Rafael Nadal Hit This Scorcher Of A Shot Against Ryan Harrison Monday [Video]
by Tom Gainey | August 27th, 2013, 9:41 am

Fan favorite Rafael Nadal put in his entry for 2013 Shot of the Year with this incredible slicing reply to a Ryan Harrison overhead yesterday in the first round at the US Open.

The shot took place in the first game on the match. Nadal broke Harrison on the next point and stayed ahead of the American in an easy straight set win.

Rafa, who won the US Open in 2010 but missed it last year, will play the Dutra Silva-Pospisil winner in the second round. The World No. 2 is 16-0 on hardcourts this year with three titles at Indian Wells, Canada and Cincinnati.

Early in his career, Roger Federer hit a similar shot against another brash American, Andy Roddick, at Basel:

Which one is better, Federer’s or Nadal’s?

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35 Comments for Rafael Nadal Hit This Scorcher Of A Shot Against Ryan Harrison Monday [Video]

skeezer Says:

Tom-Video links have been removed fyi

Giles Says:

^^^ Video link is in place.
What a shot indeed!!
Vamos Rafa!

Nirmal Kumar Says:

Though both shots were good, I think Roger’s was a much tougher one. His positioning on court was much further and the balls trajectory was much higher in Roger’s case which makes it like a miraculous shot.

gonzalowski Says:

Nirmal, Rafa is clearly further than Roger in these videos.
Both shots are incredible, for me Nadal’s point is better.

And it was in the 1st game… his knees must be ok!

Purcell Says:

Thanks for showing both Tom. As I was watching Nadal/Harrison I was immediately reminded of Roger’s effort which I regard as the most phenomenal shot on record. Fed’s elevation, mid-air balletic and athletic poise, and the height at which he hits the ball with a far less technologically advanced racquet are all evident despite the deteriorating quality of the film. Andy’s tolerant acceptance of his smart-ass opponent’s shot and Roger’s equal measures of pleasure and embarrassment make for an amusing scenario.

Tennis x Hippy Chic Says:

Both are phenomenal,i couldnt actually choose between the two,i just feel that would be direspectfull towards one player,whos the greatest ever male singles player to pick up a tennis racket,and the other whos one of the greatest ever male singles players to pick up a tennis racket,it just wouldnt be fair IMO.

M Says:

FEDAL is the best.


Alex Says:

Feds is best for Fed fans, Nadals is best for Nadal fans. Lets leave it at that, lol.

paradox Says:

I feel that Nadal`s shot is better,but both are really incredible.

hawkeye Says:

Mmmm, IMO Nadal’s shot is about 2.1 times better than Fed’s but I may be a tad biased where Rafa is concerned.


Ben Pronin Says:

They’re similar but slightly different.

Nadal was definitely anticipating the shot but his timing is incredible. Harrison hit hte ball hard.

With Federer’s, Roddick sorta reaction smashed it and it flew up. Federer, surprisingly, had a bit of time to get there.

Let’s say Federer’s is better since he was the original :)

Steve 27 Says:

Well, the similarity is that they do against two americans. Vamos!

Faleye o kehinde Says:

Both Nadal and Federer are greatan,the shots were incredible, period.

Dc Says:

Rafael is moving side wards, Roger is moving both side wards and backwards while hitting the shot. Also Roger has a very small area through which he can hit the shot- the ball is outside the court when it crosses the net and passes next to roddick and then suddenly dips into the court. Rafael has a large part of the court open to which he directs his shot.

Clearly Rogers’s shot was awesome and Nadal did a great job too.

skeezer Says:


“Let’s say Federer’s is better since he was the original”


Rafa is a good copy cat, but he is no Federer( it was laughable when Rafa repeatedly has tried the famous Fed tweener, no? If you want to start comparing Feds highlight shotmaking vs Rafa’s , I am ready to do battle there. Rafa is a big fail in that dept. compared to the Maestro.


Michael Says:

The way he played against Harrison should give goose bumbs to the rest of the lot. I think Rafa played some outrageous shots which were not in Tennis book. Ofcourse he is not graceful as Roger when he hits those shots, but they are quite effective. Poor Harrison literally had no clue as to how to play this marauding mayhemist. As a result, even a good player as he was, appeared like a novice on stage. With the way, Rafa is playing, he is even more solidfying his position as the favourite to win the title. I am not sure if anybody can stop him in such a kind of form ? May be Novak can do it. But he has to reach that stage to make him counted. I hope for a Novak Vs Rafa finals and not an Andy Vs Rafa which might be a lot one sided in my opinion.

Nirmal Kumar Says:

For those who think Rafa is not a great shotmaker, has to re-watch his matches against Roger himself. But for me the greatest would be Roger till now.

Nirmal Kumar Says:

gonzalowski — i’m not sure if it’s worth debating, but one thing about this shot which amazed me for many years is how Roger hit it when he was moving backwards and not sidewards. Basically he was looking at the crowd when he hit the shot and has very little visibility of court from that position.

Also Roddick was at the net even before the shot was hit, whereas for Rafa he has more open court to play with.

Eric Says:

Rafa — great shot, not sure how he did that even after watching the video a few times. (Does this make it a “Federer Moment” a la DFW?) But Harrison needs to learn shot placement.

Rick Says:

Rooferer sucks! He is not on the run!

Perfect fan Says:

There is one guy who could beat nadal in nadal’s Qtr..
U guessed wrong..not Federer..
It is “Monfils”..don’t laugh yet. I m serious.

He is one guy who could be the very best on one moment..and then utter sh!t the next moment. Very-very unpredictable. Perhaps the most on tour. But if he is pumped of..facing the current hottest player…I won’t be surprised if nadal is walking past the exit gates first.

But then, all said, he has to get past isner first where he may screw up pretty easily..no doubt he is no more in top 10 or 20. But a fantastic entertainer, never the less.

Alex Says:

Oh shut up! Rick-a-Prick.

Tennis x Hippy Chic Says:

Michael and Alex make great points IMO,like Alex says Rogers fans will like Rogers the best,and Rafa fans will like Rafas the best,and like Michael says Roger does his shots with more grace,but Rafa has done some really brilliant shots of his own,i loved his tweener lob a couple of years ago against Nole i think it was at Rome,both are amazing players,both do amazing shots,lets leave it at that,seems whenever both are mentioned in the same breath,it always ends in both fan groups bickering with each other.

Michael Says:


“Both do amazing shots. Let’s leave it at that”

A one liner which should end the acrimony once for all.

Rick Says:

Rooferer was lucky!

Tennis x Hippy Chic Says:

Michael yeah but somehow i wont hold my breath,the tit for tit arguments get rather childish sometimes.

hawkeye Says:

Isner or LaMonf will be tricky for Rafa. He will have to play his best to have chances to win, no?

Too bad he didn’t get Fed’s practise draw section.

According to Fed fans, only majors count, no? So, Rafa’s shot must be better because it was at a major.


skeezer Says:

“According to Fed fans, only majors count, no?”

There ya go makin up sh!t again. No, other titles records matter also, its just that Slams are well known to be the most important.


MMT Says:


In case the link doesn’t work properly, go to the 26th second.

Ben Pronin Says:

MMT, it’s from those squash playing days.

Nirmal Kumar Says:

Do not forget the overhead Roger hit against Novak in 2008 semis. He hit a overhead lob, which was crazy.

Tennisfan Says:

Roger makes it look better because of his more graceful movement. Rafa’s shot was tougher to execute though

metan Says:

This famous shot was repeated by Rafa against Phillip. Awesome!!! So far he has made 2 great shots at this tournament.

Giles Says:

@metan. You can expect some more great shots from the Great Rafael Nadal!!
Vamos Rafa!

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