Novak Djokovic: I’m Not Satisified, Losing To Roger Is Not A Bad Loss, I Know What To Work On For Indian Wells
by Tom Gainey | March 1st, 2014, 9:50 am

Novak Djokovic’s title defense in Dubai unraveled yesterday at the racquet of Roger Federer who swept away the Serb 36, 63, 62 in the semifinals.

Djokovic, who ended 2014 on a 24-match win streak, has now lost before the final in both events he’s played this year. But the Serb says it’s no time to panic.

“I didn’t have many matches this year, and you could see that on the court,” Djokovic said Friday. “I still lack that consistency in my movement in the matches. Look, I lost to Roger. That’s not a bad loss. I know I’m not fully satisfied with my game. I’m going to work on it and try to get better next one.

“When you lose against a better player, you shake hands and that’s it. You move on and try to take the best out of it. Right now, as I said, I know what I need to work on. I’m going to try to get as much match play and the practice, also, these situations. Hopefully I can do well in USA.”

Djokovic had also beaten Federer three straight times, but the 32-year-old outmatched the World No. 2.

“Even though I was better player and I felt I was in control for the first hour or so,” Djokovic said. “It appears that it’s not enough, because a few points can really decide the winner and can change, so that’s what happened. He mentally felt more comfortable, was coming to the net. The other side, me, I backed up, and that resulted with the loss.”

And Djokovic again reminded the press not to jump on new coach Boris Becker. It’s still early he says.

“I think people are expecting a little bit too much, expecting me to play with my left hand, I don’t know,” he joked. “Everybody has been asking me every day what have you been improving. We are working on certain details in my game, but it’s nothing significant that I’m going to change. I’m not going to play serve and volley. But we are working on positioning of the court. And as I repeated a hundred times from the beginning of the year, it’s just the beginning of the year, so it takes a little bit of time for us to get to know each other and really feel the benefits of our partnership.”

Djokovic and Andy Murray, a semifinal loser last night in Acapulco, will head to NYC for a Monday exhibition before going to Indian Wells where they will play next weekend.

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37 Comments for Novak Djokovic: I’m Not Satisified, Losing To Roger Is Not A Bad Loss, I Know What To Work On For Indian Wells

Hippy Chic Says:

Tomorrow as they say is another day,but i think it will be interesting to see how he bounces back from this.

Skeezer Says:

“When you lose against a better player, you shake hands and that’s it. ”
Class act. Thats how you give credit to your opponet when he wins. Anything other is “childish.”

A Tango Lad Says:

Djokovic has lost his mojo.

No belief in himself in the big matches.

He has somewhat regressed to his pre-2011 self.

Many interesting subpots in tennis at the moment.

It should make for an intriguing spring and summer.

pigoonse Says:

Djokovic losing his mojo is a nice thought for Nadal fans.

Novak Djokovic lost in an atp 500 semi-final. He is just saving himself for clay season.

madmax Says:

Novak is not panicking and nor should he.

They both played magnificently yesterday. I cannot believe how elastic Nole is on court and after seeing the video link of Grigor yesterday against Murray and THAT “wonder” shot, well, I think Grigor comes a close second.

Fed though has really upped his speed on the court. Has anyone else noticed this?

Perfect fan Says:

Love u roger….thanx a bunch for that splendid gift to us fans :)

Overall, very happy for fed….but the biggest positive for fed and his fans this tourney was the last 2 matches (the way fed played against 2 top 10 players)….and that is, the way fed came back from behind to win both matches, under huge pressure. This is the Federer we were all dying to see….and this is the thing which was missing last season, the “confidence factor” with a little help from the back issues too. Now with the confidence back, his movement has improved a lot (if not the best). There is confidence in his shots, his serve, his body language….which is really inspiring.

But all said, this is no lock that he’ll do good the rest of the season. With rafa already playing good, andy and nole itching to get back to old form, and other players like birdy n stan in such rich form….it will take more than current form of fed to win him more titles. I though, being his ardent supporter and a fan for life….will support n cheer for him, so long he plays.

Cheers to fed n all his fans n supporters in the whole wide world.. :))

Steve27 Says:

Novak Djokovic lost in an atp 500 semi-final. He is just saving himself for clay season.

He will eat “clay” again

Steve27 Says:

I disagree. a loss with a 32+ player is always a bad loss. Even if he is an All Time Great.

Steve27 Says:

He is returning to his old self.
He is regressing.

Brando Says:

Sorry Novak but I disagree. This was a bad loss: as good as Fed is nothing changes the fact he’s 32, world number 8 and past his best. That’s his reality. He beat Andy convincingly at AO: what did Rafa do to Fed in the next match Nole? Put simply: you are 26, at your peak, 6 GS slam Champion, long story short: you should be beating Fed each and every time you face him at this stage of his career. Not looking to disrespect anyone but that’s just how it really is. Had Fed lost at age 27 to say a 32 y/o Agassi would he really call it not a bad loss? Hell no. He’d be peeved about it. And that’s how it should be. A prime age player should always beat a twilight stage player.

Hippy Chic Says:

A year ago one female poster boldy stated when Novak lost to Berdych at Rome,he was saving himself for the FO,he didnt want to show Rafa too much so he deliberatly tanked the match,hes done enough beating Rafa at MC,well if that was indeed the plan it failed miserably,if thats what he doing this year(apparantly)then its unwise given how these things,and how peoples predictions sometimes have a habit of going pear shaped?i find it strange how some people like to invent certain senarios to try to suit their own personal beliefs.

A Tango Lad Says:

It isn’t that Novak simply lost. It is the way he lost to Stan making purely simple mental errors in the last two points of the match in particular.

Also, his body language and lack of conviction or any emotion was completely out of character for him. He was unwilling to commit himself to the match strangely.

This is what concerns me. Not that he just lost a match to Roger.

Steve27 Says:

A prime age player should always beat a twilight stage player.

Lendl Connors dixit

A Tango Lad Says:

In my second paragraph above, I am referring to yesterday’s match. A complete lack of conviction on his part which the Maestro took full advantage.

I think he misses his friend and former head coach Vajda. When struggling, he would look to his box for support with great emotion which somehow would settle him.

He does not feel comfortable doing this with Becker nor would he get the same connection.

He is not the same player since last fall. I hope he can turn this around in Indian Wells. I forget which tournaments Marian is joining him for but I don’t believe it is before clay season.

Ajde Novak.

Polo Says:

Roger and Rafa will never call any loss “not a bad loss”. All loses are bad. No loss is more acceptable than any other loss. That’s the difference between those two and Novak. Mediocrity is something they do not accept.

pigoonse Says:

Nadal is on track even with last year at this time: has won one 250 and a 500. Now he just has to win IW, Barcelona, Rome, Madrid, Roland Garros, Montreal, Cincinnati, US Open and then he will have defended his points from 2013. Certainly he can put in two consecutive years of 10 wins, including 2 Grand Slams, with such a weak field – twilight Federer, Djokovic in 2009 form, Berdych and the other mentally weak field.

A Tango Lad Says:

Yes but only if he wants to maintain his 4000 point lead. Give the poor chap a break (while he is in the midst of one).

Why are we discussing Nadal when he’s not even playing?

Today is not the day to worry about Nadal. He is in the middle of a three week hiatus prior to Indian Wells so let’s all enjoy it.

Today is about Federer’s great return to form and another title to show for it!

Well done Roger!

Eric W. Says:

Nole is such a wuss with his faux “humble Sambo” attitude after ever big loss. He peaked in Jan. 2012 and is on his way to asteriskhood in tennis history. The difference between he and Nadal (and even an old Federer) is that winning doesn’t mean enough to him, thus his underachieving career even though he’s the most talented player in tennis since Sampras. He blames his lack of playing time this year as one reason he wasn’t sharp — then why the hell didn’t he play Davis Cup against Wawrinka (a competitive champion would have been itching for revenge after Australia) and Federer? He was delivering relief supplies to snowed-in people in Novi Sad while the match was taking place a few kilometres away. Inexcusable, but that’s Nole. Nice guys almost always finish last when you get to this level, and Nole, well he’s such a sweetheart. Aka loser. Soon to be has been.

andrea Says:

i like watching fed and novak play more than nadal and novak; when those two play there are longer, grinding rallies that highlight how in shape they are, but with fed and novak, the game is quicker.

novak isn’t done yet. he’s only 26. let’s not over react.

Polo Says:

Eric W. you are being very tough on Novak. But I agree with you.

Joe W Says:

Andrea-I share your taste in match-ups as well. Fed vs Nole is always an entertaining match. Nole vs Rafa matches have been epic too. They just take too long between points.

skeezer Says:

So happy to get a welcome break from grind-o-matic tennis, ugh. Its like having to watch Olympic Curling with brooms.

Both Acapulco and Dubai Tennis as brought the excitement of Tennis play ….BACK!

nadalista Says:

It’s all about Rafa, @ATL, it’s all about Rafa, especially where your fellow Fedfans are concerned. They see, eat drink Rafa at every turn. Even when they are not talking about him you bet they are thinking about him, just look at their posts!

Rafa is da man…….

Margot Says:

The late, much lamented Linda Smith once said, “curling is housework on ice.”
Sounds like you agree…;)

Slice Tennis Says:

“I didn’t have many matches this year, and you could see that on the court,” Djokovic said Friday. “I still lack that consistency in my movement in the matches.”

Skeezer Says:
Class act. Thats how you give credit to your opponet when he wins. Anything other is “childish.”

March 1st, 2014 at 11:24 am


Giles Says:

Poor old skeezer, still struggling with his comprehension problems! Lol

A Tango Lad Says:

Nadalista yes you would think that those souls would be satisfied with a tournament win yet they still seem to want to make it all about another player.

It makes one wonder indeed.

The US swing should be interesting. I hope Roger falls into Djokovic’s half again in both tournaments given the choice in light of Roger’s virtuoso masterclass semifinal win!

Perhaps it will begin a trend as it were.

nadalista Says:

@ATL, personally I couldn’t care less which side Fed falls in the IW draw, my guy will be ready either way.

I must say I am glad to see Fed getting his mojo back. Hopefully he can maintain this and be back in the Top 4 (where he belongs for the time being) by the time RG rolls along. Muzza says he is close to getting his own mojo back and I trust him in that.

We need a strong top 4 for a balanced draw and exciting tournaments.

Hippy Chic Says:

Murray will climb to 5th in tomorrows rankings,according to Gordos calculations.

Steve27 Says:

I want Andy in the top 4 at Wimbledon.
The British will do with its magic formula.

Slice Tennis Says:

I guess by this time tomorrow the draw will be out.

Giles Says:

Slice Tennis. The men’s draw will be out on Tuesday at 3 pm local time and the women’s out tomorrow.

Susan Says:

A few reasonable comments on this thread like andrea’s. Many silly and over negative about Djokovic loosing to Federer. Djokovic has always to beat Federer because Federer is older? This is a new rule in tennis. That must means Nadal’s loss to Federer in Indian Wells in 2012 was bad or Murray’s loss to Federer in Shanghai in 2012 was bad. Because they cannot lose to someone older when they are in prime even if Federer is arguable GOAT and has won more slams than anyone in history and more Dubai tournaments than anyone in history. Lots of exaggeration in this posting. Federer is in strong form and deserves credit, he won against many he was loosing against like Murray Tsonga Djokovic and Berdych. Give Federer some credit and do not overreact about Djokovic. He lost to the final champion at both Australia and Dubia. Djokovic said he is “not satisfied” but he said losing “to Roger” is not a “bad loss”. Both make sense cause Roger is a great rival but Djokovic is not good with where his game is at. Federer is dangerous when plays free and that is how he looks right now.

Hippy Chic Says:

Susan the same thing happened a year ago Rafa lost in his 1st tourney back,and boom the obituries were immediatly writen,same when he lost at Wimbledon,he was a has been would never win another GS ever again etc etc,they said the same thing about Federer,and now they are saying it about Novak,tennis is very fickle and so are the fans,they dont believe in such a thing as perspective,any player can have an off day,no player has a god given right to win or should win because they happen to be younger thats some strange logic IMO,its still very early in the year yet so anything can happen,best to just wait and see.

Steve27 Says:

That must means Nadal’s loss to Federer in Indian Wells in 2012 was bad

It was awful result!

Klaas Says:

To Eric W and likeminded:
To call a 6 time GS winner, and a participant in many epic matches, for a loser, seems like a typical reaction for a person devoid of self-esteem.

The top 100 players all live out their dreams (how many can say that?) and the top 10 players are all class acts.

Hippy Chic Says:

Klass i agree Eric.W is a Novak fan,but i think he is been a little bit harsh and unfair on Novak,6 GS is already a fantastic achievement and i wouldnt bet against him winning more,and its still early on in the season anyway so anything can happen,any player can win or lose it goes with the game,hes not a loser hes just facing new challenges,in that there are other players now capable of winning GS and other big titles.

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