WTF is the WTA Doing? Website, Handling Maria, On-Court Coaching Mess
by Jeremy Davis | April 30th, 2017, 1:41 pm

You don’t read this a lot on the web, but you should leave this web page right now and go to Go quick as it might change, but it looks to be permanent. The WTA re-did their website in 30-point fonts in a graphics-blast format that looks like a middle school web class project.
Things are impossible to find. It’s the opposite of intuitive. But that’s how things are going at the WTA these days.

How did women’s tennis get to this point?

On-court coaching, where a (always) male coach runs on the court between changeover to save the (seemingly) helpless female player with some strategy in still in effect. It’s a total embarrassment to women’s sport.

WTA CEO Steve Simon loves the concept so much, he’s trying to force through rules that will let male coaches coach/yell at their players FROM THE STANDS. Won’t it be great to watch an entire match with a players coach barking at them over the railing the entire time ?!?

Tennis writer Pete Bodo tweeted Sunday, “Steve Simon of the WTA has to be a front runner in “worst executive” sweeps. “Bein,” website, “no comment” on MS. Sheesh.”

“Bein” is the beIN network, which sucks. Their “HD” is grainy and the WTA sold a ton of tournament rights to them instead of Tennis Channel. You couldn’t even find Maria Sharapova’s debut match in the U.S., they were showing soccer. It’s a s**t show.

MS is Maria Sharapova. The doper returned to tennis this week in Stuttgart. Fans are split as to her return, but her detractors are pissed that the ice queen is receiving boatloads of wild cards and drooling love from the WTA.

Genie Bouchard didn’t mince words this week, saying “She’s a cheater and I don’t think a cheater in any sport should be allowed to play that sport again.”

Sharapova says she was exonerated by her 15-month suspension. Detractors said she knowingly took a performance-enhancing drug, supported by the facts she took extra before matches and didn’t report she was taking it to the WTA. But in the world of Sharapova and her cadre, a great injustice has been done to her, and she’s weathered it like a hero…a returning hero triumphant.

The tone-deaf WTA took to social in welcoming fashion, and was absolutely ripped by fans for welcoming back a drug cheat.

The message? We don’t care if you cheat. What kind of message is that for kids, other players, etc.?

The whitewashing of Sharapova’s 15-month stint for cheating is hilarious. This week in Stuttgart she sneered-down reporters who dared bring it up. Porsche Tennis Grand Prix tournament director Markus Gunthardt had said, “I’m really happy for Maria that she’s back after a long break.” Long break? Don’t you mean conviction for using a performance-enhancing drug?

No. 1 on the WTA rankings is Serena Williams who hasn’t hit a ball since January and reportedly won’t the rest of the year due to her pregnancy and birth of her first child. No other players have shown they can challenge for No. 1 when Serena is around, much less on the couch pregnant.

The WTA’s web, social, on-court coaching, and general decision making are looking pretty shaky, but let’s forget all that and load up on some Sugar-pova. The WTA tour and it’s leadership are…screw it, just go to the WTA’s website and you’ll get it.

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25 Comments for WTF is the WTA Doing? Website, Handling Maria, On-Court Coaching Mess

Mike Says:

Damn, your writers are TOTAL idiots. ALL male coaches? I’m thinking all week we saw Mladenovic’s MOTHER on court. Davenport is out for Key’s, etc.. You exaggerate to somehow ‘prove’ a point.
MS won all those Grand Slams and titles when the pill she was taking was LEGAL. Do you not get that?? LEGAL. It became ILLEGAL randomly on Jan 1 and after 10 yrs taking it, her team never considered it EVER being banned.
This website is pathetic, I’m gone.

Markus Says:

Maria was doping plain and simple. What is this cardiac condition she claims for which she takes Meldonoium for? And why take extra doses prior to ibig tournaments? It may not have been banned before but she was taking it to enhance her performance just the same. She was cheating and for WTA to treat her like a hero is unconscionable.

Willow Says:

Markus i would duck for cover if i were you, but you have a point though, its a bit of a grey area ….

Lyle nubbins Says:

Bouchard zip it. You squandered your career so you could flaunt your bod:

Lyle nubbins Says:

Bouchard zip it. You squandered your career so you could flaunt your bod:

Kimberly Says:

This article not even worth my time to properly rip apart.

Berghain Says:

Agree. Really pathetic. Worse than msm ripping russia. RIP. Worst garbage I ever read on tx.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

This writer only rips on WTA. It is idiotic that T-X’s women’s tennis ‘specialist’ HATES women’s tennis.

Wog Boy Says:

Jeremy Davis is English, no?
You don’t expect anything better from English press, no surprise here either.

Danica Says:

What a ridiculous article. A whole bunch of nothings. Little bit of this, little bit of that, no coherent thought. Throw in a bit of Maria bashing for good measure. Yuck.

Danica Says:

Ps: i came here to congratulate Rafans for another historic run and this site has nothing on it??!

skeezer Says:

“Jeremy Davis is English, no?”
No, I believe he is Serbian, no?

Humble Rafa Says:

Skeeze is on this thread. I didn’t know you were into women, pal.

Okiegal Says:

@Danica…..A big thanks! Rafa winning a number 10 at Barcelona wasn’t newsworthy I suppose……old hat!! Lol

Nobody Says:

Jeremy Davis’s articles are usually garbage. This one just hit a new low.

Chris Says:

I’m going to plead the 5th on Maria, as I don’t think any of us have been elected to judge her. On everything else, I could not agree with you more Jeremy. The WTA, of whom I am a huge fan, has been going to hell on a bobsled for many years now – around when Justine Henin left the second time (estimate). The WTA 125K series is a confusing mess, they have never responded to the first email regarding mistakes they have on player profiles, they change the points system, what, every 10 years – apparently for kicks, and now the website is a complete fuster-cluck. As of a few days ago, I now go elsewhere for my WTA information; and isn’t it a shame it isn’t the WTA website. I live in Tampa – I really should drive to ST.Pete and show them how to run a web site. Sighs. Perhaps the scientologists over there have screwed them up!

Leo Says:

Jeremy – If it’s legal, it’s not cheating…. what’s so hard to understand about that?

Leo Says:

@Jeremy – your writing is almost ranting and focus-free as that wta website you smear ;-)

dryeagle Says:

This fella Jeremy has got to pick up his game.

I don’t understand??? Mad that Maria is allowed to play but also mad that her first match was not on TV.

What is your point about Serena? She is pregnant and unable to play. Do you want somebody to challenge her now?

bart henry Says:

There was nothing wrong with their website..I won’t return, it takes forever to boot and it’s a mess. Who got paid for that? If I won’t go back, there must be a lot of people who will do the same, I wonder?

Dennis Says:

Maria was not “doping”. There is no evidence that meldonium is in fact a performance enhancer (there are no credible peer-reviewed studies backing WADA’s claim, wihc was based solely on increased use), and besides, it was perfectly legal for all but about two weeks of the time during which she was taking it. 15 months is a excessively long suspension for taking an over-the-counter medicine that was only put on the banned list a couple of weeks prior to her testing positive for it.

In any case, she has served her time and should be eligible for wild cards just like anyone else. The fact is, the WTA is in dire need of someone with her charisma and star power to lift ratings and interest at this time, with other big stars either out with injury and/or pregnancy and the current ranks of the top 10 being riddled with inconsistency (6 of 8 seeds, all top-tenners, failed to make the quarters in a 32 draw last week. That’s a joke) and a lack of real drawing power.

The switch from Tennis Channel to BeIN is a disaster. I don’t even get the latter with my current TV package, and would certainly not upgrade to a more expensive TV package in order to do so.

skeezer Says:

Have you even read the factual evidence of her case? Re; meldonium? Apparently not. Whatever…

Leo Says:

skeezer – what factual evidence are you referring to? curious.

Paul Says:

Thank you for calling out the abomination of the WTA website. It was a wonderful site before…and it has been reduced to total garbage.

RR13 Says:

Totally agreeing with you regarding the website.

Regarding the male coaches and your “helpless female player” bit, here i was thinking those players want and have a PERSONAL interest in hiring the best possible staff regardless of gender, but thanks for opening my eyes and making me see the truth of this patriarchal conspiracy.

By the way if the coaches were female would the same “helpless player” sensation still apply?
How about the moment when a male player gets advice from his (male or female) coach – isn’t he just as “helpless” as a female player? You do know that that’s the point of the coach right – if the rules allow you to talk with your staff, the staff is there to give you tactical advice and moral support – or am i wrong about that?

However if you wanna be 100% PC on this issue… you cannot just assume genders!!!

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