It’s Not Looking Like Juan Martin Del Potro Will Play The French Open
by Tom Gainey | May 20th, 2013, 11:33 pm

It’s not looking promising that Juan Martin Del Potro will play next week at the French Open. After losing last week in Rome, the Argentine returned back home to Tandil Friday to undergo further tests on a respiratory viral illness that kept him out of Madrid.

Now, Argentine media is reporting that it’s unlikely he’ll return to Europe to play the French Open.

Maybe the Pope can help?

Still only 24 years of age, Del Potro has missed a lot of playing time for health reasons. But Del Po had played in the last 10 Grand Slams and appeared to be in good shape until this latest issue surfaced last month.

Del Potro would currently be the No. 7 seed at the French Open where last year he battled a knee injury in a 5-set loss to Roger Federer in the quarterfinals.

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31 Comments for It’s Not Looking Like Juan Martin Del Potro Will Play The French Open

harry Says:

That is sad news…

Rumble Says:

Doesn’t really matter much. Delpo has never really regained the form that got him the 2009 USO. He is not a threat to the top 4 in a slam.

Of the top 10 players, doesn’t really matter whether the other 8 play or not – except Nadal and Djokovic.

I really hope we have some new, young surprise finalist at least, if not winner. its gotten really boring to see Nadal moonball the backhand of his rivals to victory over and over and over again on clay.

Michael Says:

When he won the US Open in 2009 beating Nadal and Roger back-to-back, many Tennis analysts were predicting the Del Potro era and he held out much promise. But he has never lived upto his potential with his physical problems troubling him to no ends. He is still young and can realize his potential. But whether he has the grit, will and determination to succeed is the question ??

alison Says:

I love Delpo and i think he has has great potential when hes on hes fantastic to watch,he has beaten Novak and Andy B2B,before loosing to Rafa at IW whom he did trouble for about a set and a half,the same year he beat Roger at the USO,he also came very close against Roger at the FO in 2009,however its a shame he seems so inconsistent lack lustre performances against Chardy at the AO,also Paire last week at Rome,fitness issues seem his undoing alot of the time,and its now almost 4 years since he won that USO,like i say i love the guy but he is the most frustrating player to root for.


I’ve been his avid fan since 2008. After winning the US Open, I was expecting that his career will move to the higher level. But his wrist injury ate his guts and will to win. I am already sick and tired of his excuses after losing important matches. It’s like you are in a roller coaster ride while following him. Sometimes his on top but most of time his at the bottom. I still believe him, but please no more doctore excuses you are so young not bear pains.

alison Says:

To add i think it would be a sad loss if both Delpo and Andy were to pull out of the FO,very dissapointing,seems Stan Wawa is also having fitness issues too,hope they can all overcome their fitness issues and still manage to play.

RZ Says:

^ Alison, agreed. I hope at least Stan makes it to the French, but it’s especially disappointing that DelPo may miss it since he could pull an upset and has done well on the clay in the past. (I’m more interested in Andy doing well at Wimbledon so I’m not as disappointed there.)

BTW, I found it curious that DelPo go on a plane to Argentina to treat his respiratory illness. Wouldn’t being on a long flight make that sort of illness worse?

M Says:

You’re so … cheery, Rumble. You bring a lot to the party.


Best wishes to DelPo for a full and fast recovery.

(RZ – in the press I read, his doctors called for him to return home immediately, so I guess they thought that was the fastest way.)

RZ Says:

Thanks M. I know a big part of recovery is working with doctors who know your history in a comforting environment. I just would think that air travel would make matters worse due to dry, recirculated air and general travel fatigue.

Colin Davis Says:

Delpo should have asked the Pope to magic his illness away. If it worked, Rafa could pay a visit and, if his knees were fixed, the old boy would be well on the way to Sainthood!

Giles Says:

^^^ If you were trying to be funny, you are not. Don’t make fun of injuries and illnesses lest you become a victim one of these days! #Idiot

RZ Says:

Murray has officially pulled out…

Colin Davis Says:

Are you addressing me, Giles? I wasn’t making fun of injuries, I was making fun of the whole business of canonisation. Now that IS funny!

Wog boy Says:

This what one poster is saying:
Giles Says:
^^^ If you were trying to be funny, you are not. Don’t make fun of injuries and illnesses lest you become a victim one of these days! #Idiot

May 21st, 2013 at 1:39 pm

He had guts to post this after this respond to Andrea about where is Soderling:

andrea Says:
where is robin soderling when you need him? time for another upset at the french!

May 19th, 2013 at 3:58 pm

Giles Says:
^^^ He is too ill after the battering he received the following year

May 19th, 2013 at 4:01 pm

If he is calling another poster idiot (which didn’t make a joke about injury, btw) what name he deserves?

Rumble Says:


I didn’t know you thought you were in a party.

I guess you don’t like facts.

Boy, am I looking to see some new faces show up. Mens tennis has become BORING. the top 4, top 10 has largely been the same for so many years. they are all old. results are predictable. Its like women’s tennis – BORING.

Will this be the year a new face breaks out? 2003 was the year Fed suddenly broke through.

1993 was the year Sampras came through.

will 2013 be the next year for the next great champion?

Rumble Says:

As for Delpo – he’s no spring chicken either. pushing 25. Big man with long history of injuries. Doesn’t look like he will come back to his 2009 form again.

Murray, pushing 26, chronic back problem.

Nadal, 27, chronic knee problems.

Ferrer, 31.

Federer, pushing 32.

Tsonga, Berdych, 28.

Gasquet, Stan, I think 28?

Where are the Beckers of 1985???

Okiegal Says:

Then there’s Joker with a bad ankle….has everybody given up on Baby Fed already??

contador Says:

I have always been a defender and supporter of Delpo but I don’t know now about him; sort of leaning towards Rumble’s point of view on him.

@Okiegal – baby Fed or mr. sharapova has trouble with cramps in the best of three set matches. He appears on the brink of a big breakthrough and then disappoints. I think the jury is still out. I’ll wait and see how he does this summer. He is 22, which is not too over the hill is it Rumble? :D

Colin Davis Says:

Rumble, the results of the whole Top Ten are predictable? Only when you are considering finals. The earlier rounds nowadays are not predictable.

It’s funny how people regard their entertainment. Take the cinema. In the days when traditional Westerns were popular, the audiences went along regularly, despite the fact that they knew pretty well what the plot would be. The same applies to musicals, horror movies, or any other kind of pic. We know what’s going to happen but we enjoy watching it happen.
Why not enjoy the tennis the top ten are playing, irrespective of who wins? There is still variety enough. Tsonga doesn’t play like Ferrer. Murray doesn’t play like Federer. Gulbis can play brilliantly for a set, so never mind who wins the match – enjoy that set.

Rumble Says:

Sport is not just entertainment. May be it is for you Colin.

Its too predictable now – just like women’s tennis.

Wog boy Says:

^^^ No, it is not … when Nole plays ..
My GP is making more money from me, thanks to Nole.

Wog boy Says:

^^ No, it is not (predictable) …

Margot Says:

Lol Wog Boy, at least the good news of Andy withdrawing from RG is that the bill for my alcohol/tranquilliser pills will sharply decline :)

harry Says:

@Wog boy, Colin, Rumble, Conty —

My two cents: I am not sure predictability is that boring.

Would it be interesting if somebody won the same GS tourney 2 years in a row and then a new player won it? Definitely not… Case in point: the FO in the late 90s. Personally (although I am not a Rafa fan) I think the FO (and clay) is far more interesting & exciting now because of Rafa and his phenomenal accomplishments on that surface.

Because he is the ultimate benchmark on clay [as Fed was on Grass & USO for a few years, and as Nole is on AO now — to slightly lesser extents], I am excited about this FO despite its predictability; I want to see if somebody [hope it is Nole] can perform the ultimate conquest (of beating Rafa at FO). If they don’t, then hats off once again to Rafa and we will watch him become an even bigger legend on clay. His feats surely will not repeat for the next several decades! And that in itself makes Rafa winning FO exciting to me [even if I would prefer somebody scaling the Rafa-summit].

Zooming out a bit and getting back to predictability in other GS: the top 4 have such a grip on GS that the argument that I made in the previous paragraph [although specifically for FO] applies to other GS too. For example, it is interesting to see if somebody new can break through the formidable top-4 wall [at the other GS too]. If they don’t, it is still exciting to see four players dominating to this extent. Has only happened once before, right? The previous foursome, Connors/Borg/McEnroe/Lendl, were before my time — so win or lose, i like this bunch :) Ajde predictability!

Steve 27 Says:

Rumble is a boring person!

thark Says:

Anyone who thinks men’s tennis is boring and predictable hasn’t been watching tennis for many years. These guys are incredible – enjoy them while you can. All of their careers will end soon enough and contrary to what many assume, there is no guarantee that the current level of play will be maintained in the next generation.

Colin Davis Says:

Rumble – Sport is not just entertainment? What else is it, then? For the actual player it is more, of course, but that’s not what you’re saying.

As one can see from the behavior of some football fans, sport often fills a deep psychological need, and fans identify with their heroes to a sad and pathetic extent. That phenomenon, however, says more about the fan than it does about the sportsman or the sport.

Colin Davis Says:

Anyway, we now know – Delpo has withdrawn from the French Open. He is suffering from a virus. Wouldn’t it be ironic if he picked it up when he visited the Vatican? That’s quite possible, as he’d have been mingling with a lot of people, and that seems to be the way players get infections when they are on the Tour.

alison Says:

Colin Davis great post especially the last sentence,when some fans think that one player is that fanatical or thinks any sportsperson is bigger than the sport itself,i think sadly i have to say that person has to be lacking something in the real world,IMO hero worshipping that goes way OTT.

Rumble Says:

Colin – you sound like Serena Williams. Its an indictment of women’s tennis that she can win so easily.

And Steve27 – you sure seem to specialize in delusion, if you feel you know me well enough to say I am boring. Don’t get your panties in a bunch – we are all making comments about tennis and tennis players, stick to that.

And yes, I find Nadal’s game boring. And so do the majority of tennis fans. Live with it.

Aon Says:

^^^ lol.

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