Roger Federer Qualifies For ATP Finals, Closes In On No. 2 Rafael Nadal
by Tom Gainey | August 18th, 2014, 10:11 am

Thanks to his Cincinnati title yesterday, Roger Federer has officially qualified for the year-end ATP Finals in London. The 33-year-old will appear in the prestigious event for a record 13th straight time!

“It’s always one of the big goals I set myself at the beginning of the season,” said Federer. “It’s always an absolute honour being part of the best eight. Getting a chance to win an extra trophy at the end of the season – which is so prestigious, one of the biggest ones we have in the game and one I’ve done so well at – is a great feeling. Returning to the season finale is something I’ve been a part of since 2002, so to do it again is a privilege and I will try to play my very best there. I hope I can save some of my best for last.”

In the latest ATP Race standings, Federer also moved within 500 or so points of the idle No. 2 Rafael Nadal who will not play the US Open. And if No. 1 Novak Djokovic loses early in NY and Federer wins another US Open, the Swiss could very well head into the fall as the Race leader.

Current ATP Race standings (as of August 18)
1 Djokovic, Novak (SRB) 7,430
2 Nadal, Rafael (ESP) 6,645
3 Federer, Roger (SUI) 6,160
4 Wawrinka, Stan (SUI) 4,365
5 Ferrer, David (ESP) 3,445
6 Raonic, Milos (CAN) 3,245
7 Dimitrov, Grigor (BUL)3,155
8 Berdych, Tomas (CZE) 3,150

9 Murray, Andy (GBR) 2,795
10 Nishikori, Kei (JPN) 2,475

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18 Comments for Roger Federer Qualifies For ATP Finals, Closes In On No. 2 Rafael Nadal

MMT Says:

I tell you what – Murray’s got some catching up to do to make the WTF. He’s got some time, but he’ll need good results from here on out to be sure. Looks like Raonic and Dimitrov have a good shot as well.

skeezer Says:

13th WTF? Awseome achievement.
“ of the biggest ones we have in the game ..
Congrats Fed.

Margot Says:

That’s true, but last year Andy only made quarters of USOpen and then didn’t play, so it’s possible he can catch up from here on in, providing he stays healthy of course.
@the DA
I think CDP is probably busy baking crow pie, so I’ll just talk to you….;)
Will be very happy is Andy gets to the quarters and ecstatic if he gets beyond….so everything crossed!

Ben Pronin Says:

How does Berdych have so many points? He’s had a pretty bad few months. I think Murray and Berdych will end up switching places. But honestly I’m not sure how much higher Murray can go. Not just because of his shaky form but because the rest of the guys in front of him firmly deserve to be there. And barring a severe dip in form, I think everyone continues playing well.

Margot Says:

“Deserve” is a word I dislike so much in sport. Nobody “deserves” anything. Did Andy “deserve” to have to have back surgery?
As for Big Bird, has he played more tournaments? Or perhaps did much better earlier in the year?

RZ Says:

@Margot – Keep in mind this is the race points, so it only includes the 2014 points so far. He really lost some ground during the grasscourt season, where he usually excels. I think Andy can move up but he needs a strong U.S. Open and a strong indoor seasons.

Polo Says:

Awewsome! Federer still in the thick of the battle for top rankings in tennis. Djokovic and Nadal (in spite of his injury) are expected there but Federer, not quite unexpected but definitely amazing. I would have expected some younger, newer faces to be disturbing the revered waters of the top four. I certainly picked the right guy to admire.

Ben Pronin Says:

Margot, what do you mean? Of course they deserve to be there. The top 7 guys played well, won matches and tournaments, accumulated a lot of points and are ranked as such. It’s not like the rankings were handed to them. They worked hard, played hard, and did their due diligence. Therefore, they deserve to be where they are. I’m not saying that, for example, Dimitrov deserves to end the year ranked 7th. I could see how that would irk you. But right now, he deserves to be ranked 7th because he earned that ranking.

Margot Says:

@ Ben
Ok, I’ve misunderstood you. For me the word “deserve” always carries with it the suggestion of some sort of entitlement which would be the case if eg you’d said Gulbis deserves to be no 1. Lol.
Of course these guys “deserve” their rankings, through hard work, they’ve got there.
Yes, you’re right of course. But I feel if Andy has a good Autumn he could make some waves, and he used to play well in the Asian swing.
“Used to” being operative words.

Eric Says:

I’ve been wondering how Berdych is still so high in the rankings for a few months now. I’m surprised he’s no. 8 even in the race.

What’s crazy is that if a few points had gone his way in some of the 5 (?!) finals he’s lost this season so far, Roger could actually be no. 1 in the race– which would be insane given last season, his age, etc. He will quite obviously move up to no. 2 in the race after the USO, although he will still need to have a very solid fall swing to end the year there, which we still can’t take for granted.

Anyway, Andy should absolutely make it to the WTF. No way he will stay behind Berdych and Dimitrov — remember that Andy didn’t even play in Shanghai or Paris last fall, plus whatever other minor tournaments he missed. Plenty of opportunities to go big. He’s still on the upswing.

RZ Says:

Berdych had a good start to the year – semis at the Aussie Open, finalist in Dubai, won Rotterdam, semis in Miami. 1880 of his points came from those 4 events.

TGIT Says:

Well, great for Fed. I saw Fed beat Murray at the Cincy tourney and I have to say he ran around like a twenty year old. I can’t believe the guy is 33. He is so much quicker in person. I was about 8 feet from him on practice court 15 and if you think he is great wait till you see this fifteen year old he warmed up with. I think from what I heard he got a wild card to US Open and has won a few qualifying tournaments. The kid hung in with Fed and looks as good as any pro. Funny part every so often Fed would launch a forehand bazooka to remind him who he was playing. Too cool!!! Hey one last note if you want an autograph from Jack Sock go for it. The guy was everywhere signing anything and the Bryan brothers did a couple of selfies. They were of course great too.

skeezer Says:

I assume you were on site for Cincy, awesome. Thanks for sharing your experience.

Michael Says:

Well 13th time running, Roger has managed to qualify for the WTF and that is something incredible and totally out of the World. Measuring by any standards, it is a unique achievement unparalleled in sport. It is definitely another feather in Roger’s cap that he has managed to stay in the top five for so long in his career and speak volumes about his consistency. He is definitely an inspiration for the young guns who can take his lead to lengthen their careers and keep them motivated.

As of now, the top 3 have assured their place in the World Tour finals and it is really depressing to see Andy still struggling to qualify for this prestigious event. He definitely needs a good performance at the US Open to shore up his prospects and also boost his sagging morale and confidence which is at an all time low. He defintely needs a big win. But there is still time and more tournaments to enable him to qualify.

Felipe Says:

My dream field should be:
Djokovic, Federer, Nadal, Wawrinka, Ferrer, Raonic, Dimitrov, Tsonga; but i think Murray will make the cut.
Federer now has a BIG chance to claim an unprecedented year end number 1 at 33 years old. US OPEN will decide his fate (Nadal is out of the running)

Humble Rafa Says:

Federer also moved within 500 or so points of the idle No. 2 Rafael Nadal who will not play the US Open.

I read idol Rafa. LOL

Polo Says:

Just had glimpse of Nadal watching Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid. He looked like he is enjoying the game. I hope Real Madrid wins. That would make Rafa happy.

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