Rafael Nadal Loses Third Straight Grass Match, Gets Blitzed In Halle By The Dreadlock Destroyer
by Staff | June 12th, 2014, 4:59 pm

Rafael Nadal suffered his third straight loss on grass today after getting stunned by world No. 85 Dustin Brown 6-4, 6-1 in the opening round at Halle today.

Nadal, who won the French Open on Sunday, hasn’t won a grass court match since a first round win over Tomaz Bellucci at 2012 Wimbledon. Since the win Nadal lost to world No. 100 Lukas Rosol in the next round and then last year he was shocked by the 135th-ranked Steve Darcis.

Now the Spaniard who was seeking a 700th career win adds Brown to his list of recent head-scratching defeats on the surface.

“I don’t count 2012 like a loss,” Nadal explanined. “I was totally injured from my knee. I didn’t play anything for seven months. Last year I tried. I was not well enough. And this year, talking about my knee, I’m much better than last year. I lost today because my rival was playing better than me.

“It was the worst draw possible against a player like this. It’s very difficult to talk about the match because I don’t know what to say. I didn’t play. My opponent always served over 200kph with his first and second serves. So, that can happen on this surface if you face an opponent like this.”

Nadal is a five-time Wimbledon finalist with two titles, but is this recent losing streak cause for concern? He’ll now go into Wimbledon short on matchplay.

“I was able to play very well on grass in the past,” said Nadal. “But to play well on grass the most important thing is to play matches. You need to play with confidence… [and] you need to adjust. The only way to adjust is by playing matches and winning matches.

“I can’t really talk about how I played because I just didn’t play at all,” Nadal said. “This game’s done nothing for my Wimbledon preparations.”

Brown, who was playing his first career match against Nadal, kept the Spaniard off balance and out of rythym.

“I did not want to leave him any chance of playing his normal tennis,” Brown said of his plan. “He’s not going to let me find any rhythm,” he had said. That is precisely what happened.”

Brown celebrated by kissing the grass.

“It was something I’d discussed with my coach, even if many people probably thought I was crazy,” the 29-year-old Brown said. “It was the best game of my life.”

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42 Comments for Rafael Nadal Loses Third Straight Grass Match, Gets Blitzed In Halle By The Dreadlock Destroyer

TGIT Says:

Once again Rafa runs out of juice when he gets to grass.

contador Says:

Brown is very cool. I get the feeling watching him play Rafa that he could do more, if he wanted, than hang-out in the challengers his whole career.

Great match, actually. Dreddy gave no chances to Nadal. No long drawn out rallies – all was on Brown’s terms. Very frustrating for Nadal – thus the comment by Rafa: “This game’s done nothing for my Wimbledon preparations.” No indeed, Rafa did not enjoy it.

RZ Says:

“Dreadlock Destroyer” – love it! Too bad Dreddy doesn’t win enough matches for that nickname to stick.

van orten Says:

i guess he was not only kissing the grass but Smoking it hahah

Colin Says:

If some genius of a coach could hypnotise Brown into playing like that with some consistency, the guy would be one of the greats. As it is, he’ll probably lose his next match in Halle.

TennisVagabond.com Says:

I was pretty bullish on Rafa coming into Wimbledon but seeing the list of his grass matches from 2012-2014 is not inspiring.

I’d like to downgrade him below Murray and Novak as favourites but those guys don’t inspire confidence either!

I guess its Peter Gojowczyk!

kjb Says:

I am going to go out on a limb here and say that one of the big 4 is going to win wimbledon.

Rafa better than Roger Says:

Boy, what a bunch ov pitiful pro roger staff and fans for such a nondescript grass court. Rafa could have gone fishing but hadcontractual obligations to prop up attendance in this cheapie cheapie 250 event.

No more no less. Done with one round, take the mOney, a few grass practice then enjoy a blissful rest to celebrate ninth — take that you ….

People have such short memories, and Rafa keeps proving them wrong. Murray? Djok? To win in wimby? Very funny!
Who has more titles and finals than both of them? Nadal!

Roger, you can prop up and hype all you want, he is not going anywhere. Gulbis just showed the young ones that roger is verh beatable and most vulnerable.

Again, discredit RafA at your own peril. A sucker for for more eggs in your faces?.

Rafa will get #15 at Wimby … the grass that matters!,

Rafa better than Roger Says:

Blitzed ?.. as if Dusti is a hardcore grand slam contender.

Rafa is just happy to oblige showcasing up and comers.

Why, can you say 14 slams – multiples in grass, hard and clay??

Cheap thrill.

SG1 Says:

Give Brown credit. He had a plan. Hit the ball hard and early, win or lose. And he stuck to it and never got tight. He never let Rafa get into rallies and build rhythm. Well done Dreadlock Destroyer. Don’t be another Rosol though.

SG1 Says:

I sense bit of a tank from Rafa too. With Brown at net, Rafa never threw up even one lob. Suspicious.

tennismonger Says:

The front-page story here is that the guy who is 0-3 on grass since 2012 is #1 in the world.

Humble Rafa Says:

Grass is for cows. I hope that sums it up.

If I get past the first few rounds at the Tournament for Cows, I will be dangerous. We will see.

contador Says:

How many times do we get to see the likes of Dreddy in an ATP main draw for say, a GS? What I saw of him today gets full marks for interesting and entertaining!

He just hangs out in the challengers and select tournaments he likes to play. It is a different philosophy than Fedal has. One style is not better than another… the styles are simply different; the Fedal way being more lucrative. Dreddy plays with passion, panache, soul and having fun is the point. Winning and being #1 in the world, getting your name on every record in history is not for everyone – leave all that to the GOAT’S.

Was fun seeing a GOAT get blitzed in Halle by the Dreadlock Destroyer, though. :D

James Says:

Mentally Nadal has moved on to hard courts.

contador Says:

It was a bit like watching a rerun of Happy Gilmore.

metan Says:

Radar lost coz he is still dreamin9. Great job done by brown to hand one browny stick to Rafa..it is a wake up called then Rafa still has a chance to make ma9ic at Wimby. Who knows????
Meantime I am still enjoying magnificent NINE. UNFORGETABLE MEMORY.
Vamos Rafa. Have enough rest at home. 😄💚🌟

skeezer Says:

“Grass is for cows. I hope that sums it up.”
Clay/Dirt is for Pigs.
That does sum it up, no?

skeezer Says:

“Rafa could have gone fishing…”

LMAO. Then why didn’t you call him and tell him so o great one?

skeezer Says:

“Why, can you say 14 slams – multiples in grass…..”

oh the great “multiple”…..like how many?

Just 2.

Live with it. Learn it. Clay is the only real “multiple” of titles for this man.

roy Says:

”Just 2.”

plus 3 finals against fed/fed/djoker.

you wouldn’t be downplaying nadal’s success on grass now, would you? what could possibly be your motive there?

what other active players have 5 wimbledon final appearances outside of federer?
djoker? murray? tsonga? hewitt? berdych? haas? gasquet?

ah, let’s be fair. we should let fedfans have these fleeting moments of joy: nadal losing 250 grass matches with practically no time to adjust.

they’re having a very stressful time, what with nadal a couple of slams away from dethroning their goat.

skeezer Says:

Oh I didn’t know we’re talkng finals now, lol. Shall we count semi’s as well? What a bunch of crock.

“we should let fedfans have these fleeting moments of joy: nadal losing 250 grass matches with practically no time to adjust.”
Who said that …you? Fed has already done his 17, his “fleeting moments” are the standard to beat.
What I did say was its just another first or second round loss by Mr. Rafa. An all time record by a world #1.

Michael Says:

Rafa is saying that “he just didn’t play” ? I cannot make out the heads and tails of it ? Was he intentionally giving a walk over ? For me, Rafa reluctantly took part in Halle not to disappoint the Authorities over there as he withdrew even last year much to their consternation. So, he just made to this tournament as a formality and was ready to pack his bags any time. Ofcourse, not to take anything away from Dustin Brown, he played really great. But the scoreline suggests that something was wrong. Rafa’s mind just was not in the match and he played for the heck of it.

skeezer Says:

Meanwhile, Fed gets 6000 likes on FB for just winning his 1rst rd match at a 250 event.
“I lost today because my rival was playing better than me.”
DB is your rival? Wow, lowering the expectations of a rival now?
The ultimate underdog ploy of gamesmenship. Take a back seat Fed, Nole and Murray, DB is Rafa’s new rival!

Colin Says:

The only person giving the correct analysis of that match is Brown himself. He had a plan and it worked. Rafa didn’t play his normal game because he wasn’t ALLOWED to, not because he tanked, or wasn’t concentrating or whatever.

It’s no good devoting a paragraph to Rafa’s lack of interest, and then dropping in a polite “not to take anything away from Brown”,because you HAVE. When Brown is having one of his inspired days, he could beat anybody in the world, or at least anybody with a conventional game. A fellow eccentric (Dolgopolov perhaps) might unsettle the Dreadlock Destroyer in his turn.

Michael Says:

Yes, there is a contradiction over there which I cannot help. But as I said and repeat, we should never undermine the victory of Brown who has the game to cause an upset. If Rafa tanked the match, as perceived by many, it is his own problem. Once he decides to play a match, he is expected to be fully fit and raring to go. There can be no excuses for any loss. Just accepting the facts as they are. Rafa lost it fair and square and it is an ominous sign ahead of Wimbledon whether his heart was in the match or not. But virtue of this defeat, he has not got sufficient match practice and this might spell dooms day in the intial rounds of the Premier tournament. So, it is a loss loss proposition for Rafa.

C!P! Says:

if skeezer would have any idea what he is talking about ,he would laugh at himself ; you don’t know the meaning of words like “rival ,multiple” yet attempt some silly mockery towards others posters? take a break and spare us of your non-sensical comments; clay ,grass, hard ,doesn’t matter ,they are all approved playing surfaces they all count ,and whether you like it or not Rafa is the only player ever with multiple slams on every surface
P.S. my only regret is that i was too lazy to go have a bet against rafa yesterday ,it was bound to happen ,either against Brown ,or today

Giles Says:

You can always count on old skeezer to make a quick appearance should Rafa falter. The man is getting jittery after Rafa’s triumph at Roland Garros. Poor tormented soul! Hehehe!
Vamos Rafa!

squirrel_0209 Says:

This site is becoming more and more like a Nadal fansite..wonder why..but then it’s always the case when a player just won GS, all his fans would come and flock here, fair and square i guess :)

madmax Says:


Wish you could be a Little more objective here. Obvious Rafa was tired, when you match the match here. He made no real movement, had not real plan against DB. There wasn’t much running around to be fair and it was pretty nice not to have to hear the grunting! (there, I have said it!). It is a pain to hear that sound.

But, as I am sure everyone will agree, he will be back. On grass. In less than 2 weeks time.

roy Says:
”Just 2.”

plus 3 finals against fed/fed/djoker.

you wouldn’t be downplaying nadal’s success on grass now, would you? what could possibly be your motive there?

what other active players have 5 wimbledon final appearances outside of federer?
djoker? murray? tsonga? hewitt? berdych? haas? gasquet?

ah, let’s be fair. we should let fedfans have these fleeting moments of joy: nadal losing 250 grass matches with practically no time to adjust.

they’re having a very stressful time, what with nadal a couple of slams away from dethroning their goat.

June 13th, 2014 at 1:09 am

Actually Roy, I Think we are prepared for that possibility.

Have you prepared for the possibility that he may not? No?

Okay then. Stick to clay Courts where it’s at!

madmax Says:


It’s probably something more SIMPLE than that. How about it’s the right thread?

skeezer Says:

Non sensical? Read posts by humble rafa.

Get over it , he lost another first rounder. Move on.

Giles Says:

skeezer. That’s the point, I havnt moved on. Am still on Cloud NINE! Fed can have the 250’s and 500’s, events at which he is an expert. Lol

squirrel_0209 Says:


Fair point :)

TennisVagabond.com Says:

The idea that Dustin Brown is a Gulbis-like force who can beat anyone when his game is on is absolute nonsense.

He had never beaten a top 20 player before this year! So now “on his day” he can take anyone out? What, he hasn’t had an “on” day for the last 4 years?

He has beaten Isner once and now Rafa once. THAT is the sum total of his career highlights.

Rafa was tired or Rafa was unfocused or Rafa was saving his body or Rafa full out tanked. I don’t know, but an on-form Rafa would have demolished DB yesterday. DB at his best will still not beat Rafa playing his B game. The career history is clear. DB is a great athlete, perhaps a wasted talent, but he has never in his career had a signal win to show he could play at elite levels.

The strokes were there yesterday, but the heart and legs weren’t.

TennisVagabond.com Says:

Not to take anything away from DB. Hehe.

calmdownplease Says:

I think Brown is going to win halle,
And then take all of that momentum onto Wimbles and win it too!
Yep breaking news, you heard it here first.
What I would like to hear less of however, is Andrew Castle what a ****.

jonathan Says:

Nadal has won three of the last five majors plus a final on multiple surfaces. He must be doing something right for a one-dimensional moonballing dirt pusher.

Yawn, wake me up when the real tournament begins.

No post-win Nadal transcript from French Open but dedicated transcript from his loss at a 250 is quite telling.

Dysfunctional really does sound about right (for a self help group).

Giles Says:

So, Dustbin done and dusted by Kohli. Why can’t these one match wonders against Rafa ever back up their win?

andrea Says:

i don’t think anyone can be all that surprised by this result. the transition from clay to grass is tough and especially after finishing a tough GS run on clay.

nadal is one of the few to have won on all surfaces….not sure i can say he is a favorite at Wimbledon this year.

i know that if he had been playing roger yesterday, you can be sure he would have put up more of a fight. no discredit to dustin.

Gordon Says:


It’s news when Rafa loses, so there is interest in what he has to say, even if he tries to explain in English.

And 3 out of the last 5 Grand Slams huh? That’s truly very amusing data selection. If he fails to win Wimbledon it will drop to 2 of the last 5, but I’m sure you’ll change the stat to 3 of the last 6. If he then fails to defend his US Open title he will drop to 1 of the last 5. See? Anyone can do it!

Eez honbaleevabull, no?

Mark Anderson Says:

Three days rest after winning the French, that really says it all, too bad he couldn’t have played a couple more but he tried this year.
Hopefully he will be fully rested and ready for Wimbledon.

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