Stan Wawrinka’s Also Unhappy With The French Open, Specifically A $H!T Article On Their Website
by Tom Gainey | May 24th, 2015, 10:51 am

First Roger Federer, now Stan Wawrinka is enraged at the French Open. Wawrinka also won today in straight sets defeating Marcel Ilhan, but afterward took exception to a now-deleted article titled “Stan the Man versus Ilhan and Ilham” that appeared for a short time yesterday on, the official website of the French Open.

The article went into speculation over Wawrinka’s breakup and rumored romance with WTA 18-year-old Donna Vekic.

“Completely stupid article,” Wawrinka said. “It’s official website of a Grand Slam, so I hope the guy who did that article is not a journalist. I also hope the guy who is supposed to check all the article on the website is not working anymore for the tournament. Because for me, for a Grand Slam website, it should be an article about the tennis and that’s it.

“I saw the article last night. I told the tournament that I wasn’t really happy about it, and I don’t think it was great for the tournament to do that shit article. That’s it. But after that, you know, I’m here to play tennis and to focus on my game. I can put that on the side, and that’s it.”

Wawrinka at least got off to a better start on the court here than he did a year ago when he lost in the first round.

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15 Comments for Stan Wawrinka’s Also Unhappy With The French Open, Specifically A $H!T Article On Their Website

Giles Says:

Cry baby AND cradle snatcher. Tsk tsk. Lol

jalep Says:

Glad it got deleted. All for free speech but that sort of trash belongs in a cheap tabloid site/blog, not on FO website.

jane Says:

agree: something like that should definitely not be on an official slam site.

Humble Rafa Says:

What’s up with the Arrogant One’s “costume”? Is he poor or something?

RZ Says:

Agree with Jalep and Jane. Completely unprofessional to have something like that on the FO official website. That is not a place for unsubstantiated rumors or tabloid-fare.

Okiegal Says:

Some folks like fodder……just depends on who’s da fodder and who’s da mudder??? :)

SG1 Says:

It’s shameful for a GS Tournament web site to engage in tabloid-like behavior. But, then again it’s the French Open so what else would you expect? Mediocre security, mediocre management. Not a surprise…at least to me.

Wog Boy Says:

I agree with all of you but one, you know which one?

Still, is it true that Stan and Dona are an item? I saw her last night playing, she is good looking young lady..and plays good tennis too.
If it is true then Stan went from one extreme to anothe, from 10+ years older than him to 10+ years younger than him, nice change:)

Jack Lewis Says:

Funny how everyone is berating the FO for that mediocre, tabloid like article… while the article is actually posted on *this* site now… The lack of awareness is stunning.

J Rogers Says:

This wasnt written by a guy, its fairly obvious if you read it. My money would be on a female british tennis journalist who goes by the name of Alix Ramsay. She keeps a low profile because she looks like the back end of a bus. She is a Murray fanatic and well known hater of Federer and Wawrinka. She also writes the pseudofed stuff. This complete bitch should be strung up for this disgraceful piece of “journalism”.

ron Says:

Jack Lewis – Are you comparing the content of a tennis blog to the official site of a grand slam tournament?

There’s no difference to you?

The lack of awareness is beyond stunning!

RZ Says:

@Jack Lewis – There is a big difference between this site and the French Open website. Tennis-x is a blog and has no affiliation with any tournaments or players. However, the French Open is affiliated with the French tennis federation, the ITF, the ATP, and the WTA. They really should not be reporting on anything too far outside the French Open, and should certainly not be showing any of the players that level of disrespect.

Markus Says:

RZ, you are absolutely correct.

elina Says:

Just wow at J Rogers at May 25th, 2015 at 4:54 am.

Bad enough that you post such hate speech but even worse that it is tolerated by the “moderators”.

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