Poll: Did Novak Djokovic Cheat In His Win Over Andy Murray Today? [Video]
by Staff | March 26th, 2014, 6:35 pm

Novak Djokovic is the center of controversy this afternoon thanks to a missed call by the chair umpire during his quarterfinal win at the Sony Open Miami.

The incident in question occurred on the the first point of the 12th game with Murray serving 5-6. The video showed Djokovic’s racquet had crossed the net when he made contact with the ball he put away from a tap winner.

According to the ITF Rules of Tennis section 24.J, the player loses the point if “The player hits the ball before it has passed the net” which is what Djokovic did. Murray tried to point that out to umpire Damian Steiner who seemed to think that Djokovic’s racquet was not across but “over” the net.

Murray asked Djokovic, a longtime good friend, for clarification and possibly to concede the point but no further action was taken.

After the match, speaking to ESPN’s Brad Gilbert Djokovic admitted that he hit the ball while over the net, but he didn’t think that was an issue since he didn’t touch the net. And he expressed confusion over the rule. Djokovic added that the call clearly impacted Murray mentally and changed the course of the match. Djokovic went on to break and then took the match 7-5, 6-3.

So either Djokovic really doesn’t know the rule or he just plain cheated.

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111 Comments for Poll: Did Novak Djokovic Cheat In His Win Over Andy Murray Today? [Video]

the DA Says:

I don’t think Nole would knowingly cheat. It’s clear he didn’t know the rules. If he had I have no doubt he would’ve conceded the point. Andy still should not have let it impact his game. After 24 hours of accusations and trolling by both fan bases, this will blow over.

Hippy Chic Says:

Granted Nole doesnt make a habit of this,but i dont believe for one minute these players dont know the rules,however i am prepared to give him the benifit of the doubt,although i doubt many others would do the same when it comes to other certain players,im waiting for the double standards here though 3-2-1..

Mee.Losh Says:

How many of you have had the chance to see Djokovic – Robredo duel from last round? In that one Nole showed that he’s all about fair-play once again. It was in the second set that he overruled the umpire himself and conceded the point to Robredo (even though the point was supposed to be replayed after a linesman had made a wrong call). And it was 1-1, 40-40 at that moment, it’s not like he did it at 5-0, 40-0 or something. Nole is a very fair player, nothing he has ever done would have led me to believe that he would ever purposefully deceive an umpire or his opponent.

P.S. you can see the Djokovic-Robredo point here:

Nick Says:

I agree with Hippy Chic; I can’t imagine Nole not knowing the rules about rackets crossing the net. I’ve been playing tennis only a few years and this rule has come up several times at our local USTA matches. This guy has been playing tennis since he was a child! There’s just no way.

To his credit, I don’t think its Nole’s job to call his own faults. At the professional level it’s the refs call. As the commenter said, he was sitting right there on the line. He should have been able to see Nole reach over the net and strike it. It was clear as day on the replay. I think this is yet another example of why replays should be used in tennis, to reduce human error.

CCback Says:

Of course he did. Andy is unlucky today.

Nick Says:


1-1 40-40 against Robredo (who I’m sure Nole has a overwhelmingly winning record against) and 5-6 with Murray serving to stay in the set are two very different scenarios. Not saying Nole cheated at all. But I don’t think he was as likely to be a ‘nice guy’ in this moment as he was against Robredo.

Skorocel Says:

Yeah, after playing something like 700 matches on the tour & seeing the replay on the big screen, Novak still doesn’t know that hitting the ball before it crosses the net means losing the point:-) Uhm…

metan Says:

The question is why a pro player doesn’t know the rules very well?? They are supposed to know all those rules.

Main failure is the umpire.

Mee.Losh Says:

@Nick: Granted, the situation is not exactly the same, but the same principle applies, in my opinion. Now, I can’t know for sure if Nole was aware of the umpire’s mistake when it happened, but his earlier actions encourage me to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Another thing – I can only assume that in the heat of battle Nole couldn’t have been positive whether his racquet had made the contact with the ball right above the net or a few inches in either direction. That’s why I think there was very little room for him to do anything there except trust the umpire’s ruling.

Would any of us concede a point at such a moment if we weren’t 100% sure we committed a foul?

mike Says:

not cheating but patheticly poor Sportsmanship

and anyone who does not believe the “Oh, was it illegal to hit a ball on my opponent’s side” story is as bad as he is.

Objective observer Says:

In basketball a player doesn’t have to correct a bad call, it is the job of the officials to make correct calls. Tennis can be a bit silly.

RZ Says:

Seeing the replay of the shot, I’m a little shocked that the ump messed up the call. That was blatantly over the net!

As for Djokovic, like I said on the other thread, how can a pro not know the rules at this point? It’s still the ump’s fault, but there’s no excuse for players not knowing the basic rules.

chico Says:

Rules are rules are rules are rules..
As a fan of both these guys I’m pretty sure Murray don’t want to be lobbying for a point where he was clearly allready played out of position. The ball was barely making it over the net anymore and I say it would be nitpicking to look for the rulebook to claim the point. Nole was there ready to kill the point and wanted to avoid Murray getting lucky with the ball landing on the net cord and bouncing awkwardly. But still pretty uncool for Nole to apparently not know the rule, if he’d known it he would not have needed to take a risk. Even in the worst case scenario, with the ball dropping on the netcord, he would have had enough time to simply tap it back after the bounce.

I have also thought that you are allowed to cross the net if you just don´t touch the net, apparently just a derivative from the rule that says that AFTER the ball has bounced on your side and spun over the net the rules allow to even hit the ball in the net on the opponents side.

Skorocel Says:


Considering that Novak saw the replay on the big screen (which CLEARLY showed him hitting the ball while it was still on the Murray’s side of the court), why didn’t he (at least) admit he was wrong in that post-match interview? Yeah, he didn’t know the rule… LOL!

Steve Says:

I checked the USTA website. It seems an experienced player, commenting on the website,states that you cannot claim the point, as the aggrieved player, but you can concede the point, as the offending player, to your opponent and the umpire should respect this. The USTA should be able to confirm if this is correct or not. I would think it likely that players know the rules. The umpire should have sorted this out in an unequivocal manner. I think that a player can correct a call if he is sure about what actually happened. Again the USTA can confirm if this is correct or not.

Ben Pronin Says:

If Djokovic knew the rule why would he risk it? He’s probably still haunted by that net touch in Paris and you could see he was really careful about not hitting the net. So maybe he really thought that. How often does this happen for him to be like “oh yeah this is a rule”. I’m sure he won’t do it again.

Skeezer Says:

I get ya ben. But still, it’s one of the basic rules you learn as a junior tennis player. Maybe he didn’t know, but he should have. He’s been playin tennis since he was itty bitty.

Patson Says:

All said and done, it’s the umpire’s responsibility. It was a screw-up on the umpire’s part. There’s always a next time Andy.

TennisVagabond.com Says:

Ben, are you out of your freaking mind?
You expect us to believe a professional tennis player doesn’t know the rule that EVERYONE WHO HAS EVER PICKED UP A RACQUET KNOWS?
He made a bad move, in a split second. Terrible sportsmanship. Similar to Raonic v Del Potro last year.
Other commentators are right- I’ve seen Novak concede points on multiple occasions. He’s not a serial cheater.
But he messed up here, and it hurt Murray big.
Karma coming.

Okiegal Says:

The more I think about it, maybe he didn’t really didn’t know, but the umpire should have. Novak’s in the clear on this, not his fault imho! The umpire needs 40 lashes with a wet noodle!! Felt sad for Andy. I think the incident took the wind out of his sails. An unfortunate mistake…..

Jack Lewis Says:

Djokovic knows the rules, the notion that a professional tennis player doesn’t know this is just plain silly. It’s hard to believe anyone would actually spout such non sense.
On the spur of the moment he might have just reacted and not cheated willfully but afterwards he knows he is wrong and fair play goes out the window when an important match is real close. But one has to remember that the ATP is a business venture, the outcome of matches and the enforcement of rules is pretty low in the list of priorities. You have replays available but you can’t use them to fix a bad decision… because… no one cares.

Humble Rafa Says:

I can’t believe people cheat to win a tennis match. I mean, who would do that?

Humble Rafa Says:

You can tell, after 25 years, the Arrogant One can hit 3 backhands back in a row. I am impressed.
(Still, won’t work against me though)

Humble Rafa Says:

On a positive note, he still loses serve like a 5 year old.

skeezer Says:

^yeah…maybe.. But you give excuses like a 5 yr. old.

roy Says:

he cheated. look how far over the net his racquet was. the whole head was on the other side.

it’s easy to be a ‘good sport’ when you’re in control of the match or against a lesser player.

you find out what people are made of in situations like this.

you say djoker didn’t know the rule? let’s say that’s true (almost impossible):

he could hear the umpire talking to murray about the call and the issue was the racquet being OVER THE NET. you could tell from the conversation both murray and the umpire knew the rule was if the racquet contacted the ball over the net it was illegal. the umpire effectively admitted he was wrong by saying yes he saw the replay but he wasn’t allowed to use it, he had to call it in the moment.

now if novak wasn’t trying to get away with it, he would have joined in and clarified the rule and at least tried to make a gesture of apology or concede the point, even if it wasn’t possible.

skeezer Says:

Hey roy, like the rules? Why don’t you do a paragraph on the ultimate rule breaker in tennis?

Ben Pronin Says:

I don’t think you can say he cheated. He went over the net. He flat out admitted to Murray he went over the net. If you watch him you can see he was very careful not to touch the net as he knows he can’t do that. I don’t see why it’s impossible he was unclear. In his uncertainty he let the umpire make the call. The umpire made the wrong one. But not once did Djokovic deny going over the net.

Patson Says:

I agree with Ben completely on this. Nole is a fair guy. We should all give him the benefit of doubt.

Patson Says:

The bigger news tomorrow will be Fed losing to Nishikori. The competition is very tough nowadays. So many good players out there who can beat the best.

mem Says:

shut up ben pronin!

yes, novak knew the rule and yes, he violated it and yes, he pretended he didn’t know the exact meaning of the rule.

you’re the last person that should comment on this issue. you know full well that had it been nadal or some other player who violated that rule you would be the first to lead a campaign to have him labeled a “cheater” and banned from the atp. you are such a hypocrite! spare me your fake analysis. go ahead, blame the umpire for novak not conceding the point. everyone knows how subjective you are.

lisahaq Says:

Look guys- Whenever $$$ is involved. There will be deceit, trickery, and cheating whenever possible! Nole said it like daylight in the after match interview: ‘with Andy the outcome of our matches are always based on a few points’

So knowing that – and at a very critical point during the end of the first set– Novak chose to be Coy. And Take the freebie the Stupid Umpire gave him. He is smart. But Andy should have gone Ape Shit.

He should have made a huge big stink about this. Smiling and being all passive agressive about it was stupid, if that is how he felt, then he shouldn’t have let it effect his play! otherwise he should have fought for that point.

Nole did Cheat yes. And most prob would in his shoes. Except maybe andy. and rafa. those two are class acts.

skeezer Says:

^Rafa a “class act”? ROFL.
Yes a fine example of abiding by the rules,..,,

Colin Says:

The UK Daily Mail headline has Murray “raging” at the umpire when in fact, far from launching a Johnny Mac tirade, he was LAUGHING in disbelief.

An unfortunate affair, but there’s no doubt Andy, though his game is almost back to normal, still hasn’t got his mind in the right state. If anyone is “to blame” for that, I have to say it’s Lendl.

Margot Says:

If he HAD gone “ape-shit” the media would’ve lambasted him for having a “toddler temper tantrum.” He really cannot win with the media.
However, much better to have had a major explosion of wrath, then let it go, I agree with lisahaq there.

mem Says:


whatever you say little girl!

xeroninus Says:

1) Because Murray already lost the point since that ball was never going over the net to begin with
2) Because it was only the first point of that game and not a break point or something like that (Andy had a lot of room to win that game and the whole match as well)
3) Because Djokovic said it in front of both Murray and the umpire that the contact with the ball happened on Andy’s side of the net

— We should let this go and give Novak a break!

If that’s not enough of reasons for you than please also consider the following:

4)Novak corrected an umpire’s decision when he gave away Robredo a point some 24hrs earlier. He said that it was clear that he was gonna lose that point anyway.
5) That after the match he stated how he expects from other players to do same thing if the point is practically already lost.

Use your common sense as he did, stop the witch hunt, no one needs to be torched to death here.

P.S. I don’t remember anyone running any polls here if he was hit in the neck by Rafa accidentally or on purpose in that Montreal semi-final match! (which would’ve been just as ridiculous btw)

hyte Says:

i am wondering when Brits wil start to realising that Murray is not such a great player as the British media making to be, and definitely not as good as the rest ot the socalled big 4 lol actually it should be big 3 without Murray

nadalista Says:

It’s calculated selective amnesia on Djokovic’s part. He claimed he did not know the net-play rules in Paris, he didn’t take the time to learn up to now? Never mind the fact the has been playing since when? Puleez………..

Well, Boris should add Rule Book tutorials in his coaching lessons then……….

Next he plays Nishikori. Look to Djokovic conceding a point or two to Nishi, with applause for Nishi’s superb shots thrown in for good measure. Hint: Djokovic will be winning.

My point is: let’s not put these pros on a pedestal.

Giles Says:

The man is a cheat. I would say the match turned on its head after that point. There is no question that it had an adverse effect on Andy and who can blame him. Joker will always be joker with his cheating ways, gamesmanship etc. Feel sorry for Andy.

Giles Says:

Andy should have pointed his finger ala Rafa v joker RG.

A Vaughan Says:

Djokovic was penalised in the French Open last year for doing the same thing against Nadal, so he certainly did know the rules. Not knowing the rules anyway is not believable as any amateur is also perfectly aware of the rule in question. He looked sheepish for a good while after he cheated this time, so knew he should have owned up. The umpire was pathetic and there were also bad line calls against Murray which he could not challenge as he had run out of challenges. Why does a player have to play not only his opponent, but also the umpire? Andy was playing really well and Djokovic clearly felt under pressure and behaved like a spoilt child.

Hippy Chic Says:

Agree with Tennis Vagabond i mean come on people cant be that naive as to think Nole wasnt well aware of the rules,did he break the rule?IMO yes,does he do it all the time?again IMO no,is he a fair sportsman?IMO again usually yes,is that actually relevant to this situation?IMO again no,would every other player do exactly the same thing in the same situation?IMO probably yes,although thats hardly the point,breaking the rules is still breaking the rules whether you do it one,twice or one hundred times,and also a player who has only broke the rules maybe once or twice in their whole careers aint no better than someone who does it all the time either.

nadalista Says:

Can’t imagine Lionel Messi or Wayne Rooney saying they do not understand the off-side rule. Laughable!

Ben Pronin Says:

Men, please read the guidelines.

YKD Says:

Novak cheated very simple. And comparing his match to The one with Robredo is mot an accurate analogy. He knew he would beat Robredo regardless. He did not have that same confidence with Andy, they were neck and neck all the way throughout the first set. Novak cheated at the most pivotal point of the game, simple. As for the umpire he should be fired!

As a big fan of Djokovic l expected a lot more sportsmanship and class from a player of his caliber. Sorry Andy.

Mee.Losh Says:

@Hippy Chic: Your opinions are based on the premise that Nole purposfully deceived the umpire and Murray. My opinion is that he is telling the truth and that he wasn’t sure of what the rule actually was, that’s why I object to using the term “breaking the rules”.
Would you concede a point if you’re not sure you broke the rule? If he was sure he had broken the rule, I’m pretty sure he would’ve owned it. He always does.

Giles Says:

That was a real character test for joker and guess what, he failed

Ben Pronin Says:

Without freaking out and calling names, honestly, can anyone explain why Djokovic would hit the ball like that if he knew it was illegal? End of set, momentum on Murray’s side, fairly important point. Why risk it like that? Murray comes up to him and he admits he went over the net. Did he ask the umpire ahead of time to rule in his favor or something?

nadalista Says:

@Ben Pronin:

Personally, I do not know what is worse, for Djokovic to admit he does not know the rules or any suggestion that he knew the rules and well, cheated.

Both are a sad indictment on him, in my opinion.

This is what he said after the match,

“It might be my mistake as well,” he told ESPN. “I think I crossed the net with the racket and won the point. I didn’t touch the net. I really had a bad experience with that last year at French Open against Rafa [Nadal] – I touched the net and lost the point. Maybe the rule is you’re not allowed to pass on his side with the racket. I’m not sure. You tell me. I told him that I thought I’m allowed to pass with the racket over the net but not without touching the net, it’s my point. Maybe he’s right, I’m not sure. ”


1. From the above quote it is clear Djokovic is still under the mistaken belief he got penalized at RG against Rafa because he touched the net. He does not appear to understand that he was penalized for touching the net BEFORE the ball bounced TWICE. This is elementary: one bounce, the ball is still in play, bounce twice the ball is dead. How does a guy who, we are told, has a high IQ not get this? If he had touched the net AFTER the second bounce, he would not have been penalized.

Why did he not take the time to bone up on the rules after this incident?

2. So, he comes to Miami 2014, still ignorant of the rules. How can this be a more acceptable excuse for him?

Let me understand this: You’ve played tennis most of your life. You were the #1 player in the world and are a multiple grand slam champion. You say you are a tennis professional and yet you don’t know or understand one of the most basic rules of the game!? Who doesn’t know that you are not permitted to touch the ball until it is on your side of the net? ”

This is why it is hard to believe he did not know what he was doing.

http://tiahpost.com/blog/ Says:

@Nick : Agree with you. Can’t compare Joker/Robredo and Joker/Murray. Obviously, stakes are higher with Murray.

I doubt that Joker did not know the rules but should players be calling their own faults?

I think it’s time to allow challenges for some of these other things. I don’t see that slowing down anything. Players use the towel/towel boys to slow down things anyway. Watching Cibulkova yesterday, I was very proud of her. She barely bothers with the towel. She just uses the back of her hand. Yes, the tennis must go on.

Even with the regular challenge, they probably need to add a couple more because a number of the supposed ‘aces’ are most of the times out. And players hesitate to challenge for fear of running out of challenges.

So Fed lost to Nishikori. It was just a matter of time since this Nishikori guy is stubborn and persistent. I like his game. But for gamesmanship, another top player would have fallen to him at the AO.

Anyway, I guess, we can start writing another obituary for Fed, huh? Hi hi hi – AT YOUR OWN PERIL. It would just become like Jennifer Aniston getting pregnant (according to the tabloids). Like someone said on TV, at last count, she has been pregnant 7 times and could still be carrying AT LEAST eight babies (Yep, one pregnancy was a set of twins). LOL.

Better luck next time, Mr. Fed.

nadalista Says:

“……….but should players be calling their own faults?”

No, but they should show sportsmanship, especially if they have held themselves up as paragons of such a virtue:


“Tuesday, in a magnanimous gesture of sportsmanship, Novak Djokovic gave Tommy Robredo a point he didn’t have to.

“For me, it’s something that is part of the sport and fair play,” he explained. “I expect everybody else to do the same.”

He forgot to add, “only if they are playing a lesser player whom they are taking to the woodshed”

Ben Pronin Says:

The whole going over the net thing is a gray area. It just seems unlikely that he purposely cheated because it made 0 sense to do so. I don’t know who claims he has a high IQ, though. It’s irrelevant, anyway.

You know it’s a foot fault if your back leg steps over the middle line thing? A lot of players aren’t aware of that and get pissed when they’re called on it. Another kind of gray area.

Isn’t it so ironic, though, that it’s the Nadal fans who are freaking out about this. Federer fans don’t care. Murray fans understand that Murray has bigger issues than a bad call by the ump. But Nadal fans have gathered their pitch forks and are storming on the “cheater”. Get a grip, people.

Ben Pronin Says:

“He forgot to add, ‘only if they are playing a lesser player whom they are taking to the woodshed'”

You need to stop making things up. It was 1-1 in the first set. There was no woodshed here. Only fans sit around calling people lesser players and whatnot. The people actually playing don’t take anyone lightly. Just look at how Nadal always pegs himself as the underdog.

nadalista Says:

“Isn’t it so ironic, though, that it’s the Nadal fans who are freaking out about this.”

Straw man.

This whole debacle has nothing to do with Rafa. Djokovic brought Rafa into this. Read up on his interview. Maybe this is why we Rafans are interested in this.

He (Djokovic) was wrong then, he is wrong now.

Actually,it seems to me you are the one really, really trying to find excuses to redeem Djokovic for his behavior. Tough being a fan.

Good luck.

Ben Pronin Says:

I’m not making any excuses.

The Nadal fans thing isn’t an argument, it’s an observation.

nadalista Says:

We need to stop putting these players on a pedestal. They are human. They make mistakes. They also give us fans a hell of a lot to cheer about.

Translated Age Says:

1. Nole knows the rules
2. Nole violated the rules
3. Professional players shouldn’t be expected to make their own calls – yes even in tennis.
4. Nole is not a cheater the same way an illegal tackle doen’t make a player a cheater.
5. Thie was the umpire’s fault, human error.
6. Need to have video replay ability to reverse the call as in other professional sports.
7.Leave it to the same old Fed “fan” to make this about Nadal. :eyeroll:
8.Yes, mem, please read the Nadal Fan guidelines (which don’t apply to Fed fans or Fed fans in disuise.
9. Keep rockin’ the sweater vest.
10. Vamos Rafa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ben Pronin Says:

1. Assumption
2. True
3. Honestly, I disagree with this. Others have already made the point that in basketball, the players aren’t expected to call their own fouls and whatnot. But this isn’t basketball or football. I don’t even know how coneding points would work there and obviously know one’s going to call their own fouls or penalties because they are purposely trying to get away with them. But in tennis, players can and do concede points. It is a gentleman’s game, after all.
4. Agree
5. Agree
6. Agree
7. This has nothing to do with Nadal. Also what’s with the air quotes?
8. TA, I don’t recall ever telling someone to “shut up” just because I don’t agree with their point. You can argue with me all you want, but I’ll be damned if you tell me to shut up.
9. Adje Nole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(This was fun).

Hippy Chic Says:

Nadal fans are freaking out about this exactly,and why prey tell shouldnt they?is it because some are frightened sometimes to speak up about other players,for fear of sounding like a Rafa fanatic,are we supposed to call out one player and ignore the wrong doings of the rest?i didnt realize we were all supposed to be so PC about everything,its called the dysfunctional tennis blog,otherwise whats the point in been here?many seem prepared to give Novak the benifit of the doubt here,and TBH me too as he is a fair sportsman for the most part etc,IMO it was cheating intentional or not,and not really the issue here either,why not use a little perspective and also apply that standard to all the players,ya know just for a change just once,instead of been ready to think the worst all the time?i agree with Nadalista in that some people like to put these players up on some god like pedestal,instead of thinking yeah they are human,have faults,and make mistakes just like the rest of us?

Nenad Juranic Says:

Best scenario: 1)Djokovic concedes the point because he broke the rule by hitting the ball on the Andy side of the net. 2) Andy refuses to accept the point because he knows he was outplayed, and the ball would never make to Novak side.

So there is a lot of sportsmanship lacking here on both sides.

Translated Age Says:

1. Safe assumption. (you know the rule, I know the rule, how could he not know the rule. Man, please)
3. Yes he should be allowed to make his own call, but in professional sports he should not be expected to – let’s agree to disagree.
8. I didn’t tell you to shut up (nor would I expect or want you to). Not what I said.

It’s not cheating. It was high pressure moment of the match and I’m guessing it was a split second error in judgment with Nole thinking the ball might just clip or drop over the net so he instinctively reacted and reached over knowingly.

He looked very sheepish after the point and even admitted to Murray that he reached over.

I have no problem with Nole on that point.

The umpire should have made the right call and failin that should have questioned Nole to see if he wished to concede (but Nole shouldn’t have to) and there should be video replay.

Okiegal Says:

“Just look how Nadal always pegs him self as the underdog”……..what’s that supposed to mean?
What would you expect him to say when asked about an opponent he’s slated to play?…….Should he point out how weak he is compared to Rafa? It’s called respect. We all know that Rafa has been beaten by lower ranked players and I suspect that is always on his mind……so he gives all opponents a nice pitch. What’s wrong with that? He is not gonna toot his own horn when asked about an opponent who might be ranked 150…….because he knows on a given day the top players can be beat! He knows that better than anybody……….people, get a grip!

I have read comments about this before and was compelled to say something in defense of Rafa. As I’ve stated before regardless of what Rafa says and does, he gets lambasted…….it’s like danged if you do and danged if you don’t…….

BTW, thrilled he knows the rules……find it hard to believe Novak doesn’t. Commentators said last night during the Fed/Kai match that Vijda said he didn’t know the rule either……wow….this amazes me. Novak is not responsible, but the umpire is. It
affected Andy’s momentum, pathetic incident imo.

skeezer Says:

Ump is at fault no doubt. I mean, c’mon, it happened right in front of him. You can argue the Nole was in the heat of the moment, as he was moving forward and quite possibly got disoriented. But it doesn’t take back the fact that he reached way over to Murrays side of the net and gave the ball a little tap. C’mon Ump, you didn’t see that? The Umpire box practically sits on the net!

As Ben mentioned, on other sports ( Basketball ) they make claims all the time they were fouled, or didn’t foul someone. That is why you have referee’s and umpires. They keep control of the match and apply (supposedly) the rules therein.

They players can contest line calls, why can’t they contest this along with double bounces?

Prediction; rule change is a comin.

mem Says:


I know the guidelines!
you’re the type that excel at bending the rules to suit the player you like, but when the same thing happens to a player you despise (specifically nadal) it’s another story altogether.

so don’t advise me on guidelines. you might talk a good game to these other posters, and they might believe you but I’m fully aware of what you are capable of. you can say that I’m a nadal fanatic or whatever you choose to call me, but i have sat by for years and watched different standards being applied to nadal in comparison to roger, novak, and andy. you know me, I don’t come to this site looking for friends nor popularity. a lot of posters are afraid to speak up for what is right for fear of not being accepted and some of them are nadal fans, but i’ll tell you what i want you to know.

doesn’t matter whether it was novak or some other player; i understand that players make questionable decisions sometimes; they are human, and that more often than not, one point doesn’t decide a match, but what ticks me off is when fans like you try to convince others that it’s not a big deal when it comes to a certain player, but it’s a crime when it come to a player that you don’t particularly like. you guys need to check your principles and conscience so that you will be able to apply the truth to a situation no matter who the player is.

Translated Age Says:

Exactly. Polar opposite to “Credit to Kei for keeping up with Me” when it was the other way around. In the end, it was Vesterer who couldn’t keep up with Kei.

To be fair though, those lights can be tricky when your eyesight begins to go.

Translated Age Says:

Well said mem. Like I said, the guidelines are for some, not all.

There are genuine direct Nole fans and “derivative” Nole fans in my most humblest opinion.

Ben Pronin Says:

Mem, you can think Djokovic cheated all you want. Don’t tell me to shut up. You’re just a troll. Easy to do behind in the internet, right?

Ben Pronin Says:

Okiegal, I don’t know why that’s offensive. My point was that calling someone a lesser player is meaningless. Even the top guys (Djokovic, Nadal, etc) know not to take anyone lightly. So just because Robredo is a “lesser” player compared to Djokovic, doesn’t mean Djokovic will be ok with giving away points like it won’t matter. You just never know.

Daniel Says:

To me the blame is defens9ive moon balls, I hate this balls when the opponent clear lost the point but they somehow hit the racq

Daniel Says:

hit the racquet and the ball lands in. Nadal RG 2013 was the same thing, point over, Murray same thing, point over. This are the ugliest point won in tennis, when they defend and the ball just go short. One thing is when they done an exceptional defense (as they are all capable of), but this: put the racquet in a lost point and got lucky because the ball gets back are awful, hate those and they create this mess in the first place. Just concede the fuc$%^&@8 winner and move to the next point. Gosh!!!
Just my two cents

Translated Age Says:

Yeah, 13-slam GOAT is a one-dimensional moon baller.

What does that say for the rest.

Wishful revisionism peRFected.

mem Says:


i am so afraid of you until i am shaking in my boots!

by the way, aren’t you hiding behind the internet too? again, take my advice and shut the heck up when you don’t have an objective bone in your body. you’re just an empty wagon making a lot of noise. however, it’s always a pleasure conversing with a know-it-all troll such as you.

Ben Pronin Says:

Objectivity, what a joke. Especially coming from a rafanatic.

Okiegal Says:

Saw some moonballs from Fed last night……seeing more of these shots from other players.

courbon Says:

Steve Tignor sums up everything I think about this affair

Sean Randall Says:

My thoughts are:

– Murray was right.

– The champ ump should be canned.

– Based on his comments and demeanor in the press, I would guess Djokovic knew the rule but in that situation he didn’t want to make that call.

Bottom line is this starts with the umpire, that’s why he’s there and he blew a very easy call. I wonder if he’ll call anymore matches this week.

skeezer Says:

“But Nadal fans have gathered their pitch forks and are storming on the “cheater”. Get a grip, people.”
Well said. These types are fans of the all time rule abuser of this era and they want to point out when someone cheats “once’? Gimme a break.

Daniel Says:

Okyegal and other, they all do it, but don’t you think this kind of points are awful, one thin is reaching an impossible ball, use slkill and getting a great defense, but this ones seems they play with lucky, and eventually it paid of. For Nadal, who is the ultimate, every ball is reachable it may have cost him a RG title, (that net cord RG 2013 semis Djoko serving 40-40). That point was over but that luck Nadal had that the ball fall short and Djoko hitting the net was crucial. He would be 1 point away from 5-3.
I guess this shows that eventually it paid of, but me as one who players regularly, I totally hate those points, and I myself concede winners, just like Kuerten a fellow Brazilian did. And even when I win a point I should not have I feel kind of embarrassed. But Murray and Nadal specially, seems they love to win these kind of points. Maybe that’s why they are professionals and I club Sunday palyer:-)

Okiegal Says:

Serena just beat Maria again 6-4 6-3 Good match not too boring.

mem Says:

Mr. Ben,

i guess we are both jokes!

Okiegal Says:


I guess the point I like is the winner! Lol
I know a man who lives by this motto everyday: “Whatever it takes”…….I suppose meaning to achieve your goal…..He was a wealthy man, but not as wealthy as our tennis players!! LOL I guess my way of thinking is if a mooner gets you a point, can’t argue with that. Whatever it takes.

cp123 Says:

I played competitive tennis a long time and was not confident on this rule. The 2 rules everybody talks about is 1) that you CAN reach over and hit the ball if the ball bounces back over the net and 2) that you cannot touch the net.

Djokovic had basically won the point when this happened. Djokovic also told Murray he was over the net but didn’t touch the net. So everybody accusing him of cheating are being unfair.

molerx Says:

So much crying! Meee, meeee, meee!

Hippy Chic Says:

I cannot buy this no matter how hard i try,granted Novak didnt mean to do this,and he says he doesnt know the rule?but surely pure old fassioned common sense would tell you that you cannot hit a ball till it comes over the net anyway,otherwise why have the net to begin with,surely thats the whole point of having a net,i wouldve thought????

Okiegal Says:

@Courbon 2:18

Thanks for that link….Good read…..Ignore’ s usually are……Ya dig??? LOL

Cahill said Berdy just said something to the Dog…..He better watch it, it could get bitten!!

Baby Spice

Okiegal Says:

LOL LOL Should read Tignor’ s…..I know as smart as you are, you figured it out!!

Okiegal Says:

Predictions on Berdy and the Dog?? Tied up now…..rain falling now. Grrrr

Hippy Chic Says:

Okiegal lol,Annie Lenox singing Here Comes The Rain Again..

Daniel Says:

Guess I am not a “whatever it takes guy, maybe eventually the time will come for me:-)

Giles Says:

Petchey and Fleming had a good laugh at Joker’s comments on #netgate

Slice Tennis Says:

Its not that those who call Nole a cheat are Rafa fans.
Check this out:
“nole is a cheater”

This is the first comment calling him a cheat during the match.

Giles Says:

Damien Steiner umpiring Berdych match. Hmmm.
The man should be on garden leave already!

fredphoesh Says:

1/ Murray would clearly have lost that point ANYWAY.
Therefore Murray lost because he was beaten by a better player.

2/ Novak hit the net in the French Open final less than a year ago at a CRUCIAL moment… losing his service game to Rafa. Do you think he would risk losing a gift like that to some pedantic rule?

So get over it. Andy lost… largely due to what went on in his mind.

fredphoesh Says:

The question should really be,
Is Andy Murray a bad sport for disrespecting the UMPIRE’s decision? Umpires are NOT ALLOWED to over-rule decisions based on video playback. This is not rugby, it is tennis. The umpire decides and that is final. Novak won the point, it seems by making a mistake and being too eager to win the point. This does not make him a “cheat” AT ALL. As a British person, I am a bit disappointed in the knee jerk reaction to this incident, it is as though the Queen has been insulted or something. Really. Andy should have got over it much earlier. Novak won a match he deserved to win. End Of.

Translated Age Says:

The point is that there should be video review available.

The umpire really blew it and video replay could have made the right call at such a crucial juncture.

I can’t think of a single player who would have just respectively accepted the poor call.

If their was such a passive player, I’d doubt they’d win much.

Margot Says:

“Andy a bad sport for disrespecting the umpire’s decision”…..
Oh lol, lol and lol again. Now I really have heard everything.
In my long tennis watching career I must’ve seen EVERY top tennis player from Mac and Connors on, “disrespecting” the umpire’s decision.
But just let’s start with Andy shall we?

Hippy Chic Says:

Margot exactly he had every right to be p*ssed,he didnt do anything wrong,its the umpire that got it wrong..

Klaas Says:

That poll says more about the readers of this site than the incident it self.

Any referee worth its salt should have given the point to Andy, once Nole admitted he hit the ball over the net.

Tiffany242 Says:

Of course Djokovic cheated and he knows the rules. Otherwise, he would be volleying and putting balls away on the other side of the net on a regular basis. You think a tennis pro doesn’t know every single rule in the book with millions of dollars at stake? Oh, come on, who are you kidding!

Okiegal Says:

Novak supposedly didn’t know the rule at the French Open last year. You would think he would have brushed up on the rules after that incident. I thought Novak acted rather shocked he didn’t win the point. Thank goodness Uncle Tony schooled Rafa on the rules…..he made the call as soon as it happened!! I’ve about decided the players better be on the ball regarding rules……the umpires are failing miserably. I also think the umpires get screwed up on who gets the point during player challenges. There have been lots of arguments during these situations, imo. Replays please!!

rafaeli Says:

This must be one of the oldest and basic rules in tennis so it’s incredulous that a top player who has been playing tennis for about 20 years doesn’t know it.

If a footballer argues that his goal should stand because he didn’t know the off-side rule he’d be ridiculed.

Giles Says:

Don’t be fooled by joker saying he doesn’t know the rules. He tried a fast one and unfortunately for Andy it worked. The man is as crafty as they come.

Leni Says:

The way he hit the ball shows that Nole did not know that tennis rule.Otherwise, it would be the same as that Nole deliberately sent a tennis ball directly behind the boundary line, even though he knew that it will surely lose points.

It’s a mistake that rarely happens in tennis, so maybe that explains why Novak was not sure about this rule.

Leni Says:

Novak did not cheat when he admitted to Andy that he hit the ball on his side of the net. If he is not cheating on Andy why would he cheat on journalists.
Or, in other words, if he was honest to Andy, he was also honest in his response to journalists.

Giles Says:

@Leni. Then why didn’t he concede the point to Andy?

Leni Says:

He didn’t concede the point to Andy Because he was not sure about the rules. And since neither Andy nor umpire were sure what they’re saying to one another, Novak decided it was best not to get involved in their discussions.

Leni Says:

All this is a comic misunderstanding, starting from Nole’s ignorance of basic tennis rules, to the way in which Andy explained the mistake to the umpire, and how he replied to Andy.
In my country there is a saying for it. It says:”
Here it is not known who drinks and who pays!”

Scottie Says:

Well, Nole may have won the championship, but he can hardly be viewed a champion now we all know how he got to the final – unbelievable Mr D could not put his hands up and confess he had hit a bum shot during that first game against Scotland’s finest – perhaps he thought you were still playing in the World Tennis Day match? Never mind Andy, revenge is sweet, just remember that when you next meet the cheatah and blow his game to pieces like you did at Wimbledon, and you can send him “homeward tae think again”!!

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