Serena Williams: I’m A Big Sloane Stephens Fan, I’ll Always Be Rooting For Her
by Tom Gainey | May 8th, 2013, 1:46 pm

Following up on the Sloane Stephens-Serena Williams saga, Serena took the high road in responding to the young American’s comments she made to ESPN The Magazine.

“I’m a big Sloane Stephens fans and always have been,” Serena said after a win Tuesday at the Mutua Madrid Masters. “I’ve always said that I think she can be the best in the world. I’ll always continue to think that and always be rooting for her. So I really just always wish her ‑ and anyone, really, especially from America the best. We don’t have that many American players, so it’s always exciting to see so many young players doing so well.”

In the upcoming ESPN issue, the 20-year-old Stephens lashed out at the tennis great calling her out for not being a friend and a mentor to the rising star. Their relationship seemed to be congenial until this January when Sloane stunned Serena at the Australian Open but is now on ice. The two did play on the same Fed Cup team last month without incident.

Tennis is an individual sport so players don’t have to be nice and supportive to others even if they are from the same country. And in this case it seems Sloane was just not mature enough to keep this kind of “beef” (right or wrong) private.

Under the weight of expectations, Stephens has won just two of her last 10 matches since beating Serena and now she’ll have to deal with this distraction as she tries to get her game back in form for the French Open and Wimbledon.

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10 Comments for Serena Williams: I’m A Big Sloane Stephens Fan, I’ll Always Be Rooting For Her

nadalista Says:

Bulls eye! Take the high road, sister………….

Humble Rafa Says:

Your Humble Highness wants Ms. Sweetie to beat the Big Lady one more time and ask for the similar opinion.

roy Says:

if you’ve followed tennis the last decade+ and still haven’t worked out that the williams sisters, particularly serena, have deplorable characters, some of the worst ever seen in this game, then you’re either a delusional fool or have absolutely no concept of what it means to not be a petulant,idiotic,selfabsorbed,egomaniacal,dishonourable,skanky,vulgar,animalistic monstrosity.
they make sharapova seem bearable.

skeezer Says:


You really love Serena don’t ya? You sure your not a girl? Just sayin….

Here.. just so you know…she may be the Rafa type you described..but she has an awesome wiki that rivals any woman player in the modern game. Warrior, best returner in the men and womens game. Diva, for sure, but never ever count her out in a GS in her prime. Best ever.

Paradox Says:

Sk(boozer)eezer, Serena rather has much more behavioral similarity to Federer.

Cena Says:

What a classy response, Serena. Sloane is young and will be forgiven this foolish mistake (a valuable lesson learned is keep private matters private). I agree, just want to see an American succeed. BTW, where are the guys these days??? Serena has been the sole representative for our country for quite some time now. You go, girl!!

Diane Says:

Wow, I’m a delusional fool. Could explain a lot.

Anna Says:

Sloane has been saying for awhile now that she really hasn’t had a relationship with Serena and that Serena is not now, nor has she ever been her mentor as the media would like everyone to believe. The media makes up stories as they go if they think it will sell copy. I think that Sloane is just trying to set the record straight, which she definitely has done. Unfortunately, she may have overstated her case a bit, which is going to bring out the haters. You know, those who really don’t bother to follow a story, they just spit out the old party line, eg. Skeezer and his tirades against Nadal. Like a fly you can’t swat away fast enough, Skeezers comments are best skipped.

Didimalang Gabolekwe Says:

The young lady should just grow up, she forgot that Serena is still on tour, therefore she cant buy her flowers.She must know that this is tennis and money, she is still celebrating last year’s win while Serena is winning matches.

Anna Says:

Well, In fact Didimalang, the AO was just 4 months ago not last year. I’m pretty sure she knows what game she’s playing (tennis), and I’m not sure what m-o-n-e-y has to do with it. If your going to set a record straight there’s no time like the present. Did you not read Serena’s response? She’s still a Sloane fan, so get over it.

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