December Off-Topic Thread
by Staff | December 5th, 2018, 7:43 pm

Non-tennis posts for December go here.

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35 Comments for December Off-Topic Thread

chris ford1 Says:

For discussion. Ultimate tennis stats model – points and performance derived GOAT rank.

SG1 Says:

I don’t put a lot of stock in this analysis when it puts Sampras, Borg and McEnroe behind Connors on grass. It’s like any all-encompassing algorithm. It fails at the extremes. Put a wood racket in Pete’s hands and he’d still beat Connors like a drum at Wimbledon just as Mac did in ’84 (though Mac did have his 200g at that time :)).

It’s probably accurate at ranking players from 50 to 250. Beyond that, meh.

SG1 Says:

Interesting read though.

Margot Says:

However you’re celebrating, or not celebrating, whatever deity you worship, or don’t worship, whether you’re partying or working, I’m sending Sean, staff and all tennisxers my best wishes for now and 2019.
Here’s my Christmas offering this year, if only:

Van Persie Says:

Happy Christmas and Holidays to all TennisX posters and staff!

chrisford Says:

Past the holiday greetings to all, some other big events. Dec 24th is 50 years since the famous Earthrise photo was taken by Apollo 8 astronauts and we saw the “pale blue orb, where all our history, feelings, hopes, everything – resides. 50 years and it evoked Genesis among astronauts and viewers, jump started the environmental movement past Rachel Carson academia to being “real” for much of mankind.

And following that, on New Years, the New Horizons spacecraft will have a flyby past Ultima Thule (meaning to it’s name – beyond the known world) ripping along at 31,500 mph or 14.106 kps. A billion miles past Pluto, and scientists hope to find is an unaltered building block of the solar system as it formed. Closest range will be 2200 miles at 12:33 am Jan 1st.

And in tennis news, the AO joins Wimbledon and USO in ensuring a Mahut-Isner travesty never happens again. 10 point tiebreaker in the 5th set, should it be reached.

Madmax Says:

Margot, What is the news please on Andy Murray, it is all conflicting out there and we need him back.

Good Luck Margot, I mean that.

Onwards to the next season, 2019 will be more interesting for sure. All the best to everyone!

Humble Rafa Says:

I hope all of Tennis-x staff (except the “Karen wins WTA Paris” guy) had a good Christmas.

Margot Says:

Happy New Year Madmax.
Andy has been doing loads of rehab and posted pics of himself doing all sorts of hip strengthening/core/fitness stuff. Aims to be in Oz early 2019.
How effective it has been, we’ll see, but not too optimistic TBH. He’ll need to alter his game substantially and cut out those punishing base line rallies, if he’s going to have any chance of prolonging his career. Whether he can or not, your guess is as good as mine.

Willow Says:

Madmax err never said i wasnt a Rafa fan anymore, just that i wont be blogging on here anymore, i just thought it polite to send you a reply, and as for him needing me, well he has millions of fans worldwide, so he doesnt need pity, HAPPY NEW YEAR ….

Wog Boy Says:

One would have thought that TX would have a decency to congratulate Christmas to its readers and posters that are/were celebrating it, last I checked TX is an American site, no?

Not that I am celebrating Gregorian Christmas (I am respecting it) nor I am expecting congratulations for Julian Christmas (one I celebrate), but I feel bad for the majority of TX people who are celebrating the first one and have been ignored.

I hope you all had quality family times with your loved ones during Christmas celebration, cheers.

Feel the spirit of Christmas, and spirit of Christmas is not Boxing day shopping mania, you might not understand the words but can feel them deep in your hearts and souls, from Wog Boy with love:

chrisford1 Says:

In another sign how crazy this world has become, how the Twitter outrage mobs are intimidating even liberal activists for even the smallest heresy. The latest victim among tennis notables is Martina Navratilova. Now savaged by leftists and transvestite activists for saying just because a man identifies as a woman they should not get a blanket pass to participate in all womn’s sports.

The irony is Navratilova was one of the 1st to proudly “out” herself in woman’s sports, and is a longtime champion of LGBT causes. But the idea of a “complete” guy in a sport suddenly declaring her new female identity and ruling the woman’s side of a sport is a step too far for the radicals.

So a cascade of denunciations hit Navratilova on Twitter, some threatening boycotts unless she is taken off the air for her “bigotry and bullying” of new trannies that are physically men in all aspects but claim to be mentally female. So of course she was cowed into apology.
“I am sorry if I said anything anywhere near transphobic- certainly I meant no harm – I will educate myself better on this issue but meantime I will be quiet about it. Thank you.”

The left-leaning identity groups of course eat their own. Because the year before this one, Martina was “triggered” by Margaret Court (now a part time pastor) saying by her Christian faith, homosexuality is sinful. That had Martina screaming Court was a “racist and a homophobe” and demanding her name be removed from the now “Margaret Court Arena” and replaced by a pro-LGBT woman of color, ideally Evonne Goolagong.
An employee at left-leaning Google was confident enough Navratilova’s denunciation would intimidate the owners into change if they knew what was good for them, he jumped the gun changed all Google’s maps to show “Evonne Goolagong Arena” until corrected a week later.

Margot Roberts Says:

Andy Mira, darling, hope you are OK. Seasons greetings and hugs.

Margot Says:

Andy Mira darling, where are youooo?
Hope you are OK and sending god wishes and hugs.xxxxxxxxxxxx

Willow Says:

Any top 10 contest this year TX ?

Van Persie Says:

Happy New Year to All!


Great song :) Thank you for sharing.

Since you will celebrate Christmas at the beginning of next week, am attaching a romanian christmas carol for you. I like the Jazz with romanian influence in this song. The guy playing accordeon is Serbian, I think.

Andy Mira Says:

Hey M!Thank u so much for your good thoughts & wishes boss!….and thank u for your hugs too…it’s really good to know that i meant something to someone…heh heh….

Oh btw M!…I wish u a happy new year with hope that everythings in u still amazing & still intact in place like your teeth,eyes,nose,ears,hairs,your humour,your intelligent,your awesomeness,your understanding,your love 4 Andy & Clarissa etc etc…Hey!…race u to AO Tourneytopia M!…Who’s late will have to pinch Rafa’s butt!..hhheheehe!!..woohooo!!

Wog Boy Says:

VP, thanks for the video, loved it, I want the table in the corner and and bottle of chilled Riesling on the table in the venue where these three are performing;)

Van Persie Says:

You’re welcome, WB :)

Margot Says:

You cheeky Moo, young Andy Mira! Yes, remarkably so, I still have my own hair/teeth/ears/nose etc etc. However I have had a horrible virus for the past three weeks – coughing and coughing, sore throat, ear ache and other symptoms I just can’t share :( Betterer now but not completely better.
Have done Jalep’s challenge, will be interesting to see whose got form.I see Tsitsipas got beaten by New Zealand/American/South African/Brit……;)
A couple of players withdrawing from tournaments already, shocking, but JMDP was expected.
AO? Nole I’d say. He owns it.
And apologies to everyone for double posts. Suddenly tx wants me to register every time I post but doesn’t show that I have, straight away..

Andy Mira Says:

Hahahahahaha!!….Gotcha M!I wanna mess with u really bad!Imo,TX is a little bit booooooring nowadays!,i gotta do something…hehehehe…..

U feel a little bit betterer hah?hehehe….well,i think this will make u feel a loooòoootttttt more betterer boss!

Margot Says:

Andy Mira, dunno what that wee crittur is, but it sure is the thought that counts. xxxxxxx

Andy Mira Says:

I’m sending u a bear M!…A baby bear that act like an angel….it sure does not exist…but alas!Pretend yor happy M!hhhahaha….

Oh!…I too will pick Nole M!…He’s the clear fav now…

Hey…sorry bout Andy who clearly still can’t shake his hip problem…but..i really really hope that going to Wimby,he will feel much much better than this…and his win over James with a score like that & to see his trademark sprint & amazing get like his ol self….it’s just….amazing to watch!

J-Kath Says:

Wogboy: Saw your comment and thank you for thinking about me.

I acquired a weird health situation where right leg couldn’t function and whole body was covered by raging-red rash, including soles of feet. Complete range of blood tests revealed no issues (even my whisky-fed liver was excellent!!!). my condition is evidently related to the end of mourning re. my husband. A short period of steroids brought me back to my busy, bustling self and I’m now OK.

Hence, I’m back to reading Tennis-X and it was warming to read your postings….but a bit sad about Andy – he’s such a genuine good guy. Difficult for any of us to judge how much he might achieve (or not achieve). I think it is Wait and See time right now. Meanwhile good to see Novak continues to be fully back in contention.
I wish you and yours all you wish for yourselves for 2019.

Wog Boy Says:

Good to hear you feel better, I wasn’t around for a while myself, though for a different reason, now I am back in Aussieland trying to accept the inevitability of the life, loss of the person that I loved the most, unique love that can’t be replaced or replicated, as much as you know that that day will eventually come you just can’t prepare yourself for something like that, and it did hit me hard, faken hard.
The only consolation is that in the last minute dash across the globe I managed to make it and hold her hand in her last hours, but life has to go on, I have a family to look after, though it will neve be the same again, the last page of the book is closed. Life is like a glass, when it breaks it’s like it never existed before.
So yes, I cannot say I had good 2018.

Wish you health and happiness in 2019.

Wog Boy Says:

I should have never pressed send button.
Please disregard my post, I don’t think straight since, I have huge ups and downs, that was private matter that I should have never let out of my chest. Just disregard it, please, all of you, thanks. I am done.

Andy Mira Says:

WB…Sorry for your loss…i understand what u have been thru…2018 was not a good year 4 me too…heartache is sucks!…but like u said…life has to go on…let’s brace this tough moments & hope for the best in the end…

Good luck for the recovery WB…We both need it….

Willow Says:

Wogboy i know weve had our differences, but i just wanted to say how deeply sorry i am for your loss, and i know it wont mean much at the moment, and its probably easy for me to say this, but the hurt although it will never completely go, does eventually get easier in time, i do know that much as ive been through the same, friends and family are a great comfort too, sorry if i sound patronising as i dont mean to, but i just wanted to give you my condolonses from the heart, love, hugs and healing for a better year for you, yours Alison XX ….

Willow Says:

J-Kath and Andi Mira ,love, hugs and healing to you also , as i know both of you are going through a tough time too XX ….

Andy Mira Says:

Willow….Thank u so much for your words sis!…Much appreciated!…Big hugs from me too….xxxx

j-kath Says:


Really warmed with your kind words.

Willow Says:

J-Kath take care XX ….

Wogboy you too XX ….

Andy Mira Says:

JK….Thanks so much!…Bout Miss Okie…hehe…i try my best…good things is i can be there 4 her when she can’t sleep at nite which is day time 4 me…so,it’s a blessing…xxxx

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