ATP Slaps Nick Kyrgios With $10,000 Fine, Leaves Door Open For Further Discipline And Possible Suspension
by Staff | August 13th, 2015, 3:52 pm

The ATP hit Nick Kyrgios with a $10,000 fine and left the door open for even more action after the Australian’s insulting remarks yesterday to Stan Wawrinka and his alleged girlfriend Donna Vekic last night in Montreal.

In a statement, the ATP said, “Nick Kyrgios has been fined the maximum on site amount of $10,000 for an insulting comment he made to Stan Wawrinka during their second round match at the Rogers Cup in Montreal, Canada. The ATP also said that it is still reviewing the matter and additional penalties may be forthcoming.”

ATP rules allow for a maximum of $10,000 for verbal abuse.

“i) Players shall not at any time directly or indirectly verbally abuse an official, opponent, sponsor, spectator or any other person within the precincts of the tournament site. Verbal abuse is defined as any statement about an official, opponent, sponsor, spectator or any other person that implies dishonesty or is derogatory, insulting or otherwise abusive.

ii) Violation of this section shall subject a player to a fine up to $10,000 for each violation. In addition, if such violation occurs during a match, the player shall be penalized in accordance with the Point Penalty Schedule. In circumstances that are flagrant and particularly injurious to the success of a tournament, or are singularly egregious, a single violation of this section shall also constitute the player Major Offense of Aggravated Behavior.”

If the ATP rules it as a Major Offense of Aggravated Behavior, Kyrgios could face a $25,000 fine and a minimum 21-day suspension.

Kyrgios issued an apology later on Facebook.The 20-year-old is scheduled to play later this afternoon against American No. 1 John Isner. By reaching the round of 16 this week, Kyrgios has earned $44.650.

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58 Comments for ATP Slaps Nick Kyrgios With $10,000 Fine, Leaves Door Open For Further Discipline And Possible Suspension

FedExpress Says:


FedExpress Says:

sad that ernie with his talent couldnt achieve big so far

has way more talent than cilic, dimitrov, gasquet.

FedExpress Says:

wow what a backhand

Giles Says:
That’s exactly what he is, seven letter word starting with “a” and ending in “e”

chris ford1 Says:

My, they hit Kyrgios hard! Yes, yes, Kyrgios can pay 10K off, no sweat at all. But the opprobrium that “fined to the max” has with others in that little world is not a trivial matter. Not a serious crime or reg violation and not a failed drug test – but significant for his status with players, endorsers, and fans.
A pretty widespread sentiment is that Kyrgios is at risk of becoming another on and off the court embarrassment like Tomic. And nobody wants another Tomic.

FedExpress Says:

tomic is a consistent performer now.

FedExpress Says:

russian television:”Wawrinka retired at Montreal after finding out his girlfriend cheated on him”

RZ Says:

I understand the fine but I don’t think Kyrgios’s comment (as despicable as it was) merits a suspension. But I do think that Pat Rafter and some of the Tennis Australia might want to sit him down and chat with him about sportsmanship and the implications of his behavior.

FedExpress Says:

hhahhahaa, sky sports peeped the b-word.nice

FedExpress Says:

did donna vekic dumped kyrgios or what is his problem

jane Says:

No clue what typical fines are but this seems like a lot. Agree RZ that some mentoring might help.

Ben Pronin Says:

Since when is being an asshole a punishable offense? This is what I don’t understand. I’m sure everyone here encounters numerous assholes throughout the day. Should they be banned from the work place all together? Who’s going to run the banks, then?

OK, fine him 10k. CF1, I’ll admit that saying something like that to your opponent will definitely get under their skin. Now doubt you can say it’s unsportsmanlike and somewhat unfair that you gain an advantage out of it. So sure, 10k is fine. But suspension? Further punishment? Why not just sew everyone’s mouths shut! Hey, it’ll even solve the grunting problem!

Charlie Says:

The word slap is right. A slap on the wrist.

FedExpress Says:

wtf is vika doing

5-7 0-2 down against ERRANI. wth.errani is also injured

Wog Boy Says:

I am starting to warm up to Kyrgios. Nobody is talking how he defeated GS champion and in what manner, if it wasn’t for the wrong calls by linesman, same one three times in a row, GS champ would lose in two, Stan couldn’t handle defeat like a man so he decided to retire, what a wimp.
To all of you criticizing Kyrgios, get of your high horses!

Markus Says:

That’s what’s wrong with this world now. Somebody does something reprehensible and you call it at such and somebody will tell you to get off your “high horse”. It’s not “high horse” to be able to tell right from wrong. Maybe those who condone bad behavior should “get out of the mud”.

Wog Boy Says:

^^mud is where you end up after getting of your high horse. This world has much bigger problems than somebody telling somebody that his girlfriend cheated on him him after he cheated on his wife, now you can go and have a shower, you are all muddy!

Gypsy Gal Says:

Wogboy yeah sorry have to agree with Markus on this one,im not on any high horse or anything,but Stans wrong doings as a player or what goes on in his private life are neither here nor there really,some things stretch the boundaries of bad taste and Nicks comment was one of them,i will however give him the benefit of the doubt and say we should all let it go as he has apologised for his comment and also been fined,so i hope hes learned his lesson….

chris ford1 Says:

Wog Boy, yes the world has bigger problems and ISIS is worse than Kyrgios, for example….

And I mainly agree with those who don’t want corporatism grinding out individuality in tennis.
But Kyrgios dragged others into his insult.

Wog Boy Says:

Yes he did and that is what was wrong with his statement, the other two have been hurt, not Stan, who honestly deserved it.

But to compare this withworld problems is preposterous, understatment! I traveled last week from Budapest (magnificent city) to Belgrade on the road and I was saddened with all those refugees that you can see alongside road and here in Serbia coming from the middle and far east, thanks to ISIS, that was made, financed, trained and armed by who???

Gypsy Gal Says:

Wogboy the other two were hurt not Stan who deserved it,i assume you mean the two women?which is refreshing to here of a man these days seeing things from a womans point of view,when not many men do that these days….

jane Says:

nole weighed in on nick, i think quite fairly

“He was fined, he deserved it,” added Djokovic.

“I think he’s going to learn a lesson in a hard way. Hopefully this won’t happen to him anymore.

“I understand that every player goes through certain tantrums, emotional ups and downs during the match. In a big fight and at this level, I understand.

“But it’s not, I would say, fair, and there’s no excuse of directing your tantrums to your opponent, especially to somebody that is not even there.”

Djokovic said Kyrgios, fast earning a reputation as the sport’s bad boy, remains one of the potential future stars of the sport.

“He’s young, he’s definitely one of the players that everybody’s looking to.

“His quality of tennis is really remarkable for his age. He’s doing very well.

“I’ve never had any problems with him personally. Off the court we had nice chats, practised with each other.”

Thangs Says:

I am sure now the Kyrgios gave 3some farewell to his coach

check this site on the topic ‘Three Big Serves’

chris ford1 Says:

Djokovic is in that class of champions in sport, not half or even a quarter of them, that thinks about matters and articulates their thoughts very well.

Comments on Kyrgios were firm. Termed it just punishment for a clear breach in behavior expected.
But then went on to be a call for a little empathy the young players. A clear implication that Nole and just about everyone else in tennis has been challenged in that early career phase. Joining the Tour as young players faced the same hectic pace, dealing with stress, emotions in a match, trying to focus, sometimes coming across as back end orifices. So give the kid some ability to apologize, pay the fine, and move on and not be ridden and hounded about it the next 6 months.

And Djokovic finished his spiel with a buildup for Kyrgios after the takedown was done..That Nole thinks Kyrgios is a great future player, a true talent, and really not a bad fellow to have chats with and practices.

Djokovic, showing leadership skills.

leo Says:

I think players like Tomic and Kyrigos give Aussie tennis a bad rap… what’s going on down there? Thought that was the land of the friendly and classy players!

django Says:

Yes, rather mature statement by Nole.
Financed by you know who….we know who.

Kyrgios will grow up. He needs some good handlers and biofeedback LOL. If he can calm down he will be a force for sure

danica Says:

Nick’s comment was meant to hurt. On purpose. In the middle of the match. Meant to disrupt the opponent. Sick and low.

What Stan did in his private life is his business. He never spoke about it. His wife did. On the other hand, Nick seems to think that we all care for his having sex before matches. And then he somehow thinks that saying something this nasty about two people who dated before is OK. C’mon, this is not being immature at 20. At 20 people know better.

Michael Says:

Despicable, derogatory and detestable behavior on the court by Kyrgios. He bears all resemblance of a spoilt brat and has not matured with his age. I think he must be imparted with the severest punishment as a deterrent to other players to behave well on court.

Why can’t these young guns take a leaf out of the exemplary behavior on and off the court of Roger, Rafa and Novak ?

jane Says:

azarenka and murray both had something to say as well. in essence both said they hope he’ll learn from the experience. vika said how tough it is for parents to still do their job when people at a young age gain lots of money and success; she blamed parenting. andy also talked about being young and making mistakes. he also said he likes nick. neither of them condoned his words/actions, but they didn’t damn the person himself.

Jock-KatH Says:

I think the “big players” have essentially under-lined the general views of the majority of (us) posters on TX – Nick has been rightly penalised so let’s move on – (with the caveat that Stan has the right to pursue the matter further, should he wish – but hopefully not).

Patson Says:

The problem with this sort of sledge is that it can go completely out of hand: Player X sledges you about banging your girlfriend, player Y sledges back about banging your mother, and within seconds, you could have the two players embroiled in a racket fight. And when that happens, people generally say: Why didn’t we act harshly when the indicators were always there ?

Case in point

This can get really out of hand if it happens again in future.

Jeez Says:

Does this Kyrgios guy now APPEAL to Boris

Who talked against lack of COLOURFUL PERSONALITIES


BORINGLY GOOD NATURED(or FAKE as he thinks) like


Does ATP need more Kyrgios like guys !!!??

sienna Says:

the reign of Djoker is already shining upon the young players.

self preservation even to the point of being selfish or in Novaks case obsessed with his own kind.
the hatred is spreading…..

Giles Says:

Scumbag! Hope Stan pursues the matter further. Go Stan!

Gypsy Gal Says:

I could just imagine Nick playing footall,and saying something like that to Cantona who would probably kick him in the head like he did that Crystal Palace fan,or Vinnie Jones grabbing him by the balls,or Roy Keen with a two footed deliberate challenge,or Joey Bartons Glasgow kiss,he is actually damn lucky he does play tennis instead,he wouldnt get away with that comment on a football pitch….

Wog Boy Says:

Some of the sledging in the gentleman’s game called cricket (#1 sport in Australia), it was all said in the publick on the field for everybody to hear, some very witty responses too, I am not a big cricket fan but I love sledging as a part of the game. Stan can learn thing or two (how to respond) instead going around and complaining after the match in which one he retired because of sledging:

Patson Says:

And this is one instance where the Aussie couldn’t take it when he was sledged back. So much so that his demeanor was almost threatening. If Nick’s behavior is ok, then I guess Sarwan saying filth about Mcgrath’s ailing wife should be OK too ?

One of these days, somebody is going to lose their mind and it won’t be pretty. This is just not how sports should be played. Nothing fun about this, or what Nick said.

By the way, those who love to dish out sledges generally don’t have it in them to take it — just like bullies in school !

Wog Boy Says:

Donna is not ailing she is blossoming, bad comparison and not really appropriate, made in really bad taste, sorry Patson. As much as you see it as bullying, some of us see it the other way, as school dobbers, “excuse me teacher little John did this”.. never liked them. Tennis became mainstream sport, whether you like it or not, it is not elite sport for elite people, that includes mainstream behavior. To put it this way, how many hits how long TX would last if we have here only most knowledgeable and most polite people to post, ask Sean.

Stan could simply answer “yes I know, Dona told how “good” 4K was”:)

Patson Says:


Tennis has been PERFECTLY fine without having the behavior you’re talking about. So, I don’t really think tennis needs that behavior to market itself. On the contrary, it should desist young players from such behavior.

Patson Says:

And because Donna is perfectly healthy, she is sledging worthy, while Jane (Mcgrath’s wife who was suffering from cancer) wasn’t, suggests to me that ATP needs to release sledging guidelines to clear the air if they want to allow such behavior on-court.

I’m sorry but I think you’ll find yourself in a minority WogBoy, a very small minority.

Wog Boy Says:

Patson, did you forget Ilie Nastase, Jimmy Connors, JMac …Nick the Kid has to work really hard to reach their level of “behavior”…and tennis, and something tells me he’ll do both. My favorite was Nastase, laved that man and his outfit at this years Wimbledon, tennis needs those characters.

Wog Boy Says:

Patson, that was in the bad taste, to compare dying woman with Donna, really bad taste, you are better than that.

Giles Says:

“Tennis needs these characters”!! That comment says heaps about the poster! Classless! 😡 Reminds me of joker’s SMD screams in Madrid!
Poster deserves a 🍋

Gypsy Gal Says:

Why do we call him Nick the kid when he isnt a kid,hes a grown man for goodness sake?….

Wog Boy Says:

Becouse that’s how some of us like it, is that OK?

Gypsy Gal Says:

Wogboy OK then,sorry dont blow a gasquet….

Gypsy Gal Says:

Gasket not Gasquet the player lol,blow a fuse….

Gypsy Gal Says:

Hes aplogised,hes been fined,and his mind must have been all over the place,because he then lost to Isner,so i think hes paid for what hes done now….

Wog Boy Says:

I am not blowing gasket, I am enjoying most beautiful view from the balcony of “Novak Restaurant” with Stella Artois im my hand and rivers Danube and Sava underneath, can’t get better than this:)

Gypsy Gal Says:

Nice one Wogboy,my post was a generalisation and not really aimed at anyone in particular….

Wog Boy Says:


I am not going to tell you “SMD”, I’ll tell you “duvaj ga smradu”;)

BTW, what’s wrong with having Nastase, Connors, JMac? Tennis became more popular by having these great champions, of course we need these characters in the game of tennis.

Jack Lewis Says:

@Ben Pronin
“Since when is being an asshole a punishable offense?”
Since forever in the work world. There are tons of positions where you will get sacked by the HR department if you are dumb enough to spout this sort of crap in the workplace.

But don’t worry, rest assured there is no shortage of ass holes out there to fulfill whatever need you have of them…

Okiegal Says:

I think ATP might get better results if the just slapped him!! Lol

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