Rafael Nadal Underwent Multiple MRIs On His Knee During Wimbledon
by Tom Gainey | July 20th, 2012, 9:01 am

The details continue to emerge on Rafael Nadal’s recent battle with knee troubles which have sadly forced him out of the upcoming London Olympics.

According to a story from Chris Clarey of the New York Times, citing an El Pais report, Nadal underwent two MRI scans on his knees during Wimbledon.

Nadal twice underwent magnetic resonance imaging scans during Wimbledon because of concern about his knees, particularly his left knee. After the loss to Rosol, El Pais reported that he consulted with his personal physician Angel Cotorro, who also works with the Spanish Tennis Federation and then returned to Vitoria to receive injections from Mikel Sanchez, the same physician who has administered platelet-rich plasma therapy to Nadal in the past to address his tendinitis.

Just weeks after a seventh French Open title, Nadal was stunned in the Wimbledon second round in five sets by Lukas Rosol. At the time there was no hint of the injury which will not allow him to defend his gold medal.

“I am not in in condition to compete,” Nadal said in a statement yesterday. “This is one of the saddest moments of my career.

“Is one of the saddest days of my career as one of my biggest ambitions, that of being Spain’s flag bearer in the opening ceremony of the games in London, cannot be. You can imagine how difficult it was to take this decision.”

Uncle Toni added during a separate interview that given his age and health that this was likely Rafa’s last chance to play the Olympics.

After Nadal follows his doctor’s recommendation of another 15 days of rest and strengthening, Rafa remains scheduled to play at the Masters Series 1000 Toronto on August 8, then Cincinnati before the US Open.

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103 Comments for Rafael Nadal Underwent Multiple MRIs On His Knee During Wimbledon

metan Says:

Don’t understand it, but still keeping my hope that Rafa will stick on his schedule coz there’s plenty of rumour that he needs rest till end of this year.

Thomas Says:

Whats new?

addicted4444 Says:

Has Nadal ever been fit, during a loss?

the mind reels Says:

I can’t translate Uncle Toni’s interview, but I’m surprised that he would say that this is likely Nadal’s last chance to compete in the Olympics. Surely different players have different horizons for their careers, but this seems a bit premature to say? It’s four years away, and the guy is still winning majors.

Humble Rafa Says:

Has Nadal ever been fit, during a loss?

No. That’s the short answer.

A fit Rafa never loses. I mean, you think I would get Rosoled if I didn’t have an injury.

RZ Says:

@ the mind reels, I think the general theory for several years now has been that based on Nadal’s style of play and proneness to injury, he’s not likely to have as long a career at the top of his game as some of his contemporaries. Obviously none of us except maybe Jamie’s psychics :-) know how things will pan out but Rafa will be almost 30 by the time the next Olympics roles around. As we know 30 is over the hill for tennis players not named Federer or Agassi.

I personally hope that Nadal will rest his knees and can stay a force on the tour for several years more. I might not root for the guy that often, but he sure makes tennis more exciting.

the mind reels Says:

@RZ: I agree on the general theory for the last few years, though in my mind, I guess I liken the current situation to 2009, which was 3 years ago. Fast-forward another 3 or 4 more years, and while of course age takes a larger toll with each year (though it’s all relative), it doesn’t seem out of the question that Nadal could still be playing at a very high level then.

The 2016 Olympics will be held in Brazil, so you can place a good bet that they’ll be played on clay. If there’s any surface on which Nadal will still be very competitive in 4 years, it’ll be clay.

Steffianna Says:

I don’t think Rafa will be playing in 4 years. I hope he is fit enough for the US Open but one can only hope and wait. This has to be as big as an issue as it can be for him and I am glad he had the sportsman ship attitude towards his fellow teammates. Yes, I do believe this indeed opens the door for Roger Federer but unless Andy Murray crashes and burns I think he’s ready to give anyone a run for their money so to speak. I was hoping I would be cheering Vamos Rafa, now it looks like I’ll be saying Vamos Roger. Could be a dark horse winner or an over zealous teammate of Rafa’s looking to maintain honor.

mem Says:

those people who think they want nadal’s demise; those who think they want nadal’s knees to completely crumble; those of you who think you want nadal to give it up and retire, i tell you what, you better pray he doesn’t. there are a whole lot of people, i mean a whole lot of people who follow tennis because of rafa nadal, whether you admit it or not. he is responsible for many, many seats being filled in the stands. roger federer doesn’t fill the stands all by himself as some of you may think. nadal has more impact on this sport than you realize. if nadal leaves this sport ( as many of you hopes he will) sooner rather than later, you are going to have a rude awakening. so, be careful what you wish for, you just might get it!

as much as love, admire, and respect nadal, it wouldn’t bother me one bit if he hangs up his racquet today and give these people who hate and resent him for merely working hard and not rolling over for roger federer to have an easy road, would then get exactly what they have so desperately fought for. i am sick of the hate and lies directed toward rafa and a lot more people are sick of it too. maybe then, roger can win all the titles he wants without having to undermine nadal to do it!

vamos rafa! enjoy your life!

the mind reels Says:

@mem: why do you feel the need to preemptively threaten people who have not shown up on this thread to pray for Nadal’s demise?

It’s great that you admire and love Nadal, but you’ve immediately called for this to be some throwdown again between Nadal and Federer fans. Why?

Making comparisons about who fills up stands? Please. What’s the point? I too don’t enjoy the hate and lies that get thrown around here, but you are not helping the cause.

mem Says:

the mind reels,

my point is whatever you want it to be!

what’s the problem? you can’t stand to read the truth? maybe you are one of those people i referred too. if you are, then you need to read my comments again and again and again. i want to make sure you understand. then, if you still don’t understand, i’ll break it down for you!
has it ever occurred to you that you are not helping cause either?

what i wrote is the truth! of the top 4 players, rafa is the most criticized, most lied on, most slandered consistently i might add. i wouldn’t blame him one bit if he left this sport. now you can take that and frame it any way you want.

Mark Says:

@ mem. It more or less all boils down to the green eyed monster syndrome ever present with the fed fans. Their man has achieved so much but they are still jealous and hateful towards Rafa. They still feel threatened by Rafa’s presence. They are so desperate to protect fed’s legacy that they will go to any lengths to demean and slander Rafa. Rafa still leads the H2H whether the haters like it or not!

Brando Says:

@the mind reels:

take it easy- mem isn’t threatening anyone. and IF someone is threatened by a post such as that one by mem, then i feel sorry for them since there are ALOT more nastier posts that get posted on here.

so IF your going to act as some sort of ‘bloggers policeman’ then lay down the law to those who actually ARE posting posts that are alot more ‘threatening’, ‘sinister’, ‘vindictive’ in their tone.

mem Says:

So true guys!

I haven’t the slightest idea why minds reels interpreted my comments as “threatening someone.” he is imagining things and he is using the term rather loosely. however, if telling it like it is considered threatening, so be it!

the mind reels Says:

Don’t all jump on me at once, guys.

@Brando: leave it up to someone else, not you, to decide whether they feel threatened or not. I personally don’t feel particularly threatened by mem’s comment, but that doesn’t preclude the notion that it could be a threatening statement — just not one directed at me.

Also, you put the words “sinister” and “vindictive” in quotes as if to suggest that I used them. I didn’t. I’m not a blogger policeman, but in the interests of many on this site who are tired of threads devolving into pithy battles between warring camps of Nadal and Federer fans, it seems reasonable to comment on something if I feel that it’s stirring that pot a bit.

@mem: I am not imagining things. Here is what you wrote above:

“those people who think they want nadal’s demise; those who think they want nadal’s knees to completely crumble; those of you who think you want nadal to give it up and retire, i tell you what, you better pray he doesn’t.”

Then you comment on how Nadal fills the stands, and then you say this:

“if nadal leaves this sport ( as many of you hopes he will) sooner rather than later, you are going to have a rude awakening. so, be careful what you wish for, you just might get it!”

Here’s how I read that: “Hey, Nadal haters, if his knees blow up and he retires, you better watch out because something bad will come your way.” Surely it’s my opinion, but any time someone says “You better do x or y.” it sounds like threatening language to me. Now, in replying to Brando above, I mentioned that I didn’t feel particularly threatened by your comment, but that’s because I’m not a Nadal hater (as you and Mark suggest above). If you read the two other comments I’d previously left, you would see that I was merely commenting that Nadal is still winning majors and could, if healthy, conceivably win another gold in Brazil in 2016.

And then you say: “my point is whatever you want it to be!”

Sounds like you’re “point” is entirely up to interpretation, which makes it more of an opinion rather than a point. In which, I’ll pass on having you make sure I understand, as you offer to above, since that doesn’t sound like a very interpretive exercise.

And then you get defensive and ask me what the problem is and whether I can’t stand to read the truth. The truth, as you say, is that Nadal is the most criticized, “lied upon,” and slandered male tennis player of the top 4. I don’t really have any basis on which to say who is the most criticized or slandered top male tennis player since I haven’t gathered all of the news media covering them for the past 10 years to see who is always getting the shaft. What I do know, however, is that Nadal certainly seems to have been more vocal than the others in the last 18-24 months about things like the length of the season and his relationship with the ATP Players Council, and things like that tend to draw media attention to him, whether positive or negative. Media attention is equal, generally speaking, to either criticism or praise, and fans don’t decide that, they just amplify the media’s positions one way or the other.

Now, if the truth you are claiming is that the greatness of the sport of tennis is in part due to Nadal, his career, etc., as you sort of suggest above, then yes, I agree with that. Will the sport be less what it is when he retires? Sure, but new players always step up. (I feel the same way about greats of the past, including Sampras, Agassi, etc.) Does Nadal command an importance in the sport? Of course — I don’t think many would dispute that.

My point was that you dropped in a comment that was a defensive reaction to something that hadn’t even happened. You were defending Nadal against a bunch of haters who aren’t even part of this discussion. If you’re going to point to the comments of Thomas and addicted4444, I won’t care because I ignored those as empty comments.

mem Says:

mind reels,

if you say so!

steve-o Says:

@the mind reels: your comments been exceptionally reasonable and level-headed. But I don’t think you’re going to reach the likes of mem and Mark.

mem Says:


why am i not surprised! anybody who thinks and sounds like you is, “expectionally reasonable and level-headed.” you do know how to make me laugh!

steve-o Says:

Well, mem, I’m glad I could brighten your day. From the increasingly shrill and strident tone of your posts, sounds like you could use a little more laughter in your life.

skeezer Says:

So glad to see posters here bring out the true colors of the M&M show. Hee hee! Ya know it!

mem Says:


thank you for providing the laughter i need! i’m indebted to you!

Michael Says:


i mean a whole lot of people who follow tennis because of rafa nadal, whether you admit it or not. he is responsible for many, many seats being filled in the stands.

When Laver and Borg left Tennis, the same thing was said. Nobody is indispensable. Tennis is Greater than the player. If not Nadal, some other player will fit in. Life continues…….

steve-o Says:

There’s no debt, mem. Just pay it forward and bring a little joy to someone’s day.

Alok Says:

A London newspaper reported that nadal pulled out of the Olympics due to an undisclosed new injury. Unc Toni does not want to talk about it, so it could be something else other than the knees? It’s all very hush hush IMO.

Barbara.Ball@Verizon.net Says:

Roger would be happy if Rafa retired. Rafa has his number and he hates it. He will never be considered the goat while my guy Rafa is playing. GO RAFA

Mark Says:


metan Says:

Perfect line buddy, vamos rafa!
Get well soon!!

tfouto Says:

@Alok, do you have any link or reference?

Speculation over speculation is worst then speculation alone.

Sienna Says:

Hehe roger got this goat thing sealed and delivered .
Rafa`s troubles with his passion and broken spirit just be proofs hiscase .

Stella Says:

Toni was on a Spanish radio show and said that it wasn’t Rafa’s knees that were the problem…very confusing when the media is saying it’s the knees….??????

Bobby Says:

I hope that Nadal will play atleast another 5 years at the highest level and entertain and give joy to millions of fans around the world.I hope he regains full fitness soon.And ,someone like Steve-0 and Sk(deception)eezer talking about level headedness makes you p—.

Christina Says:

@Barbara What are you talking about? Fed is already widely considered the GOAT.

Andrea Says:

He will never be considered the goat while my guy Rafa is playing
You do realize that the the far far majority of old/new players, writers, fans and experts consider Roger the GOAT. So you statment doesn’t make any sense at all.

the mind reels Says:

@steve-o: thanks — that’s appreciated. I’ll keep plugging away in the hopes of one day reaching that highest echelon of commenting that you describe…

skeezer Says:

@Andrea 9:59 post

It does’t matter what what facts are laid out for these types. These types are not real tennis fans but are just in love the guys B&B (Butt & Biceps). The guy could be champ at tiddly winks and they would blindly love him. They often make up statements like “Roger would be happy if Rafa retired”, lol. He is there internet Teddy bear who they dream about at night and make believe cuddle with.

Bobby Says:

The level headedness of Skee(deception)zer shows.And he talks about Nadal`s fans,lol.Such blatant lack of awareness of reality is expressed bu only irrational fans.

Mark Says:

IMO Fed should be labelled BOAT not GOAT!!

skeezer Says:

BOAT = Best of All Time = that works ;)

Mark Says:

^ “B” could stand for any number of words!! Hehehe

mem Says:


absolutely, “Life always continues” i don’t recall saying otherwise!

i know you guys would like to believe that roger is the man and that he’s the one to fulfill everyone’s dream of how a tennis player should play and behave, but i have a news flash for you, just as we don’t all have the same taste in clothing, cars, houses, etc. so it with tennis, we don’t all have the same preference of playing styles and personalities. my point is, it takes a mixture/combination of game styles and personalities to make tennis interesting, exciting, and to attract and keep people motivated to watch. i’m not naive, i know rafa nadal is not the entire tour, no one player is, but believe me, he’s a huge chunk and if he leaves this sport, you can bet a lot of fans are going to follow him wherever he goes and i am one of them. like you said, there is always the possibility that someone else will eventually come along with excellent skills and a great presence, but in the meantime, nadal is here now and what he brings to tennis is far greater than what you guys will ever realize until he is gone. who knows maybe the injury-free roger can play until he is 45 years of age and keep the tour exciting and interesting all by himself. i don’t know, and this may come as a shock to you, but everybody does not automatically prefer roger’s style. speaking for myself, his style is not “my cup of tea.” never has been! nonetheless, everybody has their preference, i don’t have a problem with who fans prefer. if i like to watch certain players, i watch them and if i don’t, i know how to change channels or do something else. i do understand that roger’s style along with the styles of others players help make the tour enjoyable, exciting, and dramatic.

i was talking to someone the other day about how novak was used to stop nadal last year; remember how his winning streak was the talk of the tour, but what did i tell you guys at that time. allow me to refreshen your memory, i told you that “novak was being manipulated; he was nothing more than a means to an end” used to keep nadal as far away from roger’s record as possible. once he started to lose this year, including three losses to nadal in finals. oh i forget, that was on clay and clay is not a surface (LOL). anyway, what happened then? the same people who were singing novak’s praises all last year are now praising their perfect darling of tennis, roger federer. they hardly ever mention novak’s name. isn’t it funny how quickly things can change? they don’t worry about novak because as great as he is as a player, he does not possess the extent of nadal’s presence on or off court, no disrespect to novak because i like watching him play. i said that to say this, any player can be replaced, that goes without saying, but you can count on one hand the players (past and present) who have had the impact rafa nadal has on this sport. anyway, you get the point! i’m not asking you to agree, i’m just defending my reasoning! feel free to analyze it any way you want.

Mark Says:

@mem. Excellent post.

mem Says:

Thanks Mark!

if you think about it, it’s funny how each of us has all these opinions, but realistically, when it all boils down to what happens on the tennis court, our opinions are meaningless, but i get a kick out of the exchange anyway.

Polo Says:

I wonder who was “manipulating” Djokovic last year?

Polo Says:

People were singing praises to Djokovic last year because he was winning almost everything and became number one. This year, he was not winning as much and has dropped to number two. Roger, on the otherhand, has been winning more this year than he did last year and became number one. Therefore, it is logical and appropriate that people will be singing praises to Roger this year. When Nadal was number one and won three majors in one year, he was reaping praises himself. You just give people what is due to them. There is nothing sinister to that.

roy Says:

it’s true though, serious injuries and biomechanical problems are all about style and everybody knew nadal would get injured because he wasn’t as aggressive as federer.
it was just so obvious, wasn’t it?

because that’s the way to avoid serious injury, to play quicker points, to be more aggressive.
it has nothing to do with biomechanics and genetics. the fact nadal was having the problems in early 20s wouldn’t suggest a physical flaw.

which is why all you tennis experts were also predicting injury problems with so many other players. right?
like tommy haas with his career killing shoulder surgeries. [too defensive, never comes to net. game is nothing at all like federer.]
mark philipoussis with his knee surgeries.[points were too long, should have served more aces.]
gonzo with his hip surgery. [never hit through the court]
nalbandian with his hip surgery. [terrible offensive player, particularly indoors. couldn’t hit a volley to save his life.]
kim clijsters with her wrist surgery [can count the winners on one finger]
pat rafter with his destroyed shoulder [clay court grinder]
tayler dent with his back surgery [points were actually too short, which is as bad as points being to long]
marat safin with his ruined knee [the pinup boy for defensive tennis]

but you all saw these problems a mile off, didn’t you? and if these players had just played proper tennis, they could have avoided surgery. so simple!

skeezer Says:

Great post Polo. mem tryin to sound all philisophical but Nole fans remember when she posted the “Egg” thing and then went on to say how unfair it was ( this all going on while Rafa is getting beaten 7 times in a row in finals by a supereior player )and it being possibly illegal. Whats this? Yeah, exposed.

Yes, Rafa is great and he will be missed ( btw he is not going anywhere, he’ll be back for several more years ), BUT….

Sorry mem, i read your post, the only thing that comes out of that post is one word …..”jealousy”. Just love the rafa butt, and dream of having him to cuddle with, and leave Fed out of your jealousy and where he belongs, at the very top of All time tennis players. And take this, he is not worshipped or exhaulted or obsessed over, his fans just know he EARNED it, and deserves it.

Ray Says:

well, Rafa is the gMFoat! I am sure you guys can figure that out!

You just know there is a God when people get punished right in front of your eyes! after all justice delayed is justice denied.

This is just the beginning. Things are only going to get better for those who are disgusted by the PICKER!

Let us hope that the ITF steps up their drug policy! It wont surprise me one bit if Nadal retires from tennis the moment they bring their drug testing to olympic/cycling standards!

you can drag federer/djokovic/murray into all this hoopla about doping, but you ask anyone who has followed tennis and has a good knowledge about doping – who is the 1 tennis player who would most likely test positive!

even the rafarts will know the answer to that one if they can get their heads out of the picker’s behind!

Ray Says:

skeezer and Polo:

it is highly unlikely there is one person as stupid as mem! and think about how unlikely that there is another rafa fan equally stupid as mem = mark!

I would say there is a great chance that both those bozos are the same person!

mem Says:


it kills you that i’m not interested in your silly nonsense like other posters pretend to be. who are you to tell me what i should or should not say? i don’t need your approval when i make a comment. you are not qualified to correct me, especially since all you do is wallow in hypocrisy.

yes, i posted the “egg thing” last year and i don’t recall changing my thoughts or backing away from what i said. let me spell it out for you just in case you didn’t get it, my thoughts about novak and the chamber have not changed, i didn’t make it up, novak is the one who admitted to using the chamber; so, if you want to blame someone, i suggest you get in touch with him. as far as i’m concerned it’s old news.

it never ceases to amaze me, you are so juvenile and petty to be a grown man. you excel at pointing out what someone else is doing; take a look at yourself; you can’t even construct a sentence without using the name rafa, not to mention how many times since i have been visiting this blog, you have alleged that rafa is a deceiver and has been winning by dishonest methods. so dont jump in my discussion when i’m not talking to you trying to pretend you are so innocent. i know what a big hypocrite you are! you are silly enough to think everybody should jump up and down and sing how perfect roger is day in and day out, but you come running to join in any time you think someone is denigrating nadal. you don’t get to choose the player that i support and i don’t choose the player you support. simple as that!

you don’t even possess the intelligence to comprehend that every female that says she loves rafa doesn’t mean romantically. it just might mean that she loves him as a great human being and as an extraordinary tennis player, but you wouldn’t know that because you are so narrow minded and sick! in any case, you are a hypocrite and therefore, you don’t have the qualifications to point anything out to me, particularly when you are doing the same things you accuse me of.

Ray Says:

roy :

baseline grinders get injured does not mean all injured people = baseline grinders!

it’s like all rafarts are fools, doesn’t mean all fools are rafarts! (though most fools, about 95% of them are rafarts!)

metan Says:

@men, great post.

Your post @8:12 pm, it’s not meaningless, it’s worthy, he is Rafa after all,,,great person in n out of court,
Did you read the comment David Ferer made after barcelona final? That’s awesome!

skeezer Says:


“it kills you”

lol, Thats where I stopped reading the gibberish of mem

mem Says:


thanks! i can’t recall what ferrer said. what was it?

Michael Says:

Mem @4.06 PM

Interesting post !!

I do not want to deny that I am a fan of Roger and Novak, but at the same time I respect all other players including Nadal and Murray. I know how tough it is especially in Tennis to reach the top level. I have never underestimated Nadal as a Player as well as a charismatic personality. He plays the game with self-made ingenuity. He is the GREATEST on Clay without doubt. Nobody has dominated the Surface like him before and to my knowledge nobody ever will on Clay. This is not to mean he is just a clay court specialist. He can well play in other Courts too. He has a great following and you have often acknowledged that you are one of them. I also do not like to miss Nadal whenever he plays but I am not so mad about him as you are. Somehow I like Roger’s kind of play, that easy sublime Tennis while Nadal’s is more brutal, taxing and grinding on the court. I like players who make the game appear easy atleast for the onlookers, but while your kind prefer grinders. This is natural as we all have our preferences. On Nadal leaving the sport, ofcourse for a brief period it will be a shattering blow to Tennis just like when Roger leaves. But Tennis will recover gradually as I said nobody is indispensable and that includes Roger and Nadal. You say that you will follow Nadal even after his retirement, that is your wish. It means for you Nadal is Tennis and you worship him.

Regarding Novak, he is still the No.2 player in the World and I hope him soon to become No.1. I do not think Roger at his age can dominate the tour as he did in his young days. He has already done enough for his age. Ofcourse, we are not speaking about Novak more often today, because it is Roger’s moment. He has just won Wimbledon and how do you expect the Commentators or Tennis fans to talk about Novak now ? Roger will necessarily hog the limelight atleast until the Olympics. For the past two years, Roger was being written off by the critics, but he stumps everyone of them to swallow their indiscriminate words. He has broken many records simulataneously with his achievement and here you are not able to tolerate the attention on him. That is not fair. Even if imagining Nadal had won Wimbledon this time around he would have been hogging the limelight as a man who won French and Wimbledon simulataneously thrice. Do you think anybody would have been talking about Roger or Novak then ?? It is your childish assertion that many are sidelining Novak too.

Ray Says:

It definitely will be a more hygeinic tennis tournament for sure – the olympics! get my drift?

i hope uncle toni and his parents have told him he cannot “pick” before eating or atleast wash his hands.

you see all the nutty things rafa does on the tennis court and you wonder WTF this nasty guy might be doing in his house! GROSS!

Ray Says:

skeezer/michael :

dont bother with mark/mem. he/she has been certified as a nut case by a lot of tennis forums!

Ray Says:

Federer/Djokovic will end their careers with more slams and weeks @ number 1 and more year end championships than nadal. I read on one of the other forums that rafa might sit out this whole year!

Good riddance! this is such a great time to be a tennis fan!

nadalista Says:

@ray…….chill, bro.

Way, way too shrill…………..

Mark Says:

Sooooo, the Rottweiler pups come out to play. Who are they? To name but a few, squeeeeeeezie, Ray, Sienna. Of course there are many more but RAY is the runt. I really pity you guys. Your heads are stuck so far up the chocolate boy’s @RSE the stink must be intoxicating. Come out for some fresh air from time to time why don’t you and then you will also see the light. Nadal is GOAT, chocolate boy is BOAT. Do you know what “B” stands for? I will leave it to your imagination. Can’t wait for Rafa to be fit and well and start whipping your man’s @RSE black and blue!!! Ray, RIP!!

Mark Says:

I shall be cheering for each and every one of chocolate boy’s opponents!!!

Thomas Says:

I doubt Djokovic will end his career with more slams and weeks at number 1 than nadal, but you never know in tennis I guess.

STFU. It’s quite obvious now that your birth certificate is an apology letter from the condom factory.

Mark Says:

Such classy and well-bred fed farts like Thomas and Ray. STFU yourselves!! Choc boy must be so proud to have fans of your calibre!!

Mark Says:

Thomas. BTW I have a birth certificate, do you? Your mom probably doesn’t know who your father is!!

Mark Says:

Chocolate boy not carrying the Swiss flag because the flag pole is really heavy. Scared of breaking his back.

Thomas Says:

“Thomas. BTW I have a birth certificate, do you?”

“Your mom probably doesn’t know who your father is!!”
Actually she does, and you should learn from your parents mistake(ie you should actually use some birth control.)

Mark Says:

^soooo, you don’t have a birth certificate . If you have one how many fathers do you have? Oops sorry, you don’t know!!!

Thomas Says:

“soooo, you don’t have a birth certificate . If you have one how many fathers do you have? ”
1. I guess your number is a lot greater than mine…..

“Oops sorry, you don’t know!!!”

Shocking assumptiion to make. Good day”:P

skeezer Says:

If mark was off this forum I am sure we’d all have a more respectful discussion(well, better, anyways) But alas, it’s the dysfunctional Tennis X site, where it appears anything goes.

Roddick seems to be playing well as of late, congrats to his Atlanta title.

Kimberly Says:

skeezer, he still has to play Mueller, but it was a good win over Isner for sure.

Mark Says:

@squeeeeezie. Don’t flatter yourself ! It could never be respectful with the likes of you around!!

Sienna Says:

Wow Mark you are one sick mother .

Try to keep it together litle man.
You are really upgrading the word lunatic .

dari Says:

pico is gonna be in the top ten on monday with hamburg win!! and congrats to A Rod on beating isner, with a break of serve no less!

John Says:


Seems like the gauntlets have to be equipped to deal with your cheeky mug.

Didn’t we already establish you are the sun-of-a- gun?

Your birth certificate probably reads “most annoying and Neanderthal poster of all time.”

When are you gonna do us all a favor and return to your cave in the woods?

You obviously enjoy being told of by posters, why else would you keep posting this garbage about Fed?

Your like a gold fish swimming in circles.
Your a fool Mark…a fool.

No friends at home so lets piss people of online.

Your a sour grouch..a crazy old cat flinging wombat.


Mark Says:

@ John. Am so pleased my presence here has had the desired effect. LMAO.

skeezer Says:


Thanks for the correction, my scores reported it as the final, but then looked again and showed the match was final, :/
Anyways, looked like a good match with Isner .

mem Says:


like i said earlier, feel free to analyze. i respect your opinions, but they don’t change mine!

Ray Says:

you have to say with fans like mark, rafa must feel like it is karma he is getting punished so bad! 26 years and knees already mushy?

i hope he wont have to spend the rest of his life in a wheel chair and die a miserable death – you know paralysed and all the works!

here’s to a tennis world without rafa! loving it :)

the sport just got more beautiful and less disgusting!

Ray Says:

great to see monaco and belucci with the titles.

we got some great finals today! hope muller joins the winners.

cant wait for the olympics to begin. with rafa out, i dont mind anyone winning it :)

Mark Says:

@ Ray. Here’s hoping whatever you wish for Nadal happens to Fed! Runt!!

alison Says:

Ray that comment is beneath contempt,you may hate Rafa but thats a downright disgusting thing to say, seriously what is the matter with you,have you no shame or dignity? i would never say a thing like that to my worst enemy,i work in a nursing home for the elderly,and look after people who have no control over their bodily functions,cant walk or talk,have dementia and parkinsons disease amongst other things ,some are incapable of even feeding themselves,you better hope that doesnt happen to Rafa,or anyone else you know,because believe me you shouldnt wish something like that on your worst enemy,that comment is in very poor taste.

Dave Says:

If the Olympics were really a priority to Nadal he would have long planned to rest his knees for the Olympics by dropping Barcelona, Halle and Monte Carlo from his schedule — like Federer dropped Monte Carlo and Estoril from his schedule to take a six week break before Madrid. For Nadal to now claim he is in “no condition to compete” because he over exterted himself during the clay season should insult the intelligence of tennis fans. It’s not rocket science to plan an optimum playing schedule to peak at certain times, especially with a big team of experts to do it with him. This is a clear sign to me that Nadal never intended to play the Olympics in the first place, that it was not a priority to him compared to extracting maximum points from the clay season and winning the grand slams. However no athlete can say they don’t want to play the Olympics (or Davis Cup) because it’s not a priority — this would incur the wrath of their nation. The only way to opt out is to have a sympathetic excuse such as a last minute injury. Nadal’s public announcement was carefully crafted to play on the emotions of the Spanish people. And Uncle Toni bascially told everyone not to expect Nadal to play in the next Olympics so Nadal would not have to go through this charade again in 2016.

Nadal appeared fine in Halle and Wimbledon, running like a rabbit without and not needing the trainer, just as he did earlier in the clay season (on the other hand, Federer showed more signs of injury against Malisse at Wimbledon, Seppi at Doha and during the clay season). With over four weeks of rest since his Wimbledon loss, it’s hard to believe Nadal won’t be able to compete in five best-of-three set matches at Olympics. Tendinitis is not a career-threatening injury to play on (while managing it with professional treatment) according to renown sports medicine doctors. And neither is an extra week of rest likely to be a miracle. If Nadal performs miraculously well in Toronto, it would be another clear indicator that his priority was always to focus on the US Open hardcourt series.

“Nadal underwent two MRI scans on his knees during Wimbledon” means as much as saying a kid’s mother stuck an oral thermometer in his mouth last week because she wants to find out if he has the flu. An MRI is just a scan — it’s really no big deal (even I have had it… and so have pet dogs and cats of rich owners). Celebrity athletes can get as many MRIs as they want because they can afford it and can get personal or ATP doctors to prescribe the scan.

What more important are the MRI results — was there an injury or not, and if so what exactly was the injury? What’s conspiciously missing from Nadal’s announcement and press reports are ‘Nadal has an injury’ and ‘what Nadal’s injury exactly is’ — just claiming “I am in no condition to compete” can mean many things. That so many people have jumped to conclusion that Nadal is ‘injured’ shows just how well Nadal’s expensive public relations team and the news media have got people to associate Nadal’s knees with ‘injury’.

Furthermore, TECAR therapy, an esogenous thermotherapy, sounds impressive but it is not used only to heal injuries, it is also used to accelerate the recovery phase of training, dissipate muscle fatigue, relax the athlete’s body, etc. (e.g., sprinter Asafa Powell: “Human Tecar makes my physique more flexible and relaxed, allowing for a faster and more pleasurable recovery from training”). Again we have no idea what ‘injury’ Nadal is supposed being treated with, yet many have jumped to conclusions.

Nadal has had a long relationship with his personal sports physician Angel Ruiz Cotorro (he’s not an independent doctor where Nadal is concerned) who has given several ‘public relations’ statements on Nadal’s ‘injuries’ over the years. If many ordinary people can get their personal doctors to give them a medical reason or prescribe a safe treatment like rest/exercise to skip work, you can be assured a rich celebrity athlete — who pays his doctor a lot of money — can get his doctor to do more for his celebrity client. It’s naive to believe this does not happen in life (uncle dave will be happy to teach the any naive person the facts of life).

I doubt Nadal will retire before 2014. Nadal has played the seventh most number of total career matches among active players! Yes, despite all his whining, media sensationalizing and fan fears about his ‘injuries’, Rafa is still around despite playing 705 matches. Only much older players Davydenko (732), Ferrero (740), Haas (763), Hewitt (768), Roddick (815) and Federer (1,045) have played more matches than Nadal. Roger Federer hit his 705th match in April 2008 (Estoril) at age 26 years 8 months, which is 6 months older than Nadal today. All the players on the list above Nadal have had worse injuries, surgeries and/or missed more tournaments than Nadal. In 2005, Federer missed five important tournaments — Basel and four Masters 1000 events, Rome, Canada, Madrid, Paris — in the middle of his prime due to injuries.

To my knowledge Nadal has never had surgery or serious injuries that have hit many good tennis players over the last 10 years. Indeed, many of Federer’s generation of Hewitt, Nalbandian, Safin, Roddick, Ferrero, Davydenko, Ferrer, Kuerten, Coria, Haas, Gonzalez, Grosjean struggled with injuries that kept them from achieving their full potential. Soderling, Ancic and many other players have had worse to deal with.

Since 2005 FO, the most serious injury Nadal has had seems to be his left foot injury suffered at 2005 Madrid indoors in late October — he withdrew from 2005 Paris indoors, 2005 Tennis Masters Cup indoors (curiously Rafa showed up in Shanghai in case he was able to play, but then withdrew when injured Federer showed up to play, lol), 2006 Chennai and 2006 Australian Open — and rejoined the tour in 2005 Marseille in mid February 2006 already playing a high level of tennis (in his next tournament he beat Federer to win 2006 Dubai). This is the closest he seems to have come to a serious injury.

Since then, none of Nadal’s claims of injuries (including his knee tendinitis) have resulted in him missing the tour for much time. Only once has Nadal missed two straight tournaments due to claims of injury since 2006 Marseille — 2009 London Queens Club and 2009 Wimbledon, and he returned to the tour in 2009 Toronto (lost quarterfinals to Delpo, the eventual USO champion). Most of Nadal’s injury claims are tied to his losses, and he either skips one tournament (probably to take a break, train, regain his confidence and come back refreshed) or he is back playing the next tournament (e.g., Miami and Monte Carlo this year).

mem Says:


spot on! it’s one thing to dislike and criticize a player’s game style, but to hate a player for doing what he is suppose to do in a sport reflects the character of the hater. Ray is the type who doesn’t know how to disagree with decency. he is a sad case! that’s why i skip his comments; i refuse to dignify his garbage with a response. this is just a tennis discussion. everyone has a right to his opinion, but Ray is just more wretched in his attempt to get attention.

you’re right allison, Ray had better be careful with his wishes; what he wishes on someone else could very well happen to him or any of us for that matter.

Ray Says:

alison :

save your preaching for those morons like mark/brando!

they demand we curse rafa! you come preaching to me when they mend their ways!

Grafton Reed Says:

Jim McMahon, Bill Walton, Rafael Nadal. Fragility will inhibit your place in sports history.

Ray Says:

Dave : good post as usual.

nadal – hopeless cripple or pathological liar! i am not able to decide who he is. with the olympics drug testing memo, there could be another title – shameless cheat!

either way, tennis looks great without the bu77 digger! so long toni’s slave-man!

alison Says:

Ray my issue is not with you hating Rafa, i couldnt care less if you hate Rafa thats entirely your choice,to be honest im pig sick of the Fedal wars,your all as bad as each other,the issue i had was hearing a poster thinking its funny to make a mockery of people with a disability,which was in very poor taste.

Ray Says:

I just cant stop smiling when rafa and his fans suffer! LOL!

good on federer/djokovic for keeping this guy at number 2 for more weeks than he has ever been at number 1.

that must be his legacy. inspite of all the time delays, fake injuries, illegal coaching, bumping opponents during changeovers, the guy spent more time behind other well deserved no.1 players!

there is justice in this world afterall!

nadalista Says:

It’s called………..Vamos Syndrome.


tfouto Says:

@Ray you are a joke to the human race. Worst poster on this blog miles away.

@Mark I think you are a tenager who needs to mature. From 6 years now I am sure you’ll be a reasonable poster…

Michael Says:

like i said earlier, feel free to analyze. i respect your opinions, but they don’t change mine

If all the Posters in this Forum stick to this, there will be fruitful discussions than verbal abuses. I want Tennis X to be a role model for discussing Tennis in a healthy manner.

metan Says:

I admire all your post n based on what you have been posting, you are such a knowledgeable man for sport and more specifically with tennis,

Can you please just once accept that nadal really injured and he can’t play and join the tour atm,
You keep dragging n nagging this case like a baby wanted so badly a toy.

If Roger as mighty as you are all made him to be, then it shouldn’t be a problem for him to face nadal any time and any where!

Mark Says:

@ metan. Just ignore Dave. He is barking mad – he always forgets to take his medicine! That is old age for you. Poor sad ole man.

Steve 27 Says:

I expect Nadal will play until 2015 or maximum 2016, he will be 30 years old like Stefan Edberg, when the Swedish retires. Since 2005, he withdrew(excludes Master 1000 or another tournaments) two Master Cup, two GS and 1 Olympic
London Olympic

He has three more years to play a high level, is reasonable this decision if he expect play more time.

alison Says:

@ Tfouto 23rd July 6.37pm great post very well said.

Dave Says:

metan: thanks for your compliments.

No I can’t, based on following Nadal’s injuries since 2005. I don’t for one moment see any evidence that Nadal is genuinely injured based on his movement at French Open, Halle and Wimbledon. Even his announcement did not even mention injury (much less, what the injury was about) — yet many naive people jumped to the conclusion that he was injured.

That Nadal probably did not intend to play the Olympics is indicated by his scheduling. Even after his supposed knee tendinitis at Miami, he still played a full clay and grass schedule (Monte Carlo, Barcelona, Madrid, Rome, Halle) outside the grand slams instead of removing lucrative tourneys like Halle, Barcelona and Monte Carlo to rest for the Olympics. Clearly the ranking points and appearance fees were more important than the Olympics. Furthermore, earlier this year (around Indian Wells, I think) Nadal was highly motivated trying to organize the exhibition tennis match at Real Madrid stadium — Nadal had originally tried to get Federer to play the match, but Roger did not want to add an exhibition match to his crammed Olympic schedule. This indicates Nadal never scheduled around the Olympics as a priority.

Federer has no problems facing Nadal anytime and anywhere — even when he is not 100% he does not run away from a match.


Mark: Even in my senility and hooked up to a breathing machine, you can be assured that my level of rationality, intelligence and recall of facts will still be exponentially greater than yours. What do you think it is right now? You need to think before you type because it’s not whether I can make you look silly — it’s really how silly I feel like making you look at any point in time.

Dave Says:

in the video, Nadal speaks very eloquently and displays charisma when speaking in the Spanish language, doesn’t he?

alison Says:

Michael i fear you are fighting a loosing battle,Nadal was yesterday called a hopeless cripple,i dont mind objective critisism and i never have,not much point been hear otherwise,but that comment was about as low as you can go IMO.

alison Says:

Dave fair enough your entitled to think what you want,just like we all are,whichever way you cut it though as fans of his we are all dissapointed, however thats not your fault so people should not take it out on you,please can i ask you though despite your feelings about Nadal please dont condone comments made by Ray calling Nadal a hopeless cripple,which surely you would agree was in bad taste,to say the least.

Mark Says:

@ Da e. “yet many naive people jumped to the conclusion that he was injured”. Does that comment include his Doctors?

the DA Says:

“Indeed, many of Federer’s generation of Hewitt, Nalbandian, Safin, Roddick, Ferrero, Davydenko, Ferrer, Kuerten, Coria, Haas, Gonzalez, Grosjean struggled with injuries that kept them from achieving their full potential.”

I’m astounded by your tacit admission that Fed’s era was indeed weak – his contemporaries never played to their full potential. I hear the sound of a very large foot entering a mouth.

Polo Says:

We can believe what we want to believe. The truth is out there somewhere but we have no way of knowing who of us speaks it. Therefore, everything that we mention here are mere conjectures. We can continue to put out our own theories but it is not necessary to sling mud at each other because that same mud can fall on your face once the truth comes out.

Michael Says:


May be I am asking for too much !! But still we can make things happen if we stick to a strict regimen. I hope things get better in this forum.

goody Says:

I think for Rafa to be competitive going forward and not to say to keep playing for the next few years, his schedule needs to be very well managed. So far I do not think he is managing his schedule right. He plays too many clay court tournaments and he wipes himself out. I think he needs to skip barcelona and maybe just play 1-2 tournaments between US Open and Atp world tour finals. I understand they get a lot of appearance money but what good does it do to get all the money and not be around to play the important tournaments. I am a great fan but I almost feel like he is not managing his schedule wisely.

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