Novak Djokovic Withdraws From Beijing China Open With Elbow Injury
by Staff | September 28th, 2016, 11:48 am

Six-time champion Novak Djokovic has withdrawn from next week’s China Open in Beijing due to an elbow injury, the tournament announced today.

“I am extremely disappointed not to be able to compete at the China Open this year. I’m still recovering from my elbow injury and have been advised not to play until my condition improves. I will continue with my rehabilitation and hope to be able to return to the ATP Tour as soon as possible,” Djokovic said. “The China Open is one of my favourite tournaments. I have had a lot of success there, winning the title six times. I love competing in front of the passionate Chinese fans and I look forward to coming back to Beijing in the future.”

Djokovic is a perfect 29-0 at the event winning six times including the last four years.

Last year Djokovic beat Rafael Nadal in the final. Nadal is expected to return along with now top seed Andy Murray.

Djokovic is still scheduled to play in Shanghai on October 3.

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29 Comments for Novak Djokovic Withdraws From Beijing China Open With Elbow Injury

Django Says:

I won’t be watching now.

Willow Says:

A Wise desicion IMO, if hes not feeling right, im sure its damage limitation, and he will be back kicking the ass of all and sundry when he does return, until then enjoy some r and r Nole with the family ….

AndyMira Says:

To look at nole’s picture up there,it struck me how perfect his physics at that time..still got a little muscle on his forearms but Nole of today so scary thin..Hope he have a sense to add a few kilo’s to his body..

Danica Says:

Hope he wants to be in top form for the remaining masters tournaments His YE#1 is not secure.

Wog Boy Says:

Danica, I don’t think he will be playing Shanghai this year. He has been in Belgrade since that charity event in Milan and enjoying quolity family his time. Seeing Gebhard with him in Belgrade I would say he will stay a bit longer there. I hope he will stay since I will be there next week and I might catch up with him in “Novak Center” during his practice sessions, since he is there every day;)

I think solid results in Paris and London will do for securing #1. There are 4,000 points on offer for Andy if he wins every single match until the end of the year, Nole is 2,100 ahead atm.

Humble Rafa Says:

Elbow may heal in time but mental injuries may never heal.


jane Says:

get well soon, nole!

Daniel Says:

Damm, I was just entering internet to find if he will play as I was wondering about it last few days and this.

Well, is at least 13 days before he plays his first match in Shangai, there is still time.
Hope he recovers soon. Whole Asian swing without him would be awful.

Van Persie Says:


Really appreciate your supportive posts toward Nole . They are even sweeter, because they are coming from a Roger fan.
Now I know, I said some nasty things about Fed here, no secret that I do not like him, but for nice Tennis fans like you, I wish Roger to come back in the tennis field :)

Danica Says:


It’s indeed more interesting when Fed is around. It is never quite the same when these top guys are out. I couldn’t wait for Rafa to come back this summer.

The fight for YE#1 will be interesting.

I hope you see Nole when in Belgrade ;)

Willow Says:

Danica agree in that the tour loses out when one of the top players are missing, especially Federer whos still the box office hit when it comes to tennis ….

Willow Says:

AndyMira yes even Novaks fans are now saying that about his physic, i said the same thing some months ago, and needless to say it didnt go down too well ….

AndyMira Says:

@Willow..Yeah,i remember very well..The other day,i said you’re one of the most honest and brave person the real world,that quality maybe will give you all the advantage but here it’s a very deadly combination willow!But that’s what so special about you,if you think something has to be said,then you just say it even though you knew it maybe not very well accepted by some folks..Sometimes i wish you’re not that brave willow because the soft heart in me can’t bear to see you got slashed left and right..But,you’re a very smart person willow..just do whatever you think you need to do okay sis?

Daniel Says:

Thanks VP.

Specially him missing Beijing, a tournament he is undefeated. But better stop now and play Paris -WTF.

If somehow Andy does will in Beijing and wins Shangai (assuming Djoko doesn’t play there either), battle for #1 will be decided in those tourneys.

Ronn Says:

Daniel, I did the math and if Murray wins the China Open, Shianghai, and Paris and Djoko skips all of them, Djoko will have only a 300 point lead heading to the WTF and all Murray would have to do is make it out of the group stage and he’ll get to #1 no matter if Djoko keeps his WTF title.

Margot Says:

^ Lol. Much as I love Andy, that’s not happening.

Van Persie Says:


have a good flight to Europe. I envie you, that you might see Novak in Beograd. Will you be on 14.09 or 15.09 in town? Would be my only possibility.

Van Persie Says:


If you told me last year, that Kerber will be Nr.1, I would have had the same reaction.
I really wish, that Novak finishes the Year as Nr. 1, but Andy has his chances.

Van Persie Says:


Given those circumstances, I have now the feeling, Djoko will not skip Shanghai. Only hope, his injury is not that bad.

J-Kath Says:

For Nole’s 1st tier and all tennis fans:
There’s lots of similar articles on this subject. For what it’s worth, this seemed the most concentrated. Does it say anything worthwhile? Not sure.

J-Kath Says:

Agree with Margot.

Willow Says:

Yeah and me, to be honest im not that bothered about the number 1 ranking anyway, nice to have, but not the be all and end all ….

Willow Says:

To add i think Andy would prefer to be ranked world number 2, with 3 GS, rather than have Wozniakis gazillion weeks a world number 1 with no GS ….

chrisford1 Says:

I believe Djokovic would be fine with Andy as #1 for a spell, but he is not going to GIVE it to Murray. It has to be won. But even if Novak is not looking at history or making it central to his job – he is aware that he is at 117 in straight weeks, trying to catch Lendl (157) and Connors (160) straight, next year. Pete and Fed’s straight records are only in jeopardy if he plays all of 2017 as #1 and chases those two in 2018.

Cumulative time as #1 is similar. Djokovic is at 218 weeks now, Connors and Lendl 268 and 270 weeks respectively. He stays #1, he passes both in 2017 and has a shot at Pete and Federer’s marks of 286 and 302 in 2018 if he stays #1 all 2017.

Andy – by now, with 3 Slam wins, 11 Slam Finals, 2 gold medals, leading the UK to Davis Cup trophy and 12 Masters -means he is a Hall of Fame shoo-in like the rest of the Big 4. But #1 ranking would look real nice along with all that, and a YEC.

J-Kath Says:


Andy does have GS’s – not the same as Wozniaki who has none…and though she is very likeable she’s not comparable…although I see what you are saying.

But agree Andy’s focus is not necessarily on achieving No. 1 – but he does berate himself unnecessarily when he doesn’t achieve whatever goal he is currently aiming at – but as fans, it’s never quite clear what Andy’s aims actually are apart from winning what he considers an important match. Up to now he was focused on Davis Cup – until DelPotro ended his reign – now have sneaky feeling his focus has changed.!!! He senses the end of his career, me thinks – even though I believe he has another 3 years as does Nole and Nadal.

J-Kath Says:

PS: Personally don’t see much difference between women winning GS’s than winning other tournaments – it’s always the same 3 sets….apart from ranking/consistency.

Ronn Says:

Van, Djoko should be fine. His injuries are nagging injuries and not all that serious but he says his elbow is still not allowing him to serve without pain. He’ll be fine and I’d be surprised if he skips Shanghai.

Ronn Says:

And about this battle for #1 thing, Murray will have to pretty win everything up until the WTFs and Djoko would have to skip Shanghai and Paris just to give Murray a chance. Murray still can get to #1 but it will be very difficult for him. And even if he does get to #1 chances are he won’t keep it for too long as he has a lot of points to defend next year while Djoko will have plenty of tournaments where he can add points.

Van Persie Says:

We shall see, Ronn. The end of this season will be very interesting from that perspective.

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