Novak Djokovic Is On The Practice Courts In Monte Carlo [Video]
by Staff | July 31st, 2015, 2:50 pm

After a post-Wimbledon vacation, Novak Djokovic is back on the practice courts preparing for the August 10 Montreal event.

Djokovic made a series of Facebook posts.

I'm accepting all kinds of challenges during my hardcourt preparations. From 9 years olds to 99 :))) My little friend…

Posted by Novak Djokovic on Friday, July 31, 2015

Preparations for the US Open Series started a few days ago. This is me and Viktor Troicki practicing together on a very…

Posted by Novak Djokovic on Thursday, July 30, 2015

Djokovic has a great chance to increase already huge lead at No. 1 next month. Last year he reached the third rounds at both Canada and Cincinnati, losing to Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and Tommy Robredo. The Serb has won his last 12 matches on hardcourts.

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12 Comments for Novak Djokovic Is On The Practice Courts In Monte Carlo [Video]

Nole fan Says:

Great to see Nole again, love him

jane Says:

hope he has fun on the hard courts this summer.

Yolita Says:

I can’t wait for the Rogers Cup to begin.

Nole has very little to defend, for a change. That should relax him.

Also: he could clinch the year-end #1 during the USO.

A lot to look forward to. :)

Wog Boy Says:

Go n-éirí an t-ádh leat, No1e, sláinte mhaith.

chris ford1 Says:

I haven’t tracked the numbers when it would be mathematically impossible for Nole NOT to be #1 at years end, but Fed is dropping Montreal losing 600 points. While Nole ‘only’ got to the QFs at Roger’s Cup and 4th Round in Cincinnati. So there could be a 2000 point gain by Djokovic over Fed before the USO.

chris ford1 Says:

Yolita – I posted and left, and then thought, maybe she’s not thinking of Fed but Stan and Andy as the rivals with a shot of overtaking Djokovic. And that is still a small possibility, especially with Andy – who has been playing maybe the best tennis of his career and being overshadowed by Nole’s even better year so far.
Andy’s won Rogers, Cincinnati, Shanghai twice each, USO once. He trails Djokovic in 2015 points by 3755.
Stan is 5,000 points behind, but Stan-Nole is a close rivalry (duh!) and Stan might zone in again.

BTW – There may be some PR with it, but Nole mentoring local kid prodigy Clement is still sweet. In some ways, Djokovic really “gets” what being a champion is about and while he learned from Fed..his approach to being a champion is different. Inspiring and relating to young kids who like him when he was a kid, dream big and have the ambition and work ethic. Promoting the sport to youth is a part of that. Calls to get the deaf S Korean player Duck Hung Lee, a very promising junior, to practice with him at the AO and then again at Wimbledon..

The effort he makes to show he appreciates many up n’ comers now in the pro ranks too…Practice with them, work on their weak areas while he gets some serious power hitter stuff from Raonic or a younger doppleganger coming back at him in Coric while their coaches approve. And socializing off-court as equals, no “Me #1, you a lesser player” attitude from him. Raonic, Cilic, Coric, Thiem, Dimitrov, young Serb talent as well, a long list of players of the future Nole is making welcome and having an impact with..

And that little video snippet shows little Clement can really whip the ball on his forehand side when he times it well, plus he had a cute coming in slice backhand where he is trying to disguise it. Maybe he just might make the Tour and beat Nole for real someday. You know he dreams it.

Wog Boy Says:

“You know he dreams it.”

CF1, you have to dream big to reach further than the others. Nole dreamt big, as little boy and was raising paper Wimbledon trophy in his small two bedroom flat, now he has three of them, three real ones and he is The best player in the world by quite a margin.

jalep Says:

That’s a great story, Wog Boy. thanks.

kid Clement is pretty good. What memories for Clement!

Nice to see Nole on practicing on HC. Beautiful court there.

jane Says:

cute piece: ” Collectively, a group of men will be attempting at the US Open to complete an unprecedented feat: The Daddy Slam.”

Jock-KatH Says:


“The Daddy Slam” – OK – but can’t resist saying the Daddy Slam may be extended to other players LOL as we speak..

Rithvik Says:

Djokovic will win both masters murray won’t his best year was 2013 not 2015

Yolita Says:

@chris ford
Sorry about the delay in answering. I posted and left as well.
When I talk about Novak “clinching the #1”, I mean it. I consider all the possible scenarios, however unlikely.
If Novak wins Canada, Cincy and the USO, there’s nothing anybody can do to end the year as #1.
Novak may clinch it with less, of course, depending on other players’ results.
This is mathematically speaking, of course. In reality, I would be EXTREMELY surprised if Novak doesn’t end the year as #1. His lead is huge.

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