Andy Murray Has Returned To Practice, But He Can’t Feel His Legs Now!
by Tom Gainey | November 21st, 2013, 9:22 am

Wimbledon champion Andy Murray has returned to practice. The 26-year-old missed the last two months of the tennis season, including the London Finals, to recover from back surgery in September, but began practicing yesterday in his second home of Miami.

“Sun is shining, back on the courts, today is a good day… — at Crandon Park Tennis Center,” Murray wrote on Facebook.

Andy Murray facebook

murray facebook

However, Murray joked afterward that the workout left him in physical distress.

The Scot was expected to play in an exhibition in Barbados later this month, but according to reports from Britain the event has been canceled unlrelated to Murray’s health. While his January 2014 schedule is uncertain (Abu Dhabi, Doha), he remains intent on playing the Australian Open.

Murray finished 2013 ranked No. 4 with four titles including Wimbledon. His last match was leading Great Britain back into the Davis Cup World Group with two singles wins over Croatia in mid September.

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24 Comments for Andy Murray Has Returned To Practice, But He Can’t Feel His Legs Now!

Ben Pronin Says:

I don’t know how Murray, or anyone for that matter, plays at Crandon Park Tennis Center. There are a bunch of trees next to some of the outside courts that are home to some of the most monstrous mosquitoes I’ve ever encountered.

Kimberly, you go there often, right? How do they get rid of the mosquitoes??

the DA Says:

Great to see him back on court. That looks like a full on session. A good sign.

I think (hope) he’s just messing around with the “can’t feel my legs”. It’s also a quote from The Usual Suspects, which is one of his favorite movies.

SG1 Says:

Yup. Nice to see Andy out there again. His role in next year’s season will be interesting to watch. I have no idea what to expect from him. It would be cool if he could make a run in Paris and begin to close in on his career slam.

SG1 Says:

I think the AO will be too early for him to make an impact on the top guys. I think he’ll find his tennis legs in the hardcourt season after the AO.

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

I cannot wait to see Andy back playing tennis again,it really cant come soon enough for me,it was amazing to see a home favorite winning Wimbledon,then he sadly got derailed,he also has the game that matches up well and rattles Novak,and hes not a mental midget anymore,or the GS whipping boy,i would love for Andy and Rafa to be on opposite sides of the draw,for a possibity of a potential 1st meeting in a GS final at the AO next year,but for now welcome back Andy.

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Agree with SG1 i think a career GS is a possibility for Andy i could see him winning the AO,the only GS i would question for him would be the FO,as hes never done that great on clay.

Sirius Says:

“hes never done that great on clay”

i wonder why. Hes got all the shots, he has the ability to get through longer rallies. He plays well on slower courts (e.g. miami). I’m no tennis specialist but i don’t see any big reason why he can’t do well on clay. Movement on the dirt perhaps?

RZ Says:

Welcome back Andy! I hope his training goes well. There’s an AO title with his name on it…assuming he gets through 7 matches. :-)

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

RZ maybe we can get Jamie to align the stars for him lol.

RZ Says:

Hippy Chic, I just need to go on a vacation where I won’t have access to media during the AO. It worked well for Wimbledon. :-)

Margot Says:

Another little camping trip is clearly called for….;)

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

RZ LOL off ya go then :-)),no offence to Novak,but im hoping for either a new champion,or a new old champion,Andy winning his 1st AO,or Rafa his 2nd for a 2nd career GS,i hope both are on oppsite sides of the draw to make it possible for them to meet in the final.

SG1 Says:


Have to admit that on paper, Andy looks like he has the game to win an FO.

RZ Says:

Hippy Chic and Margot – I’ll try to plan something, though January isn’t the most camping friendly month in the northern hemisphere. :-)

serve-volley Says:

Train hard Andy. I am looking forward to see you volleying more. You have good serve.

skeezer Says:

Hope he comes back with a bigger second serve.

Kimberly Says:

Crandon is actually my home for USTA league and I have never one been bitten and I. Fact never noticed it. Where and when did you see those Mosquitos.
Normally as you are on key biscayne surrounded by water there are none

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

SG1 agree its quite a surprise really,although hopefully that will all change in the future,the irony is IMO that hes actually under less pressure at the FO than at Wimbledon with him been the home favorite and all,although after what happened in the summer hes now got the monkey off his back.

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Agree with Skeezer in that i hope hes been working on that second serve,i actually hes one of the most talented players in the mens game to watch after Federer,his style is very pleasing to the eye,he has alot of variety in his game.

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

^Should be i actually think in the 1st sentence of my above post^.

Kimberly Says:

Murray has also been training at university if Miami a
Bit and he posed for a
Photo with the girls team

skeezer Says:

^very cool!

Margot Says:

Hope u aren’t trying to make excuses….sacrifices are worth it for Andy…;)

madmax Says:

Watched the interview with Andy and Jonathan Ross, was a fabulous interview.

I have my money on Andy winning the AO. I think he wil obviously play down any thoughts of winning the tournament, but after reading about his op and listening to what he said, (that it was not serious), it is a case of him practising as much as possible, and he will.

He will have all the practise partners he wants to play against.

He will do just fine.

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