Novak Djokovic Ripped His Shirt Then Started Screaming After Losing The 2nd Set During The Wimbledon Final
by Tom Gainey | July 12th, 2015, 11:56 am

After failing to convert seven set points which would have given him a 2 set lead over Roger Federer in the Wimbledon final, Novak Djokovic ripped his shirt then unleashed a torrent of words aimed at his box.


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38 Comments for Novak Djokovic Ripped His Shirt Then Started Screaming After Losing The 2nd Set During The Wimbledon Final

Tennis Fan Says:

no wonder so many people cant stand him

he has no class

jane Says:

I LOVE HIM! And I didnt want to say this before, but it’s my birthday! :) Ajde Novak! :D

Tennis Fan Says:

doesnt say much about u … but happy birthday anyway

Patson Says:

That’s Nole the gladiator !

Ajde Nole! Happy birthday !

Daniel Says:

Nice borthday present Jane

Hippy Chick Says:

Happy Birthday Jane,hope you and hubby have a nice double celebration ;)….

jane Says:

thanks guys!

He’s one of only 6 guys to win multiple slams at more than one slam. Borg, McEnroe, Lendl, Sampras, Federer – and NOLE. :)

jane Says:

^ more than 2 at more than one slam…

Hippy Chick Says:

Jane Rafa has multiple GS at mor than 1 GS,unless you are talking triple?….

Margot Says:

What a great birthday present jane. Enjoy :)

Hippy Chick Says:

Sorry Jane more than two just saw,ignore my post….

Margot Says:

Are you guys seeing the behind the scenes pictures of Nole with the lovely Jelena?

jane Says:

yes, saw them hugging in the hallway. so sweet. it was their anniversary y’day, so nice gift to her. he said he wanted to win it for her and their baby.

Jock-KatH Says:

I’m all for passion – but gee I missed this – why did I go move the step-ladders at that particular moment –

Jane – happy birthday — almost the same day as Nole’s wedding anniversary!!!.

Nole’s presentation speech – he acknowledged Roger’s contribution fully and said something about how his (Nole’s) generation whole-heartedly admired Roger.

Hippy Chick Says:

Yeah happy anniversary Nole and Jelena,very cute scenes….

Giles Says:

Still a barbarian I see! 😜😳

Giles Says:
Isn’t it funny that Jane the statistician only likes posting stats when it favours joker. How about this then?! 😝

Wog Boy Says:

Happy Birthday jane, nice present:)

chris ford1 Says:

At the start of Wimbledon, Djokovic and Fed were asked to use 3 words to describe themselves:


Pretty easy going
I get along with other people.

We saw few signs Roger is OLD this tournament. You don’t have to win a Sacred Slam and augment “Slam Count” to do things that considerably enhance an already magnificent career. Roger Federer had such a tournament – he is a threat to even Nole, still. He mowed through younger players with the skills of a great champion there. Even on full display when he dispatched Andy Murray imperiously.

We saw Nole’s 3 words though, in all their truth. Tearing his shirt, venting at his team, then the emotional scene where his wife became his world in the middle of this as they celebrated a wedding anniversary in a special way. Emotional and honest – there is no scripting, and you see the fire, the discouragement, the pumping up, and the love. And the emotion and honesty add to his grace on and off the court.
Djokovic is an intelligent man, and his presentation speech praise of Federer was eloquent. ..but also emotional, graceful, and honest. I don’t think many there or in the TV audience considered his praise of Roger as anything Nole did not believe strongly, and feel in his heart.
Two men. Each so good as people and athletes, and so good for tennis!

Patson Says:


Buzz off.

Giles Says:

Patson. No I will not buzz off! Truth hurts does it? Once a barbarian always a barbarian. Doesn’t know any better unfortunately.

django Says:

Tennis fan
What’s the matter with you? No one cares who you dislike.

Mr Says:

So sorry to hear that all other players are currently inadequate!

Matador Says:

Glad he defeat old stablishment.
Well deserved Nole!

Writer Says:

To my eyes, Djokovic is dishonest, envious & insecure. Despite being the best player in the world, he really hates the admiration & support that Federer received when they played today. So after losing one set, he classlessly throws a temper tantrum like a child seeking attention. After winning the match, his animal screams are angrily directed toward anyone who cheered for Federer. Then, with trophy in hand, he acts all gracious & falsely nice to get people to like him.

Patson Says:


By that logic: Once a butt-picker, always a butt-picker. You’d agree with that Giles wouldn’t you ?

Patson Says:

@Other Rafa fans

The previous comment by no means was meant to demean Rafa. I just couldn’t ignore Giles’s trash talk. My irritation on his comment got the better of me.

Margot Says:

SOME Rafa fans are anxiously looking over their shoulders at Nole’s slam count. Is all.
Best ignored.

django Says:

I hope Rafa will get his 15 and Novak get 12-14 minimum.

Hippy Chick Says:

Django i hope your right,just wondering though what was the problem people have with Bill Tilden?….

Hippy Chick Says:

^Oh yeah got it!yuck looked it up on Wiki,say no more!^….

jane Says:

margot nailed it. ;)

Hippy Chick Says:

I dont have any problem with Novak surpassing Rafa,in some areas he probably will in others he wont,both are remarkable athletes and legends of the game,what i dont get is some belittling one legend in favour of another,i notice now we are getting comments like Nadals an over achiever/under achiever whatever that is?personally ive never understood either statement anyway you achiever what you achieve end of story….

Daniel Says:


For example, if Murray ends with only his 2 Slams, due to his talent and everything he will be an underachiever, similar to Safin. Tenniss community, experts, and fans judge and expect higher things from a very few bunch who have complete games and can produce the results.

Nalbandian is another case of underachieving.

Some think Hewitt is a case of overachieving, specially in #1 records because he was a kid prodigy but his game deteriorated fast.

Nadal could be seen as a case of overachieving the expectations. I think nobody thought he would be second in slam total, currently tied with Sampras and capable of going even further.

He didn´t have all the tools from the get go and was climbing step by step, even when he won his first Slam at 19, but back them he was just a clay prodigy.

Djokovic and Murray had the potential to be all time greats with their games (even with Murray being too passive for a long time), DelPo was another potential, so is Dimitrov which was hyped due to his game similar to Fed. But mental resolve and how they perform dictate weather we can classify them as under, over or performing accordingly to expectations.

Right now Djoko is delivering, Murray still have room to improve, DelPo was cursed by injuries and surgeries and Dimitrov seems going backwards )drop to #16). All can rever their situation.

Let´s say Djoko wins 18 to 20 Slams, even at 32, 33. He will be a case of overachieving because nobody saw that coming.

Hope it clarifys.

Angel Says:

Clearly Djokovic has no class at all.

Wog Boy Says:

It is a long road to recovery for some fans after their favorite lost the match that was “on his racquet” according to most of his fans prior final, I don’t even dare to think what would be the result if the match was on Nole’s racquet.
They are just starting to crawl out of their rat holes now, after two days.

Hippy Chick Says:

Daniel fair enough all plausible,and who knows what the future will bring,but i still stand by what i said whether your over achieving or under achieving,you have what you have,we can all say we under achieved in our daily jobs,life i get isnt always black or white,but in this case yes it is….

Docpops Says:

Just dropped by to see Giles spew his bile. Sorry man, I guess your guy is MIA so the best you can do is spread some venom. I cast a spell on you that you see Djokovic in all of your dreams, every night, all night long. Hugga bugga…and then in every final. You are a piece of work! I’d love to send you , Angel, and Tennis Fan(?) on a nice cruise to Antarctica in a teacup, with one lifejacket between you.

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