Caroline Wozniacki Will Run The New York City Marathon This Fall
by Tom Gainey | July 31st, 2014, 9:21 am

Caroline Wozniacki went on the CBS This Morning Show today where in a surprise announcement the former WTA No. 1 revealed she’ll be running in the New York City marathon.

Wozniacki will run the race in support of NYRR Youth Programs.

“I’m so excited to be running the 2014 TCS New York City Marathon as a New York Road Runners Team for Kids Ambassador, and I’m asking for your support,” Wozniacki said on the site. ‘The Team for Kids charity running program raises funds for youth running programs for kids who would otherwise have little or no access to regular physical activity. Their programs serve over 200,000 children in more than 800 schools and community centers with FREE programs, throughout the five boroughs and around the country.

“I can’t wait to trade my tennis racquet for a pair of running shoes on Sunday, November 2 and join the Team for Kids runners at the Marathon. I grew up in a family where sports were a huge part of our lives, and I learned from a young age the importance of being active. I strive to inspire others to do the same. That’s why running for Team for Kids is so important to me.

“When I join the 50,000 runners from around the world and cross the finish line in Central Park, it will be one of the most rewarding days of my life; not only because of the personal accomplishment, but also because it will help thousands of kids to get healthy and fit through sport.”

The marathon takes place on November 2 after the year-end finals. The 24-yer-old Wozniacki is currently ranked No. 13. After her much-publicized breakup with Rory McIlroy, Wozniacki just won her 22nd title a few weeks ago in Istanbul. Now instead of getting married to the golfer she’ll be running a marathon for a good cause.

Have any other pro tennis players run a full marathon while they were still on the tour?

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12 Comments for Caroline Wozniacki Will Run The New York City Marathon This Fall

Hippy Chic Says:

Best of luck Caroline,but i always come back to the same thing,why does the whole world feel the need to make such an issue,when it comes to celebs and charities/or doing things for charities?

Okiegal Says:


It’s news……the “beautiful” people make the news!!

Hippy Chic Says:

Okiegal i just think theres too much kitsch sometimes when it comes to the cult of celebrities,and for some reason it seems lost on some people when not all of us choose to fawn over everything they do,ie the foundations,charities,endorsements,tv programmes,pictures in Hello magazine,books etc….

RZ Says:

@Chic and Okiegal – part of the reason is so that she can get others to also donate to the cause.

Hopefully she will complete the marathon with no problems. Good luck to her.

Okiegal Says:


I hope she does well too. She’s been through a lot this year. Celebs do get lots of attention…..guess it goes with the territory. They do lots of good things for charitable foundations. The big names really do share their wealth. Hats off to them!!

Hippy Chicl Says:

RZ/Okiegal as i say i dont have a problem with celebrities promoting charities,and i hope she does complete the marathon without any problems,but i just dont choose to fawn and back slap over everything they do,many of the girls where i work do the race for life for cancer research,we hold a macmillan coffee morning at work,the pagan camp i go to every year donates all the funds to cat protection,you see many people donate and do things for charity,they just dont choose to make an issue about it is all im saying,Margot,Grendel and Colin do agree with me on this one….

Polo Says:

Hippy Chic, celebrities doing charity work are in a catch-22 situation. The nature of charity work necessitates optimizing their celebrity status to gain media coverage to gain more donations. So, they run the risk of doing charity for self promotion. On the otherhand, if they choose to be quiet about it, then it defeats the purpose. Most charity organizations call on them to be used as spokesmen for the organization. Example: Michael J. Fox for Parkinson’s Foundation, Christopher Reeves for Spinal Cord injury. Their celebrity status has helped obtain a tremendous amount of money which have been extremely useful in reseach to help those not afflicted. It is not that the charitable work/donations of the common people are ignored. They are greatly appreciated and acknowledged by these charitable organizations. By the way, how can one tell if a celebrity donates but decides to keep quiet about it?

Polo Says:

One part should have been”…of being mistaken of doing charity for self promotion.”

Polo Says:

Still wrong grammar, hahaha… For doing charity…

Hippy Chic Says:

Polo im not against charities,or celebrities promoting charities,i just find it irritating when the whole world makes a big issue in them doing so,people seem to think we all should pat them on the back and say what a great guy/gal they are for doing so,and give them all the awards and acolades etc,celebrities promoting charities can be a good thing/bad thing i dont know personally?some average everyday nobodies give to charities everyday and some dont,the girls where i work do race for life,we promote dementia friends,heart foundation,Mcmillan etc,we all know these things exist otherwise we wouldnt be here discssing it,the point is its all nice and noteworthy,but does that make us all saints because we do it IMO no,and that goes for me,Bob Geldof and Caroline Wozniaki?

Lane399 Says:

HippyChic U keep repeating yourself and your point doesn’t make sense. Charities need positive, public figures to help them raise funds and awareness, do u think u would raise as much as Caroline? Exactly. U sound bitter and jealous. Lots of everyday people help charities from their heart, they don’t get bitter over who gets more attention, they just want the charity to b successful.

Hippy Chic Says:

Lane 399 would i raise as much for charity as Caroline?no probably not but then again im not a millionaire like she is,however i do my share with the charities i mentioned above from my heart, and as a matter of fact i have had posters who have exatly the same opinion as i have,ie the posters i mentioned in my above post,so i suppose they are also bitter and dissapointed simply because they dont choose to fawn about these things,anyway good luck to Caroline and i hope she does well for what is a worthy cause?….

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