Thanks for the Input Ladies, But Men’s Tennis is Just Fine
by Jeremy Davis | July 2nd, 2015, 1:22 pm

This Wimbledon has been rife with women telling the men’s tour what they need to do.

Judy Murray, the British Fed Cup captain and mum of Andy Murray, says the men need to adopt the WTA’s heat rule which allows 10 additional minutes between sets when the “heat stress index” tops out.

“I think the men should adopt it as well, especially because they have to play five sets,” said Mrs. Murray. “And a slam is such a tough thing to play in, I know you get a day in between matches but if you’re going to win a slam you need to play seven matches in 13 days. And for the men working across the best of five sets it’s incredibly physically and mentally draining, so I think the men should take advantage of it as well.”

Thanks for your concern. But this is where the men’s tour differs from the women’s. Two men enter the court, one man leaves. No heat breaks, no (almost always) male coaches coming on court because you can’t win on your own. It’s brutal, and sometimes it gets very hot, sometimes it goes very long, sometimes players retire during. Those who aren’t in shape ask for breaks or succumb to heat illness and retire.

It’s a battle on the men’s side. And it’s not going to change to taking spa breaks in the middle of matches. It’s not going to change to having your coach run on to court to help you because you can’t figure out how to change strategy or take advantage of weaknesses or formulate a plan.

Next year look for the WTA to implement a rule where each player gets a banana-feeder to run on court during changeovers so players will get enough bananas. Because god forbid they might not be able to figure out when and how much of a banana to eat during a match.

British men’s player British star Kyle Edmund said, “For me personally, I think it’s sport. Especially tennis, it can be physically testing and demanding. That’s why we put a lot of hours in on court and in the gym.”

It is a sport, a physical test. But let’s turn it into a game instead, like golf. Take out the physical aspect, and the mental aspect by allowing male coaches to run on the court and save the day for the women. The WTA says, ‘Don’t strain that lady brain, we’ll let the male coach solve problems during a match.’

Commentator Mary Carillo has gone on record saying it’s pretty pathetic, as have a few others, but to no avail.

“Apart from going against the principle that tennis is a one-on-one sport in which you have to work things out for yourself, it gives off a terrible impression,” said Mark Dickson of the Daily Mail this week. “Usually it involves middle-aged men bounding on to the court to give instructions, sometimes quite aggressively, to often befuddled and stressed young women. It does not look empowering.”

TENNIS magazine’s Nina Pantic has some more advice for the men’s tour. Her article is currently on the website. She argues that Novak Djokovic’s coach Boris Becker admits that he cheats and coaches Novak from the player’s box, as does Rafael Nadal’s uncle Toni. Hence, let’s just allow coaches to coach from the stands, and while we’re at it, the ATP needs to adopt the WTA rule and let coaches visit players on court. Coach from everywhere!

More great advice, seemingly, but no. The ATP voted against on-court coaching. The organization internally, and a lot of the players, think it is a demeaning joke. The suggestion also completely disregards the wealth gap — top players have top coaches, while lower players frequently don’t even have a coach to come on the court. Do the top players need another advantage against the lower ranks?

‘Coaches cheat, so let’s just allow it.’ When you let cheating coaches drive the tour rules, you know we’re really in trouble.

Pantic also endeared herself to readers last month by insinuating that Timea Bacsinszky’s abusive parents, and the long string of abusive parents on the tennis timeline, are validated because they get their kids to the tennis stardom level.

“Yet all of these players have had stellar careers despite their struggles — in part, of course, because of the influences of their pushy parents,” she wrote. “Bacsinszky’s father was the driving force behind her game from a very young age. He went way too far, but she may not be where she is right now without some kind of motivation.”

Not-so solid logic.

So to review:

1. Men need breaks between sets when it’s hot, like the women.
2. Men need their coaches to come on court during matches to help them, like the women.
3. Men (and women) pros benefit from pushy and abusive parents when younger.

I’m probably long past the point of being sexist, but those suggestions or points suck. Let’s throw all of them out and accept the differences between the tours and let the men be the men and the ladies be the ladies.

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22 Comments for Thanks for the Input Ladies, But Men’s Tennis is Just Fine

kriket Says:

Brown had the match point in his reach at 3-5 15-40, 4th set, but instead of ripping the net volley when he was right on the ball, he lets it pass thinking its going out.

how lucky for Rafa. He wouldve been out of the tournament by now.

kriket Says:

And he aces Nadal out the tournament. 7-5, 3-6, 6-4, 6-4. Amazing match for Brown

Margot Says:

OMG Busting Dustin just went and did it!
Commies to Nadal fans but Dustin so deserved it!
Astonishing, aggressive, nerveless tennis!

Pro rafa Says:

Outstanding tennis from brown.. Thoroughly deserved win.. As for Rafa, this is the very worst I’ve seen him play in 11 years.. The speed is gone.. The instinct is gone.. The confidence is gone.. All that’s left is a legacy that’s fast fading into nothingness :(

Humble Rafa Says:

I will go find another sport to play.

Jock-KatH Says:

Brown was stunning – but Nadal fans should not despair – Brown would have beaten any, and all, top players the way he played tonight – it would have been goodbye Nole, Federer, Murray, Stan etc. etc. My opinion – anyone and everyone’s opinion on this is equally valid.

Hippy Chick Says:

Disagree about the legacy fading into nothingness,a players legacy will live on set in stone long after these players all retire,players come,players go,players win,players lose,Laver,Samprass,Agassi,Borg,Becker,Edberg,Conners etc etc,are all remembered as legends of the game,it will be the same for Federer,Nadal,Djokovic,Murray etc when they all eventually retire,silly talk absolutely ridiculous….

Okiegal Says:

His legacy fading? What’s that supposed to mean? He will always have his records which are his legacy! I’ve never heard such hogwash in my life. You are Pro Rafa….I seriously doubt that. You are entitled to your opinion, but a true Rafa fan would never question the stability of his legacy….me thinks you’re an imposter, Pro rafa!!

skeezer Says:

Losing to another 100+ ranked player(102)?
Dreds has only made it through the 2nd Rd in Slams ONCE in his career.
Has Zero career titles.
But today he had numerous points that made Rafa look downright silly. Pretty much a Magician with a Stick.

Rafa better turn things around quickly for USO or its going to be complete way out year, and forget the fall/winter leg where historically he doesn’t do well.

Anyone know how this affects his ranking (points?)

skeezer Says:

^way out = wash out

Okiegal Says:

It might have been better if Rafa had been ranked lower and could have possibly drawn Feddy Bear the first round. At least Rafa is always full of confidence when they meet. No problem for Rafa possibly beating number 2 in the world, as he’s done it many times, but can’t get past #102 I don’t get it?? I’m not saying this to be snarky, but I really don’t understand it. This Dustin guy played outstanding tennis today…..then will ride off into the sunset….happy trails to him! I hope he can back this win up and maybe get further than just one win. We will see!

wmh Says:

Nope, you’re still extremely sexist.

Brando Says:

To be very honest:

I was neither surprised nor shocked or even gutted by this loss. Why?

Been used to it for, what, 8 months now since China Open. It’s just par for the course at the moment with Rafa, a new norm: surprising losses- only on paper really- rafa looking slow, game looking ineffective, seeming down etc. Seen it on repeat for a long time now. Hence: could hardly muster any sense of disappointment. I think I have to say:

We should all get used to this from Rafa until he gives results- not press conferences- that suggest he warrants a different approach towards him. Rafa got it right: His tennis warrant no.10 no higher based on how he is playing in 2015. Only thing is:

IF he continues playing like this it will go below 10.

The solution? It’s all on him really. Not Uncle Toni or anyone else. He needs get his mentality right since IF he does not believe in himself or his game then he will never win these matches. And right now his problems are aplenty but no doubt for me: this is the biggest one. No self belief.

He can ONLY keep plugging away and hope for better. I wish him well, beyond that there’s nothing left to say other than:

Congats to Brown on the win. A refreshing style and love the locks. Also thanks for doing Rafa a favour:

A reasonably contested 4 sets loss and then a holiday is far better than a outright thrashing (let’s face it: Rafa was going to get pummeled had he faced a elite player as he is now) and the accompanying heartache.

Good luck in the next round. And for me:

Grateful that Andy Murray is around and kicking:


sienna Says:

well they are getting shorter.great bonuswith every loss.

sienna Says:

wow legacy on the line?
That is certainly one way of looking at it. % are dropping. He always was ahead or equal on age timeline with Federer. two behind and next one is not around the corner.,
#17 is getting tougher and odds are fading with each slam. especially garros 2016.
remember eternity is on the line. indeed he is imploding.

Wog Boy Says:

“All that’s left is a legacy that’s fast fading into nothingness :(”

Rafa fan? No way. How can anybody take Rafa’s records away (or anybody else’s), his records stay to remind you how many times your favorite was stopped by Rafa. You don’t kick the man when he is on the ground or the others will kick you, the first rule of the fight.

jalep Says:

Gotta give Dustin some credit though. He played calm and cool, nothing to lose. Very much like he did vs Rafa in Halle last year. But I thought that win over Rafa was a lucky fluke of timing by catching Rafa just after he had won Roland Garros for the 9th time.

Match of the day, I thought.

Okiegal Says:

@Wog…..Thanks, I needed to hear that atm! :)

Okiegal Says:

Rafa, throughout his career, has made a few of his opponents look silly too…..I guess what goes around, comes around……it’s called karma!!

Dustin played some stupendous tennis today and would love to see him go deep. He’s a delight to watch and loved his interview with the ESPN crew. He is a real sweet acting guy with a seemingly great personality!! Best regards for the rest of the tourney!!

Truthsquad Says:

Yes, the condencension and sexism of this site and certain contributors is quite tiresome. This article almost reads like a parody or something that was originally posted in the 60’s. If there is so little respect or appreciation for the women’s gzme, perhaps you should just refrain from covering it and focus solely on the men’s tour.

Jack Lewis Says:

Gee a woman talking about men’s tennis… the humanity. It will probably blow the cognitively challenged author’s mind that there are even women commenting on this site and not only on articles about women’s tennis.

I guess her comments would have magically become god’s truth if they had been uttered by a man?

Someone people just make me puke.

Jock-KatH Says:


If Dustin continues to play with such passion and skill in the next rounds – it won’t only be Rafa who loses to a so-called journeyman – small comfort perhaps…..

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