Top Finishers in Tennis-X 2014 Year-end Top 10 Picks Contest

by Staff | December 7th, 2014, 10:30 am

It was the second straight year that no one could pick all of the year-end Top 10 finishers in the 2014 Tennis-X Top 10 Year-end Rankings Contest due to the Argentine and Croat factors.

About 99% of entrants had Juan Martin del Potro in their Top 10, but the Argentine succumbed to injury in 2014, blowing everyone’s picks. On the other end of the spectrum you have to hand it to pigoonse and Armend_Kosova, the only two entrants to have US Open winner Marin Cilic in their respective Top 10s.

In the you’re-the-ones-who-threw-it-out-there dept., here’s our Crystal Ball Awards from those that offered commentary with their picks:

Best Crystal Ball Pick: Hippy Chic
“Talented as he is i think Gasquet will fall out of the top 10 next year and be replaced i believe by Nishikori.”

Worst Crystal Ball Pick: holdserve
“I do believe predicting Novak as year end no. 1 is based more on wishful thinking than on objective analysis. Djokovic himself has had his confidence shaken otherwise he wouldn’t be hiring Becker.”

Or not.

Now to the top finishers:

Twenty entrants tied with 8 out of 10 picked, but since we don’t have 20 Super Prize Packs, the tiebreakers start. We go with who picked how many of their Top 10 correct in the proper order.

Tied for 4th place with eight of the Top 10 picked correctly, but none picked in correct order, were: Armend_Kosova, Giles, Montecarlo, Tennis Picks, and Thitikorn.

Tied for 3rd place with eight of the Top 10 picked correctly, and one picked in correct order, were: Emm-jee, Okiegal, Hippy Chic, SV4, Wilfried, Armelwani, RZ, Sivasi, and RSP.

Tied for 2nd place, with eight of the Top 10 picked correctly, and two picked in correct order, were: Rodja, Nikosmp, Vinod, CRJ, and Perfect Fan (who maybe now needs to change their name).

And winning the 1st place prize, with eight of the Top 10 picked correctly and three picked in the proper order (No. 1 Djokovic, No. 3 Nadal, No. 7 Berdych) was PATSON.

Patson, contact the webmaster with your mailing address for your fabulous prize package, and see everyone soon for the 2015 contest (look for it).

Happy holidays — Tennis-X staff


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20 Comments for Top Finishers in Tennis-X 2014 Year-end Top 10 Picks Contest

Armend_Kosova Says:

Congrats to PATSON! It was a great effort, an unpredictable year in terms of Del Potro and Tsonga on the one side as well as Nishikori and Cilic on the other.

I was close this year, in fact as close as I was last year –

Better luck to everyone else next year :)
It sure promises to be an exciting 2015, with the newcomers seemingly (finally) rising to the occasion and yet another return of Nadal :)

madmax Says:

Hippy Chick! You did it girl!

Well done!

jane Says:

congrats patson – way to go! (nice to see a nole fan win as there are not a lot of us round here.)

congrats to all the others who did well. nice call on gasquet and nishi, hippy chick. I know you don’t love predictions but you are pretty good at them!

Hippy Chick Says:

Thanks Madmax and Jane,its not that i mind predictions,its when certain posters state them as bona fide facts,and belittle others when their predictions differ,with a get real quote,you know who i mean,anyway been a Hippy Chick i do Tarot readings and have a crystal ball,but i dont know if thats a coincidence lol….

Hippy Chick Says:

Congrats Patson,well done….

jatin Says:

Wow. Didn’t knew about these competitions.
Still, congrts hippy chic for the making accurate predictions.
Can you please look at your crystal ball to see if Roger has any chance to overtake Novak in rankings next year ? :)..
And yeah, congratulations to patson as well. Its one heck of a job to predict even the 2 top ten players in right order.

Meanwhile, all I see is the GOAT debate these days here. So its a nice change.

armelwani Says:

Congrats to you, Patson!! Well played. I look forward to another exciting season in 2015. Do I dare pick my boy, Federer, for year end No. 1?? :)

Okiegal Says:

@armelwani……No, you better stay with Novak as #1 Rafa @2 and Fed @3……I think that’s your best bet!! For Novak to fall in the rankings he will have to totally lose all sense of the game…..and that ain’t gonna happen…….but having said that, VAMOS, Rafa!! Here’s hoping that all the players have a prosperous and healthy 2015!! BTW your guy Fed played some awesome tennis this year…. clawed his way back to #2, an amazing feat for a guy 33 yrs old! Kudos to him!!

Michael Says:

Congratulations to all the winners particularly Alison for her crystal ball pick and Patson too. Predicting weighing all the permutations and combinations is always a hard nut to crack and to emerge successful always gives one a sense of fulfilment and the deliverer of a prophesy making you feel that you have acquired Godly characteristics. It is fun filled too with all excitement that comes with uncertainity and you stiff your neck out to hold the gun.

Okiegal Says:

@Michael….I guess this new tennis venture will give a lot of people a chance to see the players that wouldn’t be able to otherwise. It may not last long, however. It sounds like it’s just like an exhibition would be…….mostly for fun.

Okiegal Says:

Congrats, Patson and you too, Chick…..are you trying to take over Jamie’s area of expertise?? Lol

Michael Says:

Okiegal @ 1.55 am

As I commented in the other thread, the primary motivation to participate in such league encounters is money. Ofcourse as you said on the bright side, it will surely provide an opportunity for the people in this Country to see the Legends in action through sponsorship of such exhibition tournaments. But, the players would not be playing serious Tennis and that would be a real dampener as you cannot see their full exploits on court in action, but only get to see a shade of it. Nevertheless, I think the ATP format is itself fully loaded and it would be beneficial to the players if they utilize such resting days (which are rare to come by) to recharge their body and enter the New Year with much vigour, strength and motivation.

Hippy Chick Says:

Jatin @1.41pm many thanks,sorry for the late reply,sorry but as Okiegal says i think Novak will be ranked number 1 for the foreseeable,although i think its the GS the players want TBH,i think his best chance would be Wimbldon,although the USO is a very open GS,which hasnt actually had a repeat winner in years….

Hippy Chick Says:

Michael you pay your money you take your choice,if they choose to play this or that in the off season,then they cant complain about the season being too long,or being tired etc….
Thanks for the heads up on the picking too :))….

mat4 Says:

Congrats to Patson.

Nolefans hold the first place for the second year in a row — or third? At least, for us it is easy to pick the no1e.

You should retire now.


Michael Says:

True Alison. They lose the right to complain !!

RZ Says:

Congrats Patson!

Patson Says:

Aaah ! I didn’t even realize I won. In my defense, I was suffering from tennis-exhaustion – hence the hiatus.

I hope my prize is still with the admin ! :)

Patson Says:

Belated congrats to Alison for the Crystal ball pick by the way, and thanks to everyone.

Hippy Chick Says:

Thanks Patson,and big congratulations to you too by the way,hope you havent missed out,im sure Sean and the Tennis-X staff will sort it for you,good luck,and Happy New Year ;-))….

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