Roger Federer Posts Heartfelt Message To His Fans On Same Day Novak Djokovic Was Booed Off Court
by Staff | February 25th, 2016, 6:13 pm

Roger Federer posted a heartfelt message on his website, thanking his fans for all the kind words following surgery on his left knee earlier this month.

I would like to send out a heartfelt thank you for all your kind words after my injury and the surgery. It was an amazingly positive boost to receive all your cards, letters, presents and posts on the web. It really means a whole lot to me to feel your support in tough times.

It is fantastic to be moving and working out again. We’re taking it one step at a time, but I’m already really looking forward to getting back onto the court with full energy.

Thank you very much again, see you soon

Federer gave no timetable for return, but he didn’t rule out his next scheduled event at Indian Wells which begins in two weeks.

By all indications, Federer’s post came AFTER Novak Djokovic retired (and some would say “booed” off the court by fans) in Dubai today. Federer has never retired in a match in his career.

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48 Comments for Roger Federer Posts Heartfelt Message To His Fans On Same Day Novak Djokovic Was Booed Off Court

J-Kath Says:

“Federer has never retired in a match in his career.” However, he has famously retired at equates as the “last minute” ….late enuf that his reserve cannot take his place…..WTF!!

J-Kath Says:

“at what equates”

Sorri for my typos – it’s late for me….I should know better.

Wog Boy Says:

I guess another click bite thread, no?

annah Says:

Federer whitdrew the finals in Paris in 2014 worse than that does not exist.

jane Says:

indeed wog boy.

RZ Says:

Fed has withdrawn (i.e., given a walkover without playing a match) but I don’t think he has stopped playing a match due to injury. But really that is irrelevant as is mention of Djokovic in this post. Fed’s video isn’t related to Djokovic’s withdrawal, and really isn’t a counterpoint either.

Yolita Says:

I guess Novak should have given Feliciano a walkover instead of retiring. It would have worked to Nole’s advantage in several ways:
1. It wouldn’t have counted as a win for Feli or a loss for him in the H2H
2. It wouldn’t have counted as a loss for his W/L record, currently the highest ever
3. He wouldn’t have been booed by that handful of people
4. It wouldn’t have counted as a retirement, which is obviously considered much worse than a walk-over, judging by the snarky last comment in this article.
But I am sure that Felicuano appreciates to have a win over the #1 player in the world, rather than a walk-over. At least he will appreciate the effort Novak made to try to play in spite of the discomfort the light caused his eyes.
That’s his sin: instead of giving walkovers, Novak always tries to play.
Get well soon, Novak. Get back to your winning ways.

chrisford1 Says:

I don’t like the wording of this caption. It implies that kindly wonderful Roger was again showing his gratitude on how people hadn’t missed obvious fact he is the best and most loved person in sport while at the same time, a stadium mob literally boo’d the Dark Prince from Commieland off the court.

And past the caption, we see in the text that the nameless Fedtard who is the ‘staff writer’ assigned to write this decided to link it to Djokovic so he could again do the tired hack writers meme “Fed is King Arthur level of good and LOVED! LOVED! by the world. While “some say” Novak was “boo’d off the court” – normal for the Dark Prince from the distant evil country is HATED! HATED! by the whole world!!!

Who was booing him?? A minority of the rich expats in the RF ballcaps or RF branded head scarves waiting near the players entrance. . From the same nations that have boors that boo Djokovic for daring to break up “Fedal”. Rest of the crowd was applauding or booing the umpire or just the cancellation…

Even some Serbs in a group with Serb flags the camera panned to were booing it because of the cancellation, not the guy they consider a Serb demi-god.

Kat_YYZ Says:

Wow, I can’t believe some of the comments, LOL. Some of you actually took this seriously? It’s a joke, click bait as someone said. This is like saying “Novak Djokovic Booed Off Court On The Same Day As Donald Trump Orders Lamb Chops For Lunch” — and then actually trying to correlate the two! I guess people really will argue about anything on the internet.

Van Persie Says:

“Roger Federer Posts Heartfelt Message To His Fans On Same Day Novak Djokovic Was Booed Off Court” : I am very curious, whose fans have booed Nole?

Van Persie Says:

^^ does not matter, CF1 explained what happened there :)
the title and the content of this article is really hilarious

AndyMira Says:

VP..the article clearly wants the reaction from nole’s all..don’t fall to their bait..

jane Says:

lol cf1, i almost spat out my wine at this intro…

“It implies that kindly wonderful Roger was again showing his gratitude on how people hadn’t missed obvious fact he is the best and most loved person in sport while at the same time, a stadium mob literally boo’d the Dark Prince from Commieland off the court.”

the dark prince from commieland – that’s our novak! ;)

great post from yolita too.

i think this whole post/article is hilarious… totally. it’s rich. and dysfunctional people, totally dysfunctional. ha ha. :D

Van Persie Says:

Hi AM,
You are so very right on this. Thank you very much for your kind words from yesterday after the match, I could not reply asap. I was out for dinner with a friend.
I had a look later on the scores and have seen, that Nole retired. I was relieved, when I saw there were only eye problems. I was scared and thought, it was something worse.

Ronn Says:

Stupid article. Only a handful of the fans booed Djoko and they were Fedtards who relish the fact that Djoko didn’t go on to win this tournament. That’s what jealousy does for you. When your guy keeps getting beaten in MAJORS by another guy it’s easy to hate the other guy.

Van Persie Says:

I think, I will continue to post here, as there are so many posters which I like and respect, but I will not read the articles anymore, but only the comments.

AndyMira Says:

Hi VP,how are you today?..about was nothing..i knew you were going to be upset..who wouldn’t?i think nole made a right decision to retired..what’s the use to play when you can’t see the ball clearly or can’t judge properly where to hit the ball..even though it seems bad to his resume or reputation but to h#$% with’s not as if he retired everyday right?And with good reason at that..and i think this article only wants to fuel what’s was left from uso last like i said..don’t fall for it..only our dream to see nick vs nole have to be postpone to later date i guess..

J-Kath Says:

Roger uses the royal “WE” to tell us that “We’re taking it one step at a time,”

I wonder how that is going to look on the court? Perhaps raising an imperial hand towards the umpire….

Van Persie Says:

AM, I am ok, thanks for asking. How are U?
I am looking forward for Nick-Wawa match ;)

AndyMira Says:

VP..i’m also fine but still suffered from “the laughing disease” that was caused by stupid and naive virus that i contracted out of nowhere..anyway i will go for nick this’re not working today?

Tennisfan Says:

That’s a very kind of Rog to acknowledge the support from fans. Hopefully he really is recovering as well as he’s claiming to and we’ll see him back on tour soon.

Van Persie Says:

AM, I will leave work sooner today, it is Friday, I have some overtime in my account, so I will see that match

P.S. “laughing disease” is healthy ;)

AndyMira Says:

Yeah VP..once again sorry about misunderstanding yesterday..i promise if i see such an unusual and looks tasty and delicious words from anywhere,i will ask you we chat later k..i have to go and pick up my son from long ‘SWEETHART’..sorry,can’t resist!he!he!

Margot Says:

Perhaps the headline is ironic? Oh hang on…….;)

Daniel Says:


Not just the rich RF fans if you saw the video some guys with Serbia shirt were throwing their hands in the air.

Many peiple didn’t umderstand what happened and that’s when the boo occur. If it was something he had an MTO to massage or if he were cramping etc that was easy to see disconfort. In this case nobody knew at first. Many players were booed in similar situation before, regardless of their rankings.

Dave Says:

Just to clear up any misconceptions about the booing, I am here in Acapulco watching the tournament. I was walking to the stadium and I walked by Azaranka, who looked very angry. I found on from my friend beside me that she had withdrawn from her match. Most of the crowd didn’t know this. When they announced it, so many people booed. They weren’t so much booing Azaranka as they were booing not getting to see her play in a very limited womens field this year. Azaranka by far the best player in this draw, similar to Nishikori in Memphis.

Dave Says:


I found an article that might cheer you and Pauly up a bit.

chrisford1 Says:

Daniel, anyone that saw the tape would see the booing (as well as applause) had mixed sources, including the Serbs, the Roger fans near the player’s entrance. Obvious to all there
The problem I have is it was gratuitously thrown into an article praising Federer, opined to “Some would say…” that Djokovic was boo’d off the court.
And this is part of that cancerous meme some writers have that if there must be this near-perfect pinnacle of all that is pure and good so LOVED!!- THEN SURELY – there must be the contrast, some player not of noble origin or character that is DISLIKED boo’d out of stadiums.
Hack writers in love with Federer have been doing this insidious meme for years now. They were happy with the Fedal duopoly, set to crank tennis boilerplate product on the two Greatest of All Time for a decade then this Djoke comes along and ruins the party.
So the knives came out for Djokovic by 2012, when they and Fedal fans (mainly Fed fans) realized 2011 was not a fluke.

chrisford1 Says:

And Dave is right, other players have been boo’d. This is on some level a tour organizational problem – fans happy in their seats and suddenly it’s over and fans money lost in a default win instead of more sets of play. All they are told is it is cancelled for a “medical problem”. Player doesn’t get the mic, fans in the stands are ticked off and left in the dark, while TV viewers get news as soon as the player leaves on what’s the reason along with the “I regrets” about not being able to go on.
On these sort defaults, players should be given the opportunity to get the mic for a moment if they want and address the disappointed fans. It’s not like a match that ended unexpectedly soon will disrupt the flow of the daily events and needlessly hold them up if a player can take a couple of minutes to say:
“My left hamstring got pulled last set and the treatment courtside didn’t work. I tried to play on but could barely move. Sorry to you fans and my opponent the match had to end this way. I congratulate him/her on the win.”

Wog Boy Says:

To make it clear, It wasN’t Nole fans in Dubai who were booing Nole, thay gave him applause and yelled at small group of fans that were located at the entrance/exit part and were yelling and whistling while Nole was walking out, and yes, they had RF caps, I wonder why, since Roger wasn’t playing, obviously came to provoke whoever they were, they’ve might not even been Roger fans. Nole acknowledged them and asked them “politely”, with the sign language, to come down on the court and tell him what they want in his face as he was exiting.
The only time Nole copped few whistles by Serbian fans was when he went with Trocki (Partizan fan) to watch BB derby Partizan vs Red Star, since then he smartly avoids derby matches, only international ones he visits. To be honest if I was in BG arena I wouldn’t be clapping seeing him in red and whit scarf, I don’t understand how such a smart man could pick such a shity club as Red Star to cheer for;)
If my late father turns up in red and white scarf I would boo him, when it comes to basketball rivalry there is no forgiveness if you are on the oposite side, even if your name is Nole.

Wog Boy Says:

^^ Should put “:)” smiley face at the end.

Wog Boy Says:

One more thing, people should keep in their mind that out of two million Dubai residents more than 70% are foreigners.

J-Kath Says:

@ margot

They tell me team Wales did it again.. lang may yer leeks grow, lassie.

skeezer Says:

Some of these comments crack me up. I like how some minor “club” here always try to make this a RF vs ND fan club war. Basically, RF sucks, and his fans, right? You guys assume that just because tennis fans wear a RF hat that they are fanatic fans of RF. Guess what, that is one of Nike’s best selling hats cause it is a cool logo and sells. It’s not always because they love RF. Its a Tennis hat. I have seen those hats for sale in practically every tournament I have attended.
As for why the booed Nole I don’t know why, surely they are not jealous because of what? Fed has 17 Slams and the most popular player on the planet, they have absolutely no reason to be jealous. It suspiciously sounds like the jealousy is on the other foot imo.. I have never seen a RF fan jealous of having 17 Slams, let alone another player. Maybe you all know, no? Get over it.

AndyMira Says:

Hi are you?Vacation ok?Thank you for the link..accidentally i’ve already read this wonderful article that was written by the rookie Daisy is refreshing to read it while emotion still gloomy and in uncertainty..but as we all know,rafa needs time to come back..if he can come back at all..we will see..once again thank you dave..hey..sorry about nole k..hope he get well soon..

Wog Boy Says:

Hmm..let me see, O2, classy RF fans, with cow bells, USO, classy RF fans, FO classy RF fans, even Wimblendon…classy RF fans, I am talking about Nole / Roger matches, every one of them. Some people either have short memory or think that others don’t watch tennis..
I wonder why they do that if they are so happy with #17, maybe, just maybe, because the other dude is better player, jealousy starts when you realize the other one is better than you, and particulary when he beats you in eight out of ten last finals. More than enough reasons for some (most) of RF fans to be pissed off with No1e. No need to go any further than TX for the proof, no?:) This was, is and will be RF site until they shut it down..or new star appears not named Rafa or Nole..

skeezer Says:

oh so now your saying that all those problems Nole has had with fans on all those tournaments were RF fans only. Gimme a break. The hole is getting deeper…

kjb Says:


Fed is a grandpa. Obviously Nole is the better player. He is in his prime. When Fed was his age he was doing the same thing Novak is doing right now….dominating. The sad thing is grandpa Fed has been the only person to give the world #1 any resistance at all. Why would Fed fans be booing Novak for withdrawing from a tournament Fed isn’t even a part of.

Wog Boy Says:

I stressed in my post that I am referring to Nole vs Roger matches in mentioned tournaments, so they are either Roger’s or Nole’s fans, they are not Andy’s, Rafa’s or Monfils fans, no?

Wog Boy Says:


You obviously didn’t read my post, since if you did you would find this:

“..and yes, they had RF caps, I wonder why, since Roger wasn’t playing, obviously came to provoke whoever they were, they’ve might not even been Roger fans.”

That is my answer to you about Dubai, and for the rest of your question I refer you back to my 7:45pm to find the answer for “why”?

Markus Says:

Some sycophants here won’t leave Federer alone. He is not even in Dubai but was somewhere recuperating from knee surgery yet they try to drag him into that booing brouhaha. That just tells me he is still the best there has ever been been and jealous people will continue to shoot him down. Roger has set a formidable yardstick that all that his detractors can do now is chop him down in an attempt to bring him down to a level low enough for their favorite to achieve. Wait for your turn. When somebody achieves and exceeds Roger’s achievements, you can rejoice all you want without referencing Roger or anybody. Achievements speak for themselves.

Wog Boy Says:

“Some sycophants here won’t leave Federer alone. He is not even in Dubai but was somewhere recuperating from knee surgery yet they try to drag him into that booing brouhaha.”

Agree, if you are looking at the title of thread:

“Roger Federer Posts Heartfelt Message To His Fans On Same Day Novak Djokovic Was Booed Off Court”

..and this:

“By all indications, Federer’s post came AFTER Novak Djokovic retired (and some would say “booed” off the court by fans) in Dubai today.”

It is obvious who is sycophant, no? It is “staff”, or whoever is behind “staff”, since he is the one that dragged Roger into discussion.

skeezer Says:

^okey dokey.

Van Persie Says:

I would like to dedicate a song to the staff, who wrote this pathetic article. From a Nole Fan ;)

Purcell Says:

Click bait winds you in once more. There’s nothing more hilarious than a headline like this to get so called ‘tennis fans’, no let’s be straight here, Nole fans, in a flap. Responses progress from feigned amusement to underhand digs, to indignation, to stereotyping fans of other players, to name calling, to I know best, to foul-mouthed ranting, to hurt, hurt, hurt…….

Purcell Says:

PS: lovely to see Stan and Baggy in the final. Hope both are on form and provide fans with some delicious and varied shot making.

J-Kath Says:

@ Skeezer – 6.50pm

It would be very surprising if Federer doesn’t get a percentage of the sales on the caps carrying his motif….No matter who buys them and for what reason.

skeezer Says:

^ and know a friend of mine who works for Nike Corp ;)

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