Tomas Berdych Apologizes For Double Bounce Incident At US Open
by Tom Gainey | September 5th, 2014, 12:42 pm

Tomas Berdych took to twitter this morning to apologize to chair umpire Louise Engzell for his behavior after she correctly awarded a point in the third set to Marin Cilic.

In replay, Berdych didn’t get to the ball before it bounced twice.

According to the AP, Berdych said, “What are you talking about?”

“Have you ever had a racket in your hand?” he continued. “This is a horrible call. This is absolutely horrible call. There is absolutely no explanation.

“If it bounced twice,” he said, “it is impossible to hit a shot like that.”

Berdych, who was up a break at the time in the third set, went on to lose the set and the match in a tiebreaker.

The videos:

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12 Comments for Tomas Berdych Apologizes For Double Bounce Incident At US Open

Josh Says:

Good on you, Tomas!

TGIT Says:

Ok, Roger now it is your turn.

Michael Says:

If he has apologized then that is great and the matter should be put to rest. The greatest quality of a human comes out when he accepts his own mistake.

Okiegal Says:

That was big of Thomas……I’m sure after he watched the replay he felt bad…..but he swallowed his pride and set the record straight! Good for him!
Hopefully the official got wind of his apology. Nice gesture on his part.

madmax Says:

Tomas has gone up in my view.

That was really big of him to admit this.


Before your earlier rant on Roger, you didn’t even mention Tomas, so it must mean that you have a real adverse reaction when Fed’s name is mentioned. For all your niceties now, it is clear how you really feel – and there is nothing wrong with that – it is just, accept that all players have their foibles. Roger is no different.

Berdych’s reaction during the match was understandably, as he said, his emotions were driving him crazy!

He is true sports professional!

Okiegal Says:


No I didn’t……guess I should have for he was out of line too……Kudos to him for making amends!

MMT Says:

I don’t know if an apology on twitter is the way to go – it’s better than nothing, but he really should have done this in person. I’m sure that umpire was still at the US Open when he tweeted this.

Margot Says:

I agree with you, but I guess it’s easier to make an anonymous apology via twitter, than a personal, private apology.
Unless of course he’s done that as well and it’s so private we don’t know about it!
In which case I am making a public apology to Tomas…;)

MMT Says:

LOL – well said, Margot.

Okiegal Says:

@Madmax…….You say after all my niceties now, it is clear how I really feel…..We have a saying in Oklahoma that when giving up on something you yell calf rope……. CALF ROPE, I give up…..danged if you do and danged if you don’t…..LOL I actually prefer to be known as a nice person but I believe I failed in that department yesterday. Hey, I have apologized for my comment, if you consider that a nicetie, I am pleased.

Uh oh, Kei just broke Novak. Is this kid the real deal? We will see!!

WTF Says:

I guess he did a bit more than Raonic.. “Hypothetically yes, technically no.”

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