Dear New ATP Chief Chris Kermode, Here’s The Only Thing You Have To Do
by Staff | November 20th, 2013, 12:58 pm

After a 10-month search following the illness and passing of former head Brad Drewett, the ATP finally announced its new Executive Chairman & President. That person is former No. 742-ranked player and Queen’s TD Chris Kermode.

Here’s the ONLY thing the 48-year-old Kermode has to do: FIND SPONSORS. The rest is just B.S.

Good luck, Chris.

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8 Comments for Dear New ATP Chief Chris Kermode, Here’s The Only Thing You Have To Do

TennisThis Says:

And maybe have the chair umpires enforce the rules a bit more often.

dari Says:

And put a little more money into challenger prize money

the DA Says:

^ Agreed. Actually, both the challengers and futures need increases in prize money.

pogi Says:

1.strict implementation of drug testing
2.strict implementation of “no coaching policy”
3.Strict implementation of “serving time”
4.Stricter rules on medical time out

hawkeye Says: stopping mid-rally at Australian Open
2 all lefties to play right-handed at French Open
3. close roof at Wimby
4. no hitting “lucky” shots match point down at US Open

roy Says:

no equal prize money for the WTA players until they play the same time and draw the same revenue for grand slams. otherwise they are simply stealing from the males.

wimbledon to actually enforce a respectable dress code for the ”ladies”, one that doesn’t involve an upskirt fest and can allow a female to return serve or pick up a towel without the camera man having to be on guard and provide the basic decency they won’t…i know the ”ladies” need to desperately try to sell their sport, but zoomed in footage of a bent over sharapova’s arse and crutch in bright orange panties makes a mockery of the ”traditional” branding of the event.
let’s keep their pathetic sexual displays to off-court stripteases for cash and google image galleries.

same rest period for semi finalists in the australian open.

umpires to do their jobs and not expect players to make blatant over rules with hawkeye.

Giles Says:

1. Point penalty for racquet smashing.
2. 2 points penalty for bench smashing.
3. All indoor tourneys to be on clay.
4. No TVW’s for Rafa.
All the above points are fair, no?

Tennis X Hippy Chic Says:

Agree with many of the posts above,well in some points anyway,better prize money for the challenger events,and lower ranked players who seem to struggle financially,enforcing of rules ie time between points,coaching from stands,coaching on court,and i do agree with Roy in that an approriate dress code would be nice,not to make an issue about it,but it was refreshing to see players like Henin looking like athletes rather than a bejewlled dolly bird.

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