Nick Kyrgios: Beating Federer Is A Bigger Win For Me Than Beating Nadal At Wimbledon [Video]
by Tom Gainey | May 6th, 2015, 5:41 pm

Young Nick Krygios picked up one the biggest wins of his career beating tennis great Roger Federer 67(2), 76(5), 76(12) in the second round at the Madrid Open today.

“I thought I served remarkably well throughout the match and that what kept me in it,” said the 20-year-old Kyrgios who saved three matchpoints in the thriller.

“I know that he’s the greatest, so I knew before the match I had to play one of the greatest matches I’ve ever played,” Kyrgios said. “So I wasn’t intimidated at all, I have a lot of respect for him.”

Kyrgios hit the spotlight last summer stunning Rafael Nadal at Wimbledon. Now he beats his idol in what he calls an even bigger win.

“I think this is definitely my greatest win of my career so far,” he said. “It doesn’t really feel real at the moment. I didn’t feel as if I was playing out there, it almost felt as if I was just watching.”

Kyrgios, who just made the Estoril final last Sunday, now faces American big man John Isner tomorrow in the third round.

He is ranked No. 35 but will move even higher, assuring himself his first Grand Slam seeding later this month at the French Open.

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23 Comments for Nick Kyrgios: Beating Federer Is A Bigger Win For Me Than Beating Nadal At Wimbledon [Video]

M Says:


Nicky, I like your tennis, and I like your nerve on the court, but … you talk entirely too much off the court.

Get yourself a publicist.

And a different haircut. The fade is … kinda 90s.

tennismonger Says:

Yeah, Here’s a nickname (no pun intended) for you to use, TX:

Nick “What’s the big deal about Nadal?” Kyrgios

skeezer Says:

“Nick Kyrgios: Beating Federer Is A Bigger Win For Me Than Beating Nadal At Wimbledon”
LOL but of course!

Hisyam Lee Says:

Looks like Kyrgios could be the first Aussie since Rod Laver to reach French Open final in the near future, something Lleyton Hewitt fails to do…

M Says:

LOL, Hisyam.

How about we wait & see if he has a chance to get past beating Roger first?

I think the last guy who beat Rafa & Roger back to back was Juan Martin del Potro in 2009 (and Rafa had a torn ab muscle).

Usually what happens is if that player beats one of them, they go right out the next round — and that without running into another player who’s got similar weapons to what they’ve got … which is what KG’s about to run into, since John Isner’s serve is even bigger than his is.

I’m not sure I’ll ever understand the tendency to try to turn 1 – or even 2 – giant-killing performances into a Multi-Slam career in one single step, LOL.

Ngentot Says:


No.Nole was the last man to beat Roger and Rafa back to back. He did it in US Open 2011 by beating Roger in Semi and Rafa in Final.

skeezer Says:

‘”2009 (and Rafa had a torn ab muscle).”. LOL here we go again, and lost to Sod cause of knees despite running all over the court like a bunny rabbit. Lets be clear, Rafa is A Champion. If he plays, he thinks he can win. Otherwise, why tarnish his status? Continually giving him excuses for losing tarnishes it, not the excuse that the other player was just better.

Humble Rafa Says:

No need to panic. Mr. Arrogance is the favorite for the French Open. You should just have a front page poll to confirm this.

Daniel Says:

What is interesting is that either Kyrgios or Isner will be Quarter finalist in Madrid and maybe even a semis as the winer take Tsonga x Berdych. All big serves, big hitters with aggressive game wise. Berdych could make it and actually either of this guys facing Nadal in semis would be interesting as this courts favors all their games.

Nadal didn’t look much impressive today, sometimes watching Johnson (who had no BH at all, I was surprised how many games he got. But this is fast clay who favors big servers so kind of explain hi getting 7 games out of Nadal.

Can’t see Boleli troubling Rafa and Wawa still question mark. Dimitrov folds under pressure so unless Nadal plays really poorly he is in semis.

kriket Says:

“I think the last guy who beat Rafa & Roger back to back was Juan Martin del Potro in 2009 (and Rafa had a torn ab muscle).”

How about Đoković? I can remember several times he beat them back to back more recently than 2009
for example US Open 2011.

jane Says:

i wonder why people forget that about the us open 2011 (both were such epic wins; neither fed nor rafa were injured) but they remember delpo?

novak also beat rafa and roger back to back before delpo at the montreal masters in 2007.

Travis Bickle Says:

Poor Federer, he is fading badly. Hence, he should be called “Faderer”.

His arrogance and desire to be worshipped is leading him to the sorry path littered by mediocre players like Hewitt or Roddick who were losing from everyone in their last years.

Faderer should have graciously retired after his 2012 Wimbledon triumph which would have preserved his legacy as the true champ! This way, we will remember him as the dude who, in his last years, was losing in early rounds (AO, Monte Carlo, Madrid) and winning small 250 tournaments (Dubai, Istanbullshit).

In the ironic twist of fate, he may end up being the clown in the ATP circus (his snarky remark to umpire today regarding “missing clown for this circus”).

It is one thing when Feliciano who is about the same age loses in early rounds from everyone. Roger doing the same thing is completely different – it tarnishes his legacy and if he does not retire soon, it may be tarnished irreparably… Of course, there is an alternative – start winning big tournaments, but chances of that happening are slim to none.

In conclusions, I suggest to Faderer to either retire or continue playing tournaments like Istanbul, Halle, Basel, where he still has chance of doing well. It’s sad to see him fading, losing and excusing himself at post-match press conferences!

skeezer Says:

Lol, so you are the “Faderer” or ” Fedends” reincarnate. Old hater news dudette. You must be the same who said that prior to 2012 Wimby, LMAO. Not surprising.
True Champions don’t quit, they play and compete as long as they can. And Fed, despite being 33, is currently ranked #2 in the world. Eat it and enjoy the hatred.
There is no tarnishing @ 33. There IS tarnishing when, in your prime, you lose consistently to W/C & qualifiers consistently, or lose to “”Olderer” Faderer types in your prime.

DC Says:


im sure Fed, even while loosing his matches, is having a better life than you.

Travis Bickle Says:

skeezer and DC,

There is no need to be so defensive and attack my personal life, really. I simply expressed a profanity-free opinion about the f***ing tennis player, not a deity.

I did not say anything bad about Faderer, I simply stated the facts and suggested he stop this sorry state of affairs when he loses in early rounds at important tournaments. The nickname Faderer is kind of cute.

As a result, you call me hater and say that he is having better life than me!!??? I will be better than both of you and refrain from insulting you personally, this time…

He is richer than most of us here, that’s for sure. But quality of life is not all about $$$, despite what you might have been thought. Faderer is not happy – if he is, he would retire and enjoy his riches and his 4 kids and do as he please. But no, he still plays and suffers these frequent loses and has to explain them to the world. Why do that if one is happy with his life? Alas, he keeps playing and, lately, humiliating himself, hence Faderer!

Daniel Says:

Seems Kyrgios didn;t have much in the tank for today, poor serving with very few aces for his standards getting broken twice and DF on MP.

Inner into his first Quarters and with his serve he has a chance against Berdych. But I still give the edge to Berdych who is having a solid season going deep almost every chance he got. Plus, would be nice to see a rematch with Nadal after their AO match.

Don’t know if Dimitrov can trouble Nadal much, in their first meeting he always won sets, and is fighting some tough 3 setters lately. Let’s see how he will fare tomorrow.

Nadal doesn’t look that impressive but his opponent were weak. sometimes you only play as well as your opponents plays too. But he had a lot of UE (more than 15) for a 6-2 6-2 win.

madmax Says:

Wow, to be expected really. What a tight one. A tight tight match. The changing of the guard (again).

Happy that Fed is still in the mix, playing good tennis, even great tennis at times. But no expectations.

Tough, tough draw. Well done to Fed for making it tight tie breakers, 3 setters –

Would have been great if he could have gone deeper, but not to be.

On to Rome!

M Says:

@Giles – loved that lob. Ridiculous, wasn’t it?

Feel like Rafa is starting to get some more confidence in his form.

Giles Says:

@M. Hope so. And maybe playing at home helps him as well. The Madrid crowd love him.

kriket Says:

Indian Wells same year as well, beat Fed in the semis, Nadal in the final.
I can’t find a statistic of only those back to back victories. But those two are certain. Indian Wells and US Open 2011

andrea Says:

interesting that he’d say that about beating fed, but the gospel of Fed has grown to myth-like proportions, especially for these up and coming players (who he still has been beating, by and large). like stahkovsky beating him at wimby a couple of years ago…stahkovsky did so much press after that, you would have thought he won the darn tournament.

beating such a mythical player like Fed is something for the resume.

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