Roger Federer Talks Family (We Travel With A Teacher), Goals (A Return To No. 1 Would Be A Dream) And More
by Tom Gainey | March 9th, 2015, 3:42 pm

If you are a Roger Federer fan, you want to read this latest story from Chris Clarey of the NY Times.

In the article published today, Federer talks about how much he likes having his family with him when he goes to tournaments. With the girls turning six later this year, Federer revealed that he travels with multiple nannies and even a kindergarten teacher to keep the girls up-to-date with schoolwork.

They also manage it now that Charlene and Myla are of school age, with the help of a kindergarten teacher who accompanies Federer and his wife, Mirka, on the road and instructs the girls most mornings in hotel rooms or other spaces converted into classrooms.

Federer said that the kindergarten teacher had a degree for teaching primary school and that the plan was for the girls to begin the equivalent of first grade on the road later in the year.

“It seems like the right thing to do, so we can all stay together,” Federer said. “I wasn’t sure if that was what I really wanted for the kids at the beginning, but I must say it keeps us together.

“The girls enjoy it, and I love being with my family, and so does Mirka. She loves being with me, so we get to see each other every single day, basically, and I think that’s more important than being apart from each other and them going to normal school at the moment. But things can change very quickly.”

Federer added that his goal is to win Wimbledon and returning to No. 1 would be a dream. He also talked about Davis Cup and his desire to visit new countries like Istanbul and hinted at a possible exo African tour. (Federer once said he wanted to travel the world as a backpacker when he retired!)

Federer is in New York the next few days for Tuesday night’s MSG exo against Grigor Dimitrov. Then he’s off to Indian Wells.

For more read Clarey’s excellent story here.

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73 Comments for Roger Federer Talks Family (We Travel With A Teacher), Goals (A Return To No. 1 Would Be A Dream) And More

skeezer Says:

Wow girls are already 6? Time flies. Sounds like life is good. Hope he continues to pursue that title @ Wimpy and enjoys his few years remaining on tour.

Tennis Island Says:

Roger is just a normal guy. So good example as a person and an athlete

Humble Rafa Says:

I just hope someone will write a glowing piece about me some day.

skeezer Says:

^maybe when you start writing “glowing pieces” about Fed.

madmax Says:

It’s a great article and Fed is a babe.

So glad that we are living in the golden era of tennis – with the GOAT.

Keep doing what you are doing Fed. You make us fans very proud.

Hippy Chick Says:

Healthy attitude,i dont know how he does it,four little ones travelling all over the world,he must love the lifestyle,its Mirka i feel for who IMO looks tired and harrassed in many of his matches,again JMO but im not sure she does love the lifestyle as much as her husband??

Hippy Chick Says:

Humble Rafa the dynamics are somewhat different between yourself and Roger,hes married with his own family,youve yet to make that step,as youve said marriage and children are what yourself and Xisca plan to do when youve finished your career?….

brando Says:

“You make us fans very proud.”: yeah I doubt the feeling would be mutual if Fed were to ever catch sight of some of the crap his so called fans post.

Colin Says:

Hippy Chick, I wish you (and others) would not encourage this person. HE ISN’T NADAL! He’s just a sad nutcase who thinks he’s Nadal. Rafa is a great tennis player and a nice guy. He has loads of fans, and doesn’t need the input of creepy psychiatric cases like this one.

Markus Says:

Whoa! Hippy Chick addresses the fake Nadal like he was the real thing. Very troubling.

chris ford1 Says:

I’ll just veer totally off subject. Sometimes animals aren’t what you think. The cow in the background, like the one Fed owned, is of a species the frugal Swiss feed fish bycatch to. Much ground to meal, but some straight to the feeding troughs in frozen blocks from North, Baltic, Med…plus carp and other freshwater fish scraps from nearby rivers and lakes.
And deer eat birds. Whenever they can.
In Canada, a researcher had noted that mist nets erected to track bird migration under catch and release with banding were seeing too much hawk activity – plunging in and ripping nets and eating netted birds. She set up video to see what species of hawk it was so it might be thwarted. It was a 4-legged whitetail deer herd. The video saw the deer hearing then making a beeline for mist net trapped birds and gobbling them down. Next, government park ranger heard of this, had never bought the notion hawks and ground squirrels were raiding songbird nests in brush – because it was happening at night and no birds, or ground squirrels, were active.
He hooked a video up.
Within a month the vis showed prime baby bird killer culprits had turned out to be deer and weasels. Deer herd moving in to feed. Not on tasty berries and twigs, but wee little birdies!

Federer would be appalled.

Damien Mills Says:

There are only two troubling things here ATM:
– Trolls who spend their time trying hard to diss others while using big words they don’t understand, and
– People not understanding that HR is satire, and that he/she is probably a fan of any other tennis player bar Rafa.

Bring on Indian Wells!

Margot Says:

The only player who gets beaten with a small stick by HR is Nole. I rest my case.
BTW Thought satire was meant to make you laugh?

Giles Says:

Lol. Does the ole man really believe the tennis venues are a healthy and fun environment for his kids? The girls are 6 now. When are they expected to enjoy themselves on a playground with other kids? Shouldn’t that time begin about now? So they sit in front of their nanny cum teacher and learn what exactly? I could go on and on pointing out how very unnatural and unfair this scenario is for the kids. Another self serving act for Mr Federer!! Geez
As long as he is enjoying himself that is what really matters, no?

Hippy Chick Says:

Markus/Colin,Damien Mills, of course i understand HR is satire,TBH he/she isnt a poster that i really interact with much on this forum,i havent a clue who h/s is a fan of even though ive been blogging here for over 3 years now,i dont even understand the SOH either,the point i was making in my post at 4.46pm is that Rafa and Rogers orientation of family dynamics is somewhat different for the reasons i stated above,didnt know i would get such a reaction lol?….

Damien Mills Says:

Sorry HC, not ripping on YOU at all – just that HR gets some people really fired up for God-knows what reason. I understand when you yourself speak to HR as though he is Rafa, you’re taking part in the satire. All good here :)


Yes, GOOD satire usually does ;)

Damien Mills Says:

And I was aiming my ‘troll’ rip at Markus for his attempt at demeaning you. Hate to see a nice poster come under fire from a dropkick.

Colin Says:

So HR is satire?
What, pray, is he satirising?

Hippy Chick Says:

Colin at the risk of repeating myself AGAIN,the only thing i was saying is that the relationship is different between Roger and Mirka and Rafa and Xisca,as i said already he isnt someone i interact with much on this forum anyway,as for satire i dont know,much less dont particulaly care,it was one comment i didnt know it would cause such a fuss lol?….

Damien Mills Says:

@ Colin

Are you serious?

brando Says:

@Margot: roflmao- I never spotted that! Yes, that is interesting. HR routinely mocks Federer (fans also), has his shots at Andy and of course mocks Rafa. But hardly anything about Novak. He also emerged in the 2011 onwards period, when most felt Novak’s biggest rival is or would be Nadal. And HR mocks Rafa. Could it be that HR is a closet Novak fan who’s gone under the radar for all these years? LOL: I give credit for one thing, he’s shown more dedication to his character performance on here than even the great Daniel Day Lewis would dare do so. 3 plus years and still in character: bravo!

Hippy Chick Says:

^Wasnt there all that egg love stuff a few years back?anyway IMO HR,The Great Davy,and Roger Federer Fan are all the same poster?^….

Hippy Chick Says:

Daniel Day Lewis is an amazing actor and the guy is also lush to boot….

Margot Says:

Many, many moons ago, as Hippy says, there were fleeting comments about “the egg.” But mild in the extreme compared to what’s regularly dished out to Andy/Fed/Rafa. Since then nada.
Further evidence m’lord.
Best Wishes, Sherlock.

mat4 Says:


That’s your perception, as an Andy fan. I don’t quite see a difference among Humble Rafa, The Arrogant One, Lady Forehand and Egg Lover…

I also noted that while mocking fedfans, HR most of the time _defended_ Rafa. A more nuanced analysis of HR posts shows that he want more recognition for Rafa’s accomplishments. For me, he probably _is_ a rafan.

Margot Says:

Ah no, mat4, the very name, “Humble Rafa” is a complete piss take. And what is dished out to Nole is so mild compared to what’s dished out elsewhere.
Anyway, I refuse to give the oxygen of publicity to this cynic any more. So we’ll agree to differ and leave it at that.

Hippy Chick Says:

Mat4 he has also took the p*ss out of his own namesake,when refering to the book Rafa my story saynig how one dimensional he was,if Rafa is his favorite then hes been less than complimentary at times,maybe he aint a fan of anyone of the players,or is a fan of all the players but just likes to poke fun,just second guessing,as i havent the foggiest idea?i certainly stirred up this thread unintentionally i might add….

Daniel Says:

HR is a Nole fan, fact.

Brando is right, he come out 0f the closet after 2011 and even thought he mocks Djoko every now and than he usually goes for the egg lover, which is kind of not “offensive” compared to what he does to Nadal and Fed. His main purpose is mock Fedal.

I don’t take offense in what he writes and even tough he is not funny as he used to, some of his lines were excellent and created some amusement. Staying in character for this long is commendable as well, even so if you think that he probably has another “normal” alias in here. I for one would like to know who he/she is:-)

Daniel Says:

Agree Margot, everything thrown at Novak is mild.

mat4, he indeed wants recognition for Rafa, because is true to his “character”, no!

Okiegal Says:

@Chick 9:40……You certainly did stir things
up with one itty bitty comment. I’ve interacted with HR at times, along with about every poster on
here. Never gave it a thought…..but I will
now!! LOL. :) Oh, and I loved Daniel Day Lewis in the Last of the Mohicans…..He was so fleet of
foot, running like a deer. That was filmed in either North or South Carolina. That US state is on my bucket list along with watching “our” Rafa play live some day!! Cheerio Chick…..that had a nice ring to it!!

jane Says:

ha! fun, interpreting the deployment and level of satire. here’s how i see it:

1. HR is a rafa fan! yes he is. why? because he actually defends rafa from time-to-time, slipping out of character even. this is the only player of the “big 4” he defends. i can find posts to support. he also knows – by far – the most about rafa.

2. HR is least derisive toward nole of the other big 4, with that i would agree. however, he’s more ignored than loved

3. Next comes lady forehand; he occasionally puts in biting comments towards andy, but beyond that, doesn’t bother to much.

4. Fed is far and away HR’s main topic of derision. He constantly snipes on Fed’s posts and even at Fed’s fans, for example skeezer. He is least enamoured with the Arrogant one and the Arrotards.

that’s how i “read” HR.

personally, i like a little satire, and he doesn’t bother me too much. i just scroll if he’s in a foul mood and parody slips in to flat out meanness.

but everyone is cranky sometimes.

Okiegal Says:

Don’t you all know that Humble is gloating right now, all this fuss being made about him……fuel being added to the on going fire……LOL

jane Says:

weird: i posted my “humble rafa” interpretation, but it’s in moderation. no bad words or links. hmmm.

Okiegal Says:

Humble’s intention is to stir up a stink…..mission accomplished!!!

Bring on Indian Wells, we’re grasping at straws for a “meaty” discussion, no??

Markus Says:

Satire vs schizophrenia. There’s a big difference there. Satire is supposed to be witty. HR used to have that until schizophrenia took over.

Okiegal Says:

@Jane…..really?? That does call for a hmmm…..
I hope it passes inspection, I’m interested in what you have to say, as always!

chris ford1 Says:

Does anyone doubt Humble Rafa is grateful for the rivalry Djokovic has given him after Rafa took over and owned Fedal from 2008 and on?? By 2011 the obvious should be clear to all tennis fans. Fedal is dead, long live Rafa-Nole and NOle-Fed.!!

Markus Says:

By the way, Hippy Chick is a fine lady based on what I read from her. I have no problems with her. She is very level-headed.

Okiegal Says:

Your post made the cut, I agree with you on every point…..get out the hammer, girlie, you nailed it!! You are a girl, not hiding behind a misleading moniker?? Lol

mat4 Says:


jane is a girl, indeed. I could bet my grey metallic mercedes-benz on it…

mat4 Says:


BTW, here, I summed up a lot of stats about Novak.

sienna Says:

Most of you are (as usual) over reacting and getting way to personal in interacting on this site.
please try to stay reasonable in given a reaction or making some statement.
Some are far to defensive in their comments.

Even HR gets irritated and looses his or hers coole.

Just friendly advice for those who get carried away on this site.
I can read most of you pretty clear so I will give advice on personal level.

where is mens draw then we can speak again of conspiracy.

Purcell Says:

Giles: your fake concern does not mask your troublesome dislike of Fed.
Can’t even write ‘old’ without giving it a touch of Spanish….ole….ole

Giles Says:

Purcell. That was good ole fashioned criticism, not concern.

sienna Says:

I agree about the girls
They probably will be very cleaver and fit because personal teacher and trainer will give benefits. But they need to interact with other girls. they grow up a little like royalty atm.
not a healthy environment to keep thats why 2016 will be his last year.

same as Nadal they finish together. Rafa wants children and 2016 seems about right to start.
if he waits longer he looks like his dad.
Boldy town.

jane Says:

thanks mat4; will look at it later. i see we agree on HR too. i just saw your post now, and we both noticed how HR defends rafa only.

btw, you won’t lose your car, but thanks for putting it on the line for me. hee hee

okie, yes, am a female, a shebear, a girl, a woman, hear me roar. ;)

Okiegal Says:

@Jane^^^ Yeah, roar, baby, roar……women folk rule!! :)

Okiegal Says:

@mat4…..I would have bet my 2014 silver Limited Ford truck on that too……she confirmed it! :)

mat4 Says:


It’s an old, internal joke — a few years ago we wrote about cars we don’t own, but would like to have.

jane is probably a teacher of literature, and for myself, I am in linguistics, so it’s also a confrontation between grammar and poetry…

But if you stay here for some time, like jane, alison (that’s HC), skeezer, WB, Margot is almost there, even DA (my tennis arch-enemy) you’ll see that we can be nice toward each other, and sometimes even feel a bit lonely when they are not here to argue.

Brando Says:


I completely agree about HR. It’s pretty clear to me he’s a Novak fan. Just look at it logically:

His consistent deriding of Fed rules that one out. His put downs of Andy have a mean slant that rules that one out.

So it’s either Rafa or Novak and I see it as Novak. Consider the following:

1. He hardly ever say’s anything about Novak:

When was the last time HR even made a comment that way? The number 1 in the world, a prominent player and yet no comment?

When HR blasts even the Bryan Brothers, comments on Berdych and Wawrinka with his brand of posting then:

Why the absence of commentary on Novak?

2. His emergence 2011 owards:

HR arrived into town when Novak came into prominence.

3. The mocking of Nadal:

HR plays on the public perception of Rafa being humble. Now some find this to be a phony facade and HR- IMHO- plays on this using the Nadal ‘humble’ mask as a perfect launch pad to rile up Fed fans (the arrotard to his humbleness) while equally riling up Nadal.

4. Even his Rafa comments are mocking:

Whenever Rafa is getting attacked on here for whatever reason, HR mockingly defends his persona with retorts such as ‘but why pick on Humble?’ or along the line of. He’s clearly taking the piss of Rafa and his public persona to his fans as being a humble, down to earth guy.

5. Why would a Nadal fan take the piss with such a characterization:

Would a genuine Rafa fan REALLY mock his fav for such a time with this persona? Would a Nadal REALLY mock his close friend Muzza like HR does?

For me: certainly not. I don’t think ANY fan of a particular player mock their fav, his fan base like this.

I mean would we really expect a Djokovic fan to create a character that mocks his mentality or nolefam fanbase, or a Federer fan to rile up Fed and his fanbase with a Arrogant RF account?

Of course not. It’s illogical, unseen and quite ridiculous to even consider.

But the biggest reason why I think HR is Novak fan is the following 3 reasons:

1- He started mocking Rafa 2011 onwards:

HR emerged here in the year 2011- the year Novak broke through. Who was seen as Novak’s biggest rival then? Rafa. A popular player with a large fanbase.

Makes sense to target, mock Rafa considering he was the biggest rival then.

2. HR’s sudden mocking of Andy:

HR hardly ever used to comment on Muzza pre USO 2012 period.

But suddenly when Andy stepped up, the Tennis community pitted him as Novak’s big, great new rival circa 12/13 what do we see HR suddenly do?

Start addressing him as Mr Lady Forehand.

HR hardly commented on Andy prior to him being seen as the new big rival for Novak, but as soon as Andy stepped up: so did HR’s vitrol that way.

3. The Great Davy sock account:

Many here think the Great Davy is a sock account for HR.

Now the Great Davy’s claim to fame is his h2h v Nadal. Again:

What a Nadal fan REALLY have 2 accounts on here mocking Rafa?

Would a Nadal fan REALLY mock his being humble and then have another account mocking his h2h v Davy?

Of course not!

Bottom Line:

The lacking of any posting towards Novak Djokovic- a major player in the Tennis fraternity- when even the likes of the Bryan Bros, Sharapova, Serena, hell even Wawrinka get jabs from HR is telling.

The silence of his/her towards Novak is quite deafening since if HR finds all open to ridicule then:

Why the silence to such a prominent name in Novak?

Why the sudden belittling of Andy when he was seen by some as Novak’s biggest rival when HR was previously silent towards him?

And IF true, why on earth would a Nadal fan have 2 accounts mocking his fav (as HR and Great Davy)? The would not: it’s completely illogical of fan to do such a thing.

So to me it’s clear that while HR may post about Rafa at times in positive tone, it’s ONLY done to maintain his mocking, ‘humble character’.

His silence towards Novak when HR mocks everyone else, plus his sudden vitrol towards Andy when he became a big rival for Novak is pretty telling as to who HR really roots for.

Brando Says:


I do a post on HR and it also hits moderation!

Interesting development there!

Patson Says:

Awwww! After mat4’s post, Tennis-x needs to have a Kumbaya moment.

Patson Says:

^ no sarcasm/pun meant or intended.

Okiegal Says:

@mat4…..Oh, I took you at your word about the Benz….My friend has one, if you’re gonna wish, wish big! I’m hooked on trucks. The resale value is good. I do have the one I said. I love sitting high off the ground. I have been posting almost two years but reading the forum about three years I was under moderation for almost one year. I have no qualms with other fan bases, however I prefer civil chat as opposed to nasty. I think we can all get our points across in a nice manner. But like Jane said, we can all get cranky once in awhile……and some just stay cranky!! Lol Have a nice day, Mat!

Okiegal Says:

Would the “real” Humble Rafa please stand?? :)

Giles Says:

Humble Rafa is a die hard Rafan. Why can’t you guys see it?

Margot Says:

Methinks the Nole fans do protest too much…;)
And what pray mat4 does “Margot is almost there” mean?
Satire? Once perhaps. Stuck record more like now.
Yep Brando, you nailed it.

mat4 Says:


When you notice that I defend Andy _against you_, it will mean that you are there ;-)

Anyway, Afans have the privilege to be adopted rapidly, since they don’t have the opportunity to become arrogant :-) Nolefans like me have forgotten the USO, WB 2013, the Olympics… and are compassionate again. It’s not always the case, I admit it, we have our bad moments too (especially at RG), and while we like competition and a strong era, we don’t like Rafa, Nishikori and Karlovic (you can’t like everyone, no?) and just tolerate Federer, but, it’s the fate of fan dome…


No harm intended. Just joking at myself. It was meant do be funny and self derisory.

jane Says:

“Humble Rafa is a die hard Rafan. Why can’t you guys see it?”

agree giles.

people brought up HR’s name as a reason for why he wouldn’t be a rafa fan, but to me that’s called “self-deprecation” (i mean it’s not literally rafa’s “self” obviously, but you get the idea. :))

just look at the thread about rafa opening a tennis academy; HR defended rafa there calling posters “cynical” who said it was a cash grab. there are other instances. it’s the only player he defends.

and p.s., in his own words… ;)

“Humble Rafa Says:
I am neutral towards the Egg Lover. I hate when he copies my antics.

January 18th, 2015 at 12:00 pm”

Daniel Says:


Also agree HR ref Murray, he seems to genuine dislike Murray because he took 2 Slams away from Novak.

It’s funny how some interpretive it different. I could bet a kidney that he is not a Raf fan. LOL

jane Says:

daniel just curious, why do you think he defends rafa then?

Margot Says:

Lol jane, is that the best you can do for “HR is no Nole fan?” ;)

Hippy Chick Says:

Jane he doesnt always defend Rafa,he has said some quite sarcastic and less than complimentary things about his namesake while ive been here,as i said about the book Rafa my story he said how one dimensional he was,and how without clay he wouldnt have achieved much,and it just goes to prove how little ive achieved,if hes a Rafa fan im sorry then im Madonna?….

Hippy Chick Says:

Damien Mills@5.27am March 10th,many thanks but i never gave it a second though,and took no offence anyway….

Markus@March 10th 11.44am,thats very sweet lol,and you made my day,but im not sure i deserve to be rated so highly,im probably one of the crankiest people here,like with that Novak/Rafa injury thread last week,and what i said i wish i hadnt, still nobodys perfect eh?….

Hippy Chick Says:

Giles/Sienna got to agree with bits and pieces of both of your posts,i dont know how long Rafa will play or when hes planning on starting a family,but side stepping that?i agree in that i dont think its healthy for children and families to be living in each others pockets 24/7/365,children need to live the lives of normal children interacting with other children,not been pushed from pillow to post,and country to country,also maybe its my perception and only my perception,but as happy as Roger is with this set up,i dont get the same impression with wife Mirka,IMO its fantastic shes supporting her husband and wants to keep him happy,but she looks far from happy,sometimes you run the risk of making others happy,but also run the risk of making yourself miserable,i know it wont go down well but this is my two cents??

Hippy Chick Says:

Okie lol loved that film too,DDL is indeed a hottie,but not to the extent of Mr Jackman,probably a better actor though?….

brando Says:

Thanks Margot and Daniel. It’s interesting that fed and Muzza fans agree with the obvious that HR ain’t no rafa fan. Hell: even Nadal fans agree barring one. Only ones in denial are Novak fans: those facts just say it all really.

jane Says:

hippy i don’t think i say always; i said only. as far as i can remember, HR has only ever defended rafa of the big 4. for example here

Humble Rafa Says:
He spent 7 months silent ban pre 2013.

Idiots will be idiots. Can’t help you unless you help yourself.

February 4th, 2015 at 1:59 pm

or here

Humble Rafa Says:
courbon Says:
That was left over bottles from Nadal camp…(-:

This is the type of useless stuff that stirs even the Humblest of Humble Ones.

Why? Seriously why?

jane Says:

okie, it looks like you, giles, and mat4 and i agree. it might be a first. :) anyhow, as daniel says, it’s interesting to speculate.

now if only HR would break the silence.

mat4 Says:

I would like Conty to break the silence. She’s missed too.

Hippy Chick Says:

Ireally stirred this thread up a couple of days ago,to which Colin replied,and from that it rather snowballed lol….

sienna Says:

We must not forget Mirka was a professional player.
In retro Fed really came into TMF when they were together. she was manager for long time etc. but above all I think she taught to be tough and exceed expectations. she has very part in the ongoing success of her man. larger then anycoach he had.

The top players are teams, family’s are businesses. it is good for nadal to say I don’t want that.
It can only be done when both adults and perhaps other members are fully commited.
mirka sacrifices many things for the tennis dream of Roger maybe she loves him so much that it is her dream too. but children of 6 is pushing it maybe 7 but 8 then they really need to find different set up if he wants to play after 2016.

Of course he can pick and chose his events. but stubbornness is a virtue I feel both Fed and Mirka have in surplus. fed still wants #1 ranking. So full schedule is on for 2016.

With Rafa
I really cannot see him wanting to be father far over 30. His career is already long he started playing top level almost from the get go.
He didn’t needed a Mirka. He had T to get him on the job. anyway goals are set and when achieved he will stop what else is there to achieve.
A lot depends on his success rate. I don’t see him as aguy who keeps motivated when losing and falling down ranking. So actually has not met a full year where everything goes down the draine. he has had adversary but always with some silver linislam.When he gets his 2013 year he needs to get back towinninGarros.
But maybe he will play just to keep djokovic from winning Garros. Djoker got 2 more chances…

jane Says:

mat4, i know. i miss contador too. :( and kimmi and kimberly. and wog boy is on hiatus now. there are quite a few new posters around lately though.

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