Andy Murray Delays Comeback To Tennis

by Tom Gainey | January 17th, 2020, 1:25 am

After announcing his withdrawal from the Australian Open, it was hoped that Andy Murray would recover in time for the February indoor events, but the Scot has now pulled out of those tournaments as well.

“The bone bruising is taking longer to heal than first thought, so I won’t be playing in Montpellier or Rotterdam in February,” Murray told the Guardian.

“I don’t want to rush anything or put a timeline on my recovery,” he said. “I’m going to listen to my body and step back on the court to compete when the time is right.”

So could Murray return for the Masters events at Indian Wells or Miami where he frequently trains?

The former No. 1 tweeted a picture of his continued re-hab.

It was just about two years ago when the Scot underwent his first hip surgery. He underwent a second procedure last January.

He finished 2019 on a high note capturing the Antwerp title, but later began dealing with pelvic issues.

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9 Comments for Andy Murray Delays Comeback To Tennis

Laura Says:

Andy must listen to his body and return only when he really feels ready to do so. No point in coming back too soon.
He is a hard worker and will give it his all – but needs time.
He was clutching his groin during the match he played in Davis Cup and clearly doesn’t want to compromise his health.
Good luck Andy – looking forward to seeing you on court again!

j-kath Says:

No point in Andy coming back at all – apart from an occasional fund-raiser/exhibition for good cases. he could never handle regular competitive tennis without endangering his long-term health. Oddly enuf, I can still see him playing in the Olympics – a contest that I believe Roger would love to win to round up his career. C’est la vie.

Margot Says:

Kath: I can see Andy aiming for Wimbledon and the Olympics and then calling it a day. Don’t think his body can withstand the grind of the tour any more. Hoping I’m wrong of course.
Very sad.

Marie Says:

@ j-kath: At this stage no one really knows what the future holds. To say there’s ‘no point at all’ in him returning is just being negative. He had similar injuries like this even before his surgery – as many other players do. It’s too easy to connect the recent injury to his hip issue: it may be something totally unconnected to that and just needs time….
Also, there’s a new baby in the family and he may simply want to extend his domestic time at home; something he said he wanted to do recently. Only time will tell but I wish him well.

j-kath Says:

Hi Margot: My problem with Wimbledon is the possibility of each match becoming 5-setter and the risk that could present. PS: Great to hear from you again.

Marie: I’m a long-time Andy fan and there’s nothing I’d like more than to truly have the confidence that Andy can make a real come-back.

Margot Says:

Kath: Andy is being his usual cagey self about the injury but it’s meant to be “bruising” in the hip/groin area which may or may not be caused by the implant.
And agree, 5 setters could definitely cause problems, but I think Andy will do his darndest to get there.
I’ll pop back and “see” you at Wimbledon, or if he should appear somewhere else. I like lots of the up and comers,but no-one has stolen my heart like Andy.

j-kath Says:

U are right Margo – today “The National”(Scottish) has an article entitled “Murray Might Be Done” – Surgeon concerned by Scot’s latest injury setback”…..i.e. Andy is pushing a lot of force thru the hip….his native femoral neck is hitting against the metal cup & causing a lot of bruising on the thigh bone.”

Ditto re. your last paragraph.
Hugs. K.

j-kath Says:

Andy Mira. The talk about the Bryan Bros. has been said over and over again. Was originally encouraging but it makes me sad to hear it now. That said – of course Andy may try, especially doubles – but it is what it is….a dangerous choice for Andy.

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