Roger Federer Wins In Debut With New Racquet, Say He’s Satisfied With Its Performance
by Staff | July 17th, 2013, 7:13 pm

In his debut with a larger 98 square inch racquet, Roger Federer eased passed Daniel Brands 3-6, 6-3, 6-2 in 86 minutes in the round at the clay Hamburg Open. After the match Federer was quizzed on how his new racquet held up.

“I’m pleased how it’s playing,” said Federer who had long used a 90 square inch frame. “I kind of knew it from practice, so it wasn’t like just jumping into the water, but I’m very happy that under match conditions I was feeling comfortable with it. I’m satisfied.

“I’ve been very close on numerous occasions to change racquets in a bigger way,” he added. “But then very often, time was the issue. Maybe also just the records of Grand Slams – I was always keeping on playing quarters and semis – so then it was also a bit more difficult to change it because of the time.

“This time around, all of a sudden I just had the extra 10 days, two weeks I was looking for, and I really was very serious about it. Wilson flew to Switzerland and we went through the whole process and I was very happy how things went over there.”

Federer admitted that he decided to make the change after his shock second round loss to Sergiy Stalhovsky at Wimbledon. “I’m happy I did the change and now we’ll see how it goes. So far, so good.”

Federer did drop the opening set to Brands who pushed Rafael Nadal at the French, but the 4-time tournament champion quickly swept the next two sets.

“I think it was good for me to have a tough match like this and come through at the end,” said Federer. “Clearly these kind of matches are always important, especially losing the first set makes things difficult. You’re not allowed to make many more unforced errors in crucial moments and I was able to come through and play better as the match went on. That’s always encouraging for the next round.”

Federer is playing Hamburg and next week Gstaad after poor results thus far this year have left him short in the matches played department. Federer’s win today was just his 28th of 2013, and that doesn’t event rank him in the Top 10 in terms of wins this season.

Next for Federer is qualifier Jan Hajek who upset Ernests Gulbis in three sets.

Also today, German favorite and Federer friend Tommy Haas won in three sets over qualifier Blaz Kavcic. Wimbledon semifinalist Jerzy Janowicz was a winner as was recent titlist Fabio Fognini.

“I think my opponent was a bit nervous, playing in front of a packed house here, but in the second set he got an early break and started serving much better and started playing much better tennis,” said the 35-year-old Haas. “It was a tough, fought-out match in the end, so I got lucky a little bit in the end to have won.”

Tomorrow Janowicz meets Fernando Verdasco while Haas faces Carlos Belocq who beat Verdasco on Sunday to win the Gstaad title.


CENTER COURT start 11:00 am
[5] J Monaco (ARG) vs [9] B Paire (FRA)
G Garcia-Lopez (ESP) vs [3] N Almagro (ESP)
C Berlocq (ARG) vs [2] T Haas (GER)
[1] [WC] R Federer (SUI) vs [Q] J Hajek (CZE)
Not Before 6:20 PM
[11] F Lopez (ESP) vs F Mayer (GER)

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30 Comments for Roger Federer Wins In Debut With New Racquet, Say He’s Satisfied With Its Performance

Rogerisclass Says:

congrats Roger. good luck.

I love you.

autoFilter Says:

First of all, let me make clear that while I did watch the match, I was multitasking at the time and was able to give it nowhere near my full attention. I would not personally say, though, that Roger “eased” past Brands. He certainly seized control of the match after the first, but even then it wasn’t exactly uncompetitive.

My overall impression was that he is not yet quite swinging freely with the new racquet, which is totally understandable if not entirely expected. My recollection is that many of his deeper shots had a lot of air to them, for example, rather than being devastatingly direct in trajectory. To my eyes this seemed to stem from maybe holding back due to being unaccustomed to the extent of power generated, but I sure don’t have any certainty there.

I really wish I could’ve given more of my focus to the match… I remember him seeming to easily (once all was said and done) make a few gets low on the backhand side near the baseline that I did not necessarily expect him to handle, and those (to me) were noteworthy.

As a fan, I am optimistic about this move. I hope that he can find his groove with and leverage any advantage this new tech offers him sooner rather than later. And, as others have noted, it does lend confidence that he is not kidding around when he says he doesn’t intend to leave the tour any time in the immediate future.

Michael Says:

I would say it was a tricky first round and Roger handled it very well. We know the quality of Brands who gave a fright to Rafa at Rolland Garros. Infact it is a real puzzle as to why he is ranked so low and vanishes in the first round of most tournaments with the kind of a counter puncher he is and the razor sharp serve. But life is a mystery and so is sports. Roger is adjusting to his new racquet and he might require some more time to set right his game. If he wins the Hamburg tournament, it might give him tremendous confidence going forward. Let us wait and watch how Roger handles the heat ??

gannu Says:

A man who has won so much..still has the desire to improve and win more and realises that others have caught up..amazed at my feddy bear’s desire levels which I have questioned time and again…

He is a very proud man…Cant see himself being relegated out of the top 4 and wants to prove to all his critics that HE still has it in him

Hope it works fgor him like it did for novak..there could be some tough losses to begin with though…

metan Says:

@ gannu

That’s one thing from Roger that I like the most.
With this win hope he gains more confident.

James Says:

First time watching Fed with the new racquet. Just as I expected he isn’t as accurate with his shots as he was with the earlier racquet. More power means a little less control. He isn’t hitting as deep as he usually did with the earlier one. Understandable. You don’t wanna hit the ball long all the time. It’s gonna take him some time to be comfortable with the new one. Even then I don’t think he’ll be as accurate with his shots as he was with the earlier racquet. But his BH should have more fire power now. Another plus could be his serve. Could be a little faster now.

El Flaco Says:

The new racquet has hurt Fed’s 1st serve and forehand which are his 2 biggest weapons. We will obviously see over the next month if he can assimilate the trampoline effect of a larger head size into his game. I think it has helped his 2nd serve because he is getting a little more action on the ball especially his kick serve on the ad side. His drop shots and slice look the same as before.

Humble Rafa Says:

I wonder why he didn’t switch to “Head”. We all know getting a new head fixes most problems.

sienna Says:

#Ace in the hole
From here on he will get back to #1.


TGIT Says:

HR you can do better.

Kimberly Says:

Serena Williams won best female athlete and best female tennis player at the ESPYS. Djokovic won best male tennis player.

Best male athlete-Lebron James.

Wog boy Says:


That is strange since we were told by some knowledgeable Rafa fans and Sean, after Wimbledon, that Andy is the best player in the world. Mind you, I haven’t seen any of Andy fans (Margot, the DA, Colin, racquet …) that I respect very much and I mean it, saying that Andy is the best in the world. They are special breed of fans, cheers to them.

Nice take on this matter from the other forum:

“Novak had just won the ESPYS award (voted by fans) for the best male tennis player. He won it over Andy Murray, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.
I was so surprised by this because in a year that the top 4 accomplished almost the same, I thought the Olympic Gold and even the recent Wimbledon win would be a huge difference. And if it was not, the fans had to vote for it, and usually Fedal won all the competitions where fans had to vote for it. Btw, Nole was the only tennis player that didn’t ask his fans on twitter or facebook to vote for him, but he still won
Oh, and I almost forgot, he came second in the best international athlete category (won by Usain Bolt). Which mean he got more votes than Messi and Ronaldo.”

BTW, I was just passing by and popped in to say hello to nice posters on TX (they know who they are) and my Nole fans, if there is any left on TX. I don’t know if the hunting season on Nole fans on TX is still open. We are becaming extinct on TX.

Polo Says:

I am just curious, do people really care for the ESPY awards?

dari Says:

Polo- I don’t know, but my gut answer to your question is ” no, not really” but its fun to watch athletes get cleaned up, robin Roberts tribute was touching/inspiring, and I’m not sure LeBron coulda been any more charming and sweet as he was last night

James Says:

Congratulations, Wog Boy! Sounds like it means a lot to some. Btw, I follow both Rafa and Roger onTwitter and FB and didn’t see them asking fans to vote for them. I’d be surprised if either of them did that.
Novak has been the most consistent player last two years, no doubt. But if you ask me, I’d take a US Open, Olympic gold and Wimbledon over Australian Open and #1 ranking. Right now Murray holds two slams and olympic gold medal.

“he came second in the best international athlete category (won by Usain Bolt). Which mean he got more votes than Messi and Ronaldo.”

Well deserved! I’m happy he got more votes than Messi and Ronaldo in the best international athlete category. It means tennis players are getting (nearly) as much attention as their soccer/football counterparts.

“I don’t know if the hunting season on Nole fans on TX is still open. We are becaming extinct on TX.”

Nah! You guys take Novak’s losses a bit too personal or something. Novak loses a Slam final/semi final and most of you disappear. I’m sure when/if Novak wins the Rogers Cup, Novak fans like yourself will keep posting on TX again.

James Says:

Look at us Rafa fans and Roger fans, our guys couldn’t even make it to the second week of Wimbledon and yet we haven’t gone into hiding;)

Bad Knee Rules Says:

Right now Murray holds two slams and olympic gold medal.

Right now Novak holds one slam, WTF, three masters, two GS finals, one GS semifinal, two 500 … that is called consistency, playing twelve months around on ALL surfaces, no pick and choose.

N. Djokovic(SRB) 12,310
A. Murray(GBR) 9,360

metan Says:

@ James at!!!

metan Says:

@ wog boy.

Congratulations for Nole and all his fans. HE DESERVES IT.

Brando Says:

@James: spot on! IF Novak wins on the USO series you can bet on everything that Novak fans will come out of hiding and gloat ridiculously. A disappointing loss for him and it adios to staying aroud here and facing the music. It’s simple really: they are there for the glory and do not have the stomach to bear the hard times. I mean: exactly where the hell have they disappeared off to? Not even a peep from them right now. LMFAO: look at fedal fans: early butt whupping for their fav and they are still around. I think Novak fans need to man up and stick around for all: NOT just the glory! It makes them look like glory supporters!

courbon Says:

Roger lives tennis. He knows that he is not force as he use to be but loves plays tennis and still improves. You can only have a respect for that guy.Also his character mellowed and like him more as a person…
…and Rafa with HC season? You have to be a fool to dismiss him for No1 ranking. He will go hard for the hunt of No1 ( he is a natural born hunter!) and it all depends how Andy and Novak keep up-little slip and Rafa will win tournaments. Exciting times ahead, whoever you support, can rule out anything. Usually I have athought who will win US Open but this time? Can’t say it..Delpo? Murray? Novak? Rafa? or somebody else (Fed,Jerzy?) Rogers Cup will shows us bit more where we are standing…

sienna Says:

#1 like
#natural born hunter

Allthoseyears hunting down Federer might pay of in reclaiming##1 spot.

But he is a terrible #1.
Meaning that he cannot handle pressure well when in front.
That is why rafahas not enetered # top 5 ranking off all time players. Whit his 12 slam he did enter top 10.

Tennis x hippy chic Says:

JJ retired in his match against Verdasco,a set and 4-0 down i believe,Verdasco seems to have had a new lease of life as a tennis player just lately,hope it continues.

Tennis x hippy chic Says:

Wogboy nice to see you posting again,and congrats to Nole and fans on his award,much deserved as he has been the most consistent player for the past couple of years.

Tennis x hippy chic Says:

James/Brando on the contrary,i dont think fans dissapearing is in anyway exclusive to only Nole fans,in fact i dont think its exclusive to any particular fan group,sometimes fans like to take a break for their own personal reasons,they maybe have issues in the real world,im sure we all have at some point.

madmax Says:

I think that Murray is the best player in the world right now, after having won 3 major events in 12 months…USOPEN, OLYMPICS AND WIMBLEDON. Surely he has to be?

It’s going to be a real fighting rivalry between rafa and novak…over the next 12 months…Rafa and Roger are still in the mix – but i think these two are incredible right now with their strength and power in the game and particularly Novak with his gymnastics!

I have never seen anything like this on the court!

madmax Says:

and you know, seeing delpo…there was one shot he played against novak in particularly, completely insane. It was so fast from the corner of the court, and hit at such an angle, really mindblowing, something like 120 mph am certain of that, and this was mid game, not a serve!

If only delpo could move a little better on the court. I really enjoy watching him play though. For me, he is such a gentleman, a gentle giant of the game.

madmax Says:

I meant fighting rivalry between murray nd novak!

Tennis x hippy chic Says:

Madmax Andy and Novak match up well against each other,and Andy is no longer playing 2nd fiddle when he faces Novak or the other top players any more,im not saying Andy will beat Novak everytime they face off in a final,but there matches are now 50/50,Andy believes he can beat Novak now unlike before,this is all new teritory for Novak,Andy has the game thats rattling Novak now.

Kimberly Says:

its a nice award. Not the biggest deal in the world but very nice to have and a statement of the athletes achievement.

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