Novak Djokovic Hosts Star-Studded Gala In London [Video]
by Tom Gainey | July 9th, 2013, 11:11 am

A day after suffering a tough loss to Andy Murray in the Wimbledon final, World No. 1 Novak Djokovic hosted his inaugural London auction Monday night for his Novak Djokovic Foundation.

Among those in attendance for the charity event which raised 1,200,000 GBP to support disadvantaged children in Serbia were Kate Hudson, Naomi Campbell, Boris Becker, Ron Wood and Goldie Hawn.

Djokovic’s girlfriend Jelena Ristic also was there by his man who gave her a nice nod thanking her for her dedication to the Foundation. “Love is the greatest driving force in my life, it can create miracles,” Djokovic said.

The event was held in north London at the The Roundhouse, which was transformed into a tennis themed gala dinner.

“The Foundation’s vision is to raise awareness of disadvantaged young people in Serbia and around the world, especially those who’ve had fewer opportunities to reach their full potential. With the help of my friends, family and supporters, I hope we can raise the much needed funds required to make a difference to the lives of these young children,” said Djokovic.

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26 Comments for Novak Djokovic Hosts Star-Studded Gala In London [Video]

Bada Bing Says:

Thanks for posting this!
Great turnout for his wonderful foundation. I would have loved to get that Ron Wood guitar for myself. Love Branson and love me some Novak.

metan Says:

Nole is cool. It is really touched me whenever I read all these young tennis player contributed something for others who are in needed . Great Job Nole . May your good deed will be blessed and be remembered always.

Michael Says:

Tennis is privileged to have such Stars in its horizon who think much above the game. Roger showed them the way and now we have Rafa, Novak and Andy who are living up as role models for the youngsters to emulate. I am proud about this sport which hosts such great players as well as fine human beings. Even after a defeat if Novak who obviously would have been extremely disappointed, shrugs that aside and cares to raise funds for his foundation which is doing yeomen service to the society, then it is really a commendable effort. All the best to Novak. I am sure he learns more from defeat than victories and he will make a come back strongly.

bojana Says:

I see the sadness on Your face but Your heart is so big and makes You the biggest winner,THE BEST MAN.

Thank You NOLE

Peter Hermann Says:

Thank you Andy for wiping the smile off his face. Could not have been a better ending!

Tennis x hippy chic Says:

I have to say i disagree,in that i dont agree with the rich and famous been regarded as good roll models for which the young should emulate,shouldnt the young be emulating a parent,Aunt,Sister etc,or better still why not just be yourself,and find your own way in life,the whole celebrity foundation thing is something which annoys the hell out of me anyway,i see what they are doing and its all noteworthy i suppose,but do we have to make such a fuss over it.

Ty Says:


I respect your opinion on the matter; but would only like to offer a perpendicular perspective on the hero. SOME* (and this asterisk is large)celebrities, especially athletes, (IMO) are in possession of the inner drive and will to succeed in whatever they wish to accomplish; moreso than the regular ‘civilian’ – parent, aunt, sister, etc. Sure, these paragons of family and support are able to pick themselves up and carry themselves through the every-day grind of things, but lack the ‘unique’ characteristic of chasing a dream far past the ordinary threshold and flipping the grind into the story of themselves and their lives.

This, (separate from media hype – the ruiner of all things holy) is what we all chase in our lifetimes – whether we choose to admit it or not. To be willing to take the chance, make the gamble, and fulfill the dreams spawned as young men and women.

It’s never easy to rise to the top of anything. If you need proof, realize all the time passing while we sit in tiny rooms, typing to no one, not volunteering our time but to empty rooms. Knowing we could all be doing something. These athletes, what do they do during such downtimes: they get up. They move. They do. So why shouldn’t they be glorified?

Ty Says:

If we’re to go with Camus’ existential conclusion in The Stranger, that life is the meaning of life. I dont know why I popped in here. Meaningless. Ha.

grendel Says:

I find there is much to agree with in both X hippy chic’s post and Ty’s.

Straddling the fence, arms pulled in opposing directions – aaaaah!

Tennis x hippy chic Says:

Haha Grendel thankyou.

grendel Says:

Correction to post at 7.33
For “aaaaah!” read “aaargh!”

After all, the first hints at bliss, the second suggests possible torment.

suzette Says:

Peter Hermann, if that is all you take away from this thread is glee in someone else’s loss, you are a dolt. This is about helping people less fortunate but I guess in your zealous gloating, you forgot what it is to be charitable.

harry Says:

Wog Boy, mat4, jane?

Tennis x hippy chic Says:

Harry Wogboy said he was taking a break till the American HC swing i believe,Mat4 has personal issues as his father has cancer and hasnt got long left,Jane ran into a bully whom didnt believe she was a true Nole fan,she hasnt posted since before the final,this poster bullied many posters whom dared to have a difference of opinion,although i dont know if this is the reason shes not posting?but its sad all the same :(..

TennisZod Says:

Jane is a true No1e fan.

the DA Says:

@ harry – Wog Boy did appear shortly after the final and mat4 has a personal family matter. However, I’m starting to worry about Jane. she doesn’t normally disappear even after losses. Hope she’s okay.

Tennis x hippy chic Says:

The DA Jane was bullied quite a lot by a certain poster,i hope its just a short break,its most unlike Jane i agree,and to add she might be a diehard Nole fan,but she would still be happy as Murray is her second favorite anyway,most strange hmmm.

Kimberly Says:

I asked mat4 before the match if he would be disappearing and as someone else said before me he said he had a personal family matter and would be around but sporadic. Yes, the Jane bullying was a shame. What would be more of a shame would be if we lost a good poster because of a few clowns.

the DA Says:

@ hippy chic/Kimberly – Oh I missed that instance. It must have been quite bad for her to stay away. I’m sad about that because she is probably the most good-natured poster here.


Michael Says:


What is the wrong in appreciating what they are doing ? They are not politicians who are here to harvest votes, but sports personalities and it is extremely soothing to learn that they can rise above the demands of the sport and do something useful to the society at large. We have to accord our appreciation where it deserves. I think Tennis is today in a Golden Age and secured in the right hands. The fantastic four have lived up as role models for the youngsters to emulate. I have never seen such bonhomie and respect between players as it exists today and moreover we have rarely seen Tennis players indulge in philanthrophy. What the earlier generation did was all to only participate in a host of exhibitions to earn even more. It is good that the current one have been trend setters to view life differently and not fixated their attention just on the sport and the money that it revolves.

harry Says:

@theDA and hippy chic:

Thanks for the info. I am sad for mat4.

Tennis x hippy chic Says:

Michael quite right there is nothing wrong in appreciating what they are doing,i just find the whole celebrity culture of promoting charities rather tiresome sportstars or otherwise,if they chose to do this fine i have nothing against it,i just dont see why we have to make a song and dance about it with all the back slapping appreciation that goes with it,millions of people donate to charities everyday so what? also i have never looked to the rich and famous as roll models my late parents were always my roll models,and for me it has always been a natural instinct to help those in need anyway,there is nothing wrong with it,but its not something i care make a big deal about,when they are not playing tennis my interest in what they do off a tennis court is pretty much nil and void anyway,there lives and mine are poles apart,lets just say that you have your opinion and i have mine,my two cents.

Tennis x hippy chic Says:

Harry yeah me too,i know what hes going through,and can only wish him and his family all the best :(..

Michael Says:


From your reply, I infer that you hate the publicity that accompanies charity. That point is well taken and it has merit. But the Foundations nurtured by Roger,Rafa and Novak have been doing yeomen service to the public at large without much publicity. May be there are some aberrations but that cannot be taken as a macro view. It is good that you consider your late Parents as role models and this only goes to show the amount of respect you have towards them. As regards natural instinct acting as an agent to help others. Well, you cannot extrapolate it to be a universal phenomenon. There are many kinds of people in this World. Some are large hearted and many are frugal minded. Character differs from individual to individual. Ofcourse, we enjoy their heroics on Tennis courts, but it is also good that they step into something beyond the courts and endear themselves to the society at large. That is a quality which needs to be admired, adored and preserved. I hope the youngsters take leaf out of this and emulate these Super Stars who have set an exemplary example as to how to lead a life.

Tennis x hippy chic Says:

Michael hmmm ok,but i dont think hosting a gala studded evening is hardly keeping it quiet,its all noteworthy i suppose blahdy blah,ill agree to disagree,no offence.

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