Players React To Naomi Osaka’s French Open Withdrawal
by Staff | May 31st, 2021, 9:08 pm

For another day, Naomi Osaka took over the tennis news cycle. The Japanese star announced last week that she would not attend any press conferences at the French Open.

A day after getting hit with a $15K for skipping her opening presser, she decided to just withdraw from the event and she revealed she’s been fighting depression.

Many players and celebs rallied in support of her decision and her statement detailing what she has been going through.

Serena Williams

I feel like there is a lot of, like, articles and stuff that they put out. I think you really have to step forward and make an effort, just as in anything. You have to be able to make an effort and say, I need help with A, B, C, and D, and talk to someone. I think that’s so important to have a sounding board, whether it’s someone at the WTA or whether it’s someone in your life. Maybe it’s someone that you just talk to on a weekly basis.

I’ve been in that position, too. I’ve definitely had opportunities to talk to people, kind of get things off my chest that I can’t necessarily talk to anyone in my family or anyone that I know.

For me it’s important to have awareness and make that step.

The only thing I feel is that I feel for Naomi. I feel like I wish I could give her a hug because I know what it’s like. Like I said, I’ve been in those positions.

We have different personalities, and people are different. Not everyone is the same. I’m thick. Other people are thin. Everyone is different and everyone handles things differently.

You just have to let her handle it the way she wants to, in the best way she thinks she can, and that’s the only thing I can say. I think she’s doing the best that she can.

Coco Gauff

stay strong I admire your vulnerability

Billie Jean King

It’s incredibly brave that Naomi Osaka has revealed her truth about her struggle with depression.

Right now, the important thing is that we give her the space and time she needs.

We wish her well.

Sloane Stephens

We’re behind you babygirl, take the time you need! ❤️

Mardy Fish

Mental Health is nothing to criticize. Nothing to joke about. Pls take your mental health seriously. Without my support system, I truly believe I would not be here today. Here for you @naomiosaka

Victoria Azarenka

The challenge today is to convince people of the value of truth, honesty, compassion and a concern for others.

Venus Williams

So proud of you. Take care of yourself and see you back winning soon! ❤️❤️❤️

Usain Bolt


Lisa Leslie

God bless you 🙏🏾 You have to do what’s best for you first! Public life can be overwhelming and it’s ok to not be ok with it sometimes!
Blessings and nothing but support champ❤️❤️❤️🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

Olivia Munn


Chelsea Handler

Good for you.

Terrell Owens

You don’t need to apologize to ANYONE and especially THOSE damn JOURNALISTS that don’t understand WHO YOU ARE. Love yourself because they sure aren’t. Be You and Do You. YOU are what matters! #ILOVEMESOMEME
The tournament is losing in this situation. So sad that they would rather fine you than embrace the person.


Love to you Naomi, you are the power, you channel the greatness!

Statement from FFT president Gilles Moretton

First and foremost, we are sorry and sad for Naomi Osaka. The outcome of Naomi withdrawing from Roland-Garros is unfortunate. We wish her the best and the quickest possible recovery, and we look forward to having Naomi at our Tournament next year.

As all the Grand Slams, the WTA, the ATP and the ITF, we remain very committed to all athletes’ well-being and to continually improving every aspect of players’ experience in our Tournament, including with the Media, like we have always strived to do.

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13 Comments for Players React To Naomi Osaka’s French Open Withdrawal

Vince Says:

Its her problem.. The fame and success into her head.

lylenubbins Says:

Woke politics ruins everything. The girl needs to just play tennis and stop all the woke BS. I hope she pulls it together.

PK Says:

Wow, I sure hope Vince and Lyle find more empathy during difficult stages in their lives than they are willing to express here on Tennis-X.

Seriously, admitting to a problem such as depression or whatever, or discussing a problem is neither woke or BS. It’s common sense.

Being a tough guy will only get you so far…

Van Persie Says:

Naomi has no problem to communicate useless BS on Twitter, Instagram, and so on… she has no problem to appear on the cover of Vogue, she has no problem to do activism for BLM, she participates at talk shows (Ellen de Generes), she talks about her intimate life with her boyfriend… she gets only very depressed to answer in Paris, why she is not good on clay (without to be payed for it) 🙂

Very good that she has left this tournament!

Van Persie Says:

Lovely and decent ladies like Ash Barty and Iga can play great matches in Paris without to complain that they have to do press conf after the matches, so tennis on clay can survive without Osaka.

JD Says:

Haters gonna hate. They don’t know anything about her. She is young, painfully shy, and success came quickly. Her first experience with the press was that unfortunate match against Serena in the final that Serena had a meltdown with the umpire. And she is black. There I said it. Not many black players and I’m sure they get more hate than we can imagine. She’ll find her way and then be a dominating force.

Eileen Andreotti Says:

To thine own self be true.
We stand behind you.
See you soon Naomi.

Wog Boy Says:

VP, couldn’t be more right.

I knew that someone is going to come and play black and white card and also to give is a lesson about empathy, empathy for who and what black, white or Asian has to do with this?!
Empathy for who, for 23 years old girl that already amazed so much money, thanks to tennis, that her and her kids, probably grandkids too can live without having to work.
We have hundreds of tennis players who are literally just surviving travelling the world and coming from poor backgrounds, sleeping in shitty hotels and sending any leftovers money to their families, we don’t know if they are suffering from depression or what problems they have, they just soldier on and get on with their life as good as they can.
I have lot of empathy for the people that deserve empathy, like for homeless people that were freezing last night on the streets of Sydney, not for rich young people who suddenly decided I am big enough to tell the system, that made me rich, that I had enough of their rules that I accepted by joining the tour at the first place.
If she is not happy she can quit playing if that bring her depression and start gardening for the change.

Wog Boy Says:

The only reason she pulled out of FO was because she realised that she is going to be defaulted after the next match.
Her and her legal team failed to do their homework and they realise that she can be defaulted by the rule book they decided to pull out to save her embarrassment of being defaulted, which was coming, I have no doubt about it.
That was very arrogant move, by her team (read father), that badly backfired.
Now, they have to negotiate before Wimbledon and try to get out of the mass they created with some dignity.
For the people who defend her, do you really believe that they should bend the rules that hundreds of players follow just to accommodate one person if if her name is Naomi Osaka?!

Van Persie Says:

“The only reason she pulled out of FO was because she realised that she is going to be defaulted after the next match.”

Exactly WB, she had no choice but to leave.

“Now, they have to negotiate before Wimbledon and try to get out of the mass they created with some dignity.”
Well the problem is, she does not like to play on grass either …so, I think she might be back only for the HC season.

Wog Boy Says:

I didn’t know about grass VP, now everything makes sense, she is aiming for Tokyo gold and doesn’t need clay or grass distractions, she’ll skip Wimbledon for sure and we’ll see her well rested and prepared for Tokyo Olympics.

Wog Boy Says:

I wonder if she going to talk to Japanese press, or to be more precise, to press in Japan, after all she is Japanese …. unless she is having identity crisis what is causing her mental issues.

Van Persie Says:

“I wonder if she going to talk to Japanese press, or to be more precise, to press in Japan, after all she is Japanese …. unless she is having identity crisis what is causing her mental issues.”

Hehe WB, yes, good point.

But now, to be honest, I do not care if she will come back and play again or not. I liked her in 2018, but I am not a fan of this “new” Naomi. She got already enough attention. My last statement on her.

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