2024 Wimbledon Day 8: Fritz v Zverev, Djokovic v Rune

by Sean Randall | July 8th, 2024, 10:16 am

Whose Wimbledon will end, whose Wimbledon will continue? Today, the fourth round wraps up at Wimbledon with Novak Djokovic headlining action along with former winner Elena Rybakina.

Djokovic takes on Holger Rune who has two wins from five on the Serb having won at least a set in all their matches. Djokovic, who has looked up and down thus far, will have to be dialed in today.

“I actually get along very well with him,” Djokovic said of Rune. “He’s a very nice guy. Always has been to me and to my team, and vice versa. I always try to be available to him for any practice or advice or guidance or anything like that.

“I remember him since he was quite young. He appeared I think in south of France, Monaco, where I was based, been training. He was in Mouratoglou. We trained a lot on different surfaces, spent some time.

“His mother, his sister, they all been quite nice to us. I like our relationship. I think we get along very well. We respect each other. I think we have quite similar styles of tennis.

“But when it comes to playing on the court and competing, obviously we both have that fire. I’m sure that on Monday we’ll see a lot of fireworks on the court. He’s a spectacular player, no doubt. He loves the big stage, loves playing on grass. I think he’s very, very tricky opponent. It’s going to take my best tennis to win.”

Alexander Zverev and Taylor Fritz match-up in a big Centre Court battle. Zverev has got the better of the American but Fritz comes in on a 7-match win streak. Zverev tweaked his knee in his last match, but the German hasn’t dropped serve.

“He’s obviously also a very big hitter,” Zverev said of Fritz. “Can hit the heck out of the ball, for sure. I do think that physically speaking, maybe I’m a bit of a better mover. Maybe I do grind more than him. Not always necessarily. Sometimes it is better to be more aggressive.

“We’ve played each other a lot. We’ve played each other here twice, I think. It’s always entertaining. It’s always fun. I’m looking forward to the challenge.”

Lorenzo Musetti already chopped own the big lucky loser Giovanni Perricard and Arthur Fils faces Alex De Minaur.

Elena Rybakina is already through after a retirement from Anna Kalinskaya. She’ll face Elina Svitolina.

Yulia Putintseva plays Jelena Ostapenko in a feisty one and Danielle Collins collides with Barbora Krejcikova.

Elena Rybakina (KAZ) [4] v Anna Kalinskaya [17]
Taylor Fritz (USA) [13] v Alexander Zverev (GER) [4]
Holger Rune (DEN) [15] v Novak Djokovic (SRB) [2]

NO.1 COURT – 1:00PM
Arthur Fils (FRA) v Alex de Minaur (AUS) [9]
Yulia Putintseva (KAZ) v Jelena Ostapenko (LAT) [13]
Danielle Collins (USA) [11] v Barbora Krejcikova (CZE) [31]

NO.2 COURT – 11:00AM
Lorenzo Musetti (ITA) [25] v Giovanni Mpetshi Perricard (FRA)
Not Before: 2:00pm
Elina Svitolina (UKR) [21] v Xinyu Wang (CHN)

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16 Comments for 2024 Wimbledon Day 8: Fritz v Zverev, Djokovic v Rune

chrisford1 Says:

Novak apparently went off on a good rant against Wimbledon fans playing their passive-aggressive games again of boos and jeers disguised as cheers for Fritz. Called them disrespectful. Wouldn’t have any of the on-court interviewer trying to dampen the Djokovic rage and fire.
You would think they would have learned from other occasions where dissing Novak just super-motivated him to win. Turn him into a 2019 Fed killing machine despite being significantly outplayed by Fed.

Now at 60 Slam QFs. It makes me think of Fed on the career downslope, in the 3 years before he retired. Not as good as he once was, not winning as much, but still DANGEROUS!!

chrisford1 Says:

I have no idea why I slipped Fritz in vs. Rune. I even watched part of the match!
I wish there was an edit feature here!

Madmax Says:


As always so very gracious.

The yobs in the crowd who booed – should be turfed out.

Giles, what were you doing at Wimbledon yesterday?

But, Novak always is laser focused on his game and it can’t be easy when those idiots were booing, he was absolutely right to hold his own and say they won’t get to him. He is strong and he is going all the way.

All the best to Novak.

Madmax Says:

To be fair ChrisF1, if Novak felt that way, then they are his feelings and are valid. Secondly, hold yer horses Serbian press!

Serbian tabloid newspaper Alo! wrote an editorial piece titled: “English, thanks for hating Novak” in which they claimed that such actions on Centre Court will only spur their star man on going into the quarter-finals.

Don’t put all the Brits in one basket. These kind of fans live everywhere, and come from all around the world to watch at Wimbledon. Likely to be the favourites of Rune and he is DANISH. They are his fans, not Brit fans. So, let us be crystal here.

For the record, they are everywhere booing, I mean just look at Giles, he is one for the ages, right?

Novak was gracious as he always is and whoever was booing, as Novak said in the post conference, will not put him off, that’s the spirit, Nole! For sure.

Not only that, these fans, similar to football hooligan fans, around the world, should be banned. Cull them. Get rid of them, no place for that in sport.

It’s really disgusting behaviour.

Wog Boy Says:

“Likely to be the favourites of Rune and he is DANISH. They are his fans, not Brit fans. So, let us be crystal here.”

Nonsense, they are stuck up Londoners (British) they do that year after year to Nole in London, whether at Wimbledon or WTF while It was played in O2 Arena, Danish people don’t travel in thousands to watch Ruuuuuuuune, besides I watched Rune in Paris, Rome, Madrid eyc, never ever “his” fans where using his surname in such a way as Londoners, as disguised booing.

Wog Boy Says:

After the the match, very popular Serbian singer and songwriter, Željko Joksimović, composed new “Novak dance”:


chrisford1 Says:

Only two players have made over 40 Slam Semis. Federer and Djokovic.
Fed has 46, Novak 49.
Due to de Minaur’s injury, Novak also ties Fed in most Wimbledon semis made.

Giles Says:

The luckiest arsehole on the planet!

Wog Boy Says:

Gisele my dear…”Have a GOOOOOOD night”.

Giles Says:

Bog Boy. Hope you have a BAAAAAD day.

Dave Says:

Can someone show me a video with either Ruud playing or Rune playing where the crowd says their name like a boo that wasn’t a Djokovic match. I’ve watched Rune and Ruud play lots and it’s not registering for me. For example 2023 French Open Final didn’t some in the crowd say Ruud like a boo against Djokovic? How come I don’t remember it against Nadal in the 2022 French Open Final? When Alcaraz played Rune in the QF at Wimbledon last year, why am I not registering it happening at all in that match? I haven’t heard one tennis writer or commentator acknowledge that Djokovic was right that it was an excuse to boo.

Wog Boy Says:

Gisele my dear, I can’t have a bad day, Nole is The GOAT, done and and dusted, I don’t even watch regularly tennis these days, don’t wake up in the odd hours to watch it, just check the results when I wake up.
The only bad days I am having is when my Dogies lose, tennis is The Past Tense, job done, circle has been closed, we have decision, Nole is The GOAT.
Have a GOOOOD night my dear.


Wog Boy Says:

Dave, actually it was one media personality, that called it as it was, BBC reporter:

As I sat on Centre Court I thought there were some absolute jerks in the crowd booing Novak #Djokovic using the disguise of the name Rune… and sadly it became infectious. But as a tennis fan, I’d say that was far outweighed by those delighting in the skillful play on both sides.

Dave Says:

Some definitely booed when Musetti gave his interview and Djokovic was the next player he would play. I read on a YouTube video that people were paid money to boo Djokovic. I don’t know if that’s true.

Alison hodge Says:

You’ll never stop booing, it goes with sport, not just tennis, remember Cantona when he was goaded all through a match against Crystal Palace, buy a fan, he lost it big time, John Barnes every time he touched the ball, Berdych got booed, when the only crime he committed was beating Federer, fans boo alot of people it’s nothing personal, I’ve booed my own football team, fans pay alot of money to watch sport, it might be disrespectful but you can’t ban people for Boeing, as fans they are entitled to boo like it or not, PEACE

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