Rafael Nadal Gets Into Shouting Match With Fabio Fognini During Hamburg Final [Video]

by Tom Gainey | August 2nd, 2015, 11:00 am

Just before clinching his 47th career clay title, Rafael Nadal engaged with Fabio Fognini in a war of words during today’s Hamburg final.

From Tennis Channel, the issue was Fognini’s muttering during Rafa’s service games that caused the conflict.

Nadal won the match 75, 75 for his third title of the season, and keep his streak of having won at least once European clay title since 2004 intact.

He also ended a 2-match losing streak to the flamboyant and combustible Italian. Nadal has now won two of his last four tournaments, both in Germany.

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14 Comments for Rafael Nadal Gets Into Shouting Match With Fabio Fognini During Hamburg Final [Video]

zola Says:

The title is misleading. Although no surprise from tennis-x blog that like to relate anything negative to Rafa. Check the video to see who was shouting. Also check the links under the article to see what a headcase Fognini is . It is very disappointing because Rafa has always defended Fognini, saying he is a very nice guy but sometimes loses control on court. It was a great match but Fognini just had to inject some drama into it. At the end, it just fired Rafa up to come back from a break and win the match.

the DA Says:

The tennis channel don’t understand Italian (or much else usually). Fognini was bitching about Rafa holding him up while trying to serve.

jalep Says:

Rafa put him in his place.

chris ford1 Says:

Fog has some blame….but it started when Fognini was set and ready to serve and Rafa was still towelling, facing away, slowly walking up to the service line. With the new shot clock, Nadal sometimes delays not only when he has the ball, but when receiving serve.
Then Fabio got into it mumbling a lot when Rafa had the ball, and delaying when he was receiving serve, moving suddenly in Rafa’s motion. All which ticked Nadal off at some point.
One of these days, somebody is not going to wait, but serve when Rafa is not ready, and want the point awarded to them. It’s against player protocol, but Nadal has tested many a player’s patience.
But if Foggy did it with his own rep for on court antics, he would be the one pilloried.

madmax Says:

Well, looking at the video of both Fognini and Rafa, seems that Fog started something; rafa did well, to just, well, drink water and shake his leg.

All water under the bridge.

Not a particularly entertaining match. However, is Rafa now back on track. Guess we will have to wait and see for the hard court season to begin.

MIa0007 Says:

MY observation of this match is that Fabio definitely outplayed Nadal. Fabio’ s one foolish mistake was to NOT challenge some of Nadals so called “IN” plays. I noticed that Rafa absolutely questioned every possible opportunity to have Fognini’s plays called”out”. Also, I couldn’t believe that Nadal was not given at least a warning for communicating with his box during the tournament. It seems in tennis, that there are different standards for players.

MIa0007 Says:

To the comment calling Foginni a “nut case”. If any other lower ranking player did all the various tics done by Nadal,even to private parts, they would be called “eccentric” at the least. If any other lower ranking player took about 30 seconds as an average in between points I’m sure they would end up with some fine. What ruins the excitement in Tennis is a lack of standards. Apparently if a player can “draw in a large crowd”,different rules apply.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Foggy broke for a 5/3 lead on Rafas serve even though the ball was well out,and Fabio was also communicating with his box as do many other players,not that it should be condoned either way,six of one and half a dozen of the other IMO….

skeezer Says:

Well said @ 1:40.
Also, I see the 2 set match took over 2 1/2 hrs? Are u kidding me? Why? Lol, glad I missed it.

jalep Says:

Think you might have enjoyed it, skeezer. But yeah, Fabio didn’t do himself any favor by letting Rafa’s time wasting get to him. He has to know Rafa by now. Rafa knows Fabs by now, too.

They shook hands at the net. It’s all good.

Okiegal Says:

Triple ought seven, there are nut cases on the circuit. Nick the kid comes to mind. The private parts adjuster could go to Andy Roddick…..world’s worst! I’ve seen Muzza slip in a few adjustments in too! Hey, they’re just cruising for comfort. What’s wrong with that?? Lol.

Giles Says:

Okie. Lol. Agree but they only have eyes on Rafa and who can blame them.😜

Okiegal Says:

@Giles…….That’s a big 10-4! Lol

Margot Says:

@Chris Ford 12.43pm
I saw Scharapova do the same to Kerber at last year’s Wimbledon. Every time Kerber was getting ready to serve Scharapova did her thing of stalking to the back of the court and turning her back on her opponent.
To such an extent I really that wished Kerber had just served anyway. Would she have been penalised I wonder.
Kerber won, I’m glad to say.

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