Juan Martin Del Potro Has Wins This Summer Over The Current Top 4!
by Tom Gainey | September 19th, 2016, 11:15 am

As if you needed proof Juan Martin del Potro is back, after his 5-hour, 7-minute win over World No. 2 Andy Murray Friday in the Davis Cup, the Argentine now has wins in recent months over the entire Top 4!

Del Potro beat No. 1 Novak Djokovic in Rio in August. He also beat No. 4 Rafael Nadal at the Olympics and before then at Wimbledon he beat current No. 3 Stan Wawrinka at Wimbledon.

At the US Open, he also beat No. 10 Dominic Thiem.

He did lose to Murray at the Olympics and Wawrinka in New York last week.

Comparatively, here’s Top 5 wins this season:
Djokovic 7
Del Potro 4
Murray 3
Nadal 2
Wawrinka 1

Del Potro didn’t play Sunday in Davis Cup but Argentina, led by his opening win over Murray, went on to victory and will now face Croatia in the final.

Del Potro, who turns 28 on Friday, is currently ranked no. 64.

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22 Comments for Juan Martin Del Potro Has Wins This Summer Over The Current Top 4!

el_matador Says:

nothing surprising about that..I think he should focus on playing selective tournaments to prolong his career..he shouldn’t care about ranking..if(a big if) he is fit,he is as good as anybody..now his only focus should be to be in the best shape for the davis cup final and win the goddamn thing Argentina so “deserve”

Khb Says:

Lol at the weak era whiners and old bitter retired players.
It’s so weak that The Top 5 are slam champs, not flukes.

RZ Says:

DelPo is making up for lost time!

Daniel Says:

Anyone knows where is his next tournament? Hope he gets an invitation to Shangai to not have to play quali.

Tennis Vagabond Says:

I think that Novak’s GS is the story of the year, and Del Potro’s comeback is number two.
What he’s done is almost miraculous.

He is roughly 2500 points out of the top 8. Technically, if he runs the field in October he could go to London. Sounds ridiculous, but just to put the bug in your ear: this is Rafa’s worst time of year. Stan has, what, one master? So DelPo needs to get by Andy and Novak, twice (Shanghai and Paris), and then gather a few other points… I could be wrong, but I don’t recall Andy typically being strong in indoors, and DelPotro did just beat him.

If fate gives him a little push – knocking out one or both of Andy and Novak early in one of those tournaments… basically JMDP would just need 2 or 3 big wins in the next month to make London!

Willow Says:

Thats true TV, I will also put Murray in there too, 3 GS finals and another W title, and another Olympic gold medal, Rafa although he had a mediocre year won a couple of CC titles, and an Olympic gold in doubles, and Stan the USO, but i would put Novak, Delpo and Andy as the years big stories ….

Giles Says:

Geez. I wonder what these hypothetical big wins would do to his ailing wrists. Just saying.

elina Says:

Novak’s grand slam has been unceremoniously and criminally forgotten because it wasn’t Roger. God, it’s KILLING them!!!

RZ Says:

@TV and Willow – I agree. It might have lost some luster because it was earlier in the year, but even if Novak sat out the rest of the season none of the other men would match his 2 slams and career slam.

Willow Says:

Elina i dont believe its been forgotton, as TV, RZ, any myself are all talking about it being the story of the year, and at the time everybody said how incredible it was, but i also enjoy discussing the achievements of other players too ….

elina Says:

I’m referring to the media and the average (read: federer) tennis fan, not for the, relatively speaking, extreme tennis fans like us that almost live and breathe tennis posting on tennis forums many times per week.

skeezer Says:

Am sure Fed is still comfortable with his 17 Slams.
OMG the jealousy still is going on! Lol.

J-Kath Says:

I think Andy’s progression is difficult to foresee depending on his Scan. He has said he may not be able to play China.

For me DelPotro always a threat on anything but Grand Slams – at least for a while (despite his 5 sets over Andy at Davis – he was completely depleted after that) – so still a way to go as far as stamina goes.

elina Says:

Like summoning a genie or in this case more like shooting fish in a barrel LMAO.

Daniel Says:

Agree TV, history of the year is DJoko. He may not play for the rest of the year and what he achieved was insane, specially considering that he had to win RG after 3 tries to do the Grand Slam.

And elina is right, this wasn’t covered as if Federer or Nadal had done it. There would be more writers and columns about it for sure.

Second is DelPo, so happy for him to be winning again and hope after Shangai and Paris (as he most likely will get a wildcard there too), his ranking will be good enough for direct entry into main draw or all main events (top 40)

jane Says:

agree elina and daniel; criminally under-celebrated or reported, that 4-in-a-row.
sad imo. : /

clearly delpo will win comeback player of the year, though.

Willow Says:

It was an amazing achievement, where i am the papers were full of it, but in Britain people seem more football obsessed, it was all Leicester City winning the EPL ….

Van Persie Says:

That 4-in-a-row from Novak is really a huge achievement and I have to admit, I am a bit grateful to Stan for that. If Novak won the FO in 2015, there would have been no 4-in-a-row. Am not sure, that Novak would have been motivated afterwards.

FedExpress Says:

thank anderson for that GS. 2 sets up and choked like a fish.
most overrated big server of all time.

Khb Says:

Of course, pat mcenroe’s fuming.
The failed propagandist cried about the invincible, elegant, graceful federer’s old age since 2009.
Pat & John Mc continue trembling with fear over Novak’s every match.

“How did novak smack that screaming winner?! He’s not the genius gentleman & pretty ballerina Federererer!”
Maybe the trashy brothers should worry that John’s son wrote a book about his John’s lies, cheating, drug use & negligence!
Poor “heroes” will lose again when Novak wins 17 Slams.

Del Po said he was very happy that he risked losing Davis Cup doubles and trusted Mayer to win.
He should be proud because he can actually beat Nadal numerous times in a short period and he never talks about the best player Novak in a degrading way.

He didn’t depend on old Haas choking to gift him a French Open cakewalk draw & title. He didn’t desperately need a severely exhausted Fed to gift him 2 French Open matches.

Willow Says:

Fedexpress in a way i agree with you, its rather predictable the way he plays against the top players, when Querry was in the same position it seemed he wasnt intimidated by Novak ….

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