For The Fourth Straight Year A Triple-Digit Ranked Player Beats Rafael Nadal At Wimbledon [Chart]
by Tom Gainey | July 2nd, 2015, 3:55 pm

Rafael Nadal suffered yet another shocking loss to player ranked 100 or lower today at Wimbledon. Who would have guess that when the 2-time Wimbledon champion lost to Lukas Rosol in 2012, that was just the start.

On Thursday, Nadal fell to German Dustin Brown 75 36 64 64 on Centre Court in the second round. It was Brown’s second win over the former No. 1 in as many years. And the 30-year-old is now 2-0 against Nadal.

Nadal reached the finals at Wimbledon five times in a row, winning in 2008 and 2010. He hasn’t returned to the quarterfinals there since his 2011 finals loss to Novak Djokovic.

Born in Germany to a Jamaican father and German mother, Brown moved to Jamaica at the age of 12 and represented the Caribbean nation. He returned to Europe in 2004 and changed his nationality from Jamaican to German in 2010.
As a qualifier two years ago at Wimbledon, he knocked out another former World No. 1, Lleyton Hewitt, to reach the third round.


Rafael Nadal’s Stunning Wimbledon Losses
2015 Wimbledon 2r 102 Dustin Brown
2014 Wimbledon 4r 144 Nick Kyrgios
2013 Wimbedon 1r 135 Steve Darcis
2012 Wimbledon 2r 100 Lukas Rosol

Born in Germany to a Jamaican father and German mother, Brown moved to Jamaica at the age of 12 and represented the Caribbean nation. He returned to Europe in 2004 and changed his nationality from Jamaican to German in 2010.

As a qualifier two years ago at Wimbledon, he knocked out another former World No. 1, Lleyton Hewitt, to reach the third round.

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26 Comments for For The Fourth Straight Year A Triple-Digit Ranked Player Beats Rafael Nadal At Wimbledon [Chart]

Brando Says:

20 years from now we shall see when future yougsters ask elders about a player named Rafael Perrera Nadal, they shall hear the elder say:

Nadal, a player who made seeded players look like unseeded players in his pomp and sadly for him unseeded players look like seeded players in his demise.

The irony is quite ridiculous:

THE player who had the top 30 on lockdown. Startlingly strong v the elite.

Ends up with these ridiculous losses to these unseeded players. Bizzarely on repeat at Wimbledon.

What he would give now to face Federer in future wimbledon round 1, a gasquet in 2, a ferrer in 3, almagro in 4 etc.

Thangs Says:

Its second win in a row for Vedasco, Fogini, Brown

Daniel Says:

Thangs, don’t forget, Wawa, Djoko and Dolgo. Next is Murray and Coric.
Hope Fed gets to play this version of Nadal, or maybe this is just what the doctors order for Nadal’s confidence. But if he loses to Fed, than all hell breaks lose, LOL.

Wog Boy Says:

Commiseration to Rafa fans. Something is very strange with Rafa’s game and more strange with uncle Toni’s behaviour. It just doesn’t add up, I am confused.

Daniel Says:

Maybe Uncle T was just awkward smiling, you know when you are so uncomfortable with a situation that you smile or giggle.

skeezer Says:

I for one would love to seem him face Fed now. You think his game will instantly be better because he is facing Fed…on this surface? LOL.
BTW Rafa now has a losing H2H against #102 in the world. Not that it matters to most, but some fans think it is the most important stat of all time ( BTW what “era” are we in again? ).

Rafa looks like he needs time off, considerable time off, and get his head right. Had said it early this year, he could be burning out mentally. It happened to Borg.
Despite me not liking his style of game, totally espect the guy. When he got into his Warrior Beast mode he looked completely unstoppable. It’s truly mind boggling to see a player who use to exude so much confidence on the court turn into a crumbling bumbling mess on the court.
But then again this didn’t just happen after his appendectomy. As the top pointed out, in Wimpy he has been beaten by “who”” the last 4 YEARS. This is a guy who has won Wimbledon twice. Things started to unravel sometime ago.

Hope for the game of Tennis he finds a way back, cause the game is better for it. I mean how can you not enjoy your eggs without a little Tobasco?

Humble Rafa Says:

for one would love to seem him face Fed now. You think his game will instantly be better because he is facing Fed…on this surface? LOL.

Hold on to your cats. I will still beat him.

jalep Says:

Yes, commiserations and condolences to Rafa Fans. Pretty shocking loss today. Finally got to watch tennis.

Federer and Murray sure look good. Very sad Kei is out, Simona out, and Dog lost a 5 setter to Dr. Ivo.

Hippy Chick Says:

Thanks Skeezer and Jalep nice posts….

jalep Says:

Hi Hippy Chick…

Rafa Nadal’s legacy is assured…timeless in tennis as Contador is in Cycling.

Have had no time to watch tennis until today…and finally left messages and posted on the GTN bracket. the talk button/feature finally works.

Seth Says:

According to form lately, Fed would spank Nadal on grass without the loss of a set.

jalep Says:

Colin O. is masterfully leading the tennis-x bracket game.

Congrats to him! Nice to see Kimberly there, too.

Pitchaboy Says:

Rafa is done winning slams. Last chance FO 2016, but unlikely he wins. The other three are done and dusted.

Brando Says:

Thanks to all the fans saying commiserations re Rafa: it is appreciated, and good luck to your fav in the event.

@Wog Boy:

Thanks and I could not agree more about Uncle Toni:

WHY was he laughing his arse off, having fun when his player, not to mention nephew, was getting KO’d on court?

I just find that bizarre and ridiculous.

Your nephew is there getting beat infront of thousands, he looks dejected and out, and what kind of support does he get from Uncle?

None, he’s too busy chit chatting and having a laugh.

My take is:

Toni needs to go.

Rafa will NEVER EVER fire him since he’s his Uncle. He’s too loyal and probably will fire the individual who even suggests that let alone sack Toni. But IF Toni cares 100% for Rafa’s best interest he’ll depart himself and say Rafa: you can go no further with me.

Since I see Becker, Mauresmo, Ivanisevic etc show more passion and concern for their charge and they ain’t even related to their player!

Atleast meet Rafa halfway Toni:

Take a backseat role like Vajda. Stay around but care enough for your guy to say: hey, hire this guy since he’s good like Vajda did. If others can do it, why not you Toni when your his uncle and you know your nephew will NEVER do such a move himself.

Since laughing around, joking when your nephew is coping a very bad defeat looks really bad when your his coach. But seeing as your family:

Even more shameful.

sienna Says:

he also dodged a few bullits. 2009 when he first chicked out. Some other slams might call him Boris the bullit dodger.

chris ford1 Says:

Before Rafa lost today, Federer gave an interview on the future of the Big 4. Said it will be around for a bit more, but then he said something interesting:

“”It’s going to be a bit different. It depends when is Rafa going to go out, when I go out, Novak, Andy, what are they going to do in their respective careers. That still might be five, six, eight years.”

I read that to imply Fed thinks Rafa will be gone before Fed. He will go next, then Nole and Andy.

For Rafa fans, take heart in that Roger had a terrible year in 2013 and seemed headed to be put out on some Swiss pasture, but he came back. Is #2 and still has a shot at Wimbledon and a few of the faster Masters and ATP 500 events.

Okiegal Says:

I believe Rafa was lower today about this loss than some others. Acted very sad….ummmm maybe he saw his uncle laughing….I missed that….and I’m so glad I did. What’s up with that? Maybe he does need a new coach….

scineram Says:

It always ends with an Ace!

Did you notice?

Okiegal Says:

I think Rafa is serving better, but his fh has gone awry. According to one of the ESPN commentators, he’s been working very hard on trying to get this shot back to working like it used to. Back to work…didn’t work worth a hoot today!! Back to the drawing board, Rafa. You’ve got to come up with a new plan….your old one is not working. Something has got to be changed!! Some new eyes in the camp might be what the doctor ordered!!

Okiegal Says:

@Brando, nice to hear from you! You’ve been away too long. Glad your back, for however long…..

DC Says:

a couple of long forehands and a handful of netted backhands and off goes Nadal back to

The reason for the forehands going long is that he isn’t creating enough vertical differential between the ball and his racket when he begins the stroke. This is generally done by lowering your racket and bending your knees when you start the shot and then raise the racket while lifting yourself and your feet above the ground (jumping.)

Its commonly referred to the spring in the legs. As a physical movement, this requires a lot of energy and focus and is one of the first things to go with age. Weak knees and lower bouncing balls do not help in creating the height differential.
Federer has been slowly loosing it as well as its evident from the shanks and sprays he often produces.

1- -Nadal could do well by loosing some weight and getting lighter so he can spring upwards.
2 – Reduce topspin – The more topspin you want to make, the more height differential is needed. This will have an effect on his strategy so may not give the desired benefit, but as a long term strategy , he should attempt to flatten his shots.

Vivian Costagliols Says:

Rafa needs a coach as I mentioned on Facebook. His style of playing is is good but the competitive players know how to return his shots. RAFA has to get another coach to teach Rafa a different approach to his hitting. I did not know his uncle Toni was his coach. I think Rafa needs a coach that will refresh his mind and tennis game approach in hitting. Rafa needs to wake up up his game and feel good about playing again.

Tennisfan Says:

I really don’t get the shock about his loss tbh. There was a trend of him losing early for the last 3 years, so surely no-one was thinking he’d suddenly make it to the finals? With his declining age, it’s not likely to get better for him either (but who knows.) But that doesn’t mean his career is over- I mean Roger is doing great despite not being a major contender at two of the slams (AO and RG.)

kriket Says:

The very first game of that match was really omenous. Brown just brushed Rafa away with some casual though excellent shots. When that first game was over I immediately thought this guy can beat Rafa. And he did.

Andre Bjorn Connors Says:

With all the comments suggesting a change of coach , it’s almost as if it has been forgotten that this is the system that has achieved 2nd equal of all time in terms of grand slam totals and the winning head to head with the top players.
Whether Novak has the potential to reach that elite group of Nadal, Federer & Sampras as he is approximately only half way there slamwise presumably with time to accomplish , depends on many factors mainly being maintenance of present form balanced with the challenge currently from
Andy & Stan.

sienna Says:

agree ABC,
Only Federer is very much above Sampras and Nadal.

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