Novak Djokovic v Roger Federer For The 2015 US Open Title, Who’s The Pick?
by Sean Randall | September 13th, 2015, 12:48 am

So here were are, just like we thought. For the third time in their last three events, No. 1 Novak Djokovic and No. 2 Roger Federer will meet in a tournament final, this for the all the marbles at the biggest hardcourt tennis event on the planet, the US Open.

Looking back, Wimbledon was Federer’s surface and he lost. Cincinnati was Federer’s surface and he won. The US Open is again Federer’s surface, and…Well, I’ll get to the pick in a minute.

As for the semifinals yesterday, let’s face it, they were pretty damn ugly.

Marin Cilic and Stan Wawrinka basically didn’t show up. Cilic, though, did admit to a foot/ankle injury. Djokovic played well, but from Cilic’s saying he wouldn’t have played were it not for the occasion, it’s hard to read much into Djokovic’s win.

Federer was awfully sharp in crushing Stan. At 34, it is stunning just how well he’s playing and moving. Either that or everything else is just regressing.

Stan kept it close early, then faded away, almost resigned to defeat.

And like Wimbledon, both guys come into the final in form, well-rested and full of confidence and drive. I think.

So to my pick.

Novak Djokovic v Roger Federer
Federer has the slimmest of leads 21-20, but Djokovic’s been ahead 14-8 since going gluten-free full time at the start of 2011. Djokovic has also won their last two meetings at the US Open, both in semifinal thrillers in which he had to save two matchpoints.

But for some reason Novak’s had his struggles in the US Open final, losing four times, to Roger, to Rafa and even to Andy Murray. And I don’t know why that is. Is it the court speed, summer exhaustion, the crowd, the opponent, I don’t know. But there’s something about the US Open that bothers Novak. There’s something stuck there in his head that he’s not sharing.

And to make things worse, if there’s one guy he’s had consistent issues with on the court, it’s Federer. Roger has his number because he keeps him off balance and out of rhythm. He can’t overpower Novak like Stan or Rafa can, but he can mix it enough just enough, using aggression to put a little bit of doubt in Novak’s mind. And Roger beat him on a similar quick court in Dubai and again last month in Cincinnati, both in straight sets.

“We all know how consistent he is and how good he is in the latter stages of a Grand Slams and any other big tournament,” said Djokovic. “He’s always going to perform on a high level. Rarely he drops his level. He always makes you play your best. I know that he’s also lately being very aggressive coming to the net, mixing up, and trying to shorten out the points. I think also he improved his speed. His defensive game is better than it was. Maybe healthier.”

And Federer’s been in that hyper-aggressive attack mode since the French, and he won’t stop tomorrow. He won’t change his tactics.

“I don’t know how it is for him, but I feel like he doesn’t need to adjust his game as much, either. I think it’s just a straight shootout, and I think that’s the cool thing about our rivalry. It’s very athletic.

“I think our matches, it’s very even. That’s it, I think. I don’t need to add more here.”

The key will again come down to Roger and Novak’s serve and Novak’s backhand which I don’t think has been that on-song.

Based on that eye test thing they love talking about on TV, Federer’s been the guy. That’s easy. He’s hasn’t lost a set (28 straight) or a match (11 straight) since turning 34! He’s also serving better than Novak dropping just two service games this summer, moving great like I said, and hitting the ball quite crisply from the backcourt. And there’s the motivation of finally getting to 18, a number he’s been trying to reach for three long years.

Like Murray at Wimbledon, he’s also got the hype!

But Djokovic has motivation as well, losing to both Murray and Roger this summer. Those were tough losses and so too were those losses in four of his five US Open finals. He doesn’t want to drop to 1-5, does he?

Really, all the match numbers – Federer’s record in New York, he’ll have the crowd, streak, serving stats, etc – all point to Roger. What doesn’t is the fact that in best-of-5 Novak just beat Federer on grass at Wimbledon. And he’s won three Slams since Fed last won his in 2012. Novak’s also No. 1 because he’s the best. And he’ll show it Sunday.
The pick: Djokovic in 4

Obviously this is super-tight matchup. Federer could easily blow out Novak who really hasn’t looked all that great of late – I don’t put much stock in the Cilic win.

But what I like about Novak is he recognized he’s not playing good and he vowed to fix it. So there’s that determination. Meanwhile, Federer just seems too at ease. Too confident. Very much like we saw at Wimbledon, and we know how that worked out.

Also, the longer the match goes the more it favors Novak I think. And I don’t expect that newfangled SABR tactic to be much of a factor. I think we’ll see it, but I don’t see that being effective and honestly while it’s fun to watch, it just feels over-discussed.

What we should see is the perfect finish to a long summer. A summer that ends with the same two guys we started with in the Wimbledon final. And I think the result will be the same.

ESPN has the final live at 4pm if the weather holds.

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162 Comments for Novak Djokovic v Roger Federer For The 2015 US Open Title, Who’s The Pick?

chris ford1 Says:

It’s 4, isn’t it, Randall?

2013 AO, 2014 Wimbledon, 2015 AO and 2015 Wimbledon.

Randall: “Novak just beat Federer on grass at Wimbledon. And he’s won three Slams since Fed last won his in 2012.”

I wouldn’t go on the past. (Though I favor Djokovic to win) because Fed had a horrible atypical 2013, then got better, especially on fast surfaces.
I like Djokovic because it is 5 sets and he can last longer at 100% over time than Fed can.
I like Djokovic because Ashe is not as fast as Dubai or Cincinnati.
I like Djokovic because the rainy weather on Sunday will lead to slower, heavier balls in play.
And the roof under construction will block windy conditions, helping Djokovic and his precision tennis more than it will help Roger.
And Nole knows the NYC crowd is riddled with A-holes and it bothers him less than in past years.

But if Federer wins, I will be delighted for him and what he has done to prolong his career at the Top of the sport. He doesn’t NEED the USO title – 2015 is already a huge success story for Federer. But it would point out to those only interested in Slam Count that Federer is still a top player and a danger to any that face him.

Michael Says:

Frankly, it is very tough to call this one with any degree of certainty. Going by their respective form since Cincinnati, Roger is miles ahead of Novak and he surely shines pristine with glittering radiance. Moreover, the speed of the court this time around looks a little bit faster than usual and may be the half finished roof at the top of the Arthur Ashe stadium has influenced the environment by a little way on the court negating to an extent the wind and dampness factor etc. I would say that such conditions favour Roger more than any other player !!

So, I have to disagree with Stan on this pick and feel that Roger enjoys a slight advantage in this particular match and might go on to win it. But, for Roger to do that he has to finish this match in straight or utmost four sets. If it goes to the fifth set, then Novak is most likely to win it !!

gannu Says:

Good analysis Michael

but anyways at the end of day, as always, it will boil down to how they play on the D Day…Fed has to have an astonishing serving day for him to have any chance…

Even after Wimbledon people will going gaga after roger’s victory over Murray saying that was an unbelievable level

But in the final I don’t think Fed brought that level, Djoker raised his level and we all know what the result was..,

The heart keeps pounding heavily for Federer and keeps saying ” one last time, God, please one last time”…

I just want Feddy bear to play his absolute best level deploying all the talent and skill he has,,,if he still loses, then hats off to Djoker…

I am sure Fed has discussed a lot with Edberg as to what is to be done and perhaps Wimbledon loss will also make him learn more.

For one more time I want the Sean jinx curse to work ;-)))

Best of luck to all Fed fans…

jatin Says:

In my opinion fed has to serve well like he did in Cincinati where he didn’t faced a single break point. If he does that, then he has a chance to break novak at some point of the set as his serve is not as Big. Doing little bit of SABR here and there would help a lot.
They have played like 5 times in the USO and fed had 2 match points in those two he lost and he played the worst match of the USO at 2010 against novak (he commited like 75 UNFORCED ERRORS) and still had match points , so its very unlikely for novak to outplay roger given their history and how good roger is playing( Far better compared to his 2010 and 11 showing.)
Novak has to bring his absolute A game which he generally brings against Roger to extend this match as long as possible ( which will defiantly help him).
I just hope fed will continue his INSANE level one last time. It will be the biggest and sweetest win of his carrier and for his fans if he does that( 3 years seems like eternity now )
Best of luck to both the champions.

Go for the 18th Rog.

danica Says:

“But for some reason Novak’s had his struggles in the US Open final, losing four times, to Roger, to Rafa and even to Andy Murray. And I don’t know why that is. Is it the court speed, summer exhaustion, the crowd, the opponent, I don’t know. But there’s something about the US Open that bothers Novak. There’s something stuck there in his head that he’s not sharing.”

It’s the wind. It was painfully obvious in the 2012 finals with Andy. He couldn’t handle the wind just like he couldn’t handle it in the semis with Ferrer. Ferrer was leading by a set when the match was postponed. The next day, different conditions and Nole wins easily. With the new roof under construction, the atmosphere at the court changed and this works in Novak’s favor. However, Nole will not only play against Roger but also agains about 20K souls that will be rooting against him.
Still, I think and hope Nole wins in 4. It’s nigh time he wins in NY again. If Rog wins, than really, what can one say? Truly the GOAT and kudos to him.

gannu Says:

very well written article..

especially the last couple of paras

If Djokovic were to land a counter-punch on the tangerine-flecked shirt of Federer early in their fight, Arthur Ashe Stadium would erupt in horror like Madison Square Garden. Djokovic would be booed to the rafters holding up the half-built roof. Commentators would reach for their book of horrified reactions. And Federer might just pause to wonder.

The inner beast in Djokovic is a scary thing. It emerges only under pressure, uncontrolled, shirt-ripping retaliation. He is desperate enough to unleash that spirit. Like Serena Williams, he was on schedule for a calendar slam until Wawrinka blew him away on the clay of Roland Garros. Unlike Williams, Djokovic is still in the fight here.

madmax Says:

These two champs always play fantastic matches.

It is a really close one to call. They know each others’ games so well, having played each other three times already this year!

I just think whenever Novak’s back is against the wall, he wills that superhuman power and comes back from the dead. There is no other player on tour who, when comatose, suddenly wakes up at the most critical of moments.

Street fighter he is.

No matter how all of this is gravy for Fed – and it is – the pressure, I feel is on Fed. And, he is an emotional guy as we all know.

I really hope he holds all that emotion inside for when he lifts the trophy.

Emily, I gotta believe baby!

gannu Says:

Madmax – Amen! All the best! Yes we hope and he can!!!

Michael Says:

Gannu @ 2.41 am,

Thanks !!

I quite agree with you when you say that the serving prowess of Roger holds the key in this match. If he has to win, he has to clock a first serve percentage of atleast 70% to have any chance. And, needless to say, the outcome if it turns tight will be decided on how the players execute the big points in the match. So, the form of the player on the particular day counts. Right now, Roger is oozing with confidence and he is greatly motivated to win another Slam major after a gap while at the other end you have Novak who is very keen to avert that possibility and take his slam count to double digits. Novak obviously doesn’t enjoy a good conversion ratio of winning many major finals. He has lost quite many and that will always linger in his mind. So, he too will be desperate not to let go off this opportunity !!

So an interesting final awaits us and whoever wins deserves what they have earned !!

sienna Says:

he destroyed the pusher at wimbly with a one of level. He could not get there in final.
Difference now is he has played that level all the time and building towards big final.

Federer will absolutely shock the tennis world and take #18.

sienna Says:

Federer wants this trophe he is so close he can taste it.
Also he wants to give Edberg aan slam as coach.

nits Says:

Federer is going to win

Thangs Says:

Fed in 4…

Klaas Says:

In the WB final I felt the sudden drop in temperature of about 10 degrees C compared to the semis, made a difference in the speed of the balls and consequently Federers aggressive play suffered. I fear the same is about to happen in us open.

Jatt Says:

Why do I feel Sean doesn’t want to jinx fed so he went with djokovic ?

csebig Says:

Nobody has written it down before but it is pretty simple what is difference between the semifinals and finals what they have played: the semifinals were evening session matches but the final is played during the daytime which favors Federer.

madmax Says:

Would love to be a fly on the wall during the preparation stages, what each coach is saying to their player, what Fed is saying to himself, Novak, etc., vice versa.

It will be awesome, the occasion, the players, the match.

mat4 Says:

I don’t know why people try to find one reason why Djokovic hasn’t done better at the USO, because his results, here, were the consequences of a lot of factors.

The first one is the level of the opposition. He lost to Murray, Nadal and Nishikori in the last three years, and Nadal and Federer since 2007. We all know the qualities of Federer, Nadal and Murray. Nishikori is also an excellent player. He didn’t lose against nobodies, players lower ranked, but against the best of the best.

Then, there are specific circumstances.

In 2007, it was Novak first final, and Roger was the better player.

In 2008, Roger again. Novak played subpar and was easily defeated.

In 2009, Novak had changed his racquet, it was the year of the defeats, and he lost again to Roger.

2010: the year when Rafa served like Isner. Novak lost in 4 in the final.

In those four years, he lost to better players.

In 2012: There was a lot of wind in the final, and Novak, who is an attacking player, aiming close to the lines, couldn’t play his usual game for two sets. Andy was also hampered, but his excellent first serve brought him some free points and he managed to win the first two sets. When the wind weakened, Novak won the third and fourth sets, but in the fifth, the fact that he played his semi against Ferrer the day before was crucial.

In 2013, Nadal had a great year, and, since the semi of RG, Novak was in a slump. He didn’t play at his usual level, and he lost the final in the third set, at 4-4, when he had 0/40 on Rafa’s serve. Rafa took three minutes to serve, like he does always to put the returner out of rhythm, and managed to win the third set. It was all over after that.

In 2014, Novak form was in free fall after Wimbledon. He made the semi, where he faced a dangerous opponent in the heat of the day, when Novak usually plays worse. He lost in four.

So: although the wind is a factor with Novak’s style of play, the main factor was the quality of the opposition. Novak looks very dominant, but the truth is that the margins are very thin. It’s not like Federe’s domination from 2003-2007, or Rafa’s rule on clay. Novak is rather primus inter pares than the dominant king of everything.

And he has another problem: playing all the mandatory tournaments he has to play, he has difficulties to peak for the USO. He skips Madrid for RG, and he doesn’t play any preparation tournaments for the AO and Wimbledon. When he arrives in New York, he has usually played deep in the two previous tournaments. It seems to have an influence on him too.

sienna Says:

Klaas. As long as temperatuur stays well above 20 C then Roger will be ok.
Of course the hotter the better. He is much better equiped to handle the heat.
As I remember wimbledon dropped below 20 and it was cold that did affect Roger.
23/24 should be ok for him.

mat4 Says:

The same thing can be said for Novak’s overall results in slams finals. He played:

– 1 outsider, Tsonga, and won;

– Federer 3 times, and now, the 4th time,

– Nadal, 7 times,

– Murray, 5 times.

– Wawrinka once.

No easy opponents. From 2011, he lost only twice to the player who didn’t win the slam.

In this period, Nadal didn’t show the usual domination in slam finals. He won 10 of his first 12 finals, then 4 of the last 8.

Federer’s % in finals dropped from 2008; he’s 5-8.

Just wanted to note that nobody of them is an special player in finals. When the level of opposition rose, their domination ended. Novak’s 9 of 17 isn’t something unusual, when we take in account who he faced. He played only one final badly, but in the other he was defeated by the better player on the day.

J-Kath Says:

Hi Folks – Anna Ermakova – absolutely stunning!!!
11861576/Boris-Becker’s love child steps into London society at Queen Charlotte’s Ball

Markus Says:

Anna Ermakova: She looks just like her father, young Boris in a ball gown. I was stunned.

jaran nirsi Says:

If both bring their form in the semis and quarters to the finals, Roger should beat Novak, either in three or at most in four, because he will fade in the fifth rather more than Djokovic will. The way Federer is playing, he should get his 18th here. It’s really on his racquet, with Djokovic returning everything coming his way, as usual.In any case watching Federer playing at this level at his age is in itself a special treat.

J-Kath Says:

@ Markus

I’d guess, no DNA was needed to prove fatherhood!!!

Ben Pronin Says:

I think the key is how each player returns as opposed to how they serve. I think both guys will serve well. But in the matches Federer has lost to Djokovic he’s complained about how he didn’t return well at all and you could definitely see it. For Djokovic, he’s struggled returning Federer’s serve on the faster surfaces. If one of them dials in in the return he’ll one. If both do then I think it would actually end in a fifth set tiebreaker.

Mat4, than you for thoroughly explaining it. Honestly it’s bit even that complicated. It’d be similar to someone wondering why sovkhoz went 0-2 in Masters finals this summer. Well it’s the same thing, he lost to the best. I also think Djokovic’s final record is blown out of proportion. Lendl was 8-11 and no one cares. Everyone just refers to him as an 8 time champ.

Eric Says:

I agree with what people have said above, but I also want to add that the idea that making finals and losing is worse for your “legacy” than not making finals at all—well, it’s downright stupid. If Bob is 10-0 in slam finals, great for him, clearly he always plays his best in slam finals. But that’s still a less impressive stat line than Fred who is 10-20, 10-10, or even 10-1. Making a final, even if you lose, is always better than not making it at all!

So if Novak has “only” won 50% of his slam finals, that’s still more of a credit to him than if he had only made the finals he won. Because it shows that he can make finals even when he is not playing the best tennis in the tournament. It’s a good thing.

It’s the same principle you always need to bring to bear on statistics. You can’t just look at the number. You need to think about what lies behind the number, how it was generated, and what it conceals as well as what it shows.

By the way, I also think Djokovic is the pick for tonight. It’s simple; he’s still in his prime physically, Roger isn’t. It should be very close, and Federer can absolutely win, but like Sean said, Djokovic is the #1 for a reason.

(Still–go Fed!!)

AndyMira Says:

Although i’m a rafa fan but i’m gonna cheer for roger..his confidence is sky high since he owned nole recently at cincy..and with SABR coupled with his game so sharp,i’ll say bring it on nole!I wouldn’t be surprise if roger can add his tally to 18!

calmdownplease Says:

`So if Novak has “only” won 50% of his slam finals`

Given that he has been in EVERY slam final this year and won 2/3 makes complaints about his historic finals record truly absurd.
Probably wishful thinking at work…

WTF Says:

Fed is doing very very good to keep making GS finals at 34. He still has a few years left in him.

I think Djoker is favorite though, in 5.

Eric Says:

It’s also interesting that there are two patterns followed by those who make it late into tournaments: arriving in glittering, perfect form; and slogging your way there. And usually it’s the latter who do better in the end. Think of Caroline Wozniacki, who often rode roughshod through early USO rounds, losing just a game or two per set often enough. Then she got smacked around by whoever played a bunch of three-setters on the way. And sad to say, with Roger it’s been something like the same story recently, looking amazing early on only to bow out to someone who’d struggled early on. As many have pointed out, we were all saying “well, to judge by their form so far…” before the Wimby final, too, and Novak won handily. Rafa, of course, is the quintessential slogger; sometimes, I think there’s even an element of rope-a-dope in it for Rafa and Djokovic, a strategic saving of the best for last (but I’m not sure what would count as evidence for that). But, in short, the simple fact is that playing well or poorly on Friday doesn’t mean too much on Sunday. This is all by way of explaining why I still think Djokovic is the pick, even though Roger’s clearly been in superior form in the immediate past. And I hope I jinx him by saying so…

Eric Says:

Er, hope I jinx Djokovic, that is. And now that my ambiguous antecedent hasn’t transferred the jinx to the wrong target!

Markus Says:

I want Novak to have double digit slams to join his two great competitors, Roger and Rafa. But just not today yet. Next year will be just fine.

Markus Says:

I would like to see how Roger’s superior form matches with Novak’s poor form. Weren’t they like that also in the last Wimbledon finals? I just hope Roger does not get embarrassed again like in the 2015 Wimbledon or run out of gas like in the 2014 Wimbledon. But I just can’t see either of those not happening again.

calmdownplease Says:

`But, in short, the simple fact is that playing well or poorly on Friday doesn’t mean too much on Sunday..`

Preach it!
Yes, Roger is in superior form, but it’s with inferior opponents, now it’s time for another nervous reckoning and a BIG step up in class.
And I just don’t think Novak will not play at his best tonight.
He will be blistering!
As he has become very good at peaking at the pointy end of slams (which is also a benefit of being in so many finals, even if one’s ratio is 50%).
I simply think the outcome will be what you would expect when the ages are taken into account.
Yes Roger is playing better with fancy shots etc but he is not playing `younger`. On the contrary, and that’s what he really needs to do when all is said and done.

calmdownplease Says:

`I want Novak to have double digit slams to join his two great competitors, Roger and Rafa. But just not today yet`

Sorry Markus this is exactly why I will be rooting for Novak.
Love all the fedal outrage..
Love it, Love it!
Faster Novacat

Ahfi Says:

This match will not go 5 sets. I give it to Fed in 3 or Djoker in 4.

But then again, I may have to eat my words. The truth is Roger can use all his reserve to win the first two sets in which case an aggrieved Djoker will then take the next 3 to finish it up. This could easily happen.

The reason I picked Roger over Stan in the semis was Roger’s change in attitude/approach. On top of that, one thing that has become very clear is that all those distractions and lack of focus that were occurring mid match over the past two/three years (or so) are ‘almost’ entirely gone. I saw a tiny bit of that distraction at Wimbledon final in the first set. He broke Djoker and then quickly lost focus and Djoker broke him right back. I saw a rare anger in Federer’s face at that point and something told me it was over. But at Wimby’s he obviously was tired from the Murray match. I don’t know about this new thing that he is doing – all the sprinting/jumping towards the net – I don’t know if that wears him down. May the best player win.

Ahfi Says:

@Ben Pronin, I agree with you regarding the returning etc. I keep forgetting that one thing that Djoker has on his side is that flexibility – almost going from corner to corner so easily….and he seems to be able to twist his torso and arm in any direction. That has helped him get a lot of balls back….

Giles Says:

just wondering if Cdp is right in the head! His posts???

Giles Says:

“That has helped him get a lot of balls back….” But has it helped his balls?

Ben Pronin Says:

I simply can’t see either guy losing in 3 sets. Djokovic has lost 2 slam matches in straight sets since 2010: Wimbledon 2010 SF and Wimbledon 2013 F (which was after winning the longest Wimbledon semi ever played). So how Federer could possibly beat him in 3 sets, especially on hard courts, is beyond me.

And with Federer, 1) he’s playing too well to lose in 3. 2) Even if he’s in a position to lose in 3, Djokovic will screw it up. I think you can argue that Djokovic should have won in Wimbledon in 3 sets but screwed up the second set. And outside of 2011 AO, he’s never won a slam final in 3. He practically spots his opponent a set.

I think the assumption is Federer has to win in 3. I don’t think this is the case. I also still don’t get why everyone thinks Federer can’t handle a 5 setter. He hasn’t been extended in any of his matches since Wimbledon, basically. While Djokovic could wear him down through each set, there’s also the possibility that some sets will fly by. If even 1 of the sets is quick (regardless of the actual winner of the set) and they’re in a fifth, Federer should still be physically fine. You guys make it sound as if though Federer will literally collapse as soon as a fifth set would start. I don’t think this would be the case. Plus, if he can continue to serve well, he can reserve more energy.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

Fed is due. Go fed!
May both players rise to the occasion, and may all fans find satisfaction and joy in beautiful sport.

Ahfi Says:

@Klaas, you are right about the weather and it is likely to happen again today …

Ahfi Says:

@Pronin, Federer can play a 5th set but I am not sure Djoker will let a 5th set get away from him – he will twist his body in all directions to return everything. Something tells me that mentally, Federer might give up midway in a 5th set – even though I have been saying his attitude in that direction has improved for the better.

Eric Says:

Federer won’t collapse, but it’s obvious that hanging tight and waiting to pounce on the two points he needs to win a match has never been his strength (the way it is–for example–Novak’s). That’s why he has such a bad record in matches that actually go five sets; sure, he can recover to beat a Benneteau, but when was the last time he beat a top player in five? I don’t know the answer, but my guess is that it’s been a while.

Ben Pronin Says:

In 2011, he was up a break and serving for the match. I know he fell apart after Djokovic saved the match points but it means that he doesn’t need to wait for it to get tight, even in a fifth set. If he can get a break and keep serving well, he should be fine. The goal is to maintain his aggression and not make careless errors to give up leads. Go up a break in the first set then get broken right back at Wimbledon? Can’t have that. If he builds a lead, which at some point he probably will, he needs to keep it. Djokovic will never go away, that’s the problem. Federer needs to shut the door on those comebacks. Anyone remember their Roland Garros SF in 2012? Probably the worst match they’ve ever played against each other. But in the second set, Federer was up 4-0 and lost it 5-7. Even when they both played like garbage, Djokovic didn’t let up.

Federer was bent out of shape that Djokovic wasn’t afraid to let it rip when he was down match points. He called it unprofessional, right? Well I think it’s unprofessional on his end to assume his opponent will just give up and let him win the match. Stop being careless. Shut him down. That’s how he’ll win. Federer could be up 2 sets and 5-3 and Djokovic won’t give up.

Eric Says:

+1 to all that, Ben. Well said. (I think, though, of all Roger’s losses, the one I might be bitterest about is RG 2011, when for three sets he was clearly better than Rafa, but kept giving up the lead. He could have won that match in straight sets, and he should have won it, period.)

Nirmal Kumar Says:

Roger summed up well about this rivalry. There are many things involved technically, but one critical factor has been deciding their matches recent years has been athleticism. That’s a factor where Novak got better than Roger from 2010, that’s were Roger’s game deteriorated once his athleticism started slowing down.

I don’t see any difference in this match. Roger is a much superior shot maker but in 5-Setter against counter punchers, it’s athleticism that decides the champion. Novak is still better in that aspect.

chris ford1 Says:

Madmax – good comments on the rivalry, and I’ll add a few remarks on it ……..

When it is all said and done, because of the closeness of the H2H at 20-21, high level quality tennis both bring, this rivalry may become the most noted and deemed the best, closest, highest quality – in the Open Era.

Roger and Nole play their best when facing one another, and they ONLY play one another in semis or finals of big events since 2007. More so than Rafa or Andy, the two consistently play deep on any surface and almost never crash out early.

To me, anyways, the 2nd best rivalry is Djokovic-Nadal. Also still a razor close matchup. Those two have met 22 times in Finals of ATP500 and above events, with Nole having an insignificant Finals edge of 12-10 on Rafa, while Rafa leads the overall H2H.
Lendl-Mac or Becker-Edberg, IMO. Based on quality, times played, and closeness of the matchup.

Fedal, pumped and hyped by Nike to the max, didn’t pan out. Great individual matches at times – but Rafa was a spoilsport who ended that rivalry by just about owning Roger after 2008.

jalep Says:

Well we all want a great match, on the other hand, it’s reasonable we might get tense and nervous, error-prone tennis for at least a portion or more of the match. Get ready — I am. :D

SG1 Says:

I was of the that Stan would take Roger out in the semis. Ben and several others knew that with Fed playing at the level he is right now that he would be Stan. The way Fed dismantled Stan leads me to believe that Federer may in fact be playing better tennis than he ever has.

For me, the only question is…Why didn’t Fed play this way 7 years ago when the Novaks, Rafas and Murrays were starting to chop him down? So much of this resurgence is due to Edberg’s influence. I suspect that Federer would have well over 20 slams had he adopted this aggressive attitude 3 or 4 years earlier. Better late than never though.

I think Roger is playing for his own history today. 6 US Opens and 18 majors. Both records. And I think he thinks he has something to prove against Novak. If Roger plays that way he can and has so far, he beats Novak. He can take his game to a level that Novak doesn’t have. And there’s that bulletin board material that the SABR is unsportsmanlike (…which is of course, complete nonsense).

This should be fun. I’ll take Roger in a bit of a straight sets shocker.

mat4 Says:

I think you are overestimating Fed’s level right now. He was very good against Stan, but let’s be earnest, after a solid beginning Wawrinka didn’t play well. He served 48% of first serves, trying to ace Federer. He went for his shots from any position, and didn’t found his range.

I wrote before the match that on a fast surface, changing pace, depth, making Stan run and denying him rhythm was enough to win. Federer does it for years against him, and he lost three matches against Stan, two on clay, and was played close on a slower surface.

The final is on Novak racquet. The court seems fast, but I guess it is not that fast. And a faster court isn’t something that will pose so much problems for Novak — his own serve becomes more potent in faster conditions.

If Novak plays the way he played at Wimbledon, he will win in the same manner — playing two close first sets and making the difference from the third. He has to win one of the first sets, when Federer’s serve is at his best, and to return a lot of balls to make Fed run. The TBs will be crucial.

The match is very open, it will depend on the form of the players, but at their best, Novak now has a certain advantage. Like he said about Murray, he just has to hang out in there and wait for Fed’s level to drop.

brando Says:

Honest truth: I just LITERALLY saw the RF v wawa score. WOW: congratulations to Fed on straight set win. Surprised. Was wawa bad? Fed just that good? I don’t know. Anyhow: let’s get this straight: Fed is in brilliant form. He’s the better tennis player than Novak. Novak even this year said Federer skills is superior. Fed is superior on this court. And Novak ain’t a matchup problem for him really on a fundamental level. And Federer is due: he WARRANTS another slam win. BUT: this has got novak written all over it. He knows he can grind Federer in a best of 5. It’s easy for him. I mean: he’s up against a 34 year old: IF you a great player you beat a 34 year old in a best of 5 regardless of their name or form. The KEY and DECISIVE thing in this match is: federers self belief. To me in the Wimbledon final and generally outside fast HC in best of 3: he oozes zero self confidence v Novak. He’s resigned himself to not being able to last the grind with Novak. Wawrinka, Murray is one thing. Novak is another for Federer mentally. It’s ALL on federers body language early: IF he’s positive: who knows what can happen since the truth is: novak is playing below par. Don’t be fooled by his results. But iF he seems lukewarm, tepid like he did in Wimbledon final: this is a easy match for Novak. The truth is the truth: this is a match between a 28 year old and a 34 year old. An easy dance for the 28 year old grinder. And a tough one for the 34 year old. Me personally: I’m not watching. I just do not believe for a second Federer thinks he can beat Novak in a best of 5. Novak knows it too. And it will be a sad watch. Expect a Federer v agassi type final, with the roles being by father time ‘re Federer.

jalep Says:

Preferred Edberg to Becker. But didn’t watch much tennis in those days. No time for TV at all. I liked the short shorts, I do recall. Becker, meh. Edberg, yay. An if I did watch, was like any other American fan-girl – only knew to watch for Wimbledon and US Open.

Federer already has enough GS’s and hardware. Novak is my favorite to win. But will be happy with a good showing from both. That’s how I feel now anyway — serene and tranquil. hahaha doubt that lasts. What time is it? :D

About who will win? I was still stinging from FO at Wimbledon wasn’t sure Novak would win. Only if the match went the distance he’d win. He didn’t need the distance and what a relief – much needed win. The feeling is similar but not as nervous because Novak already has 2 GS this year.

Won’t be too complacent because that’s how I was about FO a couple times already. Novak would win FO this year – he would win the Stan match. Now FO is unfinished business again.

Younger, more athletic man should win, all things being relatively equal. Federer tennis is better than ever in all ways but raw, youthful, athleticism.

Rivalries, nice memories. (in French)

T Dawg Says:

SG1, Fed didn’t improve his game because he was so dominant and he was too arrogant to change rackets or work on specific foot work moves for recovery etc. But he has always studied the history and he is now adapting.

This is a game of matchups – and if I’m Edberg, I’m telling Fed, just be glad you aren’t playing a juiced up Rafa on roids – just relax Fed, you can win vs. the player who lost to Murphy the Pusher in Murphy’s 2 major finals wins.

mat4 Says:


Didn’t know you were reading 15love. It’s an excellent site. The comments are quite good too.

BTW, it’s a Fed worshippers site.

Ben Pronin Says:

Maybe Federer was too arrogant to change. Maybe he didn’t have the right coach or advice. I don’t think we can say for sure. But in 07 he still won 3 slams. In 08 he was sick. In 09 he won 2 slams. And in 2010 he had an infection. In 2011 he was as close as they come but Novak and Rafa just too good that year. In 2012 he returned to number 1. In 2013 he has injuries. In 2014 he was inches away from number 1 again. And in 2015 he’s in his second straight slam final. I think he’s had some not so visible set backs that hurt him especially against the top guys. If he loses today it won’t be because of health. I really think he’s physically fine. I think he just needs to stay sharp and composed and not shy away from his game plan when the going gets tough.

That said, Djokovic isn’t a slouch. He’s an incredible champion and while not a natural matchup problem to Roger, he has a lot of weapons to hurt him with. He can serve well, return awesome, and it’s hard to break down either stroke. He’s number 1 and is in his 4th slam final of the year. It’s not by chance.

This should be a great match and both guys are more than capable of winning.

T Dawg Says:

Touche Ben,

check out my comments from previous fed blog (towards bottom) on the analysis of the upcoming match – tell me what you think – thanks.

jalep Says:

mat4 – my French was a lot better (reading and listening, never speaking or writing) a couple 2 -4 years ago when I’d hang out in European chat rooms watching tennis with French all around me and serious betting types – they were hilarious…though probably not meaning to be funny.

Yes I’ve liked that blog when there is time — first I try reading it myself, then copy and paste for google translate. Took a semester of French as a required language in high school but didn’t try very hard at the time, unfortunately.

Italian is less complex and easier, imo. Also was used to listening to cycling in French for the spring classics — much better than Dutch! Rai sports the best, if I could get it.

Armend V Says:

I don’t want to ruin the Federer vs Djokovic discussion, but I have a question, who would you think that Nadal would prefer to win.

If Federer wins, Nadal trails him by 4 GS titles.

If Djokovic wins he gets within 4 GS titles of equalizing with Nadal’s 14.

I think in this regard Nadal would prefer Djokovic to win, as I believe that still believes he can catch Federer’s 17.

jatin Says:

Very tensed already. Its about time for roger. He was so close in wimby the last two years. Hope his new tactics and hyper aggressive game can help him get his 18th.
Madmax, skeezer, NK, gannu, ben and all the other fed fans of the forum. Hope we will see the 18th this time. CHEERS….

Will see you guys during the match.

tennismonger Says:

So it’s unanimous…

We all (except for 2 or 3 special people!) want Fed to win…

But Novak will most likely prevail…

Enjoy the match, everyone!

madmax Says:


I have been thinking about this match all day. It doesn’t matter what I have been doing; and I have done a lot today; it is there, in the back, to the side, at the front of my mind.

We wish the absolute, very, extreme best, don’t we For our man – of course we do – so I am sure, certain, 100% Federer will put it all out there on court today, now, immediately.

So will Novak.

It will be, a great match. It’s just a shame they both can’t win.

They share this history together though, and that will be the second best prize.

Rooting for Fed all the way.

jalep Says:

mat4 – a question. 15 love tennis is a much higher quality of posters, sort of cream of the crop – is this right??? When compared to the chat rooms, anyway where it was a mixture of French-ish words and cursing much of the time but a distinct difference I would guess if they were from France or writing in French as a 2nd language — or French writers/poster from Canada…

But how soon I forget when unable to follow those low-life chat rooms any longer –

jane Says:

i’m a little voice of exception….

GOOD LUCK novak!! i hope you can get your 10th slam.

my head says fed will win though.
but my heart is always with Nole.

he’s had a tremendous season no matter what happens.
11 straight finals!
not since mac ’84. wow.


FedExpress Says:

i arrived home timely for the final

all saying fed will lose. i am confident he will win it. will be tough but he will be mentally prepared that he lost the last two wimb finals due tightness.

jalep Says:

You are not alone, jane :D

ajde Nole! eleven straight finals — allezz #10! Vai, vai, Forzaa Nole!

Bracing myself – fresh ground coffee now, alcoholic beverage (in moderation so I can post), pancakes, eggs, and bacon coming up.

FedExpress Says:

11 finals but lost 4 of them

jalep Says:

FedExpress, glad you made it back for this. Is your math right? The glass is more full than empty in my view, whatever happens, for either man.

Cheers and enjoy ;)

madmax Says:

Can’t wait for the match to start!

Looking forward to some great commentaries from Mat if possible.

I never seem to be able to get a reliable stream these days, so can’t rely on that!

I want to watch the match from start to finish without interruption.

This could be tense!

Good luck to both players; come on Roger!

Imagine the nerves, the atmosphere; it must be electric on court and court side.

Gypsy Gal Says:

No horse in the race,but im pulling for Fed,Novak has two this year,so it would be great to see Fed end whats been a lean spell in the GS,no ulterior motives,dont care about records or GOATHOOD etc,i just think it would be an amazing story at the grand old age of 34 to get number 18….

Daniel Says:

Hoping for a Roger win, but somehow feels Djoko will take this.

Kind of opposite to clay where he won both Masters he played and lost the one that matters. Now he has lost both NA Masters but will win the big prize in the end.

As for the winning/finals records, c’mob, winning is what matters most.

Sampras right now has the same amount of finals as Djoko but he has 14 Slams and 4 losses (one of the best all time ratio) and he is regarded, second or third together with #1 records.

Djoko has 18 finals now and either will be 10-8 or 9-9. Big difference.
Maybe he won’t get away from the 50% ratio as mat4 posted, he s playing tuff guys in final since his first title,but as long as he is making multiple finals per season and winning, he will go upon major counts. I just hope he gets to 14 or better with more than 50% ratio otherwise he will have to reach more finals than Fed has right now (27).

As long as he is healthy, balance with all aspects of his life (as it was for this year: marriage, new coach, son born) he can play his best tennis for a long timber injury.

And for Fed, even if loss today, very proud of him and his achievements. And he sure will have more chances laying the way he is. He is having fun, playing on his terms, efficient tennis and most important healthy. Of course he wants #18 desperately but as long as he keeps improving and creating chances, opportunities will come. At 34, we can only be thankful for his dedication to this sport we love and still see him playing this well.

May the best man win and I will be happy ether way, they both deserve it and earn being in this option once again.

And love their match up,they always produce the best tennis with all shots in the book.

jane Says:

jalep, yum! and i agree – the glass is definitely more full than empty. :D

btw, heard that novak is warming up/practicing with mario ančić!! i miss mario – what a great player he was.

jalep Says:

Armend V. I’ll bite. That’s an interesting question. In previous years, I would guess Rafa cheered for Novak during a Federer v Djokovic GS final (except for 2011) at FO — and FO in general.

This time – he might be cheering for Federer. Roger at 17, Rafa at 14, Nole at 9 on the verge of 10? It’s a Rafa sandwich. Pass the mustard.

chris ford1 Says:

FedExpress Says:
11 finals but lost 4 of them.

Making all those finals is an accomplishment in itself. (BTW – it’s 13 straight Finals for Nole (ATP 500 and above tournaments, going back to Paris Bercy in 2014) Those that say losing in a final is worse than going out in an earlier round are totally absurd people.
Some Nadalistas were crowing a few years back that it was a shame that Fed hurt “The Grand Nike-pimped Fedal Rivalry” by fighting to so many clay court finals and losing to Rafa there. And that Fed lost prestige, and he should have taken a dive before having to play Nadal in clay finals…

Does anyone know if any player has gone a 365 day span and made the Final in every significant event they entered?? Nole has two last obstacles. Fed took him out in the Shanghai semis. So to make all the finals in a one year span he has to repeat getting to the finals in Beijing, then take on the challenge of getting to the Shanghai Masters 1000 finals.

Markus Says:

So much fun reading all the comments here.. now, excuse me while I have a panic attack.

Nitin Says:

I am going with Federer in straight sets with a real scorcher of a 3rd set. I believe a beat down is in the offing – mentally Rf seems to be in a zone and combative. I haven’t seen him this aggressive in a while.

Maybe I am dreaming and just maybe this

Nitin Says:

Maybe I am dreaming and maybe this is how its gonna play out tonight. Let’s see!

jalep Says:

Me too, Madmax cheers! – hoping for mat4 and Daniel as usual. Not sure I’ll be quite on my toes, fully. This is my Super Bowl – since I refuse to watch the other Super Bowl – uhgg.

Really miss the days of reliable streams and international chat rooms – far prefer those to ESPN or Tennis Channel uber commercializing of sport but… cie la vie. The political powers bow to big corporate lobbyists and use protection from terrorists as an excuse to stomp out internet freedom/reasonable pricing for the peasants. Makes one wonder who the terrorists are.

sorry, rant spilled out. Back to tennis.

Gypsy Gal Says:

What an amazing achievement for Novak to reach all 4 GS in a year,regardless of what happens in this final….

van orten Says:

Stoked, thrilled and nervous…
Great Match ahead !!! Have Fun all of you wherever you are !!!

jatin Says:

madmax and jelep
There are some nice streams in
I prefer to watch tennis in those. If you guys wanna try you can visit the site.

jatin Says:

Hiii Gypsy gal
Long time.. NO see…
Hope you are doing fine these days

FedExpress Says:

There some runours that fed is limping?!?!?! Wtf is happening

J-Kath Says:

Jalep – I’m persuaded – book me in for the celebrations – PS. I like my eggs soft but not too runny – I’ll bring the Chateau-Neuf-du-Pape….

Gypsy Gal Says:

Hi Jatin im good thanks,Rafa crashed and burned,but i was away celebrating the Autumn equinox so i havent actually seen much tennis,i wont see the final as im going away again early in the morning to Glastonbury,and visiting Stonehenge and the stones at Avebury,no horse in the race,but years ago before Rafa came along i was a Federer fan so i will pull for him,and i hope he gets 18,not bothered personally about records or GOATHOOD although some might find that hard to believe lol,anyway hope you enjoy it whatever happens cheers ;),and goddess blessings….

elina Says:

Novak will be up all night to get lucky to win not more than a set.

Nice to see a few here starting to realize that the match stats don’t lie and Roger was right when he said he’s playing the best tennis of his career.

Federer in three probably but certainly no more than four.

I picked him for the title two weeks ago.

Go big or go home I always say you guys.

FedExpress Says:

The rumors that fed was limping and grimacing during practice today are pisssing me off tbh

Nikola Says:

The betting odds are dropping rapidly on Novak. It was 1.80 now 1.60. They now something we don’t?

jatin Says:

Yeah, unfortunate for rafa and his fans. Heard his grandfather died some days ago, it was sad news. He would have pulled out anyway in my opinion :(
Depressing times for him.
Nice to know you are going for an outing. Hope you enjoy. I certainly will try to keep my nerves on try like roger while watching the match.
Good luck to you too

jatin Says:

fed express
I hope its not true :(

Gypsy Gal Says:

Jatin OMG i didnt actually know about Rafas grandfather,yes indeed a sad time on and off the court,i guess some things are more important than tennis….

jatin Says:

gypsy gal
Indeed, very sad time for whole nadal family :(

mat4 Says:

@jane, jalep

Although I had a bad dream the other day, I too stick with our man.

The result matters, of course, but much important is that he fights well and behaves nobly.

Hajde Nole!

jalep Says:


Wouldn’t that be interesting …and probably fun!

Please bring the wine – this bottle of California Cabernet can wait – or keep it as a spare after the chateau neuf du pope and champagne is gone :D

Have melted cream cheese, berries, honey butter into a glaze — it’s yummy drizzled on the pancakes and… bacon; but it’s peasant fare. your wine is appreciated. cheers to good tennis, chapeau…

Gypsy Gal Says:

Jalep hi can i come lol….

J-Kath Says:

Would luv it.

chris ford1 Says:

One USO theme might be age…as if the tennis media would ever be smart enough note it but not endlessly dwell on it. And turn off the younger demographic until they reach 30 from watching because all they hear in media is – its all about the “older players”!

Maybe Novak will buck the trend.

But besides the Italian women, you have Martina Hingis at 34 winning 5 Slam events this year. Like at Wimbledon, she got both woman’s and mixed doubles with her Indian partners at the USO. (And 3 of those trophies were with 42-year old Leander Paes).

jalep Says:

Of course KatH and Gypsey!

Everyone is welcome – bring your own bottle, if possible we don’t want to run out. Probably will run out of berry glaze, pancakes and bacon — the we order pizza :D

Meanwhile: “The current forecast calls for intermittent showers, followed by a period of clearing for the balance of the evening. Once the rain stops, we will dry the courts and begin play.” US Open website says.

Waiting to uncork — another cup of coffee sounds right.

Congrats to Nicolas Mahut and Pierre Hugues-Herbert winning the men’s final yesterday and Matina Hengis / Sonia Mirza today —

Oh yeah, CF1 – Martina and Leander yesterday. Hingis at only 34 should be almost ready to come back to singles…at this rate.

J-Kath Says:

Someone said only 2-3 “special” people are routing for Nole (as opposed to the Fed.)

– there is a lot more support for Nole than that -reasonably based on the fact that he is No. 1 and has earned it.

jalep Says:

oh my…spelling and typos.

ESPN showing Serena defeat to Vinci.
Says they don’t expect match to start until 5:00 pm EDT.

jalep Says:

Hate bad dreams mat4. Only once in awhile have one. Random and bizarre dreams are what I get – and the ones in which I take flight impressively, too.

Only tennis related dreams I’ve had have been 1) Marcel Granollers 2) Victor Troicki. Granollers just looking at me with huge eyes and long eyelashes – we were hanging out; nothing more. Victor pretty much the same – big eyes minus the long eye lashes but it was more fun, surprisingly, and that’s all I’ll say.

Daniel Says:

Damm, after they dry courts start small drops again. This match already starts with drama.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Jalep ive had some(AHEM)x-rated dreams about a number of tennis players too many to mention….

mat4 Says:


About 15love. Once we all were on L’Equipe section for readers, where we use to post and right articles. But then, they opened that site. As a Novak fan, I asked twice to be a member, but they never answered me.

The best poster ever is Yoda, aka Karim. But he doesn’t post lately. There are some others I like, but like I wrote, it’s mainly a fedfans’ site.

mat4 Says:

…and write…

I am very tired, sorry.

madmax Says:

Steady now Gypsy :)

Gypsy Gal Says:

Madmax lol but its true, i would be the tennis-x groupie given half a chance ;)….

mat4 Says:


I dreamt Federer winning the title. I woke up immediately in horror… ;-)

Gypsy Gal Says:

Mat4 no that would be your nightmare;)….

jalep Says:

Last update 7 minutes ago – says hoping match to start in 20 minutes. Champagne is open nicely chilled.

mat4 Says:


Indeed. It was a nightmare.

jalep Says:

Gypsy and mat4

Not that I believe in premonition dreams, but that dream I had about Granollers was in the fall of 2011 – and won’t forget it because dream included him winning Valencia…which he did a couple days later! But him just staring at me with the big eyes and long eyelashes was strange – maybe he was trying to tell me something is what I thought when woke up. Completely G-rated, Gypsy.

Lucky you about your tennis dreams, though, Gypsy ;

mat4 Says:

And interesting article for Nolefans:

Gypsy Gal Says:

Mat4 you mean to say youve never had an x-rated dream about one of the female players,if you say no i will believe you although thousands wouldnt lol….

J-Kath Says:

Sorri Jalep – Rain check (double entendre) on the Vino, Bacon, Eggs, Pancakes etc. – my hubbie is on a routine (but necessary doctor’s call tomorrow early) – so I need to be in fit state to drive- i.e. off to bed now e.g. UK time zone.

PS: Don’t worry about Nole (and give Jane a hug)- Nole’s doing fine (only when he comes up against Andy do I change horses).

madmax Says:


you need to head over to the other thread, where the match talk is “open”.

Would hate to miss these X rated comments!

mat4 Says:


The most beautiful tennis player was Chris Evert for me. But I don’t remember dreams for decades ago…

mat4 Says:

… from… sorry once again.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Jalep lol nothing that i could actually discuss on a public forum,i probably watch too much tennis thats my trouble and what hubby says….

Wog Boy Says:


Gabriela Sabatini

mat4 Says:


GB was like a gazelle, yes. But overall, since I married a brunette, once again I prefer blondes…

Gypsy Gal Says:

OK Madmax lol,actually i need to go to bed,as i have to get up early to travel,was actually hoping to see some tennis,but its getting too late unfortunatly :(….

mat4 Says:

Among the bookmakers, odds on Novak were shortening and odds of Fed drifting. The biggest shortening was on a Novak victory in three, then in four.

Gypsy Gal Says:

Mat4 i too am blonde so thanks very much….

Gypsy Gal Says:

Zzzz ill never be in any fit state to travel to Glastonbury,good thing im not the one driving,goodnight all,and enjoy the final….

Daniel Says:

Still raining. Match postponed to at least 30 more minutes. How long will they postpone? Beacuse forecast is the same 15% chance if rain for the whole night. But the problem is it has to stop because if it keeps this pow rain match can be postponed.

Think they will try to play today as much as possible but I don’t know if there is a limit of delay due to audience.
To me they play a lot of matches at night ao even if they start at 9 pm local time they should try it. Guess we’ll know more in half an hours. It’s already 6 pm local time, 2 hours delay.

Markus Says:

Dreams usually turn out to be the opposite to what happens in reality. So be happy with that dream, mat4.

FedExpress Says:

That 2011 loss was so painful. Ty sky sports for opening the wounds agyin

FedExpress Says:

Now it is a night session match. Should favour fed

FedExpress Says:

Wtf are they doing. Get the players out ffs

FedExpress Says:

Two europeans playing and playing american anthem#logic

Daniel Says:

Game on, Ace Federer! Yeah

jalep Says:


So, look at the green line representing Federer in 2004-2007 – that is Federer’s prime, I’d agree with that graph.

Where Novak is now — he’s in his prime still and above anyone. But it doesn’t mean he has no competition because Federer is till having spikes in performance and has for the moment surpassed the younger Rafa, which doesn’t mean Rafa and Andy won’t have a series of spikes and peaks.

Still believe my eyes as the best test (I know that sounds silly but really did watch Federer’s performances over and over compulsively when he was in his prime, thanks to Youtube). His sheer athleticism has waned but Federer has improved his elements in his game enough to compensate and remain competitive, even after 2013 when he truly appeared to be done.

Novak has time on his side and takes meticulous care of his phenomeNole body and mind.

Federer’s longevity is remarkable.

Will be interesting to revisit the graph and numbers after they are all retired. I bookmarked that link. Merci…

mat4 Says:

My best wishes for all my Fedfans friends here. Hope it will be a great match, and let the best man win!

Daniel Says:

Fed tense, 3 FH errors. BP second serve

Daniel Says:

Great point to save another BP. Fed with 4 FH UE already

FedExpress Says:

Fed is nervous

but started vs wawa also like this

Daniel Says:

Federer more tense. Dioko pressuring Fed’s serve and with no mistakes. Fed saving himself with serves

Daniel Says:

Good wishes back at you mat4

FedExpress Says:

Wow. Df

FedExpress Says:

Hold i the end

relax fed

FedExpress Says:

What a response from nole

hold to love

FedExpress Says:


fed is so nervous

0-30 alreqd

FedExpress Says:

Triple bps nole

this is a nightmare

mat4 Says:


I thought you were too a Nolefan…

FedExpress Says:

This is just utter shiiittt from fed

why so nervous. Gifted the set already. Serve not working. Fh misfiring

FedExpress Says:

Nasty fall from nole

triple back bps for fed

FedExpress Says:

This could give frd a lift


FedExpress Says:

Fed firing now

FedExpress Says:

Wtf was fhat

from 30-0 u to get broken

FedExpress Says:

This just utter bullocks

let fed win one gs nole
U spoiled the party so much in the last two

FedExpress Says:

I am vomiting righ now

this just painful and it hurts

Skeezer Says:

Fed was in walkabout mood first set. First serves went bye bye. If he ain’t going to serve well, kiss this baby goodbye.

Skeezer Says:

Nole for the most part reads Fed serve well. Heck he has seen it enough, how many times have the played each other? SABR is fun and all, but he needs to hide his serve location better, and why just always go for out wide and up the tee? No body serves? C’mon man!

Skeezer Says:

He left his movement back at the Hotel with the kids. Apparently to much play time.

van orten Says:

Even the biggest die hard nole fan or fed hater must admit that fed was pretty unlucky tonite.. that hurts the most ..

peter Says:

Not unlucky, fed’s the luckiest player ever to have crowd support every single match he plays. That easily gives him an extra ~30% advantage, as with most other sports.

Downright disgraceful crowd to clap on noles misses and shouting when he’s serving. That’s the main reason he’s rarely done well at new york. You won’t see this crowd in Australia.

calmdownplease Says:

`just wondering if Cdp is right in the head! His posts???`

Posting nothing of worth except endless diatribes against Djokovic and then lambasting anyone that dares support him makes me think similar things about you Giles
And let’s face it, Novak has a very good chance now to eclipse Nadal so I’m thinking you are going only to get worse :)

Ronny Says:

Go Djoko! the next 3 years are yours. You’ll win the AO for sure and probably the French too and then Rafa and Federer start sweating.

elina Says:

On mat4’s link…

A better indication of the best instead of maximum level reached IMO would be achieved by integrating the area under the curve for each player. Federer, due to his longer career, would, by far still come out on top.

This is fair IMO because one’s greatness should reflect their whole career and longevity.

It is somewhat skewed to compare greatness while players are still very much at different points in their careers.

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