Novak Djokovic: I’m Not Invincible, Nobody Is Invincible
by Tom Gainey | January 10th, 2016, 3:38 pm

Novak Djokovic is already in tip-top form after destroying rival Rafael Nadal 61, 62 to win his first Doha title on Saturday. Djokovic has now made 16 straight finals and since the start of last year, he’s won 12 events.

With Djokovic’s increasing his ranking lead and dominating the tour, the Serb is seemingly unstoppable. But despite his near-perfect match against Rafa, he’s not invincible.

“No, I don’t feel invincible. Nobody is invincible,” Djokovic said. “But I’m playing the tennis of my life, and I will try to, you know, nurture and cherish those moments on the court.”

Djokovic now turns his focus on his Australian Open title defense starting next Monday.

“[The Doha title] does definitely give me a great deal of confidence for the rest of the season,” he said. “But, you know, my thoughts are only directed to Melbourne and what I need to do there. The week that I have before the Australian Open starts will actually be very useful also for me because I have played a lot, trained very hard, played a great five matches here.

“That’s where I’m hoping I can continue this run and this great level of performance,” he added.

After his 60th career ATP title, Djokovic is now 85-5 over the past 52 weeks and is 33-5 against the Top 10 during that span.

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13 Comments for Novak Djokovic: I’m Not Invincible, Nobody Is Invincible

Gypsy Gal Says:

Liar you bloody well are lol….

jane Says:

just read that this was novak’s first 250 trophy since serbia in 2011.

Chrisford1 Says:

After getting the handsome Doha trophy, Djokovic posted on Facebook the golden raptor was a reminder of his grandfather as well – his nickname for Nole growing up was Nole was his “Falcon”.

A photo taken right before the Doha tournament started.

Two things I like seeing in that pic.

1. As opposed to many tennis wives and GFs, Mrs D enjoys doing things with Team Nole sometimes..tries to have fun, help her husband enjoy his prep time and training. Jelena Djokovic, as John McEnroe noted a few times, also really gets animated and into matches at times, entertaining to watch her cheer and boo..good personality. Nole married well.
2. It is very nice to see how Boris Becker is doing since leaving the broadcast gig and going on the road with Djokovic. Years seem to have peeled away from him. Looks far healthier, is living a far healthier lifestyle than he did in 2013. Becker also had hip surgery and that also contributes to him being able to exercise, have active physical fun, now.

jane Says:

omg, tennis-x staff strikes again! i love that rock-n-roll pic of novak and his team.

django Says:

Yes, boris looks way better than he used to.
John McEnroe has mentioned the partnership with Nole as being “so good for Boris.” I think John means physically, mentally and respect-wise

Sarah Says:

I think this song reminds me on SAturdays match Djoker vs. Nadal :

Rick Says:

Warinka would kicks his arse in the Grand Slams.

Sarah Says:

well Rick, everything is possible in sports and Wawrinka could be a challenge, he already was in the last 2 years…

Michael Says:

Who is going to stop Novak at the Australian Open ? I see none at the moment !!

Andy is terribly out of form and Roger already constrained by age related factors is also not feeling at his best on court and then we have Rafa who is ofcourse playing better Tennis than he had last year, but unfortunately the match up with Novak is raked against him. The only dark horse left is Wawarinka who definitely has the wherewithal to demolish anybody on his day, but he lacks consistency to do it on a regular basis and thus the creamy layer is complete.

Berych, Ferrer, Cilic, Nishikori, Raonic, Dmitrov are all just mince meat for Novak and are his favourite bunnies. Lastly, there is Tsonga, who can fancy his chances against the best if he products his explosive form, but the caveat here is that he should first reach that stage to challenge Novak.

The bottom line is that Novak might just ease away through the Australian Open and win his 6th Crown and 11th overall equaling Borg and Rod Laver !!

calmdownplease Says:

‘Andy is terribly out of form’

Er, no he isn’t.

Novak will remain undefeated for as long as he is up against has-beens and mental midgets.
It’s up to them to do something about it, if they can.
But if he can be chipped away at prior to a final he’s fair game, as has been demonstrated by wawa on a couple of significant occasions.
Andy took him to five on the clay FFS!
I’m not handing him another year just yet thank you.
Goodness, the thought is SO depressing.
The Doha match was of no surprise to anyone with brain cells.
I just don’t see Nadal beating Novak ever again, on clay or anywhere.
He has effectively ‘retired’ him.
Nadal simply hasn’t accepted it yet.
At least with Nadal’s domination of Roger there where windows of opportunities, places he could hide on surfaces not yet mastered by Nadal.
Rafa will not have this luxury going on.
There is literally nowhere for him to hide and he is just slower and less powerful than before.

Pauly Says:

No one is unbeatable !
But Nadal will not beat Djokovic anytime soon
He lacks power in his forehand has weak serve & is too slow
But clay might be his only hope if he can get someone to help him … Uncle Toni must step aside

RZ Says:

@Jane – only his first 250 trophy since 2011? Underachiever! :-)

jane Says:

yeah rz. :) seems he just doesnt play them much. really narrowed his schedule after that year.

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