Roger Federer Admits His Mind Wanders; Americans Querrey, Blake Lose in Delray
by Tom Gainey | February 24th, 2011, 12:47 am

The ATP had an interesting headline on their website today: “Federer: I’m Not Robocop”. Within the story, Roger Federer admits that sometimes during a match or even a point sometimes his mind wanders.

The way he puts it, on any given point or stroke Federer could be thinking about the new Lady Gaga album or what to eat for dinner! And here I thought I was the only one!

“Sometimes [my concentration] wanders,” revealed Federer. “Sometimes if you have a song in your mind, sometimes you’re thinking of what’s going to happen tomorrow, what’s the plan for tonight. All those things happen. We’re human at the end of the day. We’re not a machine and go from like point to point like RoboCop.

“It’s like we have our fun, and sometimes it’s hard when the mind starts wandering. I realized today at one point I served the first point of one of the games and I was not even focused. I knew I was going to hit it down the T, but no, you know, not that full concentration I needed. And then I told myself: Okay, concentrate, please. So sometimes you have to remind yourself, because time goes by in between. You want to keep the intensity high, but at the same time you want to relax. It’s a habit you get.”

Despite his concentration lapses Federer still managed to blitz Marcel Granollers 63, 64 in the second round of the Dubai Duty Free. (Video highlights and an interview with yellow Federer below). Roger will play Sergei Stakhovsky in the quarterfinals tomorrow. It’s his third straight match playing a first-time opponent.

No. 2 seed Novak Djokovic won his ninth straight match today beating Feliciano Lopez in three sets and he now plays Florian Mayer. Gilles Simon & Richard Gasquet and Tomas Berdych v. Philipp Petzschner round out the QFs.

“To be honest, I was a little bit surprised with the way he was returning tonight,” Djokovic said. “He was getting a lot of balls back and he was making me play an extra shot. In the rallies, we were quite even towards the end. So I’m just fortunate to go through.”

The big surprise on the day came on the beach in Delray where Ryan Sweeting (with the Jim Courier serve and ugly looking forehand) upset the slumping Sam Querrey 76, 64. James Blake, who seems to be on his last go round, lost to Kei Nishikori in straight sets. I remember watching Nishikori beat Blake a few years ago in the Delray Beach final when James all but choked the match away.

Mardy Fish (v. Mello) and Juan Martin del Potro (v. Gabashvilli) play tomorrow in the second round.

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50 Comments for Roger Federer Admits His Mind Wanders; Americans Querrey, Blake Lose in Delray

dari Says:

Who posts these videos; are these every day joes or professionals? Cause they have some excellent picture quality, just curious whqt the heck equipment they use! Nothing to say about the tennis ;) just the vid quality lol
Rfmaestro is the name there, maybe I will ask them…
Well thanks to him/her anyway for the quality and tom for posting!

swee yoke chew Says:

I want to echo Dari – it’s great that we get such high quality videos so quickly after the event. Thanks guys whoever you are!

Kimo Says:

Simon-Gasquet pretty competitive….

margot Says:

kimo: gasquet much more talented IMHO but Simon wins matches…discuss …;) How’s things in your neck of the woods btw?

Kimo Says:

Thanks for asking. Life is pretty much back to normal really. Schools are starting next week and i’ve been going to work for three weeks now. Smaller protests still going on in Tahrir but nothing major, at least not on weekdays. Other than that, same old same old. But everyone feels a lot prouder, and apparently everyone thinks they know all about politics :) Media is a lot more free, people are more aware of what’s going on. I underestimated my people :)

Oh, and we still pretty much don’t have any police, but I don’t mind not seeing those filthy bastards anyway. Just today, a cop, while not on duty, shot a cab driver for cutting him off at an intersection!!! We’re better off without them, at least until they know that they serve the people, not the other way around.

Anyway, back to tennis. Gasquet trying to get back into the match…

margot Says:

Fingers crossed for u kimo :) Just hope the army knows it serves the people.
Gasquet has woken up hasn’t he? Such a talent! Apparently Simon has a lousy h2h against him. I’m due out in half an hour, won’t see the end of this, could go either way. Gasquet will soon realise he’s winning and lose, I expect ;)

grendel Says:

from what I’ve seen of the match, margot, Gasquet understands Simon’s game much better than Federer – hardly surprising, since they practice together such a lot. (he’s 4-0 up h2h b.t.w.). Every now and then Simon – the tempter, that’s what he is – induces Gasquet to go for it before it’s appropriate, but by and large Gas quet (what I’ve seen) has been patient.

grendel Says:

pure Gasquet. He earns 30-love, got Simon on the run – utterly daft drop shot, Simon back in. But then he does 2 bhs out of this world to earn his break. After the first bh winner – a smasher out of nowhere – Simon glanced at the ball going by for a split nano-second, turned immediately to resume the task in hand. One tough cookie – but this time, the artist has prevailed.

Polo Says:

When Gasquet plays, I watch to see some occasional beautiful shots. He provides some of the most spectacular shots in tennis. When his game is on, it is breathtaking. Federer does the same. These two play the most beautiful games in tennis I have ever seen. I eagerly anticipate their semifinal match.

Gordo Says:

Federer should be breathing a sigh of relief. Simon owns Fed 2-1 in their H2H and yes, Fed won the last meeting recently at the AO, but it went 5 sets, with Simon winning thr 3rd and 4th sets.

With Gasquet Federer has a much better 7-1 H2H, even though they only met once recently (Paris last year, with Fed prevailing 6-4, 6-4).

Anyway, if I had to be on the semis I would give Fed the edge over Djokovic, which is not to say I think the Djoker is not going to beat Berdych; it’s just that I think the Czech is going to prove stiffer competition for the Serb than the Frenchman will be for the Swiss.

Those are my thoughts.

dari Says:

Hey, if anybody is gonna be around for the delpo match or the Stan vs dolgo, wanna hear how they’re playing. I have to miss watching the matches, but can be rude at dinner and occasionally check scores.

stu Says:

sigh, another early morning for Nole-watchers on EST (or late night for those west of me!)

sar Says:

Mayer was looking good and then he got called for a foot fault and it destroyed him.

contador Says:

Gordo –

interesting, i look at the matches nearly opposite.

i wouldn’t say any 2-1 h2h is owning anyone. though must admit the AO 5 setter was too close for comfort. still 3 meetings do not make ‘ownage,’ to me. was thinking federer would be motivated like hell to make that h2h 2 all.

simon was a good example this week of a 7-0 h2h not being ‘ownage,’ beating youzhny. and if i were picking last night i would have picked simon over gasquet. wrong.

anyway i think federer – gasquet could be great and a tough 3 set match, despite the 7-1 h2h federer advantage.

as for the berdych -djoko semi, the h2h favors nole 5-1. a h2h that could turn, but i doubt it. i say nole in 2.

picking nole to win dubai. ( but i can’t watch federer objectively ) those shanks hurt my eyes. also have to admit his draw was soft up till now.

practice picking this week is not boding well for IW. in acapulco on clay: counting on ferrer.

will try to watch both delpo and dolgo this evening, dari. streams please? fromsport will have acapulco streams for wawa/ dolgo but del ray? i cant find…..i’ll try atdhe again later. really unhappy the streams are disappearing. i pay enough for expanded cable already and my country forcing me to pay more.

but the fresh powder is too good to miss. ( yep, there’s where the money goes ) i won’t be staying up all night for dubai. the blizzard is over. and the sun is out! : )

also looks like woz is on her way winning another tournament. i dont think vera, marion, or jj can stop her.

speaking of skiing: federer has skiing on his blacklist! federer blacklist is on atp website. ping pong is okay.

jane Says:

Kimo, wishing you (and all) the best; good to hear about people walking around prouder.Indeed you should be. cheers. Hope Fed vs. Nole in final.

contador Says:

i can find no way of watching del ray. no streams available. : (

thank god i can at least watch acapulco.

Kimmi Says:

seen federer blacklist contador. i dont think rafa has any at the moment, i have read his interview on how he plays soccer and golf with his buddies…well, maybe the blacklist starts only when they get a little older haha

great win by federer, i agree about the cushy draw contador, hope gasquet will give him some challenge. i was looking forward to see federer vs gillou. that would’ve been a good match to prepare me for the djokovic assault :)

Kimmi Says:

even tennitv dont have derlay beach at the moment. wawa vs dolgo coming up in half and hr. too bad no delray beach stream..some good matches coming up.

skeezerweezer Says:


Same here on the well wishes :), hang in there!


Thanks for “righting my ship” in the other thread, must be getting old…. just lose my patience with that stuff sometimes :(

Wasn’t Delpo playing today?

contador Says:

Kimmi – i dont get tennis channel where i live. my cable doesn’t offer it. and tennistv…i cant get. espn3 is not showing delray. nothing of course on regular tv espn2.

only a week ago there were several streams available. i got san jose fine and memphis. but del ray is blocked out…no links available. can’t watch delpo.

just venting frustration. sorry. at least i can get dubai and acapulpco.

contador Says:

acapulpco hahaha acapulco. i should move there.

skeezerweezer Says:

I have watched Feds first two matches and as a fan it is a bit worrysome. He fights hard to get a break then cruises knowing he just needs to hold serve and he is gonna win. Problem is, what if he doesn’t?

The “Old” days Fed would break and “run away” in a lot of matches. He has always been a great front runner until these past couple of years.

Rafa and to some degree Novak has this now. If they are gonna trounce someone, they will, not just get the break and count on you holding serve the rest of the way. Am I wrong here?

grendel Says:

Yes, I second what jane says. This Arab, what can we call it, renewal, is one of the most heartening and moving episodes of my lifetime. Such courage in the face of overwhelming force – and still the idiots on Fox (so I hear) are talking about a Muslim Caliphate – in the face of all the evidence. It looks to me like a revolution of the ordinary man and woman: just hope the hard men (waiting patiently in the wings) don’t move in when the going gets tough – i.e. when food and jobs remain hard to come by.

“Mayer was looking good and then he got called for a foot fault and it destroyed him” – sar. Gasquet got called for a footfault, and I was instantly concerned as to how it might affect him. He barely blinked, but calmly proceeded to put in a good second serve. I wonder, with Gasquet. The expectations must be off him by now. The French media which had virtually beatified this private, sensitive man – and therby damn near destroyed him – have departed in sulks and boredom. Perhaps this is the atmosphere in which Gasquet, with his unique talent, can flourish?

grendel Says:

“Am I wrong here?” – Skeeze, I think Federer looks fragile on serve these days. Don’t pretend to know the reason, but that’s how it sometimes looks to me.

contador Says:

skeezer…..i think you misunderstand. i wasn’t trying to “right” your ship at all. just cranky last night. no tennis streams, work sucks…and then “johhny” nothing really wrong with the poster….just a few words got to me.


Kimmi Says:

“I know I have to play my game, not to try to play too good,” said Gasquet. “When I played him in Bercy last year, I wanted to play very good, to play all the lines, and I made a lot of mistakes. So I just have to try to play my game. For sure he’s the favourite for the match.”

Goodluck gasquet, if he didnt play federer i would have cheered for him. loudly.

he started playing well during the clay season, won few challengers, won in Nice defeating verdasco (a crazy match it was) and played grest against murray at RG. where did he go after that?

Kimmi Says:

delpo plays very well with the lower ranked players. just wondering why does he get nervous when playing top guys..

the way he is playing now should allow him to put a stiff challenge against anyone..

baby steps i guess…

contador Says:

delpo must be in good form tonight! that, or gabashvili is kaput.

go delpo!

( couldn’t pay me to watch fox news )

all the best to the Egyptian people, Kimo. be safe…

delpo serves a breadstick to gaba 1st set.

grendel Says:

“( couldn’t pay me to watch fox news )” Contador, I agree. I didn’t watch Fox news, but one of their bizarre pundits was shown in a clip, spouting forth some drivel in a documentary I just watched.

Is delpo back yet? I mean, Roddick apparently beat him convincingly – was that due to Roddick playing very well, delpo not being quite back to form, or some mixture?

skeezerweezer Says:


No I understood…your post was all good…loved it…but by reading it it may me realize my own stuff…like choose your battles better maybe? Anyways….IW…your there right? Comin up…:)


“Am I wrong here?” Thanks for that..that is why I typed it, to get some feed back and thoughts….and I might add on his serve not only fragile but his he starting to rely on it more now than ever?

C’mon Delpo~!

Kimmi Says:

delpo 6-1 6-1..great win. needs to conserve energy.

grendel – roddick was playing well, but felt delpo was not there somehow. i think it is a confidence issue..does not trust himself yet when playing top guys. he didnt play the way he was playing against verdasco in san jose either.

Kimmi Says:

is there rain delay in brazil? i think so. they are showing almagro vs giraldo match which already finished.

almagro won the match in tough three does he have the energy to still go on?

no wawa vs dolgo!

Kimmi Says:

OK, wawa vs dolgo is on..should i give dolgo a chance? i hope he make it close..

Kimmi Says:

has wawa put on weight a little bit, he sure looks chubby from this angle :)

jane Says:

I am cheering for Dolgo!

Re: Delpo / Roddick – I thought Roddick came out in that match guns a blazing. And maybe Delpo looked a step slow at times? But Roddick deliberately tried to move him around also, playing the slice like he did against Raonic.

Re: Gasquet – 2 matches, both of which he lost, his tennis was spell-binding. The match versus Rafa in Toronto a couple of years back in which the first set tiebreaker was very close, Gasquet played so well, really wanted him to win, and then the match with Murray, when he was winning, at Wimbledon, and then it all unraveled. 1 match that he won – when basically the opposite happened versus Roddick at Wimbledon, he was losing and suddenly he hit this stratospheric zone and won. Unfortunately, by the semis, which was early the next day or something (that was the year of mega-rain-delays), he had nothing left.

dari Says:

well, well, looks like i didn’t need any reassurance on delpo match. 1 and 1!
still haven’t actually seen him play, didn’t know delray wasn’t on live stream, our schedule’s hadn’t lined up, so i never had the chance to even check.
how about del po winning del ray? only fitting :)

Kimmi Says:

dolgo had a 0-40 when wawa was serving. 3 BP. i dont know what is happening with this players. looks like they over think when they get the chances. he made a series of UE after that to give the game to wawa.

federer does the same too sometimes. it seems like when i am watching federer, be it live or just following the score..a lot of times he gets to 0-40 on opponent serve or 15-40.. playing some magnificent points, then errors starts coming..sometimes i think he over thinks too much. it just happens so many times..

dari Says:

skeezer- fed not showing his punisher side so much lately. he said himself, when the exact same thing happened against… granollers and he had break points to end the match, he wishes he would have converted and just closed it.
this is the kind of thing i can’t burden myself with as much anymore, worry about the “what if he doesn’t hold next time?” business. too much!
but how in the hell do you correct such a thing? the opponent is definitely going to want to win those points more than any others, its his last chance to stay in the match. they are playing well usually, but fed contributes an error or two to the cause.
dude needs to get mean!
kimmi- stani looking a little thick around the middle, eh? always has been, but a touch more lately. why are these guys living so on the edge, holding off break points left and right until- damn- dolgo gets his. break back stan!

Kimmi Says:

ok dolgo break,oh missed it, didnt see how he did it..i am for the underdog. go dolgo. needs to consolidate!

Kimmi Says:

sloppy point from dolgo..needs to hold and take the set.

ace! set point

great volley to finish of the set!

wawa has struggled in his matches recently. he could be tired?

dari Says:

kimmi, maybe he needs to get in shape!

Kimmi Says:

wawa breaks. dolgo breaks the string on break point..not good.

skeezerweezer Says:



I guess we just go with it….

dari Says:

i guess what i am impressed with is dolgo’s serve right now, and on clay no less.
but dolgo not so steady this set, and stan serving a little better. at this point, with dolgo being dolgo, and stan looking tired, who knows what either will do shortly!

Kimmi Says:

let the best man win, i am going to bed everyone!

BTW, wozniacki playing like word # 1 in doha..demolishing everyone out there.

time to win a slam woz, i think she will win one this year!

what! just when i was closing up, dolgo breaks back!

dari Says:

awwww, tough point for stan to get broken after the over-rule for an ace.
he doesn’t seem to have enough energy to put together a couple aggressive points in a row.

Kimmi Says:

yap! dolgo serve is great today. what can wawa do now?

dari Says:

Aww, nice point from Stan, got up to a great drop shot and even won the point hustling up there!

jane Says:

Woot Dolgo! What a topsy turvy tiebreak.

dari Says:

Get some rest, stani!

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