Andy Murray v Milos Raonic For The Wimbledon Title, Who’s The Pick?
by Sean Randall | July 9th, 2016, 3:24 pm

It’s not a repeat of the last two Grand Slam finals, but in a repeat of the Australian Open semifinal and the recent Queen’s final, Andy Murray and Milos Raonic collide for the 2016 Wimbledon title.

Most of us expected Murray to arrive in the Sunday final and he did so fairly routinely. After an easy first week of practice, Murray blasted through Nick Kyrgios, survived a mid-match hiccup against JW Tsonga and then man-handled Tomas Berdych yesterday.

Raonic is someone many figured who would eventually make a Wimbledon final and someday win the title. But win it this early? I don’t think so. And Raonic is fortunate to be this far.

He recovered from two sets down to David David Goffin benefited by the upset of Novak Djokovic and then collected his best career win ousting Roger Federer in a dramatic 5-setter on Friday.

After years of watching the Big 4, with Raonic we’ve returned to the days of the 80s and 90s when the big servers ruled the lawn. It’s far from exciting, but it offers a glimpse of the future of these finals with Raonic and a change-up from what has become the familiar Murray-Djokovic final.

Murray leads this series 6-3 and is the clear favorite here. But the last two of their last three could and maybe should have gone to the Canadian. Raonic led two sets to one in their Australian Open semifinal before a leg injury hampered his upset bid. And Raonic couldn’t seal it up a set and a break at Queen’s last month.

This match-up is simple, it boils down to Raonic’s serve against Murray return. To have any chance to win Raonic is going to have to serve huge, and no doubt he will. That’s what John McEnroe and Carlos Moya and whatever other former No. 1s who are on his staff are going to preach to him. CRUSH THE SERVE! Otherwise, he’ll be in trouble. And he might be anyway.

Once the ball gets into play it’s all Murray. He might not have the power off the Raonic forehand, but he’s got the speed, the crowd, the experience and the game to dominate.

And I think like we saw at Queen’s, Murray will slowly get a read on the Raonic serve and eventually break it and take it. And the floodgates might open again. Maybe Milos can make it interesting ripping some forehand returns and doing well at the net, but Murray’s return game, his quickness and his strength off the ground will eventually lead him to the win here. Maybe Murray lapses somewhere and Raonic sneaks a set. But that’s it. Milos, like Berdych yesterday, doesn’t have the variety to trouble Murray off the ground. So unless the Scot has an off day…
The pick: Murray in 4

Unlike Australia, I actually think Murray matches up better on the grass than the hardcourts, because the quicker grass exposes Raonic’s lack of speed. So I don’t see Raonic blowing the doors off Murray. But I could see the reverse where the Canadian just gets overwhelmed by his first Grand Slam final.

ESPN will have live coverage at 9am ET.

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27 Comments for Andy Murray v Milos Raonic For The Wimbledon Title, Who’s The Pick?

Gregoire Gentil Says:

Sean, if Rodger had won the 4th set, what would have been your Federer-Murray pick? Murray in five?

Daniel Says:

Agree, and I actually don’t think there will be many tiebreaks.

SG1 Says:

Have to pick Murray here. Murray’s strengths somewhat nullify Milos’ strengths. As Martina Navratilova always says, grass plays into the hands of the more athletic player….and Murray is far and away the better athlete.

There’s the Lendl-Mac factor which will make for interesting pre-match hype but when it’s all said and done, I think Murray backs up his serve a little better than Raonic and moves a lot better. I’m thinking Andy in 4 as well.

Colin Says:

I wish I could feel confident Andy will win, but I can’t. He needs to be aggressive, but he must not overdo it and come to the net too often, as the formerly clumsy Raonic pulled off some startling reaction shots against Roger. The famous Murray lob must be employed sparingly, and so must the drop shot. In particular, while both men will probably take a few games to settle,I won’t relax unless, and until, Andy wins the first set.

Whoever wins the title, can the Beeb get someone – anyone – other than Gary Richardson to do the post-match interview? Compared to him, Andrew Castle positively sparkles!

J-Kath Says:

Oh Colin…………Andrew Castle?……….No, No, No. He simply never stops talking. He not only presents basic information as if it were new, he keeps on repeating it. Actually one of the best is Hewitt.

On MacEnroe, I keep asking myself: Should he really be commenting on a Milos Raonic match while he has this professional arrangement with MR? It sits uneasily with me…..while it can’t influence the outcome, it can influence the viewer and a long-term perception by the public given by an “insider”.

J-Kath Says:

Colin: Just noticed you were addressing the post-match interview….I couldn’t give a monkey’s on that….it is always boring…..and is in the world’s press half an hour later.

Dan Martin Says:

I’ve got my pick and poll up here – I think Milos being in a major final is a nice change of pace. This match should have a nice contrast of styles with strength being pitted against strength.

J-Kath Says:

@Dan Martin

It’s difficult for people like me who refuse to join Twitter and Facebook to enjoy your material.

James Says:

If Raonic was fresh, I would have picked him. But the lopsided nature of the semi-finals means Raonic won’t have any legs left. So I think he loses easily in 3.

J-Kath Says:

James: There was Andy vs. Jo. And with respect (to whomsoever needs it) the lack of freshness is the fault of the player not Andy’s fault. Assumptions that player so-and-so will take the opponent to 5 simply speaks to the ability of the chasing player.

PS: There were many who thought Tomas was a darned good challenge ….the fact that it ended in 3 is hardly Andy’s fault. The fact that Milos had to go to 5 against Goffin….Goffin for crying out loud, is not Andy’s fault. And Federer? He was under-valued as well.

It is often about the match-up. E.g. Goffin presents less difficulty to Roger and to Andy than he evidently did to Milos.

James Says:

three cheers for you, J-Kath! I am also one of those who refuses to join these social media sites and hand over my remaining privacy to these companies to make money from it.

James Says:

Some of it is just chance – there are close matches which get extended due to one point here or there. Murray getting berdych rather than Federer is one of those draw chances – I doubt if berdych raonic match would have had long rallies and gone the distance.

Anyway, I think Fed showed that he still has some life left. Though I don’t think he has any more slams left. Not at all.

Danica Says:

Congrats on Andy’s second Wimbledon title!! :)

Margot Says:

The usual trepidation from Andy’s fans and “jinxing” from others.
Danica you can go off people you know, and take back that “saint award”….;)
Kath, you just click on the link to read Dan’s words of wisdom?

Meanwhile: C’MON ANDEEEEEE! Make it 3!

J-Kath Says:


Re. Dan…Yes, I did. But then it wanders off.

I’m clinging to Danica …hope she’s paid her dues to Lord and Lady Luck……………….let’s start with the Roof being open throughout.

AndyMira Says:

My pick?Easy..Andy of cozzz..i always said that i want to see andy win again at Wimby,where his legions of fans can see it live and celebrate it in amazing atmosphere,other than Rafa win another slam,this is the 2nd most joyous experience that i waiting for a long time,Andy will win in 3 or for milos..after the tough semi final,i don’t think he has it in him to fight the “very motivated,very fresh and NOVAKless Andy”..this is his sacred place like QUEEN..and tonight he’s gonna master it for the 2nd time..VAMOS ANDY!!!!

Sisay Says:

Great, Andy jinxed…Milos in 5…

Danica Says:

Lol Sisay :)

Danica Says:

Hey Margot and J-Kath,
I’m just being honest. ;) If I dissapointed, I will dutiflully pass on my title and sash to the first runner up :).

As for the match today, c’mon, there’s no way Andy loses this. He is just too good. And besides, Andy’s my second favorite who, I hope, I will be able to watch live next Friday ;)

J-Kath Says:


U are all we’ve got, so you’d better be right!!!

Re. Andy next Friday….is it Davis Cup….?

Danica Says:

Yes, he is in team GB and as far as I know, he will come to Belgrade to play against Serbia. I read he would decide whether to play after Wimbledon.

Van Persie Says:

I like both, Andy and Milos, but it will be Andy’s day. 4 sets, I guess

AndyMira Says:

Ha ha ha,what?No hands on each others back?What an awkward photo session!They should learn from Serena and Angie!

jatin Says:

Andy is leading the first set

skeezer Says:

Andy deserves this. Has had a great season, milos legs are not there today.

jatin Says:

Congts andy murray. You deserved it mate. Well done, well played.. RESPECT

Danica Says:

What did I tell you?:) Jinx or no, this was Andy’s title. Never in doubt.
Great job team Andy !!!

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