Funny! Roger Federer Loses Track Of Score, Doesn’t Know He Won His SF Match In Halle [Video]
by Tom Gainey | June 14th, 2014, 3:21 pm

It’s happens to the best of us and even to Roger Federer. Today the Swiss tennis great showed some age by doing something he had never done before in his career: completely lose track of the score on matchpoint!

The incident occurred in the Gerry Weber semifinals in Halle against Kei Nishikori. Federer was serving with double matchpoint at 6-4 in the tiebreaker when Nishikori hit a passing shot into the net. And the match was over, but Federer returned to the baseline thinking he still had work to do.

When Federer finally realized the error he rushed to the net to shake Kei’s hand. A funny moment indeed.

“I think this was the first time. At least I can’t recall any other time which means it was the first time in more than thousand matches,” Federer explained after the 64, 76 win. “That was the problem, it had already started earlier: I had thought, when I went to serve on the last two points, that I was up 4-3 and then had 5-3, 6-3. So, I had already counted wrongly two points before. When I made the second point I thought ‘perfect, no he’ll serve two more times and I’ll have two chances and, if necessary, I’ll have to serve again at 6-5. Then it was totally clear to me what was happening. That’s why I just didn’t get it why the applause was so strange and I looked to the Umpire who was laughing, then I saw Nishikori at the net, then I looked to my player’s box and they were also laughing.

“Then I thought ‘What’s going on here, is the match over?’ Then I finally checked the score and realized that the match was over, especially because Nishikori had been laughing.

“I told him that I was sorry and that I had really thought that the score was 6-3 but that, of course, I happily take the victory and that I’m glad because I won’t have to go back to the line and serve. It was really funny.”

In the final tomorrow, Federer will bid for a seventh Halle title against Alejandro Falla who becomes the first Colombian to ever make a grass championship match.

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14 Comments for Funny! Roger Federer Loses Track Of Score, Doesn’t Know He Won His SF Match In Halle [Video]

Giles Says:


skeezer Says:

Fed; even score = duece side / odd score = add side, ALWAYS..;).
Thought you were serving 6-3 on the duece side? C’mon man!

squirrel Says:

Haha, Fed is so cute! :)

I can feel the seventh Halle title, can’t wait!

Okiegal Says:

@Skeezer……funny……I have those too!!

Purcell Says:

Blame it on Leo and Lenny. Mirka stifling yawns behind dark glasses too.

Humble Rafa Says:

Also, Dear Arrogant One,

A charming young man just won his 14th and is about to pass you. Some people already consider him to have attained goathood.

SnotNosedKid Says:

Classic sign of Early Onset Dementia…:)

queen Says:

Ok people u have not seen funny… That’s just stupid.

skeezer Says:

You are way funnier than that HR wannabee. At least you are real. Keep it up ;).

Humble Rafa Says:

Some folks think they are too important to keep up with points in a tennis match. Humble is always humble, keeping track of every little thing..from score to water bottles.

skeezer Says:

^not funny. Found a non comedy job yet?

metan Says:

I didn’t see this part last night. Soooo funny.

nadalista Says:

@skeezer, you have made it patently clear you not enjoy HR’s posts, so why do you keep reading them? Tennis-x blog helpfully puts the poster’s name at the top of their posts, so you are fore-warned what’s to follow.

Here, let me help you: as you scroll down a thread and you see the name, “Humble Rafa”(or any other you do not like for that matter), hit the scroll down button. You don’t HAVE to read each and every post you know, let alone respond….


M Says:

Still funny. LOL.

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