Andy Murray Discusses His New Gluten Free-ish Diet
by Tom Gainey | August 20th, 2011, 11:53 am

Andy Murray has recently jumped on the gluten-free craze. Like Novak Djokovic and Sabine Lisicki, Murray has also decided to rid himself of gluten and change his diet with an eye on better results and performance.

In his presser yesterday after beating Gilles Simon, Murray explained his new eating regimen.

Q. We were talking about your diet before you came in. Tell us what the green foods are that you do eat.
ANDY MURRAY: Well, I mean, pretty much any meats, fish, rice, vegetables. The only stuff I’m not eating now is pretty much wheat. Anything that’s got corn in it, which is actually a lot of like snacks and stuff like biscuits, those sorts of things. It’s tough to find stuff that doesn’t have corn in it. Yeah, milk, cow’s milk even. Having like soy milk instead.

Q. Has that been tough? Are you those things you like?
ANDY MURRAY: No, I haven’t found it that different. You just need to make sure you have enough snacks that you can have. That’s the one thing. And you have to eat enough protein and have enough meat. Before I would have a lot of protein shakes and a lot of protein bars, supplements after I finish playing and practicing. Now I can’t have any of them because they’ve got all the bad stuff in it. So that’s what’s been difficult, getting the right amount of food on board. But it’s not too bad.

So far for Murray the diet hasn’t been helping much. He lost first round last week at the Rogers Cup Montreal to Kevin Anderson 63, 61 but there are signs of hope. This week he’s won three matches to reach the semifinals at the Western and Southern in Cincinnati where he’ll play Mardy Fish this afternoon. Fish, however, has beaten Murray the last three times they have played.

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7 Comments for Andy Murray Discusses His New Gluten Free-ish Diet

Kimmi Says:

Go whatever you have to do. its you and novak now :)

andrea Says:

i just want to strangle berdych….i knew he was going to retire today. what a waste. fed, step up to the plate when you have to!!! grrrr….

alison hodge Says:

god its boring enough hearing about it from one player,now two more have jumped on the band wagon,so dull,can we just talk about the tennis please.

alison hodge Says:

rep andrea yeah i agree its frustating,its a shame realy,as berdy looked like he was gonna give nole a good test,for a while there,he should have won that 1st set,yet 1 sloppy game and he let djokovic of the hook,shame he did so well against federer,still i suppose its better to retire if your not 100 percent,than risk long term damage especially with the us open,just around the corner,i hope murray can proove more of a test in todays final,fingers crossed.

Stacy Malinow Says:

Please support my petition for the Girl Scouts to sell a gluten free and allergen free cookie.

Black Says:

Incredible!!!! You moron!!!

The diet is for a person that is ill due to gluten. Djokovic was ill and able to perform at a high level. Now that he is healthy again due to the diet he kick assess …. a healthy person will not gain anything from the diet …

Hugo Says:

Well done Andy!

Back to back wins in Thailand and now Japan.

The gluten free diet is kicking in now. There are many people who suffer from coeliac problems to various degrees and benefit from a wheat free etc diet.

Not so sure about the reference to corn which is made from maize and is not usually a problem.

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