Poll: Nadal, Djokovic, Murray Or Federer, Who’s Your Early 2014 Wimbledon Favorite?
by Sean Randall | June 16th, 2014, 2:57 pm

In less than a week from now we’ll be in the throes of the third Grand Slam of the 2014 tennis calendar, Wimbledon!

The draws are set to be released this Friday but before then it’s never too early to handicap the field which is as wide open as it ever has been, with no clear favorite or consensus pick since all the top guys have some sort of issue.

So let’s go through my favorites in order:

Novak Djokovic
Even though grass isn’t his best surface, I still make him my very slight favorite, with caution. Novak’s lost four of his last five Grand Slam finals and after missing out again on a French Open/Career Slam, how deflated must he be and how much motivation is there? That said, maybe the thought of a post-Wimbledon wedding to Jelena Ristic will cure any blues.

Andy Murray
The 2013 champion eyes his biggest career title defense, but he hasn’t won anything since that historic triumph a year ago. With the pressure back to maximum overdrive, a shaky start with new coach Amelie Mauresmo didn’t help. But Murray did play well at French Open and the back seems to be in the past.

Rafael Nadal
The two-time Wimbledon champion has incredibly lost his last three matches on grass. That’s not exactly confidence-building, but he’s still Rafa and he can avoid the early upset – easier said than done! – keep his back loose and make it to week two then watch out. If you don’t get him early you might not get him at all.

Roger Federer
The 7-time winner is now 32 and despite a Halle title yesterday I don’t think he has the game anymore to take out the likes of Djokovic, Nadal and Murray even on his best surface. Beating one, maybe, but two, I don’t see it. However, if those guys get upset then things can swing. This will also be his Wimbledon debut with Stefan Edbeerg and the new, larger racquet, so maybe one more magical run? The draw will have to break right.

Tomas Berdych
Hard to think he was a former Wimbledon finalist who beat both Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer, yet that’s what Berdych did in 2010. The Czech hasn’t done much since, but with his game he’s always threat. It’s the brain I worry about.

Milos Raonic
With that serve if he can work his way into the tournament he could be this year’s Jerzy Janowicz. And he won’t need Jerzy’s breezy draw either.

JW Tsonga
A former semifinalist and 5-set winner over Federer at Wimbledon, I just don’t know if he can match-up with the big names anymore. Point proven by the fact that he hasn’t beaten a Top 10 guy in over a year.

Grigor Dimitrov
Feliciano Lopez gifted him a Queen’s title yesterday but Grigor will take it nonetheless. The Bulgarian has proven his mettle this year and he’s got some game on grass. So there’s no reason not to think we’ll see him in week two, unless he has another letdown in a Slam.

Stan Wawrinka
Not being much of a grass player, maybe that settles his nerves and he plays good tennis again. Or maybe being a Grand Slam champion is just too big a weight to bear right now.

Other guys to keep an eye on are Ernests Gulbis, Vasek Pospisil, Jerzy Janowicz, David Ferrer, John Isner, Ivo Karlovic, Kei Nishikori and Feliciano Lopez.

I think Janowicz, faced with those semifinal points, is going to drop early. Ferrer and Isner I could see making week two. Maybe Gulbis, maybe Nishikori.

So who’s your early favorite?

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75 Comments for Poll: Nadal, Djokovic, Murray Or Federer, Who’s Your Early 2014 Wimbledon Favorite?

judee Says:

novak going to win this time

Giles Says:

Vamos Rafa!
Stay Healthy!

xmike Says:

does anybody know the exact extra mathematical calculations wimbledon does in order to seed the players?

i’m guessing djokovic will be number 1 seed, because he has last years final points and 2012 semi final points, plus a 4th place at the olympics, which was also on grass

nadal should be number 2, he is so far ahead of wawrinka that even without extra points or penalties for less then stellar performances the last two years he still should have enough of a point advantage to keep this spot

now it gets tricky; because they are so close together, and based on past performances on grass in the last 2 years i think murray will be number 3 seed, federer number 4 and wawrinka number 5 but have no idea how to do the maths

is anyone on tennis x also a member of the wimbledon seeding committee or know how to do the calculations? please shed some light on us all, if you would be so kind…

xmike Says:

also, does anyone know what happened to david ferrer, he just withdrew from the tournament in holland he was suppose to play this week; is he injured?

DC Says:

I honestly think Fed will take his 18th GS at Wimny
– Fed wasn’t playing good in Halle. This could mean that he has yet to peak and assume he peaks during wimbledon, i don’t see anyone beating Federer.

– With Nadal closing in on his 17 GS titles record, Fed has probably found the extra motivation, which he seemed to be lacking earlier. He knows Wimby is his best shot at another slam and he absolutely has to win this year to maintain his lead over Nadal.

the DA Says:


The seeds at Wimbedon will be 1) Nole 2) Rafa 3) Andy 4) Roger

the formula is explained in detail here:


RZ Says:

A lot will depend on the draw, but I think Fed has an excellent shot this year. Rafa and Djoker seemed to be more tired at the end of the French than usual, and both have some injury concerns (and Djoker may be less focused as he would be getting married shortly after). I expect a strong run from Murray, but don’t think he is quite back to where he would need to be to defend (though my absence from a TV during finals weekend do bode well for him!). I think the “also-rans” (Berdych, Tsonga, Ferrer) are starting to lose the battle against time in addition to their battles against the big 4. The new generation (Raonic, Dmitrov) may have deep runs but I don’t see them winning. As for Mr. Wild Card (that would be Wawrinka), I just don’t see him winning on the grass.

xmike Says:

@ the DA


Humble Rafa Says:

I honestly think Fed will take his 18th GS at Wimny
– Fed wasn’t playing good in Halle. This could mean that he has yet to peak and assume he peaks during wimbledon, i don’t see anyone beating Federer.

My Brooklyn bridge wants to talk to you about a possible sale.

TennisVagabond.com Says:

HR, aren’t you supposed to be disappearing into a hole for the next 6 months or so?
Eat well for your hibernation. Carb load. See you in Australia.

Kimberly Says:

At least rafa won the French open now he needs to win Wimbledon to make up for the disaster NBA finals

Humble Rafa Says:

At least rafa won the French open now he needs to win Wimbledon to make up for the disaster NBA finals

Taking talents to South beach don’t help if your fellow ballers are useless. The video of Bosh trying to shoot a 3 pointer was priceless.


Humble Rafa Says:

HR, aren’t you supposed to be disappearing into a hole for the next 6 months or so?

No, I plan to continue with 3 doses of complaints every week. Please sign up for my Humble newsletter to get the latest on what part of the Humble body is struggling, then kick back and enjoy the Humble victory.

Kimberly Says:

No they didn’t play a good series. I think they were tired and had bad knees and back and maybe a little mono

roy Says:

it would certainly be hilarious if nadal won wimbledon. if he gets through the first week, he probably has a very good chance.

ferrer should have been above raonic, dimitrov, tsonga, wawrinka … ferrer is underrated on grass.

Michael Says:

I agree with Sean picks. Novak is the favourite in my opinion to lift the title despite his debacles in the recent past. With Andy and Rafa struggling and Roger not at his best despite his winning Halle, I think Novak has an excellent chance to make amends for all that he lost.

tennis fan Says:

@ Roy liked ur post

Margot Says:

HR @ 7.08

Margot Says:


Sorry to slot this here, very off topic, but interesting for those who don’t know what happened.

Colin Says:

In the “throws” of Wimbledon?

If Nole is there, maybe Sean means “throw-ups”.

Or maybe he needs that lil’ old spell-checker.

Colin Says:

Margot, you’ll note that Jamie thought someone was knocking on the roof with a hammer. “You don’t think of gunfire”, says Judy. I reckon it would be the first thing an American would think of (even if it really was someone with a hammer). Sad, but true.

metan Says:

Dear Sean,
I’d love this line ” if you don’t get him early , you might don’t get him at all”
Nach, my money will roll for him, if he will be in the second week. 😄

FedExpress Says:

i cant understand Sean. Murray didnt beat any top 10 player for how long? And when was his last title? and still he is in better form than Roger?!?!?!?!

Roger can beat all three he showed that in 2012.

calmdownplease Says:

`But Murray did play well at French Open and the back seems to be in the past…`

Murray started playing better in Rome nevermind the FO, by the 2nd week of wimbles he should finally be back (sic) to his GC best.
Which was always the plan.
Hopefully, but he is yet to beat a real top player this year and is perhaps still a little frail over 5.
And slam title defenses are a newish thing for him.
Yes the doubt is creeping in for me the closer we get to the tournament.
He’ll need to keep the matches a bit shorter, anything more than one 5 setter could prove problematic for him as was seen at the FO.
The favourites right now to win it according to Tennis-x’rs are Federer followed by Novak.
Why Fed?
Because of Halle?
Not surprising I suppose, given that it’s more to do with who you want to win rather than who you think will win.
For Novak, we know its his weakest surface.
Last time he lost in the FO he was out of sorts until November. Also Andy beat him im straights in the W final, it wasn’t even close despite the breaks in serve.
Federer was knocked out first round last year and is almost 33!
Good grief, there’s nothing convincing about him, nor for months, and now he’s expected to win wimbledon.
17 slams is enough already anyway.
But lets face it, none of em are particularly inspiring at this stage.
No red hot favs and probably all needing a little bit of luck in key stages.
And someone usually does get lucky.
A week in should give us all a little more insight.

calmdownplease Says:

(* correction Fed was knocked out in the 2nd round last year, the 3rd in the US)

FedExpress Says:

CDP, fed was knocked out in the 4th round at the USO

and fed has still GS in him. never count off a champion

calmdownplease Says:

Fine the 4th
But all good things must come to an end eventually.

Daniel Says:

I agree FedEspress,

Fed can get lucky, this wimby he may not even have to face one of the other big 4. If everything goes with draw he would have to face only 2 of them.

Nadal is yet to pass first week, Murray can also lose earlier. Djokovic is the most reliable due to his consistency, specially after US Open last year, even with losses where it matters the most.

To me, Djoko is the most reliable right now to reach semis. All the other 3 can falter, but I give Fed a slight edge of reaching semis than Nadal and Murray. Winning Halle is better than losing Queens second round and having no top 10 win or in Nadal’s case, 3 straight losses on grass. Not discounting Nadal, but until we see him again on second week, he is too unpredicted to bet on grass. Who would have thought we could ever say something similar of him;-)

Actually this could be the only GS tourney where all top 4 could lose earlier due t state they are in. But they also can all sail through semis if they play how they can on grass. Fed inspired, Nadal eager to survive first week, Murray to defend and Djoko to prove himself. That would be something if all reaches semis, guarantee of a top 4 final.

Josh Says:

@Humble Rafa your posts made my day

churchilliancandour Says:

For me there is less chance of Nadal making it through the first week than there would be, should he make the second Monday, of him winning the tournament.
Even back in 2010, he was twice 2 sets to one down in the first week against Robin Haase and Philip Petschner. He cruised through the second week without dropping a set.
I agree with others that Djokovic is the most consistent and the most likely to win, but I would rate Murry’s chances ahead of Nadal’s (simply because of his first week troubles on grass), and I would rate Federer as a very distant fourth favorite.

jane Says:

maybe gulbis has an outside shot? he just took the first set off raonic. you can watch more here:


calmdownplease Says:

`Murray can also lose earlier..`

Can he?
Possibly but Probably not. Nowadays, he only ever loses at the quarters or semis of this tournament, his record over the last 5 years is more consistent than the other 3.
This is his favourite surface & with only a few GC specialists out there in the lower ranks.
I am pretty certain he will make it to the quarters at least, and in all probability a semi position too.
As for anything more, well
Murray has been gearing to peak at this slam for months now, getting to the semis of RG was nothing more than prep for this.
Roger won Halle last year and what happened next?
Facing `only` 2 of the top four would be unfortunate I would venture.
Anyway we will see.

jonathan Says:

Fed hasn’t made the second week and wouldn’t be a shocker to see him go out early like last year to Stakhovsky and being two sets down the previous years against journeymen like Benneteau and Falla.

Came close to losing to Falla last Sunday even needing two TBs!

Been a while since Novak has won a slam. Lost the mental edge required.

Murray is the pick for me. Nadal if he makes the second week.

Perfect fan Says:

For the first time, I m finding it real tough to pick a favourite for wimby 14. No one IMO, is a clear favourite….though, I agree novak has a slim edge.

1. Novak – Considering his recent form, he may be the favourite. But then, he is going to play thr without playing any tuneups (which he normally does). I wonder, if its going to make any diff. Novak is almost immune to getting upset before quarters/semis in GS. And once he reaches thr, I dnt think rafa could stop him. Roger can, if he is at his peak and doesn’t commit way too
many UEs and with a good first serve perc. Roger has to beat him within 4 sets….5 is out of queston. Andy matches up excellently with nole, but he is not the same guy post that back surgery last year.

2. Rafa – Rafa is my second fav and he has 2 things to do to win his 3rd title. One is in his hand, he has to reach 2nd week. Second is luck….he gotta pray, novak get upset early. IMO, novak is the only guy who can defeat him in wimby comfortably. If rafa is determined and with perfect health, he can coast to the finals….but he just cannot get through novak, if he waits thr.

3. Sorry to say, andy is not my pick this time unless some miracle dawns. I saw his game in queens, and it was not encouraging. May be he can get inspired in front of the home crowd….lets hope it turns out that way.

4. Roger is like a curious case to me ahead of wimby. Had he not won Halle, I would have not counted him at all. Though his win thr is not that big a factor for me, it did show me some light. Honestly, he was not his fluent best at Halle….but still he won. I have a hunch, he will reach semis without any grave danger….and from thereon its plain luck (u knw what I mean).

I dnt see anyone else winning the title but thr could be few upsets n surprises though.

Now provided the big 4 are seeded accordingly and all manage to reach the semis, I have the following permutation and combination:

Case 1:
Novak vs Andy & Rafa vs Roger
Novak vs Rafa in final….Novak champion. SIMPLE!!

Case 2:
Novak vs Roger & Rafa vs Andy
Now this is interesting….as I think Roger can beat novak (as explained earlier) and Andy could be dangerous for rafa. I think on grass, andy could match up well against rafa, but andy has to play like last year and rafa probably with an off day.
Now if Roger defeat novak and Andy defeat rafa….Roger champion.
If Novak defeat Roger and Andy defeat rafa….Novak champion.
If Roger defeat novak and Rafa defeat Andy….Rafa champion.
If Novak defeat Roger and Rafa defeat Andy….Novak champion.

Now, it could all go down the sewer, if the upset virus attacks again like last year.

Lets hope, it turns out to be the clash of the titans….a clash between only the past wimbledon champs of the last decade….2003-2013 (Roger-Rafa-Novak-Andy) :)


calmdownplease Says:

From the above posts^^

`If Novak defeat Roger and Andy defeat rafa….Novak champion..`

No way, if Andy has finally beat off Nadal at wimbledon no one is stopping him, he will be a mean green Wimbledon machine.

`Murray is the pick for me. Nadal if he makes the second week..`

Feeling the same way. Andy has to come back at some point and we saw flashes of it on clay, my bet is the 2nd week of grass is when the real Murray finally returns.
Yes he had surgery but he is fine now and he was out for 4 moths not 4 years.
Nadal looked creaky all clay season however. I am not feeling so certain about him doing a `Nadal` even if he makes it, despite the W at RG.
We might see a new patternas we did on the clay.
An older Nadal if you like.
Anyway at least there are more options in Wimbledon.
Which is why it is a much better slam to watch that RG in my opinion.

calmdownplease Says:

Thanks for the link Jane
Raonic loses on a DF despite the fight back
Doesnt mean much of course.
But if Andy doesnt win Wimbledon I would prefer someone else out of the top 4 wins instead.
The woman interviewing Gulbis is on something lol
The spectators apparently have had a few too many Pimms

jane Says:

you’re welcome cdp.

murray and nadal are apparently playing at something called hurlingham, which i am assuming is like the boodles.


Okiegal Says:


Thanks for the Boodles link. Does anyone know if will carry Wimby? Would be great if it does.

Ven Says:

Murry and Rafa are fav, Novak and Fed are too good for lower rank people(thats why we will see them as consistency to qrts/semis)

Margot Says:

1) Andy is bound to be very excited and very jittery, in equal measure, I’d guess as he is in the unique position of defending his first…Wimbledon title…So I am hoping for a straightforward first match to calm his nerves.
2) Actually, I don’t think he is fully fit yet, seemed awful tired in the late stages of RG so I am hoping for some quick matches and NO overnighters Mr Murray please, in the first week at least
3) Unless his serve improves we know he’s not winning anything but I’ve just seen some pics of Andy practising his serve with Amelie coaching, so here’s hoping and everything crossed.
BTW It was Cahill who suggested Maresmo to Andy, as of course he did with Lendl. As he knows Andy so well, could work out.

Voicemale1 Says:

A lot will depend on the seedings, and then the Draw itself. Murray – as defender here – currently is ranked #5. If Wimbledon decides to seed according to ATP Rankings, then Murray will be seeded only as a Quarter Finalist. Which means, both Murray and Federer can end up in the same half of the draw. If they end up in the Djokovic half, then I like Federer’s chances to get through. He’s beaten both Murray and Djokovic at Wimbledon the last time he played each of them there. And if anything, Federer’s form now is as sharp or even sharper than it was then. The nasty Federer Slice is going to severely hamper the Backhands of Murray and Djokovic – and each of them relies on that shot heavily.

Agree with Sean that Nadal’s fate will be to escape the first week. If he can survive that, then the 2nd week is usually where he sinks his teeth into the tournament. Nadal would like his chances against Murray – being 3-0 against him at Wimbledon, and Murray has only 1 set to his name in those three matches. Federer also would prefer Djokovic to Nadal, since Federer’s Slice goes to Nadal’s FH with less benefit to Federer. Funny that Federer and Nadal have not met at Wimbledon since that stellar 2008 Final.

So the question is: how will Wimbledon’s Powers That Be assign the seedings? Will they keep Wawrinka at his current #3, despite not having been as far as a Wimbledon SF? Or do they seed Murray ahead of Stan despite being ranked lower? How they sort that out will have a lot to do with the outcome of the Men’s Draw this year.

Giles Says:

I think the seedings are as follows:
1. Joker
2. Nadal
3. Murray
4. Fed

TennisVagabond.com Says:

VM1, there’s no human decision making anymore. They have a rigid system combining ATP rank and grass results last two years. I think Giles has this years version correctly.

andrea Says:

nadal’s transition to grass seems to be the slowest of the top 4. he had some early 5 set scares that he barely scraped out of back in the day; those matches which he had been able to squeak through, have not happened in the past 3 years.

he does get traction once over the first week hump though.

the top guys all have pros and cons right now, so not much to call at this stage. i expect the early upsets to continue this year.

jonathan Says:

Toni Nadal: Rafa reaches Wimbledon in better conditions than in previous years. Even the knee is in good shape.

Nadal is the best betting value to win his 3rd Wimbly and 15th major at 5:1 IMO.

TennisVagabond.com Says:

jonathan, I would bet dollars to doughnuts that status will be tweaked over the next few days.

Could it be that even Toni is getting sick of Rafa’s injury updates?

calmdownplease Says:

Groan, for what’s his face further up;


`Actually, I don’t think he is fully fit yet, seemed awful tired in the late stages of RG so I am hoping for some quick matches and NO overnighters..`

Yeah, I said this further up btw, I meant that the back is not a (serious) issue.
He will havea much better back than when he won last year in fact.
Clearly he was out of it after that Monfils match, so hoping for far more clinical execution too Margot.
Its always best to manage oneself well in the first week, you won’t win it but you can lose it, as they say.
It’s not just about the free points with the first serve ofcourse, if he is serving well he is playing well.
Against Nadal Djokovic,
He played very well for a set in Miami before he got upset and lost the plot and Murray was his best on clay ever in Rome, losing the plot much later.
I’ve seen Andy lose plenty against Rafa but that defeat at RG was a shocker, he’s never lost like that before so ironically I am not worried about it as he was clearly not at his best.
As for Novak being the favourite, hasn’t he been the favourite for what the last 6 slams now,
Even RG? So it’s not exactly betting against the house is it?
I’m still waiting for Andy to rise like a pheonix
screaming `Eureka` all the way Novak did 3 years ago, & I’m holding onto that expectation, if you don’t mind, for the next 18 months at least.

Margot Says:

LOl CDP. Me too, me too. :)

Giles Says:

Cdp thinks he’s a comedian. Not!

Voicemale1 Says:

“I’m still waiting for Andy to rise like a phoenix”….


So is he. His career to date has been classic flattering, only to deceive. High profile and expensive coaches show up – and then leave. At 27, you’d think time was running short for him to hit #1, the only one of the “Big 4” (as it were) to not have done so. What a pity.

jamie Says:

Nole is the favorite.

calmdownplease Says:

Giles think’s he matters. Not!

Humble Rafa Says:

Perfect fan Says:
For the first time, I m finding it real tough to pick a favourite for wimby 14. No one IMO, is a clear favourite….though, I agree novak has a slim edge.

Dear Perfect Fan,

I understand your love for tennis. But you are going too deeeeeeep. Just saying.

Kimberly Says:

Just realized mat4 and a few others went MIA after the second set of the French! Come on! I’m all around after the heat got pasted by the spurs! Anyone up for bracket challenge for Wimbledon?

Perfect fan Says:

@ HR,

I appreciate ur love for me, just saying ;)

Humble Rafa Says:

Just realized mat4 and a few others went MIA after the second set of the French!

Those midgets will reappear when God wins His first round match. They will claim to see “the future”.

For now, they are in hibernation. Nothing unusual. Happens around this time every year, for 10 years (except for a random event in one year when for some odd reason, they didn’t).

Eric Says:

When will you grow up and realize Raonic is not that good? Every year it’s “oh man, Raonic is a dark horse at Wimbledon!” Well, guess what — he’s never even made it to the THIRD ROUND. Until that happens, it’s ludicrous to put him in the “favorites” conversation, however dark his horse might be painted. People just think good serve = major grass threat, but it’s not that simple.

Eric Says:

To my mind, Tsonga, Ferrer, Kohls, Wawrinka, F-Lo, and even Verdasco are 10x as credible a threat to win Wimbledon as Raonic. And plenty others besides, no doubt.

Jo Says:

It’s a very short time gap between the FO & Wimbledon. Any player who have just won the FO need rest to rejuvinate his body’s strength & durability. Rafa did’nt just push himself to the limit to win minor tournament. He just came from 7 wins best of 5. And watch him win Wimby again. He has already learned from last year.

Margot Says:

Me! Me! Am sure Conty will too. Might even do one for the women!

jonathan Says:

Wawrinka is bed-ridden with a virus and has never made it past the 4th round at Wimbledon so shaky “favourite” at best, especially given recent performance.

And Tsonga’s Tship has Tsimply Tsailed.

So Raonic favoured ahead of those two is not a stretch to say the least despite his past performance.

BTW, anyone who’s ever said the Top 4 is over should revisit the Wimbly seedlings. Alive and well as it turns out. Reports of its demise have been greatly exaggerated.

senorita Says:

judee Says:
novak going to win this time.

Like he was going to win last time and the time before that and the time before that.

judee Says:

@ senorita what is your problem relax I meant that novak has more chance to win this grand slam

Eric Says:

Jonathan, I would happily bet any amount of money you care to name that Tsonga will do better than Raonic at Wimbledon.

Tracy H Says:

I’d bet very good money on Nadal not making it beyond the second round this year, or ever again for that matter. Dustin Brown outplayed him in Halle, and it was clearly nothing to do with Nadal being tired. Nadal has also played no more than a handful of matches on grass in two years. He can’t deal with the surface anymore.

Djokovic is not the best grass court player in the world, despite winning Wimbledon in 2011. He’s never taken a set off Murray on grass. He might win the tournament if he plays someone other than Murray in the final.

Federer is just past it in the slams. He caught Murray a bit cold in Australia this year, when Murray was just back from surgery, but that was just luck. It still too him hours to put Murray away. Quarter finals at very best for Federer.

Murray is patently the best grass court player in the world. Physically he finds the grass easier than any other surface. The blip at Queen’s this year is not remotely relevant to his Wimbledon chances. He lost in the opening round at Queen’s in 2012 and still reached the Wimbledon final. The first round of Queen’s this year was Murray’s 19th straight win on grass. His loss in the second round was a mere blip.

Murray has had some issues this year since the comeback, but most people knew he would take six months at least to come back from major surgery. He played well in Rome, pushing Nadal all the way, and beat some fine clay court players in RG. He lost to Nadal, but everyone loses to Nadal at RG, so there is no shame in that. Everyone Murray beat at RG was higher ranked than anyone Nadal faced until the semi’s, so it’s hardly any wonder Murray had nothing in the tank for the semi final. Murray simply won’t be pushed to five sets twice on grass.

Murray and Djokovic to make the final again. Djokovic might just take a set if he’s very lucky, but Murray to win.

Josh Says:

There is no clear favourite – simple, no?

calmdownplease Says:

@Tracy H

Loves it lol

Eric Says:

Josh, no, no, no. That is not the tennis-x way. Insufficiently partisan!

Josh Says:

Eric, I apologise – I still have much to learn ;)

calmdownplease Says:


Nevertheless you are correct.

Margot Says:

Welcome Tracy H. The more Murray fans the better!

HD Says:

Please let’s have a winner outside of the Big 4!!

Tracy H Says:

Thanks calmdownplease and Margot.

It might be too much to ask for, but I really fancy Murray getting to a final against someone who has never won a slam. When Nadal, Federer and Djokovic won their first slams they beat players who had never won one. Murray is way overdue for that, having beaten Djokovic to win the USO and Wimbledon, not to mention demolishing Federer to win the Olympic gold.

jane Says:

nole did go through fed in the semis, though, to get to tsonga and win ao 2008 so he beat a member “big 4” to win that title, as he has for all of his slams.

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