Did You Know Novak Djokovic Has Never Lost In Beijing? He’s 19-0 At The China Open!
by Tom Gainey | September 28th, 2014, 2:07 pm

Novak Djokovic returns to China this week to put a stamp on his No. 1 ranking, and the Serb has had a lot of success in the country. Djokovic enters the China Open having won all 19 matches he’s played in Beijing winning the tournament four times!

And overall Djokovic, who has also won the Shanghai Masters 1000 the last two years, is a 20 match win streak in China!

5 2013 Shanghai (d del Potro)
5 2013 Beijing (d Nadal)
5 2012 Shanghai (d Murray)
5 2012 Beijing (d Tsonga)

The last player to beat Djokovic in China was Roger Federer at 2010 Shanghai!

Djokovic also won in Beijing in 2010 (d Ferrer) and 2009 (d Cilic).

“I enjoy my time in China. I think over the years the tournament has been growing in every sense,” said Djokovic. “You can see that more fans are coming to support their tennis players. I have a big fan club here, teenagers especially, who come and support me, give me presents every day. That’s something that makes me feel very special and encourages me to play my best tennis here.

“As soon as I arrive, I feel this generosity from the people and I feel their hospitality. That’s the first kind of positive feeling that I get as soon as I’m on Chinese soil. Then the court itself and the balls and the conditions are pretty suitable to my style of the game. So for the last four, five years I’ve been playing some of my best tennis on the centre court.”

Djokovic will be joined in China by rivals Andy Murray, Tomas Berdych, Grigor Dimitrov, Marin Cilic and of course Rafael Nadal who returns for his first event since Wimbledon.

“If we get to play each other here, obviously it will be another big challenge for both of us,” Djokovic said of Nadal who he beat in the 2013 Beijing final. “Of course, I always look forward to these big matches. It’s still a long way. It’s his first tournament after Wimbledon. I am sure he still also is not aware of how his game is going to be on the court.

“He’s definitely always one of the biggest favorites to win any tournament in the world because he’s Nadal and he’s a great champion.”

The top-seeded Djokovic opens his title defense on Tuesday against Guillermo Garcia-Lopez.

Djokovic has four titles on the season, most recently at Wimbledon. He lost to Kei Nishikori in a one-sided US Open semifinal. The 27-year-old who got married after Wimbledon is also expecting a baby in the next month.

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53 Comments for Did You Know Novak Djokovic Has Never Lost In Beijing? He’s 19-0 At The China Open!

Hippy Chick Says:

I dont think those stats are likely to change anytime soon its his best part of the season,although it will depend on where Novak is at mentally,especially as little bambino will be on his/her way soon?

jane Says:

china’s been good to nole; he seems to really enjoy playing the asian swing. but it’s a very deep field this year – possibly the deepest i’ve ever seen it, with 3 of the traditional “big 4” there, plus cilic, dimi, etc. so we’ll see. good luck nole!

Hippy Chick Says:

It is a deep field but IMO if hes in the right frame of mind he will win at least 1 of the titles,and probably make the finals of the others,this time of year hes still head and shoulders above the rest,well see if Cilic can back up what he did at the USO,Murray will be exhausted i would think as he looked worn out today,Rafa i dont think i would expect much on his first tourney back,Rogers Roger so one never knows with him??

Kimberly Says:


Patson Says:

Nadal’s going to be fresh and Nole has to stamp his authority again after the US open letdown. And then we have the rest of the field which is challenging the big guys big time now.

This fall season would be very very interesting.

Okiegal Says:

Nole owns that one….Good for him!

Thangs Says:

Olympic 2008 was at Beijing right??

Humble Rafa Says:

If the Egg Lover is rattled by my mental games when I am injured, can he stand me when I am playing.

skeezer Says:

7 title wins in a row against the excuse maker. Rattled? Lol. You’re daddy has this record and you’ll never match it.

Wog boy Says:

“Thangs Says:
Olympic 2008 was at Beijing right??”


The title says:
“He’s 19-0 At The China Open!”

and then:
” Djokovic enters the China Open having won all 19 matches he’s played in Beijing winning the tournament four times!”

Nobody is talking about olympics, unless I missed something?

I don’t think Nole is going to do so well in China this year, I wish he proves me wrong.

Patson Says:

There is no reason whatsoever why Nole shouldn’t do well this year. It will take a Herculean effort for somebody to take him down. I don’t see that happening.

Hippy Chick Says:

TBH i dont really pay that much attention to Humble Rafas posts,and i will say this that stat of Noles is fantastic and Kimberly also said the same thing,but is there any need in posters belittling Rafa when doing so?2011 was three years ago and hell yeah i must admit all those defeats did hurt,but its not as though Rafa hasnt beaten Nole plenty of times since….

Brando Says:

False stat regarding Beijing: Novak lost the only match on that court which ever mattered- lets face it: who really gives a rats you know what over any 500 pt tourny: no one- which was purpose built for the Olympics: infact he went of crying. I keep on forgetting which player could do such a thing to him…… Maybe RF might have a clue since he also put on the tears famously once as we all recall. Lol: it’s easy to rule in small time tournies free from pressure: try playing tough when it really matters, that’s worth talking about! As we so in USO swing: Tsonga, Fed and Cilic showed the proper stuff when it mattered from the entrants in the big time. HM: Nishikori for his effort post injury.

Hippy Chick Says:

What was the only match on that court that mattered Brando,do you mean the Beijing Olympics,if so its as Wogboy says nobody was even talking about the Olympics anyway??

Brando Says:

Opening part of blog title: “Did You Know Novak Djokovic Has Never Lost In Beijing?”. Venue of 2008 Olympics: Beijing. Court for the Tennis in 2008 Olympics: this specific court. Player who walked off crying for the cameras after a loss on that court: Novak Djokovic. I don’t know maybe its me being too literal with reference to not losing in Beijing, the continuous reference to performance in China both by the writer and Djokovic himself that I feel for some reason that 2008 Beijing Olympics on this court warrants a mention. Kinda crazy idea that Thangs also referred to. Specific to a mere 500 point title- yeah Novak is a champion. Specific to all matches in Beijing most especially the most important one he’s ever played there: lol, lets just say that title ain’t correct at all for certain reasons! Lol, let it be Brando: Novak is a king in the 500 point arena- woooohooooo!!!! Ajde 500 point tournies ajde!!!!!

Hippy Chick Says:

But to be fair exactly the same thing is said with regards to Rafa and Barcelona,and thats also only a 5oo point tourney too….

Brando Says:

^LMFAO: do you even know what is being said here actually? Since if you do you would realise that the claim here of ‘Novak has never lost in Beijing’ has NEVER been labelled in equivalent terms to Nadal in Barcelona along the lines of ‘Rafa has never lost in Barcelona’ for a very, very good reason. A reason that clearly escapes you since otherwise you would not make such a erroneous claim. Best know the facts before you make such claims. But you get a cookie for realising that Barcelona Open is a 500 point event. Good Sport, brilliant call there!

Hippy Chick Says:

Alright Brando,excuse me for bloody breathing,thanks for the cookie though,see now ive brought myself down to your level,i thought we couldve had a mature discusion still never mind,more fool me eh i suppose….

Okiegal Says:

@Chick…….adult conversation on TX??? Yeah, right…..it ain’t gonna happen……not in this lifetime…LOL…… Hang in there girl and just maybe the day will come when we can all be civil to one another. It’s pretty bad when people of the same fan base rag on each other……that I don’t understand…….just saying. Have a good evening, Chick……you too, Brando!

Vamos to Mr. 100%……I hope!

elina Says:

You guys!!! My posts don’t show up anymore!!!!

Please advise what I can do!

elina Says:

I will try again as this didn’t show up earlier! Perhaps I forgot to hit Submit button lol!

Nole is 19-0 in ATP Beijing with one loss to Nadal in Olympics.

Nole has only played one Top 6 player in those 19 matches (Nadal).

Sill very impressive numbers!

I think he will win this week! Too soon for Nadal. Cilic will be interesting!

django Says:

Many players have had a cry. Some do it on court like roger or murray and some do it walking off court like nole after olympic losses. Still others do it in locker rooms after a Wimbledon loss to roger. I don’t understand the big deal?

jane Says:

it isn’t a big deal django.

rafa cried after the wimbledon loss to roger in 2007, on court, into his towel. he’s cried when he’s won before too (i believe after the 2012 f.o,). these guys are emotional players who desire to be champions. it happens.

nole’s record in china has been excellent; since the tournament began, he’s not lost once in 4 efforts. that’s all tom gainey was saying, and he’s right.

Polo Says:

Some people do have reading comprehension problem. This article is about the China Open and Djokovic’s current winning streak in China. A streak is a string of consecutive similar occurences. There isn’t a whit of prevarication in this article.

Brando Says:

Wow wee:

Have some folks shot their load over a post!

Crikey, a change of underwear is in store for some considering the temperature of some posts here!

Dear, dear!

Addressing some of the good, bad and plain old ugly:

– Alison:

Relax Alison. Just a pointing out of some factual information by myself that’s all: you can breathe despite that lol.

Was not intending to pick on you or anything so if you felt as such then my apologies. Hope we remain cool beyond this little exchange.

– Okiegal:

You are right re bickering fans of same player, thank you for the good wish and I extend the same to you.

– Django:

There is no big deal Django. Just pointing a player has done as such to yank back memories to a particular match does not all of a sudden mean there is an issue with such a thing.

And player crying in the locker room? I assume you refer to Nadal post his loss to Federer in 2007.

Rightfully so that Nadal should cry on such a instance:

Losing to a player in a big match like that, a player he owns so decisively is a ridiculous happening for Nadal to allow.

Thankfully he’s learnt his lesson since that match and it’s all good. The tear’s lie on the other side now!


– The nagging apologist:

‘rafa cried after the wimbledon loss to roger in 2007, on court, into his towel.’:

Complete lie!

I saw that match and just for certainties sake rewatched the last point leading all the way through the ceremony on the BBC footage and there was no such shot of such a instance even happening!

Heck: there was no footage even of Nadal even grabbing a towel post the last point!

So based on that: complete BS of the usual kind.

PS: there were some tears on court though, it was again from the crying diva known as ……

– ‘Some people do have reading comprehension problem.’:

You don’t say so Sherlock!

It’s like this:

Tom Gainey write’s a headline for a blog in which the first part reads:

”Did You Know Novak Djokovic Has Never Lost In Beijing? ”

Beijing- a particular city.

A city in which a Mr Novak Djokovic has played many a matches including some in a certain Olympic contest in 2008.

THANGS initially- and rightfully- raises the point of the Olympics in 2008 since that took place in-guess where: Beijing and with that kind of heading making inference to Tennis played in Beijing is hardly any folly to do so.

Later ELINA even mentions the point of Djokovic’s performance in Beijing.

No harm. No foul.


Stating some fact’s of Novak Djokovic’s performance in Beijing throughout his career.

Cannot see why some folks are riled over such a straight forward happening.

With a headline that reads as such in it’s opening as it’s hardly a crime to infer the relevance of Olympic’s 2008 when considering Novak and his performance in the city Beijing.

Yet some folks here a blowing a fuse over it. So touchy!

Maybe it’s that some are still sore,butthurt, whatever over the FACT that the precious one has suffered a loss in Beijing:

And it’s in the one match that has mattered more than any of these 500 point matches he’s played there!

That’s on them!

jane Says:

^ personal insults = not cool.

for others, i wasn’t lying; i must’ve mixed up times nadal cried on/off court. i didn’t look it up for evidence. however, i was right that he cried after wimbledon 2007, and i was right that he’s cried after FO wins, and it was the latter where he cried on court into his towel. sorry for any confusion.



MY POINT: they all cry and it’s irrelevant. it simply shows they care.

TOM’S POINT: nole has been unbeaten at china open.

Brando Says:

– ”personal insults = not cool.”:

First correct thing you have said on this thread, well done for that!

In case that is in reference to my ‘nagging apologist’ comment, well I stand by it. I find it nagging that every time I make a comment on Novak with some stating of why I think as such- always with some explained reason- then lo and behold guess who’s clipping at my heels for saying something that’s not in worship of the donkey cheese easting Champ of our’s?

Yep: it’s nagging seeing that all the time.

Apologist- that’s how I see it when someone continuously defends a player when even the cases made against him are presented with reason and fact’s.

Sure: defend him when it’s erroneous calls on him, but for goodness’s sake not each and every time when some present reason, cause and fact for thinking the way they do. I mean:

Honey- it’s called having a opinion. Last I heard everyone is entitled to have one- even if it ain’t in favour of precious Nole!

Got it?

YOUR STATEMENT: ‘rafa cried after the wimbledon loss to roger in 2007, on court, into his towel.’

MY REPLY: Complete falsehood.

REALITY: Guess what- he did not do so as you say there!

TOM’S HEADLINE: Did You Know Novak Djokovic Has Never Lost In Beijing?

CALL OF SOME: Errr………. did he not lose in the Olympics 2008 held in- of all places- Beijing?…

REALITY: Bingo! He did! Making such a statement erroneous! Oh how dare some raise such a point that Novak has lost in Beijing in reference to a headline saying ‘did you know he’s never lost in Beijing’.

How dare they! The nerve they have to point out such a thing!

Look,I’ll cut you a deal:

I’ll put a end to my making posts- which I have always done with the support of fact’s as much as possible- regarding Mr Novak Djokovic in which he is not exactly painted in a glowing light in terms of performance in the big one’s. Clearly it seems to yank your chain as you consistently end up providing rebuttals for posts by myself that have valid reason within them time and time after a again. It comes across as apologetic behaviour.

And I must say- annoying- especially when it’s time after time again, and that too without a direct response like a adult would do. Atleast that’s what I expect of those older than me, you know:

Got something to say- well say it directly. Trust me: I won’t tear up about it with a towel!

All it takes is a simple:

Brando would you please stop making posts about Novak that at times do not paint him in a great light or fashion? It bothers me and I would appreciate it if you put an end to it.

That simple. And I would stop if it bothers someone enough for them to ask.

jane Says:

i was correct in all my posts: just transposed some two slams.

jane Says:

re: @4:21 i meant *some occurrences at two slams…

jane Says:

p.s. i don’t read the long often bullying posts. only a line or two. so if you want to save yourself the trouble, feel free.

Emily Says:

I’ve read all these posts and I can’t keep track of who supports who anymore. There’s more stuff about semantics and fact checking than discussion. It can be an oxymoron to want discussion on any message board on the internet. However, there are a lot of informed tennis fans on this site and when I go to the Open, I realize there aren’t enough of us.

Maybe this is a little post out of nowhere about amnesty. My feeling is support who you want to support and watch as much tennis as possible. I’m not going to say I wouldn’t stand up for my preferred players or have never posted an opposing opinion on a message board here, but let’s celebrate the fact that the top players are playing again and the WTF and Davis Cup finals should be great.

PS. This is directed at no-one, it’s just a thought and observation

RZ Says:

@Skeezer – I believe that HR’s post re: Nole being rattled by Rafa’s injury is a reference to something that Boris Becker said along those lines.

Patson Says:

Well said Emily. A sane post to bring some sanity here.

Hippy Chick Says:

Brando theres no need for an apology,i just didnt understand why you felt the need to use such a tone in your posts,especially as all i did was have a difference of opinion to you….

Okiegal Says:

Regarding the byline on this thread and the second sentence of the first paragraph…..I feel sure Mr. Gainey is strictly meaning the China Open itself. When I read it the Olympics didn’t ever come to my mind. I actually, for once, knew what he meant!! Give me a cookie…..a big chocolate chip one!!

On men crying…….it’s OK guys……..just don’t get too carried away!!

Hippy Chick Says:

Thanks Okiegal….

Brando Says:


Nonsense- and you know it re length of post. Otherwise why the consistent riffing of my lengthy posts re the Special one? Again: another faulty claim, not your day today on that front!

– Bullying:

Okay so the toys are really being thrown out of the pram now I see! That’s cue for me to stop this dialogue with someone who’s clearly extrapolating it to a greater height than it merits!

I’ll end on this simple, short request:

Please do not nag me with your posts in future when I decide to post on the Special One. I’ll make sure that they are lengthy: possibly the best tact from myself to avoid being nagged as all my posts on the Special One seem to generate!

Brando Says:


Fantastic post and I totally agree.

In present times on here when someone state’s a opinion on a player or matter and should it not be one that is conforms to the viewpoint of said player’s fan group then those fans (these days I think fanatic is alot more appropriate) get their undies in a twist and start throwing a hissy fit!

That’s what I hold to be true from experience and general observation here:

Say something about a player. Cite reason, facts etc for thinking as such:

Get burnt by their fanbase for daring to say something dismissive about their precious idol.

Free speech? Right to have a viewpoint? My a###!

It’s either toe the line, kiss up to players/fan groups or get burnt!

I don’t mind getting burnt though: much rather do that than shamefully kiss up as some do on here!

#No names mentioned as it’s obvious to all who!

jane Says:

Nice post Emily. “Emily Post”. ;)

jane Says:

okiegal, i felt it was very clear as well. big chocolate chip cookie for you!
hippy chick, totally agree about tone.

Wog boy Says:

jane, somebody is desperate, just ignore him. He is obsessed with female Nole fans, talks to himself, erratic behaviuor and writing, all signs are there, time for him to seek professional help…if it is not too late.

Btw, I like those shave heads, little kung fu fighters:)

Okiegal Says:

@Jane…..Thanks for that link……so cute of our favs…..and they’re making some little boys very happy! Sweeeeet, for sure……good call and thanks for sharing!!

skeezer Says:

Brando is Brando. Just like HR is HR.
Jane? Well, class is class.

jane Says:

you’re welcome okie; thanks wog boy and skeezer.:)

Hippy Chick Says:

Jane thanks and cute picture BTW….

Hippy Chick Says:

Brando i dont know if that was a dig at me in that last sentence in your post to Emily?if so then your talking about people not directing you personally,and yet you go and do exactly the same thing,with the no names mentioned comment,FYI i wasnt kissing up i was merely giving a counter to your posts yesterday,as its as you say a forum where people are free to have an opinion and agree or disagree,before you went all sarcastic on me,i can now see i was wasting my time,back to the tennis for me without all this silly bickering….

Okiegal Says:

Novak just about has his match all wrapped up!

Brando Says:

Wog Boy- the individual who used to post as as ‘Bad Knees Rules’ giving a sermon on behaviour- hypocritical much. And Skeezer talking about class: now that’s comical considering his behaviour towards Nadal fans. Thanks for the laughs, much appreciated comedy even if unintentional!

James Says:

The comments are so much more interesting than the actual article. Not because Tom didn’t write well. But because Nadal fans and Federer/Djokovic fans taking on each other is always kind of interesting…and amusing.

And Brando, I like reading your posts even if I am not always gonna agree with you. Keep writing, mate.

By the way, has Novak ever won any tournament for 5 times in a row?

Steve 27 Says:

Another Mickey Mouse trophy to Joker!

Top story: After Withdrawals, Kvitova, Pliskova, Brady Lead Doha Field