Uncle Toni: Nadal Confirmed for Montreal
by Staff | August 3rd, 2009, 2:49 pm

According to Radio Marca, Rafael Nadal will play in the Montreal Masters starting next Monday in Canada. ADHEREL

In an interview with the Spanish media outlet, Rafa’s uncle, Toni Nadal, sad the World No. 2 would be ready to play, but not in peak form.

“Rafa will play in Montreal. That’s good news for us,” said Toni Nadal. ,

But Toni tempered the statement adding that Rafa “won’t be at his best” according to a SportsYa.com translation.

Nadal has not played a match since his stunning loss to Robin Soderling in the fourth round at the French Open due to ongoing issues of knee tendinitis which forced his withdrawal from Queen’s and from Wimbledon.

Nadal won the Canadian Open last year and in 2005.

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70 Comments for Uncle Toni: Nadal Confirmed for Montreal

Veno Says:

Very very glad Rafa will play Montreal!!!!!!!

Am a little surprised Toni Nadal had to add, he will not be his best? What’s that about? Why does he keep putting emphasis on Nadal not being fit/100%?…I dont’get it!

Clive Says:

I agree, this is great news. I don’t think we need worry about Toni saying he won’t be at his best; all this is saying is that Rafa is now without injury, but a lack of matchplay means he will not be at peak performance. However, knowing Rafa he will go deep in both Montreal and Cincy, and by the time he gets to Flushing Meadows he will be back fighting fit and ready to win. Vamos!

Veno Says:

Lol Clive, I don’t think Rafa needs more match play. He’ll be ready and eager!!!!!! Hope he’ll come out guns blazing!
I am a Fed fan but am so glad Rafa’s back!!!! Tennis needs him!

Kimmi Says:

I hope he is not coming back too quickly. Its will be all HC for 2 months, I can’t see him keeping the foot off the throttle and that means strain on the joints and they will get sore again, some said it takes longer than 2 months to fully heal tendinitis… so here is hoping he is fully recovered.

Lili Says:

I am so glad that Rafa will be in Montreal…but am hoping he will not be coming back too quickly.
As anxious as I am to see him playing – I also realize that it takes quite a while to heal from knee injuries. I hope he is fully recovered – at least well enough to play in Montreal. Vamos Rafa!!!! I will be watching and rooting for you…tennis has not been the same while you’ve been gone.

jane Says:

Great! Vamos Rafa and welcome back!

tenisbebe Says:

Fantastic! So, so very glad that Rafa is healthy enough to join the tour again and will (hopefully) play Cinci and the USO as well.

Kimmi Says: “I hope he is not coming back too quickly. Its will be all HC for 2 months”. Actually 4 weeks for HC play (Montreal 1 wk, Cincinnati 1 wk, USO 2 wks) and a total of 5 weeks in North America with the week off between Cincinnati & the start of the Open.

Von Says:

This is great news, and I’m so happy for the Nadal fans who’ve gone through a tennis drought due to their guy’s absence.

Kimmi Says:

tenisbebe, thanks. I generalize as 2 months (aug + sept) but it’s actually 4 weeks when you count it like that, but nevertheless, it will be tough 4 weeks of play.

Ezorra Says:

I think I’m kind of understood when Tony said that Rafa is not in his peak form / Rafa won’t be at his best at Montreal. He didn’t play tennis for more than 2 months. It’s normal to see players rummage around for their rhythm after leaving sport for that long… I just hope that his statement has got nothing to do with Rafa’s tendinitis. I hope that he has fully recovered from it.

tenisbebe Says:

Kimmi – absolutely – 2 weeks of playing HC’s almost every day (Montreal/Cincinnati) followed by 2 weeks of playing every other day when not having played since May will take a toll on those knees. But I can’t wait to see him live!

Von Says:

Ezorra: “I think I’m kind of understood when Tony said that Rafa is not in his peak form / Rafa won’t be at his best at Montreal. He didn’t play tennis for more than 2 months. It’s normal to see players rummage around for their rhythm after leaving sport for that long… I just hope that his statement has got nothing to do with Rafa’s tendinitis. I hope that he has fully recovered from it.”

I agree that Rafa won’t be in his peak form, and Uncle Toni is just giving us a preview of what could/would probably happen when Nadal plays. To be off the tour for 2 months is a long time for any player much more Nadal, who plays better when he’s match grooved than match deprived. Therefore, I don’t think Uncle Toni is talking off the top of his head one bit. I only hope for Nadal’s health/knees that he’s given himself enough time to heal, and that should be his main concern, not so much winning the tourney.

Von Says:

Ezorra: BTW, how have you been doing? I ‘ve missed you!

Ezorra Says:

Von says:

“I only hope for Nadal’s health/knees that he’s given himself enough time to heal, and that should be his main concern, not so much winning the tourney.”

Totally agree with you. I happy to know that Nadal will play Montreal because as you said, he is the type of player who plays better when he’s match grooved than match deprived. I hope he plays Montreal to improve his game to get ready for USO, not because he wants to protect his rank.

tenisbebe Says:

Agree with Von & Ezorra – you can’t expect lights out tennis from Rafa at this stage. However, for once I am optimistic that he will have the motivation to win Cincinnati. In years past, he has done very well in Canada but not in Cinci – either he’s too pooped or doesn’t care/need the points. Last year, he willed himself through to the SF’s which he needed for the number 1 ranking but didn’t have the stamina vs Djoko. This year will definitely be different – it will be more important. Having said that, my greatest wish is for him to win the Open this year (Murray 2nd choice) so would be best for him to “peak” in Sept rather that mid-Aug.

Von Says:

EzorrA: “I hope he plays Montreal to improve his game to get ready for USO, not because he wants to protect his rank.”

I think Nadal will take things one match at a time, and I agree that his return should not be about ranking, but health first, and when that’s alright, then the ranking points will come later.

Ezorra Says:

I miss you too Von :)

Von, I’m not as strong as you. I, like some of other Nadal fans, choose to stay away from making any comments until Nadal is back. However, I never stop visiting this site to read so many insightful comments from day to day, especially yours!

vared Says:

I’d like to see Rafa get the USO, Roddick or Djokovic if he doesn’t.

Von Says:

Ezorra: “Von, I’m not as strong as you. I, like some of other Nadal fans, choose to stay away from making any comments until Nadal is back. However, I never stop visiting this site to read so many insightful comments from day to day, especially yours!”

LOL, I’m not as strong as you think. I guess you see how much I get hammered but I love the sport and discussing it, which is why I hang around. Hope to see you around more often.
tenisbebe: Will you be posting during cincy? I hope so as I’d like to get your hands-on interaction from the tourney, not to mention the gossip. LOL.

tenisbebe Says:

Von – I leave for Cinci on this weekend. Will be doing some Locker Room duty for the WTA (yes guys, the WOMEN”S locker room) so Lord knows what I’ll hear, if anything. For the Men’s, not so alas but on court stuff so out in the sun most of the time. I will try to post most day & check up on ATP Montreal but you’ll have to forgive me if I don’t – some days I am so tired & burned out I just want to shower & sleep at days end.

tenisbebe Says:

Dan Martin – when will you be at Cincinnati? Perhaps we can meet.

Sar – Are you around? If you still have my e-mail address please send me your dates and I’ll give you my cell number.

tenisbebe Says:

vared Says: “I’d like to see Rafa get the USO, Roddick or Djokovic if he doesn’t.” Yes, I would also like either of them to win as well as Rafa or Murray although I’m not giving up hope on Roddick finally winning Wimbledon one day :-)

Rafaella Says:

Welcome Back Rafa, the tennis world needs you. Of course Uncle Toni isn’t going to tell the world Rafa is as fit as a fiddle, let people guess. His performance will tell us all. I have a feeling though it will be Rafa raising the US Open trophy aloft this year. There isn’t much else he can prove really. Vamos Rafa and Good Luck !!!!

jane Says:

I like the players you’re all rooting for: Rafa, Roddick, Djoko or Murray. There’d be good reasons to cheer and interesting stories for most if they were to win the USO.

tenisbebe, I’ll second Von’s request; how great if we could hear your inside scoops and hands-on details, either during the event or after!

tenisbebe Says:

Hi Jane – I’ll do my best but typically don’t hear alot of the “inside scoop” however I’ll let you know. Jane, do you remember our conversation a few weeks ago re: women’s best of 3 vs 5 and the need for expanded facilities? Well not that it will forward that cause but the Tournament Director told me that they are going ahead with plans to expand the Cinci facilities to accommodate both tours simultaneously by 2011: so new locker rooms, additional show courts, practice courts, etc. I’m very surprised that in this economic environment they are moving forward with this. Am wondering if Canada will be forced to do the same.

steve Says:

Good to see that Nadal’s back and ready to play. I hope to see some good matches in the next month or so.

Mahi Says:


Thanks god that u arriving again to the tennis,i love rafa very much,wish all the very best for future success.

Thanks and Regards,


Kimo Says:

I have a feeling that Rafa is coming back to try defend as much points as he can more than anything. Sure he won’t be at his best, he hasn’t played an official match since May, so that’s to be expected. But I’m worried if his desire to defend points is in conflict with his body’s need to rest.

Remember guys, this whole thing with his knees started because he was defending too many points that he really didn’t need. Sure, Murray is right behind him, but Murray has got a tonne of points to defends as well so I don’t wants Rafa to push himself too much. He knows there’s very little chance that he’ll finish this year as no.1, so it’s illogical for him to try and push his luck.

Kimo Says:

I meant “to defend” and “I don’t want”.

Von Says:

tenisbeb: Thanks for the info you provided on Cincy. I hope you’re not too tired to post from your days in the hot sun. Wow, I don’t envy you having to work in that heat.

Dan Martin Says:

Tenisbebe I will be at Cincinnati the first 2 days and perhaps the 3rd of the men’s main draw. I am glad Rafa is coming back. The tour is not the same without him.

Veno Says:

Hey Von, nice to see some good people/posters backing and supporting you here!!!!

We’re in for a great 5 weeks of HC tennis…Can’t wait to see Roddick, DelPo, Murray, Djoko and Fed’s form on the HC. Good times ahead. Hope Rafa is 100% fit. And that his knees have had enough rest to be able to withstand the poundings of playing on HC’s.

Go Tennis!!!

Von Says:

Veno: Yes, I’m very thankful for the support from you, Two Cents and Long Live; coincidentally all Fed fans.

I’d be happy if I could see Roddick’s match tonight at DC, but unfortunately there isn’t any live streaming available and forget about TV coverage. Boo hoo! Is there anything being shown in your country?

Can’t wait to see Nadal at Montreal and Cincy along with the other top 4 players. I’ll join you in saying, Go Tennis!!

Veno Says:

Eurosport locked in some air-time for the US open series, but alas….it’s all WTA (except for the ATP LA final last Sunday, which they showed while I was at work)

It’s a big hype here how Clijsters(she comes from a village not even 30 miles from me) will fare during her comeback

Veno Says:

Time for my run…talk to you later all…

And Von, I replied in the Roddick got dissed by NYT(insane title)thread….
Don’t know about you, but I’m starting to get really annoyed not seeing any tennis broadcasts. I should order interactive television!!!!!

Von Says:

Veno: I know you like to read articles, so here’s another article on Roddick ref: Wimby:


I saw your reply on the other thread and thanks ever so much for everything.

Yes, I’m sick and tired of not being able to see any tennis broadcasts. The paid live streaming begins on the 7th, so it’s not even worth it to buy the tournament pass for just 3 days. A very tough situation.

BTW, did you read the whole article on the ‘Grass roots on American tennis’?

Enjoy your running/exercise, and I’ll catch up with you later.

tenisbebe Says:

Dan Martin – I remember you saying you had credentials for Mon & Tues but thereafter. I may have an extra ticket for Weds nite session for your use if you end up staying Weds. I’ll let you know. My e-mail is annabanana1492@hotmail.com, btw. I’ll be “working” M-F days for the men’s & may stick around for some select evening matches.

Veno Says:

Tx Von!!! Loved the article!!!

And I felt exactly the same way. Great for Fed he won, but I had a real strange feeling. I was secretely cheering for Andy as the match went on, but I already told you this. Don’t take this the wrong way, but Andy roddick is the most beautiful “loser”(as in of a great tennis match) I have ever seen. Also when transcending to other sports and he has gained so much respect and love from so many sports fans and tennis fans worldwide after Wimby ’09, and I am sure he will start feeling that later. It’s too early now and he’s set on letting his racket talk on the courts again now. And he well deserves it, as I think of how much slack he has had to endure after winning USO ’03. I truly hope he’ll win Wimbledon next year! Go Andy

Veno Says:

P.S. I ran a little too ambitiously(I keep forgetting I’m not in my early 20’s anymore) and I’m starting to hurt all over….This will be fun!

margot Says:

Stop talking about the heat guys! Here in UK horrible endlessly wet summer. Last nice weather was WIMBLEDON!!

Veno Says:

Sorry Margot, saw the showers over your isles…Here on the other end of the Channel we have ok weather. Warm and sunny for a couple of day, thunderstorms and rain the next 3….

Steve Says:

Looking forward to watching Nadal play again but I hope he doesn’t try to push it too much too soon. Hardcourt can be rough on the knees.

jane Says:

tenisbebe, yes I remember that conversation. Sounds like some interesting expansion happening in Cincy. I hope Canada has to follow suit. Anyway that the WTA can be improved, the better. And better facilities can mean better draws. I’ve heard a lot of the top ladies don’t play Canada (though most of the men do) so maybe this sort of expansion would be incentive.

tenisbebe Says:

Jane – it would be a big investment as they would have not 1 but 2 venues to upgrade/expand (Montreal & Toronto). Don’t know if it’s worth it since they rotate years but obviously if they do would benefit the WTA. The TD understands the preferences for one tour over the other with fans & the adversity (by the ATP & some fans – ME!) to combining the 2 tournaments. However from a logistical standpoint, not to mention the box holders, it is worth the investment to him. And he owns the facility so has a big say in it as long as the WTA will chanc\ge their schedule to accomodate – and they will as the need the ATP Masters most than vice versa.

Von Says:

Hey Margot: Sorry to hear about the rain showers in good old London town. I could fill up a phial with some sunshine from here and Fed-ex it to you if that will help to chase the blues away. On second thoughts, maybe Veno would be willing the jog over with some sunshine from his neck of the woods. Anyway, here’s hoping blue skies are gonna show up very soon.

Scottish Says:

Great to see Rafa back and in Canada too! Woohoo. This is going to be an exciting tourney. I really think Rafa will go deep in the draws over the summer. He’s had his break and time to heal and he is such an amazing player he will be right back in it. I honestly don’t think he would come back if he didn’t feel he was healthy enough. He’s not dumb enough to come back injured only to miss the USO. So welcome back Rafa and let the tennis WOW begin.

jane Says:

True tenisbebe; I wasn’t thinking about the two venues, which equals double the expense.

I’ve been in a hockey state of mind the last couple of days as my nephew was trying out for the U18 tournament in Czech Republic. Just found out last night that he made the team!! I won’t say his name (for privacy’s sake) but when/if he makes the NHL (not for at least a year or two, but he is a prospect), I’ll tell everyone! : )

tenisbebe Says:

Jane – Congrats to your nephew!! What a fantastic accomplishment – you must be incredibly happy & proud! He lives in the Czech Republic I take it? I have never been but it is on my list… Congrats again!

Ok – type at you later. off to yoga.

tenisbebe Says:

Jane – my bad. I misread, it’s a tournament in the Czech R (not for their team). HELLO. LOL.

jane Says:

tenisbebe, thank you! He lives in Canada and plays for a Canadian WHL team (his first season was last winter). But playing for Canada in this U-18 event in the Czech R is possibly a step to getting drafted to play in the junior worlds, which Canada won this year. Plus it’s more exposure to NHL scouts and the like.

margot Says:

von: thanks! Your phial of sunshine is working already!

I like tennis bullies Says:

finally federer’s luck will run out in montreal

JoshDragon Says:

Can’t wait for Nadal’s return. I hope he plays well in Montreal.

madmax Says:

federer’s luck will NOT run out in montreal….the guy has nothing left to prove…..he will be seeing montreal…(I am sure) as a practice run….so actually as I am typing this…if he goes out in the early rounds…who cares? He will be pumping on all cylinders for the USO….and he will defend it AND he will end the year as number 1…..Go fed! By the way…am glad that rafa appears to be up and running again…..am looking forward to the rafa/roger rivalry again…..cheers fedfans!

madmax Says:

margot…by the way…I’m too from the UK! it’s just rubbish isn’t it? Every time I wake up in the morning…it’s raining….I cannot stand it! and having to wait so loonngggg for the tennis to restart….over a month before we get to see the top guys in play again…it’s a crime..so it is!

I really wish tho’ that uncle toni stops with this media play on rafa not being 100%…it gets tiresome….let the guy get on with playing tennis….he needs to play at the top level again and stop the blarney that his uncle comes out with at times like this…..I like to see rafa play, but i don’t like the spin on his injuries right now….If he wasn’t 100%….he wouldn’t be playing now would he? The pictures he’s posted on his homepage are very reassuring, as is his interview…am sure all the other guys tho’ will be primed to get rafa running from one end of the court to the other to wear him down…the mental psychology will be out in full force.

I am a 1000% fedfan and will ALWAYS BE…but I enjoy watching rafa and i cannot wait until HC is in full flow….Go roger go!

SG Says:

Rafa has always struck me as the type of player that needs to play a lot to build up momentum for a major championship run. I’d certainly like to see him pop back to form toute-de-suite but I don’t see it happening. I think he’ll win his first and second round matches on adrenaline. After that though, I think some of the ring rust is going to show. It certainly would be interesting to see Rafa get the bookend slams. And he’d have the career slam to boot. I don’t see it happening though.

The best match Roger Federer has played in the last 2 years was against Andy Murray in last year’s USO final. I’ll go one better than that. I think last year’s USO final match was the best Federer has ever played in a major final. He was fierce and dominating. DC II is far and away Federer’s best surface. I cannot see Federer losing this slam. He plays so crisply on those USO hardcourts. He is the best hardcourter I have ever seen…period. With Rafa just on the comeback trail, Djoko not really here or there and Murray still wavering a little in the big moments, I see a Federer cake walk coming. I know he’s a new dad and some say this will take away his focus. I don’t think so. I think he’ll want to celebrate this occasion with another 3 major season and give himself a shot for a Roger Slam.

margot Says:

SG: But but..I’m probably the biggest Murray fan on this site but for whatever reason he was pants at the USOpen. Bob the builder could’ve beaten him for goodness sake. Easy for TMF to shine in those circumstances.

margot Says:

PS von we need more phials, its started raining again…..
MadMax: I’m considering building a boat…

Von Says:

Margot: how about trekking to Mount Ararat and borrow Noah’s Ark for the balance of the rainy season. LOL. Phials are on the way by Fed-Ex!

SG Says:

margot Says:

Bob the builder could’ve beaten him for goodness sake.


Doubt Murray would agree. I saw that match its entirety and Federer absolutely took it to Murray. I’ve said on many occasions that I hate Federer’s “stay back and wait” style. Against, Murray in the’08 USO, he really pressed the pace from all parts of the court. Murray may not have been at his best, but Federer was on top of his game and didn’t let Murray find his groove.

grendel Says:

“I saw that match its entirety and Federer absolutely took it to Murray”.

For the first set, only one player, Murray shellshocked. But he came back strongly in the second, and if memory serves me correctly, Murray gifted Federer a few points at critical stages. So he might have won that second set. Different complexion, then, for third.

Skorocel Says:

“I think last year’s USO final match was the best Federer has ever played in a major final.”

Federer definitely played great in that match, but I’ll pick the USO 2004 final against Hewitt over that one.

jane Says:

According to this article, Nadal looked awfully rusty practicing at the Montreal venue; here’s the link for anyone interested:


margot Says:

jane: just read that link, ta. My goodness, are Rafa’s knees finished do you think and just 4 you can he “recapture that first fine careless rapture?”
Here in the UK we have our own knee drama going, Freddie Flintoff’s!! We need Fred to put Australia to the sword but unfortunately its not looking good for him either.
re Tsonga, I wonder if all the injuries are causing feelings of self doubt? He’s not young in tennis terms after all.

donna Says:

I think Rafa will be a bit rusty in Montreal I think he should not put to much pressure on himself. I think it will take him a few more touraments to be at his best. Just to have him in the competition is good for the fans and tennis. Rafa is a warrior and he will fight his way back to the top.

san Says:

The key is full physical recovery. I think Nadal may be better off even skipping Montreal unless he is fully recovered otherwise things might go bad again when it is going to really matter in US Open.
I really hope Toni’s statement was simply about lack of practice on Nadal’s part and nothing to do with Tendonitis.

jane Says:

Hi margot – just saw your question re: Nadal’s knees. Hmmmm…that’s a tough call. His knees have been bad in the past (in 07 he lost fairly early at the USO due to his tendonitis), but NEVER has he taken off so much time in the middle of the season like this year, which leads me to believe it must be awfully serious. However, one would think he has an excellent team around him and so him taking to the court in Montreal must’ve been deemed okay. But Rafa and his camp sound very sceptical. Are they being overly cautious or could the diagnosis be bleaker than we think? It sounds to me like they don’t or won’t even know where he stands until he plays some matches.

I have my doubts that Nadal will get back to his 2008 peak, though part of me thinks if any player can and will fight through something, it’s him!

Sorry to be so vague but until I see him play it’s difficult to even make an uneducated guess!

Von Says:

I believe Nadal has been off the tour for a longer or similar amount of time previously from November 2005 (which caused to him withdraw from the TMC ’05) through mid-February 2006, due to a left foot injury, and in ’07 his loss at the USO was due to a laser procedure he had done a couple of days prior to the USO, which I think was unrelated to tendinitis. He played in the USO due to his parents’ planned trip there and did so not wanting to disappoint them. After that stint from November 2005 to mid-February 2006, Nadal bounced back and won several titles on both hard and clay courts. Therefore, it can be assumed that Nadal is cognizant of what he needs to do to again become match-ready, having been there and done that before, except that the two situations are somewhat different, whereby the first injury was dissimilar (left foot in ’05-06) to his present injury of tendinitis, and in this case both knees are involved. I think if anyone can bounce back and do it, Nadal can.

margot Says:

jane, von: ta for your thoughts. Agree von, if anyone can, Rafa can but……was wondering as you are jane, are they playing their cards very close because it’s more serious or are they out to lull everyone? Interesting too, Tony’s not with him.
Hope your Andy gets title von and he’s only one of top 5 whose going into Montreal with any match play. Can’t help but think it’ll stand him in very good stead.

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