Novak Djokovic Suffered This Very Scary Fall Today At Wimbledon [Video]
by Tom Gainey | June 27th, 2014, 11:42 am

A very scary moment for Novak Djokovic and his fans today. Up two sets and 3-2 in the third, Djokovic tumbled to the ground rolling and injuring his left shoulder in the process.

Djokovic laid on the court in pain before gingerly returning to the chair. He was later treated by tournament medical officials and returned to finish the match to beat Gilles Simon 64, 62, 64.

Djokovic explained the injury to the BBC afterward, “It was a sharp pain when I fell. It was an awkward fall. I’m just hoping there is nothing bad going on with the joint and luckily there is no damage to the joint.”

Later with the press, Djokovic elaborated on the injury.

“I talked with Boris. We obviously need to work on my diving volleys, learning how to fall down on the court. I’m not very skillful in that,” he joked.

“I tried to land on my left arm. I basically had a strong impact on the shoulder. When I stood up, you know, I felt that click or pop, whatever you call it. I feared, you know, maybe it might be a dislocated shoulder or something like that, or joint problem. But luckily for me it was only an impact that had a minor effect on the joint and the muscles around, but no damage, significant, that can cause a bigger problem. I just came from the doctor’s office, ultrasound. It’s all looking good.

“After a minute or two, I started moving my shoulder, did the regular tests with the physiotherapist and the doctor present,” he went on. “They analyzed the whole situation. They gave their expertise in trying to come up with a proper diagnosis. They said the joint is not damaged, which is the most important thing.”

Djokovic will have two days to recover and prepare for a fourth round match against Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. Djokovic leads Tsonga 12-5 winning the last 10.

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12 Comments for Novak Djokovic Suffered This Very Scary Fall Today At Wimbledon [Video]

Giles Says:

Joker not wearing his illegal shoes this year?

jane Says:

i think he’ll be okay. the trainer probably worked out the niggles and he has 2 days to have it looked after.

ajde nole!

Patson Says:

Yup jane. Hopefully he will.

Ajde Nole !

Ben Pronin Says:

Someone’s been watching a lot of world cup…

wheels Says:

I saw a picture from another angle and it looked like he was avoiding touching down on his bandaged wrist and took most of the force to the opposite shoulder. He might have a bit of bruising but hopefully the physiotherapy team can work out the kinks.

Ash Says:

I want both of them to lose but there must be a winner.
grunt mug and push mug. OMFG

Patson Says:


People like you astonish me; Nole has achieved more than what you possibly would even if you were to live for a thousand years.

madmax Says:

Good luck to Nole. It didn’t look as bad watching it second time around, first time around was a bit scary.

Ash, you can be really nasty. Why?

Borninthedesert Says:

I want a Djokovic and Murray sf to see if the serbian can defeat the scotish in his weakest surface. If he is slamless this year, in his absolute prime years, Becker will be a step behind in Djokovics career.

Michael Says:

It was really an awkard fall. But Novak always excels in adversity and is a born fighter. I am sure he is all perked up to win this edition of Wimbledon and will do all that he can to kiss that prestigious trophy once again. I just hope his body cooperates in his zeal for excellence.

metan Says:

He bumped on the right but felt pain on the left, WHY unless he has had minor issue on his left before falling. Anyone? Hope he’ll recover .

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