people?

nadalista Says:



nadalista Says:

For those interested in Dimitrov’s tennis, not women’s monthly vaginal secretions, enjoy!

Rsutherland Says:

Nadalista – 1:19
…why? Because as one such as HumbleRafa is recognized on here as a legitimate voice so is the apparently adolescent Skeezer

Michael Says:

This should be more disturbing for Novak. A cramped Dmitrov beating him in the third set. May be, Novak’s ankle problem cropped up for his dismal show. Nevertheless it is a tough loss and it shows that maintaining consistency is even more a tough proposition. I am not sure how Novak will react to this ? But as we know him, he is a true Champion and will bounce back yet again with flying colours. May be this loss will be a blessing in disguise for him ahead of Rolland Garros where Novak wants to win very badly to complete the coveted Grand slam calendar to be ranked along with the legends. He can do it just because he knows he can beat Rafa even on Clay courts which not many players can do or even harbour hope.

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