Federer v Djokovic Saturday In Paris SFs; Khachanov Crushes Zverev
by Staff | November 2nd, 2018, 10:01 pm

For a 47th time Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic will meet, this one for a spot in the Paris Masters final.
Despite battling a bit of the flu, Djokovic ran his win streak to 21 after coming from a set down to deny Marin Cilic 4-6, 6-2, 6-3. Djokovic now leads the Croat 16-2 in their series, but the Serb’s set streak of 30 came to an end.

“It was a big challenge. I was a break down in the third set. And really, this match could have gone either way,” Djokovic said. “I won the match, but if he would’ve won it, it would’ve been absolutely deserved.”

Cilic was able to secure his spot in the London field of eight after Federer later beat Nishikori 6-4, 6-4.

“I think for me it was really important to go through two sets and not get broken and play very consistently and solid and not make too many wild shots on my own service games,” Federer said. “Kei is one of the best returners in the game and if you allow him to come into your service games too frequently, he’s going to really hurt you. I think I was able to avoid that and then winning straight sets is always nice. It saves energy for not only what is to come tomorrow or the following week, but for your career.”

And of course the win for Federer set up the showdown with Djokovic. But Djokovic leads 24-22 winning the last three including this summer in Cincinnati.

Federer’s last win over Djokovic came three years ago at the 2015 ATP Finals.

“I want to play well. I want to try to win, obviously. I know he’s on a hot streak so I think it’s going to be tough. But nevertheless I think I’ve got nothing to lose,” Federer said of the semifinal. “I also like this type of surface, I like playing indoors. Indoors has treated me very well, winning Rotterdam and Basel. I think I’m ready to do something tomorrow, but clearly I have to play a lot of good tennis tomorrow because those are the question Novak asks of you. It’s not just maybe a serve here or there or a return here or there, he’s going to ask the question time and time again because he defends very well and he plays well on the offence and plus he’s serving consistently well at the moment so I think it’s going to be tough.”

Djokovic will try to win his 25th match against Federer. No one has beaten the Swiss more in his career than Novak.

“I’m just pleased to be in the semis,” Djokovic said. “I know I can play better. At times tonight I was playing really well. At times, not that great. So there are things that I have to obviously improve for the next one, and I’m looking forward to it.”

Alexander Zverev’s Paris campaign fell apart swiftly at the start of the day as he was blown out by fellow youngster Karen Khachanov 6-1, 6-2. Zverev has played a lot of tennis this year and a with an ailing shoulder, he had nothing to offer the powerful Russian who advanced to his second Masters semifinal after Canada.

“I’m just enjoying playing good tennis right now,” said Khachanov. “Especially the past couple of month. After winning Moscow, honestly, in Vienna it was tough for me to play emotionally. I’m playing confidently and playing good tennis right now.”

In his semifinal, Khachanov will face Dominic Thiem who eliminated defending champion Jack Sock 4-6, 6-4, 6-4.

The 26th-ranked Sock will drop outside of the Top 100 on Monday, down to No. 105. Sock returns tomorrow in the doubles semifinals with Mike Bryan.

Thiem, who won St. Petersburg in September, has been victorious in 11 of his last 13 matches. The Austrian has never played the 22-year-old Russian.

Court Central 11:45 Am
1 Oliver Marach/Mate Pavic v Marcel Granoller/sRajeev Ram
Not Before 2:00 Pm
6 Dominic Thiem v Karen Khachanov
Not Before 4:30 Pm
3 Roger Federer v 2 Novak Djokovic
Jean-Julien Rojer/Horia Tecau v 2 Mike Bryan/Jack Sock

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76 Comments for Federer v Djokovic Saturday In Paris SFs; Khachanov Crushes Zverev

AndyMira Says:

This clash is going to be mouth watering!..Hope i can watch it…

I think the 1st set is going to be crucial…If Fed win it,Nole will win 3…If Nole win it,Fed will done in straights…

J-Kath Says:


The Honourables Annabel Croft and Greg Rudeski have spoken!!!

I wonder why it has to be feast or famine?

Colin Says:

J=Kath, are you poking gentle fun at the British Honours system? If so, I’m with you, but as far as I can tell these two are not “honourables”.

I like Croft, partly because she’s attractive. Rusedski looks and sounds very non-British, and has been a bit prone to making tactless remarks.

As for the tedious question of Britishness, Greg had one English grandmother, just as Andy Murray has.

J-Kath Says:

Colin: Calling them “honourables” ….. they think they are – so, “tongue in cheek” on my part.

Croft is attractive – likes to be the centre of attention.
Greg – mostly Canadian…at least gave Henman someone to compete against UK-wise….but mostly “big” mouth now.

Andy’s kids are much more British than his good self….and hopefully they look more like Kim (with Andy’s droll humour).

PS: In common with Andy I also have an English grand-mother….she was the most elegant and gracious of a very large family diluted by Scots/Picts/Vikings…soon to be infiltrated Singapore-Chinese etc. etc.

FedExpress Says:

Which comeback impressed you the most?

Rafa 2017
Fed 2017
Nole 2018

FedExpress Says:

Everytime Fed beat Nadal in a tournament he won the tournament (most of them were finals but some were also semis and earlier rounds)

Cant be said about Nadal though.

FedExpress Says:

Thiem losing to Khach

FedExpress Says:

wtf thiem

FedExpress Says:

Thiem got spanked

skeezer Says:

Khachanov is smokin’.
Don’t think Fed/Nole will take this guy down if he stays this way. No way.

skeezer Says:

“Croft is attractive – likes to be the centre of attention”
Lara deserves to be the center of attention ;)

Margot Says:

RZ: Dom played well in the first set, plenty of variety in his game and nice and aggressive. Unfortunately his FSP was awful and he just faded away in the 2nd.
Fantastic to see KK playing so well tho. 9/10 at the net! Wowzer! He’s certainly going to be a force next year, so strong and powerful, excellent movement for a giant, and now coming forward and volleying but also showing great touch. Whoever he plays tomorrow, he wont be intimidated, that’s for sure.

Margot Says:

Fed Express: Best come back? Why, Andy Murray 2016 of course.
Croft is head over heals in love with Fed., at least Big Jaw Greg has a more balanced approach……and admires Andy. What’s not to like?

J-Kath Says:

Skeezer: Feel I should know who “Lara” is – help!

Margot: Re. Greg, “….and admires Andy. What’s not to like?” Enjoyed a chuckle at that one.

Margot Says:

kath: Lara Croft, female super hero, computer game.

FedExpress Says:

Luckerer on BP

Van orten Says:

The same as always .. 6:5 set point for fed .. guess what happens next … 3 backhand unforced . Nole with No first serves what so ever .. ph roger .. a pity that this match up has become mental

Margot Says:

Fed had to win that opening set. Winners were equal going into the tie.

Van orten Says:

When u lose anyways why being passiv .. why Not gobierno all out euro everything you have .. I don’t get it.. so passive the last 3 points In the breaker . It has to be mental . Nole just knows fed will createunbke in the end . That’s why he is so annoyingly confident when playing him . He has his number . Australia last hope because of courtspeed

Giles Says:

Faker up to 13 bounces.

jatin Says:


FedExpress Says:

Get in

Dont lose focus and the intensity.

jatin Says:

2 hours of some Outstanding tennis.
Onto the 3rd set.
Comon Fed

J-Kath Says:

Taa Margot.

FedExpress Says:

2 Bps

man man man

jatin Says:

HANG in there Fed.

Margot Says:

One set each, game on!

Margot Says:

Fed looking very sharp at the mo and serving better. Nole seems to be lacking energy.

jatin Says:

Fed has to keep serving well.

jatin Says:

Hope fed can keep up this level.

FedExpress Says:

Imagine Federer winning today and losing tomorrow to Khachanov

Vats Says:

Nole has great ability to turn game and Roger knows well. Hope he stays focused.. But Roger won heart already. He started playing well..so better expectations in 2019

FedExpress Says:

What an escape

2 big serves when 2 BPs down

Vats Says:

Nole looks solid. Roger don’t loose focus.. Just do it.

FedExpress Says:

Why does Fed all the time puts the simple put away at the net into Noles corner?

Daniel Says:

Fed in a houdini act not getting brokem all match. Djoko very frustrated with this. Pretry hard for him to not break in 3 long sets specially not against karovic, Isner, Raonic and co.

Fed guarantee another tiebreak. Djoko serving to force breaker. Another epic between the two. Long time dod not see Fed so invested in not losing, he is fighting all the way.

FedExpress Says:

I cant bear a TB.

FedExpress Says:


How many matches did Fed lose vs Nole in a deicing TB?

IW 14, Canada 07

Vats Says:

Somehow feeling Roger doesn’t put pressure in decider sets specifically against nole. He become more cautious to protect his serve and nole gets away with easy hold.. Roger needs to be aggressive. Loosing in tie break would be disappointing..

FedExpress Says:

Federer losing a match without getting broken man

FedExpress Says:

WTF all for nothing

FedExpress Says:

This just sucks. No positives at all when you are that close. Heartbreaker.

vk Says:

and the old man does a limp handshake! Haha what a loser

Vamos Nole!

Margot Says:

How weird was that? Right up to the tie I thought Fed would win, then….Nole gets that glint in his eye and Fed crumbles.
Anyway, well done Nole! Commies to Fed fans.

fred stone Says:

…ran out of rabbits…

FedExpress Says:

Federer just sucks in deciding TBs. Like vs Delpo.

He didnt even put up a fight.

Ronn Says:

Federer couldn’t even beat THIS Djoko who was obviously sick and had no energy out there. Must suck to be Federer but he did finally show some balls and not avoid playing Djoko this time around.

J-Kath Says:

One of the matches that it is a pity that only one player can win. But it’s Novak’s time again – so really well done to him – his determination was implacable.

Ronn Says:

And the streak continues! Now Federer has lost 4 in a row to his hated rival- Novaaaaak Djokkkkovic!

jatin Says:

Fed is back. The way he showed such heart out there against Novak was amazing. He came so close.
I hope to see this Fed in WTF again. He can stil compete with Novak and go toe to toe with him at 37. He is unbelievable.

Madmax Says:

I loved this match! No need for tears Fed fans, a really good, solid performance. This is Novak’s time though, so absolutely no need to be down for more than 10 seconds. Move on.

Rest now Fed. On to London.

And Ronn. The only person who hates on this site is you and Wogboy. No one hates Novak, and if they do, then it is just jealousy. Nothing more.

He is the man to beat right now and I for one, am not sad at all. Love Novak, just love Fed more.

Ronn Says:

Roger really could not have played much better and still lost. What does that tell you? He simply doesn’t handle pressure situations as eell as Djoko and Rafa. Djoko really is an IRON MAN.

Madmax Says:

Jatin! Absolutely! So True. He is amazing and amazes me every time he plays like this. It could have gone either way, but this is the first time he has played Paris in 3 years, so will gain points.

Bring it on, bring it on!

On to London! Yessssssss!

Madmax Says:


I genuinely, from the bottom of my bottom, feel sorry for you. I hope you get over your hatred in this era of Tennis.

Daniel Says:

Djoko did not want to win also. Second match I recall fed lost without getting vroken, Karlovic a few years back.

At least he could bring Djoko 2.0 to the brink. Out of #1 and if Nadal doesn’t play WTF Djoko seal Year End #1 for a fifth time tieing Fed and 1 behind Sampras.

Tomorrow play for Masters 33 and another vo-leader record with Nadal.

If he indeed wins tomorrow and secure Year end #5 agead pf Nadal, obly record Badla will have over him ois Total Slams. Depending on how next years unfolds GOAT debat could be just between Fed and Djoko

Ronn Says:

#1 is a done deal. Congrats to Djoko for being #1 until at least the early part of 2020. Well done, Djoko!

kjb Says:

Never mind Ronn, he only ever comments when Fed loses. His jealosy of Fed is more than his love of Nole. He wasn’t even able to break Grandpa Fed, and this after Fed title run last week. haha

Vats Says:

Ronn, nole was hiding balls when Roger playing good. Rafa also no shows later stage. But Roger always made later rounds to face top players even if not playing good. He is not afraid and time n time prove how good competitor he is.. Fortunately for nole there is no next-gen challenge so he keeps moving on. Good luck to him..

chris ford1 Says:

The Fed % Rafa rivalries vs. Djokovic may just be the two best on the men’s side of the sport. Enjoyed this latest match. I don’t know how many more there will be. Savor the remaining ones.

Fed v. Djokovic, incredibly close H2H, typically high quality play. The two players most light on their feet and graceful. All the classics they have combined to give us!

Rafa v. Djokovic, close, almost the same consistent quality as with Fed v Novak – but you get gladiator fights with real heart and little quit regardless of outcome.

Feda was great two for a few years, but a rivalry mostly over due to lopsidedness, by 2008, when Rafa gained the upper hand. Fed got some of the h2h gap narrowed in recent years, but Nadal has not been 100%. He stays high ranked, even #1 last 2 years at times, because he owns his playtime dirt pens. Had his way 2017, 2018. No A-game Djokovic to worry about the last years, the guy Uncle Toni and Rafa say is the only one feared on clay after 2011.

chris ford1 Says:

Fed played well. When you are at those two guy’s level and you look bad on a point, more times than not it is the product great shot-making, or both playing great on a point with a dozen hits or more and fine shots and saves, only to finally get a UFE on law of averages
Commies to Roger’s fans – he served so well Djokovic was unable to break him until the end of 3 grueling sets, he pressured many of Djokovic’s service games. His legend grows even if he isn’t winning as much at age 37 as at 30.
Karen Khachanov demolished Thiem. Novak is going to be up against it tomorrow. As the Big 4 fade out in the next 3-4 years, the NextGen conversation on who will be the ones winning the titles right and left after that with big wins even before – have to add Khachanov to Thiem, Coric, Zverev, the black Muslim French-Canadian ‘Felix’ that high hopes are already resting with.
Even sick, Djokovic has that “man on a mission” aura to him. I pick him to win. But I won’t be shocked or upset if he loses – Karen Khachanov got my attention back in 2017 and he is getting better by the month.

chris ford1 Says:

Djokovic, post match – ““It really was the most spectacular match of this year and one of the best I have ever played against him in my career.”

Wog Boy Says:

Just checked stats, Nole had 12 unconverted BP, he deserved to lose this match but mental midget couldn’t take advantage of not 100% Nole, well, once mental midget always mental midget.
Looking at Nole stats in the third set shows that he knew he had to raise his level and that’s what he did, serving 78%, winning 79% of the first and astounding 88% of the second serve, no double faults and 4 BP that he couldn’t convert.

I also believe that somebody’s cats were abused badly and somebody should send RSPCA to check on cats welfare, urgently.

skeezer Says:

^Of course. Expected, and predicted. Beating an old man IS expected. Sad part is it took him a 3rd set TB to do it. Embarrassing to say the least.

skeezer Says:

“…best I have ever played against him in my career.””

LOL really? You just beat a 37 yr old, one of the oldest on Tour, and this was the BEST you ever played against him?

Django Says:

If Nole is poorly then I give him 50/50 against Karen tomorrow

Ronn Says:

Skeezer, that quote isn’t even correct. Djoko said that this match was one of the best matches “we” have ever played together. He did not say that it was one of the best matches HE ever played against Federer because it was far from it. Djoko was sick and lacked energy but Federer came in fresh as a daisy after playing scrubs in Basel and after not even having to lift his racket until the round of 16. So stop talking BS.

Madmax Says:

Here is a great, great analysis:

Russell Fuller, BBC tennis correspondent

Their 47th meeting was one of their best.

Federer drove Djokovic to distraction by saving all 12 break points he faced – including one with a volley he wasn’t even able to see as the ball reared at him off the net.

Both served commandingly in the final set and the only anti-climax was the final tie-break in which Federer was error-strewn and Djokovic showed no mercy.

Federer has played superbly here, especially when you consider he was unsure whether even to compete after winning a 99th title in Basel last week.

But Djokovic is unquestionably the best in the world right now: he has played 32 matches since June and won 31 of them.

Totally positive, totally respectful of two great players.

Well done Fed. We are proud.

Well done Novak. The best player in the world right now.

Madmax Says:


Have you thought about being a tennis pundit? You would put all of the BBC in the shade with your enlightening comments about the match.

Madmax Says:

RONN, you need to re-read the analysis. Skeezer was right. Novak was not sick. What are you trying to say that he was a sick donkey and as a sick donkey he could beat a sub par Fed?

Why do you want to trash players all the time?


Ronn Says:

Djoko even said he wasn’t feeling well. “Flu like symptoms”, he said. But you’re right. Why should we believe that nasty villain who always beats your golden boy? After all, I’m sure he has every reason to lie.

mat4 Says:

I hope I finally find a way to post.

First, a big hello to all the posters, and the stuff of T-x. Long time no see.

Then, I remember how sad I was when Connors stopped playing. In these years, there was less TV, less channels, no streams, and I was happy just to see him play. We should all be watching these two veterans now still playing at this level.

For those who doubts, Novak had flu. In his interview after the match against Cilic it was audible. He used handkerchiefs during the match. He seems to be better last night, but it had an impact, especially when we take in account that in such a match, against such a good player, margins are microscopically thin.

Both players played very well, almost like Timo Boll against Ma Lin. They both played tactically an excellent match, although, imho, they both should have rushed the net a bit more often. But it is easier said than done. Roger slowed the game cleverly when it was needed, Novak find his serve at the end of the match.

The stats don’t make justice to their level of play. Most of the UE were, also imo, forced and a matter of choice. When you have to play so close to your baseline and take all the balls on the rise, errors are normal.

Both players changed a lot lately and play technically a better game. Racquet adjustments helped, and a lot of intelligent work. It is a pity we will not be able to watch them for much longer. Federer had enough matches lately to find his sensations, but against Novak he also found the humility he lacked in some of his matches: he’s patient again, he played well in defence, he went back to the fundamentals when needed.

Novak is better then ever — perhaps not here, in Paris, but in Shanghai his level was outstanding. I feel he’s different, and better than he was in 2016.

Madmax Says:

Sure thing Mat4. An Epic match and great to see both players returning well.

Could say the same for you. Welcome back Mat.


All players who get onto court, no matter their injuries, just get on and play. It doesn’t matter. It is what it is, and with whatever injuries they carry, or ailments, try not let that be the highlight of the match.

It was a great match. Absolutely loved it. So proud of the way that Fed played.

Novak is the man to beat.

Will Federer recover for London? You bet he will!

Margot Says:

Welcome back, mat4.

Van Persie Says:

Was in a short Holiday and did not post, but watched yesterday’s match. I think Roger played gis best match this year, perhaps I am subjective. Cannot say the same about Nole , but man, Nole just refused to lose yesterday. A very impressive match, gave me some headaches as well.

Karen has a good chance today and would be glad for him. Think he’s my fave drom the youngaters. Like his game and he is a lovely guy as well.

Van Persie Says:

Karen up to the task. Not sure Nole can play another 3 setter. Let’a see

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